The mother wild horse did not know whether he knew he could not escape or whether he had a gentle character. Chen Qi helped his to use the straw bag to prick the wound on his neck and suddenly became a little intimate with Chen Qi. however, he still did not like the foal. even if only he and the foal fell into the hands of the beast people, he would not allow the foal to approach his half step.

Chen Qi liked the beautiful foal very much, but the foal was very shy and struggled uneasily when he saw the Beastmen approaching. However, Chen Qi could only temporarily restrain his desire to approach the foal.

After having the mother wild horse, Chen Qi tied several large pieces of luggage to the mother wild horse's back. the bags of snow goose eggs were carried by the animals themselves. the eggs were fragile. if the mother wild horse suddenly threw its hooves to run around, Chen Qi was afraid of breaking the eggs.

Because of catching wild horses, several people stayed on the plain for another night and returned to the tribe at noon the next day.

As soon as Chen Qi entered the gate, before he could carry his luggage home, Azhang sent someone to shout to the conference room next to him.

"Give me something, and you will see what happened." Ake motioned Chen Qi to give him the backpack behind him and let Aze go with the other party.

Chen Qi was also worried that Azhang had something important to discuss with himself. After handing over the things to Ake, he told the other party not to let the two horses close to the crops planted in the yard and took Ake away.

There were many people in the conference room. Because of the hot weather, the doors and windows of the conference room were directly open. Chen Qi walked to the door of the courtyard and saw the silence inside.

"Chen Qi, there you are." See two people enter the door, Azhang has been tight knit the brows also stretch a lot, motioned for them to sit in the empty chair next to Asu.

Chen Qi didn't expect Ayan to come back after leaving for a few days. Sitting next to him was a tall, strange Beastmen. Without guessing, Ayan must have brought it. The Beastmen seem to know a little about Chen Qi. They saw Chen Qi's eyes fall on his line of people. They also nodded slightly to Chen Qi. Their beautiful thin lips hooked up and gave a friendly smile.

"hello, my name is Axiang, and I am the chief of the lion wolf clan." The tall man's voice was a bit low, and when Chen Qi and Chen Qi took their seats, they introduced themselves first.

Chen Qi hurriedly reported his name and looked a little doubtfully at Azhang, who was seated at the gate. He wondered why the chief of the Lion Wolf clan had come to Qi Ze City at this time.

The current Lion Wolf Tribe cannot be compared with the Lion Wolf Tribe of last year. when Chen Qi came to this world, the Lion Wolf Tribe was a large tribe with no more than 2,000 people. however, due to the hyenas that appeared last winter, many tribes along the Dorsal river merged into the Lion Wolf Tribe. the number of the Lion Wolf Tribe now is at least 10,000. many of the merged Beastmen have built their living places on the plains because there are not enough places to build houses.

Azhang coughed softly, looked at the smiling Axiang, then looked at Ayan sitting beside Axiang. Ayan touched his nose in embarrassment, instead of Axiang, and replied, "Please tell Chen Qi about our purpose first. He will make a decision when he knows."

"You mean . . . let me go to the Lion Wolf Tribe?" Chen Qi listened with a frown to the purpose of Lion Wolf Tribe, and finally waited for Azhang to finish. After filtering the news several times in his mind, he asked in a difficult tone.

"I don't want you to join our tribe, but I want you to teach our tribe how to arrange defense this summer." Ayan hurriedly explained, "The last time you were attacked by hyenas of that size, you can ensure no casualties. We know that most of this is due to you. Although last year's gathering in Qi Ze City also taught us a lot, we are very grateful for this, but what we learned is still very different from what you learned in actual application."

Remembering the tribe that was flustered by the sudden melting of ice water at the end of winter, Ayan's eyes were slightly embarrassed from the beginning with a serious request, "you also know that because of the merger, the lion wolf tribe now has a very large number of people. those rocky mountains alone have no way to accommodate so many people. the last hyenas group did not take the initiative to attack us except for the reason of the ice wall, which is that the Beastmen and hyenas are almost the same number. However, no one knows whether the number of hyenas will continue to increase next time. if the lion wolf tribe is destroyed by hyenas, you will be left with a small tribe in Qi Ze City."

"So we're here to ask you to go to the Lion Wolf Tribe to help arrange tribal defense. Of course, we can exchange with Qi Ze City. As long as we can do what you ask, you can exchange whatever you want."

Aze turned pale when he heard Ayan speak. He grabbed Chen Qi's wrist hanging under the table. There was no restriction on the right of Beastmen to come and go between tribes. Although Chen Qi was a male, what he came up with could save many Beastmen' lives.

Aze understood Chen Qi and knew that the other party had made so many things just to make the life of the Beastmen better, not to let the Beastmen get injured or even lose their lives just for hunting or being attacked by dragons. There are so many Lion Wolf Tribes. although they are strong because of their numbers, there are still many casualties each year. if Chen Qi went to the Lion Wolf Tribe, it would certainly save many Beastmen.

Will Chen Qi go?

Before Aze's confused thoughts could be completed in his mind, the people around him had already grasped each other's hands and warmed Aze's too cold fingers with their scorching palms with a little sweat.

"Sorry, I may not be able to comply with your request." Chen Qi refused Ayan's proposal without hesitation.

"Can I ask why?" Axiang did not take offense at Chen Qi's refusal, but still asked with a friendly smile.

"I still have a lot of things to do this summer and have no time to leave Qi Ze City." Chen Qi pinched Aze's hand and calmed the other party's mood. Only then did he stand up and walk to the bookshelf beside him, on which were placed several design drawings he had drawn before. These things had nothing to hide.

After laying out several drawings on the table, Chen Qi looked at Azhang and got the other party's approval before he began to tell the Beastmen of the Lion Wolf Tribes about his plans for this summer.

In addition to several new defensive structures, the main task this summer is the construction of warm houses and the domestication of animals. The stay time of animals on the plains is too short. If animals cannot be domesticated successfully this summer, it will take another two years.

Everyone knows that the situation in the forest is very unstable now. Going deep into the forest to hunt is already a very dangerous thing.

The main food source of the Beastmen is still meat, especially the females, who need meat to maintain their body strength. Chen Qi observed before that eating fish or plants for several months would make the females weak. There was also a reason why the Beastmen didn't eat fish at the beginning. Fish can maintain their life but can't maintain their strength. If it weren't for picking up a few porpoises in vain, it would be very difficult for the females to survive the competition with the hyenas in the last few days of winter.

Of course, the domestication of animals is only one of the reasons, and another reason is that the original Yanshan tribe was merged into the present Lion Wolf Tribe.

Chen Qi didn't ask why Aze lived alone in the wilderness at the beginning, but he didn't need to think carefully and know that he was unhappy in the tribe at the beginning. If Chen Qi wanted to go to the Lion Wolf tribe, Aze must also go with him. But how can Chen Qi make Aze unhappy? The world does not have much sense of substitution for him. The only contact is Aze. He does so much, and in his private heart he just wants his partner to live a better life.

There is no need to rush about for food or worry about survival.

Not only is this item, others are also listening to Chen Qi's explanation carefully. Chen Qi's proposal this time is very detailed, and even the animals to be domesticated have been marked one by one.

"All these things need to be completed this summer, so I cannot leave Qi Ze City." Chen used his fingertip to tap on the drawing, and finally concluded: "But what you said is that it is ok to let people teach you to set up tribal defenses in exchange for things."

Axiang raised his head in surprise. he thought that since the other party had already refused, the matter was out of the question. "what do you mean . . ."

"Although I cannot leave Qi Ze City, many Beastmen in our tribe have already taken part in the defense construction in the past winter. We can arrange people to go to your tribe to help teach you how to make, but you need to exchange with us."

"What do you want?" Axiang sat back in his seat with great interest and looked at Chen Qi with burning eyes. For the first time he saw such a confident and interesting male child.

"You also know that the number of our tribe is relatively small. Apart from hunting, we also need a lot of people to put into construction in our tribe every day, but Rao is so, and the progress is very slow." Chen Qi had a headache when he thought of the house that had not been completely built up until now. "So you need to send about 300 young and strong females to our tribe for construction. Of course, we will seriously teach them how to make it and let them return to the Lion Wolf Tribe before winter comes. In addition, about 50 single males need to be sent, and many handmade products in Qi Ze City also need these males to participate. I think Ayan should also have told you that the males make the paper, clothes, lighting candles and so on used in our tribe."

"Why single?" Axiang picked his eyebrows.

Chen Qi smiled." As you know, there are too many single females in our tribe. If the males decide to stay in Qi Ze City before winter, you can't stop it."

. . . . . . Said as if they lion Wolf tribe single female is not the same.

Looking at Chen Qi, who smiled like a sly fox, Axiang silently smiled and turned to Azhang, who had been silent all along, and O Achu, who was sitting at the other's head. Although he and the male had been talking about things just now, the two men were, after all, the chiefs of Qi Ze City and finally needed to see their opinions. "Do you think this exchange is okay?"

Azhang returned to absolute being and exchanged a view with Achu. Instead of agreeing to the request immediately, Azhang suggested that further discussion was needed.

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