A week or so into summer, the ghost needle trees around the yard began to blossom one after another. Chen Qi picked several bamboo tubes and put them on the window sill as decoration. the wooden frame used to hold potted plants under the window sill in winter has been removed, and the plants above have been planted outside by him.

Although Ajing didn't like the rabbits very much, he heard that they were used as food reserves and took over the task of feeding. He picked fresh wild vegetables every day when he went out to study hunting. Later, he found a carrot in a rabbit's nest and was greatly praised by Chen Qi.

Aze's narcolepsy has become more and more serious since the day he started to raise rabbits. Until one day, he slept for a whole day and didn't wake up. The rest of the tribe took turns to come and watch, but no one knew exactly what the situation was.

Chen Qi, who had set several traps with Aze outside, had no idea to ignore them. When Ake came back from hunting every day, he would help Chen Qi to take a look, probably because he was not far away from the tribe. Except for the two rabbits he caught in the first two days, he never caught any living creature.

After feeding Aze a milk fruit, Chen used a towel to wipe the corners of the mouth of the other party. After several days without rest, he is now a dark green.

Ka Luo came in with a pottery bowl, inside was a freshly prepared pasta, with green wild vegetables and scallion sprinkled on top. The soup base was made of bone soup that had been boiled for a day. From a distance, one could smell an attractive fragrance.

"Let's eat something first." Ka Luo handed the bowl over, his eyes filled with worries. Aze had always been a strong image in front of him, never thinking that the other party would suddenly fall asleep.

"Mmm." Chen Qi put down the towel and gratefully took the pottery bowl handed over by the other party. Ka Luo came to help these days early in the morning. Chen Qi was sent back to the room to accompany Aze. Ka Luo was handling all the things inside and outside the home. "Where's Ayao?"

"He is playing with the hare in the yard. Don't worry, the yard door is closed and he can't get out."

Chen Qi nodded his head and took a bite with chopsticks. The freshly cooked noodles had some toughness and good taste. The noodles made by Chen Qi were much more delicious, but Chen Qi lost his appetite after only two bites.

"My brother he . . ." Ka Luo sat down on the bed and stretched out his hand to tuck in his quilt corner. He wanted to ask Aze about it, but he also knew that Chen Qi did not know what had happened to Aze. The problem of the mouth turned twice between his lips and swallowed back.

"Don't worry, he will wake up." Chen Qi was still stuffed with food, and his words were a little unclear. He did not know whether this sentence was intended to appease Ka Luo or to appease himself.

Aze slept longer than usual this time. He fully slept for three days and three nights before waking up. When he opened his eyes, he saw only dim candlelight. Chen Qi fell asleep on the edge of the bed, frowning, his eyelashes jerking, his right hand reaching into the bed and holding Aze's palm tightly. He didn't seem to sleep well.

Aze's eyes were somewhat confused. He did not remember when he was asleep. After lying in bed for a while, his confused consciousness regained consciousness. He saw Chen Qi lying on the edge of the bed. When he was about to get out of bed and pick up the other party, his finger touched the other party's Chen Qi and opened his eyes.

"Are you awake?" Chen Qi saw sitting up Aze drowsiness all flew away, stretched out his hand and touched each other's forehead, then put each other back into bed, "you have a good lie still, is there anything uncomfortable? Are you hungry? Do you want something to eat?"

Looking at the man who looked more haggard than he did before going to bed, Aze paused as if thinking of something. "Did I . . . sleep for a long time?"

"Not for long." Seeing the rosy-cheeked Aze, I finally put down some of my worries these days.

Aze didn't ask more. Chen Qi brought in the porridge that had been warm outside. He could only feed the other party some soup these days. Chen Qi was worried that the other party would be hungry when he woke up, so he always had warm food.

Perhaps he was really hungry. After waking up, Aze ate a lot for the first time. After eating a large plate of congee, Chen Qi cooked several other dishes for the other party. Aze put down his chopsticks after eating twice as much food as usual.

News of Aze's awakening soon spread to Qi Ze City. Beasts who were going out to work flocked to Chen Qi's house. Seeing Aze in better spirits than before, Ake could not help but say: "You don't look sick at all."

"I'm fine now." Aze didn't lie. His spirit is as good as ever. His body seems to store endless strength and his appetite is much larger than usual. Now it is no problem to let him go to the forest to hunt some dragons.

Of course, even if the other party looks very energetic, Chen Qi will not let him go hunting at once. He can only help build houses in the tribe or go to the traps around the tribe with himself to see if he catches any prey.

Perhaps Aze's sleep has left a shadow on Chen Qi. As soon as Aze leaves his sight, Chen Qi feels flustered.

The newly planted crops in the courtyard are growing very fast. Now they have all grown seedlings and how long is one finger. In addition to separating some people from the tribe to go outside to hunt enough food for the whole tribe to eat every day, other people are all involved in the construction of the tribe.

The mud road in Qi Ze City has been renovated. Rows of houses have been built along the back of schools and dormitories, extending directly to the edge of the city wall. The newly-added Beasts of the original Luoshui tribe have moved in on a family basis.

In Qi Ze City, Ayan, who had joined the Lion Wolf Tribe when he was busy, came to Qi Ze City with several Beastmen. His white hair was much more than that of Qi Ze City, his face was a little thinner, and he looked gaunt than when Chen Qi finally saw him.

"Why are there so many puddles outside your tribe? We almost didn't recognize it when we first arrived." Ayan looks like he has been traveling all over the place. He looks like he has been coming all the time without sleep.

"What's the matter with you? Is there an accident in the Lion Wolf Tribe?" Achu couldn't help but worry a little when seeing each other like this. When they left the Lion Wolf Tribe, they also knew that there were hyenas near the Lion Wolf Tribe. They had planned to settle the clans and then inquire about the situation of the Lion Wolf Tribe. They didn't expect each other to come running first.

Ayan a little reluctantly smiled, briefly told Qi Ze City people about the lion wolf tribe.

"Then what are you doing here?" After hearing what Ayan said, Azhang was lost in a deep thought. He had already known that the Lion Wolf Tribe had merged many small tribes. Summer came. If those small tribes had planned to settle down in the Lion Wolf Tribe, it should be built during the summer. How could he have brought people to take a trip at this time just to pass the news?

Ayan looked around at all the people in Qi Ze City. He moved aside and exposed the little female behind him. He reached out and pointed to the female. "His name is Aling, a Beastmen living in the forest."

Chen Qi looked at the little female in surprise. The color of his skin was a little dark, but his eyes were very big. Although he was a little smaller than other adult females, he had strong muscles. Even if he looked at it from a distance, he could feel the explosive force hidden in his muscles. There is no doubt that he is a very powerful Beastmen.

"Are there Beastmen tribes in the forest?" Chen Qi asked Aze in a low voice, as far as he knew, the forest was almost occupied by dragons. Most Beastmen chose to live on the plain to avoid dragons. How could anyone live in the forest?

"Of course there is. That Ai Li came out of the forest." Ka Luo, who was sitting next to him, curled his pie mouth. He probably still cared about the past and had no good feeling for the Beastmen coming out of the forest.

Azhang is also stun, he looked at Aling, then at Ayan, waiting for each other to go on.

The Lion Wolf Tribe, like Qi Ze City, is the first thing to build a house in summer. However, unlike Qi Ze City, the Lion Wolf Tribe does not have the skill to build a house with mud bricks. Their house is still maintained on large stone slabs. In addition, due to continuous torrential rain, many weak Beastmen have caused high fever. Therefore, in addition to entering the forest to find moxa grass that can dispel the high fever, they also need to collect large stone slabs that can build the house.

And Aling met on the rocky mountain where they collected the stone tablets.

Aling and Ai Li are members of the same tribe, but Ai Li was taken out of the forest by Aze. Aling has become accustomed to living in the forest. Even if he was the only one left after the tribe was destroyed, he did not plan to leave, so he found a hidden cave in a rocky mountain and settled down.

This time he decided to leave the forest. Apart from meeting Ayan and his party, he also met something in the summer.

With the arrival of summer, most of the dragons around the forest have begun to retreat back to the forest center. At this time, there will not be too much danger near the forest. The food stored by Aling was just finished on the day when winter ended. When he was going to look for some prey outside, he met a dark hyenas near the Sanchen River. Fortunately, heavy rain was raining at that time, which diluted his taste a lot. There were also thick-smelling weeds nearby, so he was not found by the hyenas.

However, his hiding place is not very good. If this distance moves, the hyenas will no doubt find him. There is no way. He can only lie down quietly and plan to wait for the hyenas to leave before leaving.

Let Aling never expected, the head looks like hyenas group leader hyenas can spit human speech, and its side also followed a giant Wolf god can spit human speech.

Although the giant wolf god was born tall, but he was very thin, the whole body seemed to be left with only the bones wrapped in fur. the Sanchen river in this place is not the source, and the river is not as turbulent as elsewhere. even under heavy rain, the water is eerily calm.

He walked quietly to the bank of the river, with no emotion in his eyes. The river overflowed his heel and felt the touch of the river flowing through his skin. It was covered with blood belonging to his people and poisoned by curses, making every drop of water here impossible for dragons to drink.

"Regret?" The hyena leader came to his side and looked down at the black river.

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