Chen Qi sunned the snow goose feathers in the sun. When he heard the news, he wanted to get a mount early in the morning. Before, because he did not meet any animals suitable for mount, all the animals on the plain migrated back now. If he tamed the wild horse, he would not have to carry Aze on his way so hard every time he went out.

"Where did you meet?"

"Not far from the habitat of snow geese, just walk along the upper reaches of Chishui River for a while." Ake pulled out his share of snow geese, knocked cleanly on the blackened soil outside, and replied.

In order to handle the prey conveniently, several people chose their camp near Chishui River. Chen Qi nodded clearly and decided to wait for Ake to finish his lunch and disappear before leaving.

Chen Qi took out a pottery cup from his backpack, then pulled out a few dried flowers from a small cloth bag and put them into the cup. He poured half a cup of boiled water into the cup. He waited until the scented tea was soaked before walking to Aze. "Are you tired? Do you want to sleep for a while?"

Aze took the tea, shook his head, took Chen Qi and sat down beside him. He gathered the leaves he had just picked together and gently fanned Chen Qi to drive away the heat. Since his lethargy for a few days, Chen Qi has worried that he will be tired every time. Now Chen Qi will take over many things by himself and won't let himself do it. Although he feels very happy to be carefully taken care of by Chen Qi, he is, after all, a female and should be the one to take care of his partner.

Chen Qi took the leaves from the other party's hand as a fan and leaned against the other party as he shook them. As soon as the thunderstorm stopped, the temperature began to rise continuously. Chen Qi's clothes, which had been removed from a lunch, had been soaked by sweat for most of the time, while Aze's body temperature was cool. It was like a large mobile air conditioner. Chen Qi was dispersed as long as he was close to the other party and felt the heat around him.

"I don't know if your body temperature has anything to do with your lethargy last time, and your body temperature wasn't that low last year." Chen Qi leaned his head comfortably in the past, and could not help but be anxious.

"Don't worry, I know my body best. If there is anything uncomfortable, I will be the first to tell you." Aze wiped the sweat on his forehead for the other party and smiled and soothed.

Chen Qi didn't talk about this topic any more. Although he was still a little worried, he was afraid that Aze would think much of it. "Drink tea while it is hot. Your body is too cold. A little of this tea should be better." Several wild ginseng slices are added to the tea, which has the effect of invigorating qi and blood. Although it is not clear how effective the effect is, it is still good to drink a little.

For the first time, Ajing and his pups were able to stay in the wild for such a long time. after eating, they plunged into the surrounding grass to find something they could use. after all, it was in the wild. Ashu was worried about the safety of the two pups and had been following them to help guard.

After Ake finished his lunch, several people took another rest until the sun was not so strong before they began to search for the wild horses.

There are no large carnivores in this area, and the herbivores we met are relatively carefree. When several people found them, the wild horses were sheltering under a acacia tree.

This group of wild horses is not very large in number, only about a dozen of them, among which there are four or five young ponies that are not adults. Their fur colors are quite mixed, mostly purplish red mixed with other colors. However, one young pony's fur color is totally white, which is very conspicuous among this group of wild horses.

Aze liked the pony very much when he saw it. Since Chen Qi wanted to raise a wild horse, it was just right that such a beautiful pony was caught.

The animal skin backpack he was carrying was unloaded and handed to Chen Qi. Aze whispered, "You stand here and look at the things. I'll catch the wild horse."

"You have to be careful." Chen Qi also wants to try catching wild horses. Those tall and strong adult wild horses may be a bit dangerous to catch, but with his current strength, it should be feasible to catch only those minor ponies. Only this idea can only be turned in my mind. Aze can't let himself take risks at all.

Ake also handed over the luggage he was carrying to Ashu, telling the other party to protect Chen Qi and Ajing. Mustang's size and fighting capacity are not comparable to Xueyan's. Naturally, he cannot allow a male and a minor female to be on the side.

Ashu pie pie, in fact, he also wants to try to catch wild horses, but also know that their strength is not as good as Aze and Ake, can only take Ajing  and Chen Qi climbed up a nearby acacia tree, watching the two Beastmen slowly close to the wild horses.

Young wolf cubs were also carried by Ajing to the branch. their position could clearly see the following situation.

Aze was holding a lasso in his hand. Just now when he was resting, he heard Chen Qi explain in detail how to catch wild horses. At the moment, he exchanged a few words with Ake in a low voice, and then he headed for his chosen goal separately.

Aze's chosen foal is standing at the outer edge of the herd. I don't know if it's because the coat color is too different from other mustangs. The herd is a little repelled by the performance of the foal. There is a faint tendency to isolate the foal from the herd. But it is convenient for Aze.

The lasso in his hand was hanging at his waist. Aze's pace was very slow. The horses did not show much response to the approach of the Beastmen. Only some wild horses that had bowed their heads and gnawed at the weeds raised their heads, with a hint of alert in their eyes, and quietly looked at the approach of the Beastmen.

The foal wanted to approach the adult female mustang nearby to seek shelter, but the female mustang only used its head to arch the other side's body. after driving the foal away from a certain distance, it took another foal with mixed fur to another direction. The white-haired pony turned around a bit at a loss. His big round eyes looked at Aze. Two puffs of air gushed out from his nostrils. His front hoof was digging at his feet uneasily.

Aze held up his hand that did not hold the lasso and approached slowly. He was going to calm the foal's mood, but the foal suddenly started to run with all its hooves.

Aze's reaction was quick. Almost at the moment the pony acted, the noose in his hand was thrown out and hit the pony right in the neck. As soon as the foal ran forward, it was tightened by the noose. Aze was led forward by the foal and took a few steps. He quickly stabilized his body. His strength was very strong. The foal seemed to have been born before long, but Aze fell unsteadily to the ground as soon as he pulled it off.

At that time, the horses also responded. Seeing this situation, they quickly started running. They didn't have the group consciousness like elephants. As long as they weren't caught, they wouldn't care about the life and death of other companions.

However, when they passed by a tall grass, a lasso flew out of the grass and caught an adult female wild horse in the neck. The other wild horses were startled and scattered. They didn't merge together again until they were far away from the tall grass. The wild horses were very fast. When Ake was dragged out of the tall grass by the female wild horse, the wild horses had already run away for some distance.

"Unfortunately, only two were caught." Ashu looked at the mustangs that were about to run out of their shadows and said regretfully that he felt the rope hanging from his waist and felt a little tempted to rush down.

"Not quite caught." Chen Qi looked at Aze's direction with a little worry. Although the other side chose a pony and there would be no great danger, Chen Qi watched Aze jump at the pony and his heart beat faster. He stretched out his hand and pressed the position of his heart, frowning.

Aze fell the pony to the ground and tied the other side's struggling limbs with ropes. He was going to catch another horse. He turned around and found that the wild horses had already run out of sight. He glanced at Ake's direction. When he saw that the other side was able to do well without his help, he directly carried the tied pony to the shoulder and returned to the acacia tree where the others were.

The strength of the female mustang is much greater than that of the foal, but the lasso is also very tough. As soon as the female mustang struggles with the rope, it is deeply tied into its neck, leaving an obvious mark on its maroon fur. The female mustang screams in pain, shakes its hooves and rushes around.

Ake wrapped the rope at the end around his arm for several times to prevent the mother wild horse from breaking free, then pulled the rope forward a few steps, carefully watching the mother wild horse's hooves and pulling each other around.

The lasso was already tightened by pulling, the female mustang had difficulty breathing, and because he had been struggling and wasting a lot of energy, he slowly calmed down after confronting Ake for a period of time.

Ake did not dare to be careless. He had caught wild horses when hunting prey before, but they were all directly hunted at that time. It was quite troublesome to catch a live wild horse at the moment. He waited patiently for the wild horse to calm down and then slowly leaned up.

The mustang was foaming at the mouth and faltered feebly a few times. As long as Ake tugged at it again, there was no doubt that it would fall to the ground.

Reaching for a few soothing touches on the mustang's face, Ake loosened the lasso around the other's neck. After the mustang regained some breathing, Ake took the mustang to the acacia tree.

Chen Qi saw Aze come back carrying the pony and climbed down the pagoda tree cleanly. Regardless of the pony, he pulled Aze up and down and looked at it first. If it weren't for someone around him, it was estimated that he would also like to remove each other's clothes for inspection. "Are you hurt?"

"I'm fine and not injured." Aze threw the pony to the ground and let Chen Qi look at it.

Ake, who dragged the mustang back, couldn't help rolling his eyes when he saw this scene. Why didn't he think Chen Qi was so shuffle when couples spend before? With Aze's strength, not to mention a small pony, even catching an adult mustang doesn't necessarily hurt.

With the mother wild horse around, the pony did not struggle to escape as it did at the beginning. Aze untied the rope on the pony's hooves. The pony skidded off the ground and wanted to stay away from the Beastmen at a distance. However, due to the distance limitation of the rope around its neck, it could only stand in a short distance and cross the steps impatiently.

The female mustang looked a bit weak and weary through illness after being caught. The damage caused by the wound on its neck was obvious, and even faint blood oozed out. It is conceivable how hard it struggled when being caught.

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