The news brought by Aling caused a sensation throughout Qi Ze City. Hyenas and Beastmen have been opposing each other for thousands of years. Even though hyenas are much more powerful than Beastmen in ability, many tribes have been destroyed by the attack of hyenas, but the Beastmen never expected that one day, hyenas could be turned into Beastmen.

Ayan brought Aling directly to Qi Ze City in the forest, because there are many things in the Lion Wolf Tribe. After staying in Qi Ze City for one day, he left with Aling.

Before leaving, Ayan once told the crowd that because of thunder and rain, many people in the Lion Wolf Tribe had high fever. Chen Qi didn't expect the other party to think of sending information to them first under such circumstances. before they left, Chen Qi gave the other party several plants of moxa hot grass harvested in winter, and also sent several jars of brewed wine. by the way, he taught them how to help people cool physically.

Azhang organized a small group of patrol team members to look into the forest. The periphery of the forest is still the same as in previous years, with few signs of dragons. However, he can occasionally see scattered dolphin dragons. He originally wanted to go deeper into the forest. Before he got close to Sanchen River, he found a large number of signs of dragon activities. In order to be safe, he could only postpone the exploration of Sanchen River and withdraw it after only a few turns in the periphery of the forest.

When Chen Qi took the newly designed city defense map to find Azhang, Azhang had just listened to the patrol report and saw Chen Qi come in. Azhang had been frowning a lot and handed a cup of scented tea to each other with just boiling water. "Why did you come here at this time? Are Aze in good health these two days?"

"It has returned to normal and is not as sleepy as before." Chen Qi sat down at the table and unfolded the picture scroll in his hand. "This is the defense facility outside the city that I have just completed. Look at it."

Azhang leaned over and pointed to a circle of things painted with blue dye outside the moat and asked, "What are these?"

"Water." Chen Qi explained: "Dragons cannot swim. Before winter, we built many holes and traps around the ice wall. Melting ice and snow and thunderstorms for several days filled these holes and holes with water. I have studied that the deep underground of this plain is hidden with water resources. As long as we dig a few meters further down these potholes, water should seep out. If all these potholes are opened up, a natural defense can be formed outside Qi Ze. Even if dragons really want to attack us, it will not be so easy."

"And this year our tribe has increased a lot of people. During the summer, we need to open up some more land to plant crops. It is too inefficient to search for food on the plain alone. The plain between the moat and these potholes is the best choice. Then we will build another wall outside the potholes, which will not only provide an additional layer of defense, but also expand the area of our tribe."

Chen Qi said his plan carefully. He discussed these things with Aze at home and summed up some of Aze's understanding of the plain as a local Beastmen. So when Chen Qi finished, Azhang only thought the proposal was very good.

Azhang asked people to call Achu to come over. Although Achu is no longer a patriarch, Azhang still asked the other party to hang up the name of a deputy patriarch and manage the newly merged Qi Ze City with him.

Achu also followed Axu and Asu when he came over. Axu had been the successor of the next chief of the Luoshui tribe before. Axu would not hide many things from him. Azhang, because Chen Qi didn't want to accept the chief of the clan, began to cultivate Asu intentionally, hoping that Asu could also participate in the management of the tribe. At the moment, he didn't think much about seeing the two men come in. He only invited several people to sit down. He repeated Chen Qi's suggestion to several people.

After hearing this, several people looked at each other. Axu said, "I think this method is quite good. With these two layers of defense, we are much safer. But now our staff are all arranged on the building of the house. Now we can't find anyone else to do anything except the ironmongers. I'm afraid the hole will not be dug for a while, and now it is full of water. It is impossible to dig further down."

Azhang thought for a moment, "It's just summer now, and there are no signs of dragon activities outside the forest. It should be safe here before winter comes this year. Just do things step by step according to our plan. There is no need to separate out all the staff. This will slow down the progress of the work."

"If the newly dug pit is full of water, summer will be fine, and then the water in winter will be frozen and useless?" Achu raised his own questions.

"We can clean up the water in the pit before winter comes. Then we can put some organs in it as we did last time. If the height is enough, hyenas alone cannot climb up." Chen Qi has long considered this issue.

"Then we will deal with the potholes and the new city wall first when the house is completed. The land outside the moat can now be used as species first. Last winter there were still many seeds left because of the cellar storage. It should be enough to plant all the land and harvest two seasons according to the time calculation. After the harvest, even if we don't search for food outside this summer, it will be enough for the winter." Azhang clappers.

"I have also made a new batch of farm tools these days. I'll take people to do the planting." Asu took over the task. He worked with Chen Qi last summer and knew a lot about planting crops.

"I'll come with you. Our new recruits also need to learn how to plant. Now the building of the house is waiting for a new batch of mud bricks to be fired. In the next few days, people can be arranged to open up the wasteland and plant crops."

Hearing Axu's words, Achu, who had been sitting next to him, stared at each other, but did not refute it.

Asu, who has been paying close attention to Achu's facial expression, touched his nose slightly awkwardly.

"I caught a few little rabbits and came back to raise them. I plan to catch a few other living creatures on the plain in a couple of days. I also talked to you about the conservatory before. after the house is built, we can try to build the conservatory first. if there are any problems, we can also make changes before winter comes. If the conservatory works well, the animals on the plain will be raised, so that even if all the animals on the plain migrate away, they will not have to venture into the forest." Speaking of which, Chen Qi paused, "If you don't need to rely on forest creatures for food any more, would you consider moving to the depths of the plain?"

Azhang: "You mean the plain across the Dorsal River?"

"Mmm." Chen Qi nodded, "Are we safer away from the forest?"

Several people were silent for a moment. Achu answered, "We have lived in this area for generations. We have never set foot on too many plains on the other side of the Shahe River. It is said that there are various carnivorous animals. Large lions, wolves, hyenas and tigers all live in that area. If we want to move into that plain, the danger level is not lower than here."

"Although those animals will return to the plain in only one summer, their territorial consciousness is still strong. You probably don't know if you have been living near here. They are not as gentle as the animals here, and their number is dozens or even hundreds of times that of the animals here." Azhang looked at Chen Qi. Although he did not set foot on the plain on the other side of the Dorsal River, he was older than others after all. He also heard some old females say something about the situation on the other side of the plain. "I heard that the animals on our plain were driven out by the animals on the other side of the Dorsal River."

Chen Qi is the first time to hear such a thing. He thought that once the food problem is solved, the tribe can be moved to a safer place. It seems that the danger in this world is not just that of dragons in the forest.

"But I have heard that there are also Beastmen tribes on the other side of the Dorsal River. The Beastmen are more powerful than the average female." Axu said.

"We'll discuss these things later. Now we'll finish the defense construction of the tribe." Achu changed the subject. "Chen Qi, you don't mind either. We all think this place is quite good. Although there is no natural rock mountain around as a shelter, the safety level is higher than that of our former tribe. As long as we build it well, we don't need to be afraid of the dragons."

"Mmm." Chen Qi smiled, "Let's solve the current problem first."

Several people discussed the details and arranged the work that needed to be done. Chen Qi came at noon. Aze was guarded by Accra on the wall at that time. Aze's abnormal body a few days ago also frightened the people. Azhang also did not dare to let him go out hunting or do heavy work, but the female couldn't help but work as long as he was healthy, so Aze now only had to guard the wall for half a day or so.

When Aze guards came to pick up Chen Qi, the room was in a strange silence.

Azhang wait for a while looked at Axu and then at Asu, "What did you say just now?"

Achu glanced at his unwillingly son. "They want to register with you, so you can help them go through the partner formalities."

"Aren't you both females?" Azhang hasn't recovered from the news yet. When did the two get together? How long have these two people known each other after his decades of chasing Ali? Is it so simple that the female and the female are together now?

Axu shrugged his shoulders and put his bracelet on Asu's waist. "Chief of the clan, your partner seems to be a female too."

Chen Qi covered his lips and smiled. He knew that Axu's eyes were different when he looked at Asu. He accepted the news well. "Congratulations, don't forget to have a wedding after the new home is completed."

"I don't build a house, I move directly to live in Asu." Axu smiled triumphantly.

After the discussion, Achu was too lazy to take a reason to Axu. he could not fully accept the fact that his son did not know whether to marry or to marry a female. he wanted to go home and stare at his younger son. he must let the younger son find a male.

Azhang looked at Asu, who was a little shy and awkwardly standing beside him, and coughed and went back to the room to get the shadow stone.

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