"Regret?" The giant wolf idol chuckled when it heard something funny. it took a few more steps into the river. "if you regret it, it is probably the same thing that brought you to our land."

The giant wolf god's voice was very light. the hyenas leader looked back at the hyenas gathered around him. the hyenas group felt the leader's eyes, lowered their heads slightly, and retreated for a distance. a large area was instantly vacated by the river bank, leaving only the hyenas leader and the giant wolf god standing in the water.

"The law of the jungle, the survival of the fittest. Just because you are willing to be animals does not mean that we are willing to be bound to this place forever."

The river reflected the shadow of the giant wolf god, and was soon shattered and mottled by raindrops, which made it hard to see. "Yes, it's been nearly a thousand years. It's just a word of reluctance. That's why it's now."

"After I die, will you kill Chen? Or do you like me to hold it around for you to absorb energy?"

The head of the hyena frowned and hissed, "it only has half the blood of the giant wolf god in its body. it is better to catch more Beastmen and eat them quickly."

The giant wolf god did not speak again, the rain fell down along its hair, and the hyenas leader stood quietly beside it without urging.

"I forgot to ask you all the time, why are you so persistent?"

The chief of the hyenas was stunned and seemed to be lost in thinking. just when the giant wolf god thought that the other party would not answer this question, the chief of the hyenas slowly said, "it is probably unwilling in the blood."

The giant wolf god looked up at it, waiting for the other party to go on.

"I am not willing to hunt all the time but still cannot fill my stomach. I am not willing to walk out of the forest thousands of years ago. I am obviously the people of the Tumen hyenas, but those inferior beasts have occupied this position." The hyenas leader looked back at the giant wolf god, and the mood in his eyes slowly receded. "why did your ancestors choose those Beastmen who were weaker than us? They are only our food. How dare they oppose us if they are not out of the forest. And you, after the genocide, are still trying to protect the Beastmen. You said, why is this?"

The voice of the head of the hyenas grew colder and colder. The hyenas, who were standing far away from the surrounding area, seemed to have been taken by the head. They quietly continued to move away from the bank of the river and finally disappeared in the newly grown grass.

"Think with your blood will be three Chen river pollution can weaken our strength? Your dead kin never expected that the Dorsal River on the plain would have the same power to purify the beast in our blood as the water of the San Chen River. Although it does not have the same power as the water of the tributaries of the San Chen River, it is said that many other dragons have gathered together for the Dorsal River since the first two winters. I believe all dragons living in this forest will know the news soon. When the time comes, carnivorous dragons like us all set foot in the plain. How long do you think the Beastmen will live? Can they still be high predators? Or reduced to prey?"

The giant wolf god took a sip of his lip and did not reply: "if Chen turns into a Beastmen, will you eat it?"

"He's just a hybrid. Even if you take him as Ajing, he will always be a beast and will be in the clan's land and this damned river for you forever and ever." The chief hyenas seemed to be very angry about this topic, and their voices were raised a lot, smacking of gnashing teeth.

The giant wolf god smiled mockingly, "he certainly did not tell you that the other half of the blood flowing in his body belongs to Beastmen."

"what did you say?" Hyenas leader spewed two puffs of air between his nostrils and made threatening noises in his throat.

"Do it." The giant wolf god does not want to say much. he does not like Chen, but his position is given by Chen. no matter what Chen left the ethnic group for, now that he has found hope, he will finish this last thing for the last ethnic group. It has never regretted the extinction of the ethnic group. Even if it had intervened in this matter, it has no regrets at all. If it can be transformed by this, it is estimated that it will still want to live.

But there are some things that Chen can do, but he can't do it no matter how hard he tries, for example, things that change shape, for example, things that he can freely enter and leave the plain, for example, things that happened to the cub who has lived in the Beastmen tribe since he was born.

The giant wolf god raised his head and let the rain fall down his canthus. it seemed to be the same thunderstorm weather on the day when the ethnic group was destroyed. the source of the sanchen river was flooded by endless red. from that day on, the hyenas found that after eating the flesh of the giant wolf god, their consciousness became clearer and clearer. even some hyenas were able to think like Beastmen, while they began to vomit after eating their relatives.

The information hidden in the blood hides the secret that Beastmen can transform themselves, and makes them believe again and again that they may one day be able to transform themselves successfully. They leave the forest and step into the endless plain. They heard that the end of the plain is endless water. The water area is called the sea. It is the territory of black dragon. The giant wolf god has always wanted to take a look. But it is not Chen. In summer, they cannot stay in the plain, or they will die of weakness.

Because it broke the taboo of eating Beastmen for thousands of years, the body of the giant wolf god has been getting worse day by day. if it had been in the past, it would never have imagined that one day it would want to perform its duty as the Ajing of the giant wolf god, or it would have been for a cub that it had never seen before when the ethnic group was extinct. If it is my former self, I am afraid I will despise this idea.

"I thought you would be unwell. All costs will have to be reduced." The head of the hyenas slowly walked towards the giant wolf god. from the first day they knew each other, they knew that they were the same beasts who did everything to achieve their goals. clearly, they were a giant wolf god, but their blood was brutal and cold-blooded.

"I don't just feel uncomfortable at all costs. I just did it, but I didn't succeed." The giant wolf god's eyes flashed a trace of exhaustion, with relief that he did not realize.

Hyenas leader dazed, took a deep look at the giant Wolf god, it walked to the giant Wolf god's side, stick out your tongue vaguely licked the giant Wolf god neck weak skin, spread and wet hair a cold, perhaps is the approach of death, let the giant Wolf god body uncontrollably frozen stiff, soon, it relaxed again.

Hyenas chief sniffed at each other's taste and wanted to remember it firmly. He did not want to move his position for a long time.

"why? Addicted to my blood? Reluctant?" This kind of touch makes the giant wolf god very unaccustomed.

"No." The head of the hyenas lingered slowly between each other's necks, then whispered to each other's ears, "when your blood is gone, I will tear off your flesh and bones bit by bit, chew them up, then swallow them into my belly, and let you become part of my bone and blood. do you think this is okay? I haven't eaten the Ajing of the giant wolf god. do you think you taste different from other giant wolf gods? Is it even more difficult to eat? Is it more delicious? However, your blood is already delicious, and I believe other places are no worse."

Giant Wolf god has maintained a posture of half lifted up his head, ignoring each other to himself, until there was a stabbing pain between the neck, eyes appeared a burst of dizziness, body uncontrollably fell into the river.

Brilliant red blood flowed out along the wound between the neck of the giant wolf god, mixed with rain, and soon penetrated into the river. the originally calm river began to surge up and slowly spread around with faint scent.


"What's the matter?" The man in white fur looked back at the giant wolf god who suddenly stopped and asked doubtfully.

"There seems to be one less of my kin."

"Your kin? Do you mean that cub or your new Ajing?"

"You seem to be very concerned about that cub."

"Didn't you say it smelled of me? Maybe it is my child." The man's lips bent and he brought a little smile.

"Do you have any children you don't know?" The giant wolf god turned over his supercilious look and forgot the strange feeling in his heart, turning to another topic, "how does it feel to walk on two legs?"

The man tilted his head and said, "You can give it a try. You should be able to shape up."

"Not yet." The giant wolf god crossed the man and went on, "I'm not like you, and I won't come back after the transformation."

One man and one beast did not speak again and soon disappeared in the thick rain.


Aling sat motionless in the grass for a day and a night until the blood of the giant wolf god who fell in the river was washed away by the river. the hyenas leader did as he said before, swallowing the giant wolf god bit by bit.

"After the rain stopped, there were countless dragons around the Sanchen River. I've never seen so many formations before, and there are many dragons I've never seen before." Aling looked around at the crowd and said these things once when he met the Beastmen of the Lion Wolf Tribe. now it is clearer to say it again than it was the first time.

"I have lived in the forest for decades. I have met most of the dragons in the forest. I have also entered the forest for several times, but this time it is only a very common section of the Sanchen River, and there are many dragons that I have not even seen before. Moreover, most carnivorous dragons are relatively weak, as if they had not eaten for a long time, but they returned to normal after staying near the Sanchen River for a few days."

"did this happen after the blood of the giant wolf god mixed into the river?" After hearing what Aling said, Chen Qi already had a general guess in his heart. He is not a man of this world and will not be limited to the thinking of Beastmen. Moreover, he probably knew about the world when he came to this world, so he was not so surprised by others.

Aling nodded, "and do you know what happened to the hyenas that ate the giant wolf god?"

"How is it?"

Aling pinched his hand. Although he saw it with his own eyes, he still felt incredible. He took a deep breath and tried to calm down his emotions. Then he slowly said, "The hyenas turned into human beings on the day the thunderstorm ended. They look exactly like us."

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