After resting with Aze in the tribe for a period of time, Chen Qi put on the agenda to go out to catch live animals. This time, the place he went out was a little far away. He probably needed to sleep on the plain for a night, so several people went together.

The place where several people came this time is a place where snow geese live. It is not close to Chishui River and the terrain is higher than that of other places, which is probably the reason why it is not near the water source. There will be no large carnivores nearby. It is a good place to hatch eggs after snow geese migrate back every time.

Several people were quietly lying in a bush to observe the situation of the snow geese. It was still early. A group of snow geese had just left to go out looking for food, but there was still another snow goose guarding each shelter. It had been a long time since summer. Winged birds came back earlier than other animals. It was almost time for the eggs to hatch these days.

"Are we catching alive or shooting directly?" Ashu touched the wooden bow in his hand, his eyes flashing with excitement. He was the first time to take part in the task of catching birds. Before there was no bow and arrow, this winged bird was a very bad prey for the beasts. Moreover, the feathers on their bodies were not as easy to strip as those of other mammals, and the meat they got after cleaning was not much, so the beasts would not hit the birds unless they really could not find the prey.

Chen Qi looked around at the surrounding situation. The habitat of this snow goose is very large. Although the distance between the snow goose dens and dens on the periphery is different by some distance, the number of birds entering the eye is still very considerable. Although the appearance of birds is not as threatening as that of other carnivorous animals, once they fight and are besieged by snow geese, these few of them will not get any benefits.

"Let's approach slowly and try not to attract too many snow geese." Chen Qi told.

Their task this time is mainly to steal the eggs of those snow geese that are about to hatch. Adult snow geese will catch them if they can catch them alive, and if they cannot catch them, they will hunt a few back to make food.

A few people scattered, before catching red-billed Quelia finches in the tribe, also have a little experience in catching birds, now in addition to the necessary wooden bow, all hands holding a long net, net is woven with tough rope, this toughness once snow geese pocket in absolutely don't need to worry about each other will break out.

"You followed me." Aze took Chen Qi's wrist and protected the other side behind him. The cat leaned forward and approached the nearest snow goose nest under the cover of grass.

In addition to the Beastmen, several wild foxes are also eyeing the snow-white eggs. These wild foxes are smaller than the adult snow geese. They are hiding on the other side of the grass, so there is no sign of the Beastmen.

The wild fox lay prone and slowly approached its target. One of the wild foxes pounced on the adult snow goose hatching eggs in its nest. It seemed that it wanted to bite off the snow goose's neck with its sharp teeth.

Snow geese were very alert. When the wild fox came, it suddenly fluttered its wings and stood up. Its huge wings fanned the petite wild fox to the ground. The wild fox rolled on the spot for several times and then stood firm. It was not injured by this sudden change.

Snow geese spread their wings and covered the snow-white eggs behind them with their own bodies. They seemed to be angered by the wild fox. Their sharp beaks were pointed at the wild fox. Once the wild fox jumped up, they must give it a mouth to taste it.

Several snow geese sitting in the distance also found the situation here. They looked up and chirped, but did not come to help. Behind them, there were also birds' eggs that needed protection. Wild foxes usually only stole one or two from a nest of eggs. Although they hated wild foxes, they were all worried that once they left their nest, the eggs would be stolen by other wild foxes.

After the wild fox attracted the attention of the snow goose, the other two wild foxes slowly approached behind, cleanly biting an egg with their mouths and wanted to leave. the snow goose just saw this situation when looking back, and quickly flapped its wings and flew straight past. the attention-attracting wild fox said, hurriedly stepped forward quietly, bit up a snow-white bird egg, did not love to fight, and ran directly into the nearby tall grass.

The other two wild foxes fled separately from the attack by the snow geese. The nest with five or six birds' eggs was half less. The snow geese chased angrily for some distance and then came back bitterly. Their mate went out to look for food. If it left the nest again, the rest of the eggs would be lost.

Aze broke the neck of the wild fox that had just jumped into front of him, and caught the bird egg that fell from his mouth with his other hand.

The wild fox's fur color is a bit mixed, grayish yellow and grayish yellow, which is not good-looking, but its fur is very smooth and feels good. Chen Qi helped pack the dead wild fox into his backpack and carefully put away the intact bird eggs. "The fox's fur is not very nice, but it should be good for scarves. I'll make one for you when I get back." In winter, Aze didn't like to be beast all over his body, and his neck remained uncovered. Chen Qi advised him several times. Later, he could not help but make some warm scarves for Aze.

"If you like fox fur, next time I'll hunt you something nice."

Two people talk kung fu snow geese in the group has been a commotion, Chen Qi intently looked, I saw the tree has covered a snow goose with a net, Ajing  behind each other is wrapped in animal skins back eggs, probably next to also stood a majestic giant wolf god, the snow geese did not dare to blunt come up directly, just began to slowly gathered towards this side, huge birds, spread to the center of the snow geese group, the sky has snow geese began to hover.

After an attack by the red-billed Quelia finches, the Beastmen were a little shadowy for the large birds, especially the snow geese, whose size was dozens of times that of the red-billed Quelia finches, and their attack power was much higher than that of the finches. Several people only wanted a quick victory.

Chen Qi pulled the sleeve of Aze and pointed to the other direction. A tree and a young wolf attracted the attention of the snow geese. They could easily approach the bird nest in the other direction.

Aze also didn't have to use a net to catch. He shot several nearby snow geese guarding the bird nest with bows and arrows, helping to pick up eggs while guarding Chen Qi.

When the snow geese in the distance reacted to the situation here, Aze had picked up the injured geese and carried Chen Qi out of the area. Before leaving, he still grabbed a live one with his net.

"Pain, pain, pain, how are you, Ajing?" Ashu's head is thickly dotted like covered with a thick layer of snow cloud, snow geese swooped down, Ashu's net pocket has lost its original role, can only be casually waving in the air, even if he has beast want to tear down the attack of snow geese, but snow geese action is obviously much more flexible than he imagined, Ashu's attack did not cause much damage to each other, his hands and face was snow geese made several wounds instead.

Young Wolf has been protecting around the scene, has made a determined effort to snow wild goose group would have killed red eye, fortunately, young Wolf since change hair become thick skin, in addition to make a messy hair is not injured.

Ajing will have been full of bird eggs hide backpack back to the back, conveniently picked up next to than young Wolf killed on the ground a few snow geese, stretched out his hand and patted young Wolf on the back, young Wolf received a signal, huge tail swept forward, will be gathered around the snow geese forced back a distance, then retreat behind Ajing.

As he ran, Ajing shouted to Ashu, who was still surrounded by snow geese, "Let's go."

Ashu didn't expect Ajing  and young wolf ran so agile, low scolded 1, ran up behind them.

Ashu probably attracted most of the fire from the snow geese, and the snow geese swarmed behind them. Finally, they drilled several tall bushes and finally got rid of the pursuit of the snow geese. When they got back to their resting place last night, Chen Qi had already prepared lunch.

I was going to complain to Chen Qi as soon as I got back, saying that Ajing and Young Wolf threw down the tree that had run first and forgot everything at the sight of the delicious food. They rushed forward happily.

Aze pulled a lump of mud from under the carbon pile and threw it to the other party. Ashu reached for it reflectively and then threw it to the ground, complaining, "Why did you throw me a hot stone?"

Aze took Chen Qi's steaming bird leg and said, "This snow goose is mine. You have to eat it yourself."

"Just remove the mud." Chen Qi pointed to Ajing, who had already pulled out another lump of mud by himself. "What do you think Ajing did?"

Worried that it would burn, Ajing took out his osteotome and knocked on the mud directly. The mud cracked open and a layer of cattail leaves inside revealed golden meat. A gust of wind blew through and the enticing fragrance went straight into the noses of several people.

Ashu is the first time to see this kind of food, curiously looked up and down, will be wrapped in snow goose meat tore off a small piece into his mouth, don't know what Chen Qi put spices, baked and cooked meat is very different in peace, tender and smooth meat to eat into the mouth can't help narrowing his eyes, Ashu would have dropped the scene before his own things aside, happily enjoying a delicious lunch, the in the mind still can't help but a little annoyed that he didn't take the chance to hunt a few more snow geese.

Ake came back only after several people had almost finished their lunch. Behind him hung two huge fur backpacks, one full of bird eggs and the other full of hunted snow geese. On his waist hung several still alive snow geese with their mouths and wings tied.

Looking at Ake, who was well dressed and returned from a bumper harvest, Ashu opened his mouth in surprise and asked incredulously, "Have you not been found by those snow geese?" With Xueyan's temperament, it would be impossible not to attack each other in droves if dozens of bird nests had been planted.

Ake unloaded the things, tore a bird leg from the snow geese Ashu held in his hand, grinned with a big white tooth, and said, "It's thanks to you that you led all the snow geese away."

"By the way, Chen Qi, you said earlier that you wanted to catch some wild horses. When I first came back, I saw a group of wild horses. Do you want to catch them?"

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