With the arrival of summer, the trees of the tribe also grow tender green leaves, and with the rise of temperature, the growth rate of leaves also gradually accelerates. After the thunderstorm, the trees have basically turned into emerald green, and the appearance of luxuriant branches does not show that a few days ago it was just a bare branch.

With the end of the thunderstorm, Chen Qi never thought that there would be a disaster when the animals on Dora Plain migrated back.

Genius is just bright, a group of dark shadows swept across the whole city of Qi Ze. They all rushed into the newly-grown trees and pecked at the tender leaves while singing loudly. The newly-grown tender leaves were bitten to pieces and then fell to the ground.

Chen Qi was awakened by these loud noises.

Habitually stretched out his hand to touch the person sleeping beside him, and ended up empty-handed. The position beside him was already cold, and he did not know when Aze got up.

Looked up at the window, the sun has just risen, the sky is still a little dark, although without the annoying rain, but another kind of chirping voice has been continuous, noisy Chen Qi brain rensheng pain.

The hall was quiet. There was no temperature in the place where the fire was usually burned. There was no cooked food on the hearth. Even the door where Ajing lived was wide open. It seemed that there was no one inside.

Chen Qi opened the door suspiciously and went out.

If people with agoraphobia are scared out of their mind by the sight before them, they can only see the tall fig tree in the yard with the dense red-billed Quelia finches standing between the branches. They kept shouting with their mouths open. They were frightened by the Beastmen jumping up and down and flew back to the fig tree soon, but after a few turns in the air, they gathered back to the fig tree thickly.

Aze jumped to the tree for a while and then jumped back to the tree. His black hair was so noisy and covered with bird feathers. His bare skin had many scratches, which looked a little scary, but there was no bleeding. unknown so's would still think it was traces of some kind of movement. His fingers have been completely beast, sharp and sharp claws stained with a lot of meat.

Ajing's condition was not much better than his. He kept half bowing himself. Once the red-billed Quelia finches left the fig tree, they kicked their legs and jumped into the air. Sharp claws could always catch a few. Next to them, the young wolf would cooperate to capture all the birds that Ajing could still fly with its meat claws, which had grown a circle.

Under the fig tree has gathered a lot of bird bodies, the results can completely see that these people are busy in the early morning this bird catching plan.

Chen Qi's lip twitched uncontrollably, interrupting the movements of several people. "What are you doing?"

Aze jumped down from the fig tree. His clothes were stained with bird droppings and wet. They looked fresh. "Go back to the house first. I'll drive these annoying birds away before you come out."

Chen Qi looked at the bird population, which was not very small. Not only was the yard of their house, but also the newly planted fig tree in Ka Luo's house next door was full of large groups of red-billed Quelia finches. The Red fruits tree, which had just grown more than two meters high on both sides of the road to which Chen Qi looked, was also full of such birds. There were many circling in mid-air, as if they were looking for suitable branches and were ready to land at any time.

"Are you going to arrest this empty-handed?" Chen Qi looked at the empty hands of the two men and felt the pain in their brains caused by the bird's singing.

"We tried to catch them with fishing nets, but the birds were too small and all escaped from the middle of the nets. They could not be caught at all." Ajing pointed to the fishing net thrown aside and explained.

The fishing nets in Qi Ze City are used to catch large fish. Compared with these red-billed Quelia finches, those fish are like elephants and ants. Of course, these birds cannot be caught with these fishing nets.

At this moment, the fence door of Chen Qi's courtyard was heavily opened. Azhang ran in with a full face of embarrassment. Seeing Chen Qi pushing the other party back into the room without saying anything, he patted his ears and said his purpose after dispelling the annoying noise. "You can see the situation now. We tried several methods to catch them. They are too many and fast. The chances of killing or catching them are too low. Do you have any way to solve it?"

When the red-billed Quelia finches first entered the tribe, Azhang took the clansmen to stop them. However, they tried many methods with little success. The main reason was that the birds were too numerous and too small to catch. They would also be showered with fresh bird droppings on their heads and their voices were too noisy. It was a torture for the hearing-sensitive females. If the birds stayed in Qi Ze City for a few days, Azhang did not know if he could not help cutting down all the newly grown trees in the city, so he hurried

Chen Qi looked at the bird that had just been slapped to death by the young wolf. Although the bird looks like the red-billed Quelia finch, it is actually smaller than the red-billed Quelia finch. Its voice is not simply noisy, but it has a feeling that makes people fidgety when listening. "Does this bird appear every time it migrates back?"

"Rarely." Aze shook his head and replied that he had never seen this bird run into the tribe before, but he had seen it several times when hunting on the plains. It was just that the bird calls are annoying and there are many, so he usually walks around, otherwise it would be very troublesome to be surrounded by this bird.

Chen Qi bowed his head and thought for a moment, then asked Aze to find himself a relatively soft branch and make it into a semicircle. Then he made a long cloth pocket out of cloth and handed it to Aze. "You can try to scratch with this." Chen Qi gave him a brief explanation of usage.

Azhang took the bird catcher and asked Aze to go to the tree to drive down the red-billed Quelia finches. As soon as the dense flock of birds left the fig tree, Azhang raised his the bird catcher head and ran towards the flock. Because of his inexperience, many birds struggled to escape after entering the bird catcher. However, Rao still caught as many as a dozen birds, which was much faster than their simple grasp with their hands.

Azhang stepped up and trampled to death the bird that was still on the rampage in the bird catcher. Then he said hello to Chen Qi and ran away excitedly with the bird catcher. He just watched Chen Qi do it. The steps were not difficult. After he taught others the method, he did not believe that he could not drive away the annoying birds.

On the first day after the thunderstorm, the whole city of Qi Ze fell into a vigorous national bird-catching operation.

Chen Qi followed Aze and Azhang in the yard and caught birds for a while, then they were stained with bird droppings. He also did not know how these birds managed to excrete while flying rapidly in mid-air. Finally, he couldn't stand running home and taking several baths. He wiped his body with figs several times and pressed down the smell to feel cleaner.

Thanks to the simple and easy-to-use cloth bag, only one morning the red-billed Quelia finch, which was originally dark and crowded with all the trees in Qi Ze City, was almost cleared up. Many birds found out that the situation was wrong and fled from Qi Ze City in panic before being caught. However, this still added bird bodies all over the place for Qi Ze City.

Chen Qi just came out of the shower and saw the two men covered in bird droppings and a giant wolf god. He told them to clean themselves up quickly.

Aze threw Ajing and his pups into the bathroom first. He found the big wooden box used to hold meat in winter and packed the dead birds into the wooden box. There was more than one box full.

"Chen Qi, Chen Qi."

Chen Qi looked down at the sound. Ka Luo was lying half on the wall of his house. He looked even more flustered than Aze, but his eyes were extremely bright. Holding a bird in one hand that had no response, he excitedly asked, "Chen Qi, can this be made into food?"

Chen Qi took a puff at the corner of his mouth. He now knew what the light in the other side's eyes meant. It was the light of finding new ingredients when eating. "Come back after you have cleaned yourself up, and I'll tell you if you can eat it."

"I have to." Ka Luo gave a whoop of joy and shouted to Ake who was still cleaning up as he walked into the room: "Ake, you pick up all these birds and don't throw them away. I'll make delicious food for you later."

Ake twisted the bird in his hand with his fingertip. It was a little bigger than his two fingers. It was covered in hair. I don't know how much meat there was. Can it really be eaten?

Now many people in the tribe have learned how to cook all kinds of food. Chen Qi has not done much complicated cooking. He has done some frying and frying, but these birds are too small, and the preliminary treatment is the most troublesome.

Ka Luo leaned forward and sniffed at the bird meat feast filled up on the table. he and Ake were woken up by these annoying birds early in the morning. then he was busy until now and finally drove the birds away. he didn't even have time to eat breakfast. he was hungry for a long time. at the moment, he didn't greet Chen Qi politely. he picked up the chopsticks and ate them with a big chopstick. he also said, "this fried bird meat is delicious. the bones inside are fried crisp. unlike the fried one, the bones inside are hard and stiff."

Ajing agreed to nod his head, stretched his chopsticks into the fried golden bird meat, and came back with a large bowl full.

Young Wolf has a good mouth and does not mind hard bones. He chews the meat and bones with relish and then swallow them into his belly.

Chen Qi looked at the group of people who were eating with toothache. Apart from the crisp fried bird meat, he could not chew the other bird meat, so it was very troublesome to eat. Later, he fried all the rest of the bird meat directly, and asked Ka Luo, who was full of food and drink, to share some with others, and asked him to teach others how to deal with the bird meat.

So on the first day after the thunderstorm, Qi Ze City welcomed a large group of annoying birds and found another delicious food. Later, when it encountered the dark red-billed Quelia finches in the wild again, the beast people no longer silently bypassed them, but began to think about the possibility of feeding themselves again at night. Of course, this was a later matter.

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