The adult impala that Aze hunted was handed over to Azhang by Chen Qi and Azhang was asked to help distribute it to the old females who could not hunt and the small animals who lost their relatives in the tribe, while they returned home with the impala that Azhang hunted.

After returning to the tribe, Aze's face is much better, his forehead is no longer sweating, although his face is still a little pale, but his spirit is much better. Although the other party has always said that it is okay, Chen Qi still felt uneasy and drove the other party back to the room to have a rest, while he and Ajing went to deal with the black impala.

The small black impala is not very big in size. Chen Qi made some mutton soup and baked the rest directly. He also made some pancakes with fresh and tender wild vegetables picked in the wild today.

Chen Qi has not eaten fresh meat and vegetables for a long time, so he made this meal very carefully.

Aze had no other discomfort except that he was a little pale. He got used to busy work during the day and suddenly let him lie in bed. He was really a little sleepy. After several passes, he smelled the smell of roasted mutton, but could not help but come out.

"Why don't you sleep for a while?" Chen Qi put down the seasoning he was about to brush on the roasted sheep, walked to Aze's side, tried the temperature on the other side's forehead with the back of his hand, and was relieved to find that there was no fever.

"I'm fine."

"Sit down beside you for a while and you will soon be ready." Chen Qi brought a futon to the other party. Aze knew he was worried and did not refuse. He sat quietly watching Chen Qi busy.

However, Aze did not eat much of this meal. Chen Qi saw that the other party had no appetite and cooked him refreshing vegetable porridge. Aze did eat two large bowls of porridge this time. After eating, he began to feel sleepy. Chen Qi was dragged back to the room and slept until the evening before waking up.

Chen Qi was very worried about Aze's unusual behavior. He also did not know whether he had been caught in the rain and cold for a long time a few days ago. There were no doctors or people who knew medical skills. Chen Qi also did not dare to get some herbs for the other party to eat. He could only keep watch by the other party all the time.

Fortunately, Aze did not have any other conditions except a little lethargy and loss of appetite, because Aze's abnormal Chen Qi did not allow the other party to go out hunting. While the animals on the plain migrated back, Ajing and the young wolf went out to learn hunting skills with other Beastmen in the tribe. They could bring back some prey every day. They were all small animals that were not yet adults. Although their size was not very big, they were enough for the daily expenses of several of them.

After hearing about Aze's situation, Azhang also came to see him and brought Chen Qi some things from the hunting team.

Now the tribe is still busy with construction, and most of the resources are still in a state of sharing. Even if Chen Qi cannot go out hunting, they can be given fresh meat from hunting in the tribe every day.

However, Chen Qi does not intend to stay in the tribe when Aze cannot go out hunting. He is currently busy designing a greenhouse, which is a place for raising animals. There are many issues to be considered in the artwork. Chen Qi also plans to catch a few small animals to come back for raising and watching.

Before, I had the experience of catching rabbits with traps. As long as I found the path through which the rabbits passed, it was very simple to catch the rabbits. However, Aze didn't want Chen Qi to run out of the city outside his sight. However, he was very sleepy these days. He often slept until almost noon to wake up. Chen Qi had no choice but to postpone the time of setting traps until noon.

After setting the last trap, Chen Qi stood up and clapped his hands and took a look at the mud stained on his palm. He looked up at the tree that looked unusually like a banyan tree. At the beginning, he was hiding in the tree to witness a food grabbing war and was almost eaten by vultures. In retrospect, he felt that it was as old as the previous life. Now if there were any vultures again, and no one was needed to rescue them, Chen Qi felt that he could easily get rid of them with his bow/crossbow.

"I didn't expect I'd been here so long." The branches of banyan trees are covered with lush leaves, probably because it is just summer and has not yet begun to blossom.

Aze yawned and squeezed a few drops of physiological tears out of the corner of his eye, perhaps because of his hardship, and looked somewhat lazy.

"Are you sleepy?" Chen Qi wiped his eyes anxiously.

"Mmm." Aze nodded, then added: "I am in good health, you don't have to worry."

"If you feel uncomfortable, please let me know." Chen Qi looked at each other seriously. Beastmen are not easy to get sick, but it doesn't mean they won't get sick. Chen Qi doesn't understand medicine and is afraid of what will happen to each other.

"Don't worry, I'm really fine." Aze naturally knows his physical condition. Although he doesn't understand his recent abnormal behavior, he doesn't feel uncomfortable. Obviously, it is impossible for Chen Qi not to worry about this situation now.

Chen Qi didn't say much. He packed up his things and looked at Aze's tired eyes. He walked up to him and crouched down slightly. "I'll carry you home."

"No, it's not far from the tribe. I can go back if I insist." Aze repeatedly motioned with his hand, he is in order to protect Chen Qi will follow each other out, how can you let each other carry back at the moment? What if you can't help sleeping and there are wild animals coming out?

Chen Qi hung his bow/crossbow on his chest, grabbed the other side's wrist, threw himself back to the other side, this year he has grown a lot, now can be flush with Aze, Chen Qi is never expected to have a chance to grow taller in his thirties.

"I . . . I am very heavy." Aze has never been memorized by others since I remember him. He used to carry Chen Qi behind his back all the time. At the moment, he is a little unable to adapt to the role reversal.

Chen Qi jolted and laughed: "You are not heavy." With that, he started walking towards the direction of the tribe with steady steps and no reluctance.

"If you are sleepy, you can sleep for a while. It is so close to the tribe that large wild animals will not appear here."

"Mmm." Aze leaned his head gently against Chen Qi's back. The temperature passed through his clothes made his tiredness more intense. The feeling of being carried on his back made him feel a little novel and a little reassuring. He didn't insist on coming down and walking on his own again. After only a few breaths, he closed his eyes and fell asleep.

Chen Qi chuckled and slowed his pace to make the other party sleep more comfortably.

Chen Qi walked to the gate of the city, Asu jumped down from the wall, see each other carrying Aze anxiously gather together in the past, "what's the matter? Is Aze injured?"

"Shh." Chen Qi motioned for the other party to speak a little lower. Perhaps he heard the voice. Aze moved behind Chen Qi, but there was no sign of waking up. This explains to Asu: "He is sleepy, and he went to sleep at the moment."

"He is how to return a responsibility these days? How did you sleep so long?"Asu naturally also know Aze's recent situation, low voice asked.

"I don't know." Chen Qi shook his head with a wry smile. "But there seems to be nothing wrong with his body except a little lethargy. You don't have to worry. I'll take him home first."

"Go." Asu comfortingly patted Chen Qi on the shoulder and then opened the gate for him before returning to the city wall.

Because Aze's appetite is not very good recently, Chen Qi changed ways to make various snacks for each other every day, but the other party is only interested in some light foods and cakes, so Chen Qi began to go to the kitchen counter to get busy after putting Aze in place. When he went out today, he picked a lot of fresh wild vegetables and intended to make some new food for Aze to try.

"Chen Qi." Ajing rushed in excitedly with his young wolf cubs, then handed a slightly dirty hide backpack to Chen Qi, with a somewhat flattering expression on his face.

Chen Qi took over the hide backpack doubtfully. "What did you bring back?"


Chen Qi opened the hide backpack and found that it was indeed a few rabbits, which looked like they had only been born a short time ago. "Where did you find it?"

"In a bush. The wolf and I were going to catch a warthog, but we found it on the way and brought it back." Speaking of which, Ajing bowed his head slightly depressed, "We did not hunt any game today."

"Awoo."The young wolf lowered his head slightly as if he had done something wrong.

Chen Qi rubbed the two little guys with amusement. "You haven't finished the game you hunted yesterday, and you have brought back so many little rabbits. They are already very good." Speaking of which, Chen Qi crouched down and looked carefully at Ajing and then at the young wolf. "You should remember that you learn how to hunt, and don't forget your own safety problems because of persistent hunting. Although the plain is not as dangerous as the forest, the large wild animals can't cope with it with your current ability. It doesn't matter if you hunt or not, the most important thing is to return safely every day, you know?"

Ajing and young wolf looked at each other, "we know."

Chen Qi smiled, "Let's make a nest for the rabbits first."

Ajing's eyes flashed a light and nodded repeatedly.

The rabbit was kept in a cage made of a wooden fence. The cage was originally used to hold big adult rabbits, so the gap between the boards was a little wide. At the moment, it turned into several little rabbits who had just been born. Chen Qi could only add a layer of rope between the gaps, and then found some soft hay and skins that were no longer needed to build a nest inside.

The cage is placed under the fig tree and there is no need to worry about being exposed to the sun.

Chen Qi handed Ajing a handful of wild vegetables he had picked back and taught him how to feed rabbits.

The Beastmen have never raised any animals, and the young wolf can be said to be the first animal raised by the Beastmen. however, the young wolf is very clever. even if it cannot speak, Ajing can understand what the other party is saying. unlike these huddled stupid rabbits, they can't bite the wild vegetables when they gather them to the other party's mouth.

Ajing frowned, and the novelty came and went quickly. "Do we have to keep them all the time?"

Chen started to use vegetable leaves to tease one of the rabbits, which was a little gray in color. "Well, we keep it all the time, so we'll have fresh meat in winter."

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