Because it rained for several days in a row, and the animals jumped up and down and trampled everywhere when catching the red-billed Quelia finches, it was only the dirt road that became muddy, and the accumulated water around it was drained and then dried by the sun, which was a bit bumpy and needed to be repaired again.

Chen Qi was arrested by Azhang early in the morning to discuss the affairs of the tribe. Because of the participation of the Luoshui tribe, the house problem is the most important now. They can't always live in one place all the time.

Chen Qi had already prepared the plan for the house early in the morning. He took out the drawings drawn a few days ago and explained it to them. Before, he had already had the experience of making the house directly from burnt mud bricks. Now, after dividing the place, he can start firing bricks directly.

After all, it was the first major event after the merger of the Luoshui tribe. Azhang did not give it to others. He and Achu were busy with the tribe, while Chen Qi and Ali were given the task of a new round of planting in summer in the tribe.

In addition to a large wasteland in the tribe to start planting crops again, Chen Qi's yard that a few pieces of land also began to plant things, in addition to a few commonly used vegetables and spices, Chen Qi also specially set aside two pieces of land to plant herbs, the types of herbs is not much, just some common weeds can stop bleeding, although can also be found in the plains, such as Chen Qi still want to try cultivation.

The meat mountain of the dragon corpse outside the tribe was almost eaten by the migrating beasts in a few days, leaving only some semi-rotten fur and bones. The Beastmen in Qi Ze City picked up some bones that were still intact and returned for use, while the rest were all thrown into the Chishui River to feed the fish.

The mighty migration army appeared near the Chishui River after the thunderstorm. Because the river rose sharply, they could not cross the river. They had to wait for the river to fall back before returning to the opposite side of the Chishui River. Some relatively small creatures found several tree trunks that straddled the river. Some were left behind by the beasts when crossing the river. Some were probably just across the river when the trees collapsed. These tree trunks also became tools for the migration army to cross the river. A large group of impala took one of the tree trunks directly and ran across the Chishui River flexibly.

Ye Huo was hiding in a tall grass. He was dressed in camouflage clothing and a straw hat on his head. The tall grass was just sheltered from the wind and animals could not smell him.

"This is my first hunting and I'm a little nervous." Ye Huo licked a little chapped lip Angle, eyes look excited but can't see any panic.

"You can shoot even hyenas, just a few antelope. Don't worry." Chen Qi soothed the other side by taking out the arrows from the barrel behind him and loading them into the crossbow/arrow in his hand.

This crossbow/arrow is modified from a siege crossbow. Although it is still slightly rough to make and its lethality is similar to that of ordinary wooden bows, it is the best weapon for males who are physically inferior to females.

Ale gave birth to a male on the day the thunderstorm stopped. This is the first male and the first Beastmen born since the founding of Qi Ze City. Ye Huo was the first time when the father was extremely excited. Naturally, he didn't want Ale to run out to hunt even after giving birth to the child. This was the only way to find Chen Qi and let him teach himself how to hunt. In winter, he heard Ka Luo say that Chen Qi had only used a few simple traps to catch a lot of prey.

They are not far from the tribe, near the small bamboo forest, besides Ye Huo and Chen Qi, Aze, who is protecting their safety, is also there, and then Ajing and the young wolf, who were slipped out by Aze to learn hunting skills.

The target of several people is a small group of impala which is looking for food not far away. This group of impala has probably lived near here before and has not crossed the Chishui River with other migrating troops. It looks as if it is going to settle down in this place. Probably because of the disguise, the impala herd did not find this group of animals that were eyeing up.

Aze winked at Ajing and the pup and told them to go around behind the impala.

Aze had already told Aze about his hunting plan before coming out to hunt. Although Aze came out with him only a few times last summer, his hunting experience was not very sufficient, but Aze was very smart and had a quick understanding. At the moment, he received a signal from Aze, and the cat and its pup went around behind the tall grass.

"Wait for them to come closer." Chen Qi ordered in a low voice.

Ye Huo nodded, breathed lightly, and fixed its eyes on its prey.

A young female impala probably discovered a more delicious weed. It broke away from the impala herd for a while and stopped not far from Chen Qi's trio. The tip of his ear would move with each bite of the weed, then he would raise his head to look around and watch out for predators hidden in the dark.

"Whew." After an unexpected sound of arrows, a sharp arrow was inserted straight into the neck of the female impala. its screaming startled the nearby impala herd. before the impala herd fled, another unexpected sound of two arrows came from the tall grass and headed straight for the distant impala herd. unfortunately, one fell empty while the other went straight through the neck of an adult impala. the impala fell to the ground after only a few struggles.

He looked at the arrow he had lost, and then at Aze, who could be killed with a wooden bow. Chen Qi praised it with appreciation and then reminded him that Ye Huo had given another arrow to his mother impala, who was still struggling to escape.

At this time, Ajing and his pup, who were stuck behind the impala herd, also moved. They were eyeing an immature impala. The impala was lost to its mother in panic and was about to run back to find his mother when they were cut off by Ajing and his pup.

Ajing turned his fingers into beasts and rushed up like a small beast. The young wolf went around behind each other, grinning and growling at the impala.

Although the impala is still young, its movements are extremely flexible. Several flicker escaped the attacks of Ajing and the pups. Unfortunately, it chose the wrong direction to escape and ran in the opposite direction to the impala herd.

Ajing and his pup ran after each other on the left and right. Finally Ajing made a swoop and hung half of his body on the impala. Although the impala was dragged by the other party for a while, it staggered and his hind legs fell on his knees because of the weight of Ajing.

Young Wolf eyes emitted a green light, directly to open the huge mouth, sharp teeth from behind tightly bite on the back of the small black impala neck, for the first time tasted warm blood let young Wolf choked, but it did not let go, let the small black impala blood flow out along its corners of the mouth.

Ajing got up from behind the impala. He had a small piece on his forehead. Just now, the impala was kicked by the other side's hoof when it was struggling. Although it was a little painful, it couldn't help it at the moment. Stretch out your sharp fingers under the neck of the impala, and your sharp nails are directly inserted into the soft skin of the impala.

This time, the little black impala just struggled a few times and stopped moving. Young Wolf slowly loosened the neck of the little black impala, saw the small bleeding wound on Ajing's forehead, and stuck out his tongue and licked it. But it just got a mouthful of the blood of the little black impala. At the moment, he licked Ajing's head. Originally, Ajing was only a little bleeding bead. At the moment, instead, he was smeared with blood on his forehead. At first glance, it looked horrible.

"Ajing, are you hurt?" Chen Qi, who had just finished processing the two impala, came to this side and saw the blood on Ajing's forehead. Chen Qi walked up anxiously.

Ajing could not see what he was like now. Although he felt a little pain at the beginning, he did not feel how serious it was. Stretched out his hand and touched, only to find that touch down the blood.

Little Wolf looked at him piteously, and stick out your tongue licked twice, this time did not paste more blood to the Ajing's forehead, but will lick the blood on the Ajing's forehead. Chen Qi looked up and down and found that the other party had no other wound except a small cut on his forehead, which was reassuring.

"Little Wolf and I have hunted our prey." Ajing proudly dragged the little black impala to several people.

Because the young wolf directly bit the neck of the impala with his teeth, and Ajing also directly scratched the throat of the other party with his fingernails. the strong scent of blood can be smelled without close proximity. Unlike Aze and Ye Huo hunters, only a few arrows were shot at the impala, and the arrows were not pulled off, so the two impala looked clean.

Chen Qi has long been accustomed to this bloody smell, but he did not feel any harm. He touched Ajing and the young wolf's head with praise. "Now that we have hunted the prey, let's go home first today. Do you want your prey to be your own or shall I help you?"

"We'll just take it ourselves." Ajing replied loudly that although Chen Qi treated Ajing as an ordinary child, Ajing's strength was much greater than Chen Qi's.

However, Ajing did not carry the impala himself, but put the impala on the back of the pup and let the pup fall back.

Seeing that Ajing was ready, Chen Qi tidied up his things and was planning to return to the tribe. Looking back, he saw Ah Ze standing at a distance from several people. He was carrying a newly hunted impala on his shoulder. However, there were beads of sweat on his forehead and his face was paler than usual.

"What's the matter with you? Is it uncomfortable?" Found Aze's abnormal, Chen Qi stretched out his hand and touched the other side of the forehead, feel a piece of cold.

"nothing." Aze took each other's hand and breathed a deep sigh of relief, pressing down the sudden surge of nausea.

Chen Qi picked up the impala on the other side's shoulder. If Chen Qi had just crossed, he might not even be able to carry the impala. Now he can do it easily.

A sudden light on his shoulder stunned Aze. He came back to his mind and wanted to take the prey back. How could he let his partner carry the prey?

Chen Qi took hold of each other's wrist and said to the two people standing nearby, "Let's go home quickly. Aze did not know if he was sick in the rain two days ago." After that, he turned around and told the people around him, "You should have a good rest after you go back, and don't let me know if you are sick."

Looking at the person who suddenly became serious, Aze's lips and jaw moved a few times. Finally, he could only helplessly say, "Good."

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