Now that it has been determined that Chen Qi cannot go to the Lion Wolf Tribe, Axiang kindly proposed to terminate the meeting and let several people in Qi Ze City discuss the exchange. Asu took the initiative to stand up and leave with the lion and wolf clan. By the way, he took the lion and wolf clan chief who came to Qi Ze for the first time to visit the ongoing construction in Qi Ze.

After Afghani and his party left, Chen Qi picked up the kettle on the table and poured a glass of water to Aze. He took a sip of the same cup and moistened his throat. Only then did he ask, "Azhang, what do you want to say to us?" With Azhang's character, the exchange he proposed should be in line with what the other party thought. Since Azhang did not promise to come down on the spot, what is the matter that the other party wants to say privately with several of them?

Azhang was silent for a moment. "I am not opposed to the exchange you mentioned just now. I have participated in the establishment of Qi Ze City from nothing to now. Although I am the patriarch, but . . ." Azhang paused. "Even if you think that I will be a little capricious in doing so, I still hope I can do the teaching of Lion Wolf Tribe this time. The patriarch can give it to Achu first."

"Is Uncle Azhang worried about the Lion Wolf Tribe?" Aze asked.

Azhang gave a wry smile. "After the last battle, you also know the strength of hyenas. Although the Lion Wolf Tribe has a large number of people, in terms of defense, we are afraid that even our small Qi Ze City cannot match."

"if the last hyenas attacked the Lion Wolf Tribe directly, it would have been very deadly if they had won." Achu interjected.

Azhang nodded. Judging from the information exchanged with the Lion Wolf Tribe, the only remaining tribes in this area are probably Qi Ze City and Lion Wolf Tribe. Apart from the fact that the Lion Wolf Tribe has its own original kin, Azhang's character, knowing that he can help other Beastmen Tribes to increase their defense and thus reduce the casualties of Beastmen, doomed him not to sit idly by.

Everything in Qi Ze City was taught by Chen Qi. Although the other party was unwilling to take over the position of chief of the clan, Azhang was very convinced by Chen Qi's words in his heart. This is also the reason why he did not help Chen Qi to answer the other party immediately when the Lion Wolf Tribe requested. However, since Chen Qi did not object to teaching these techniques, Azhang hopes to help the Lion Wolf Tribe survive the next winter. He always has a uneasy feeling that the next winter will be more difficult than the previous winter.

Chen Qi bowed their heads and wanted to think, it is not difficult to make those traps, but how to apply and protect them is not easy for these beasts who have never come into contact with them. Now the whole Qi Ze City, besides itself, knows nothing better than Azhang, the patriarch.

"Azhang, you are the chief of the clan. If you want to teach the lions and wolves, you can decide for yourself. You don't need to worry about Qi Ze City, just follow the plan we discussed earlier." Although Chen Qi didn't want to go, he also wanted to help the Lion Wolf Tribe survive the next possible hyenas attack. Originally, he planned to send the Beastmen who had been following him in making various tools to the past. Now Azhang has taken the initiative to go there. Moreover, the Lion Wolf Tribe has enough manpower. It should not be a problem to build the Lion Wolf Tribe's defense well.

"Don't worry, I've been in touch with many tribal affairs during this period of time, and I'll help you keep an eye on them during your absence." Achu was going to take people to the lion wolf tribe to help. since Azhang volunteered to go, and the other party knew more than himself, there was really no more suitable candidate than Azhang except Chen Qi.

"Uncle Azhang, if you want to go, you can take Uncle Ali with you." Aze looked at Chen Qi. "Uncle Ali has the best manufacturing ability in the tribe. People who have him teaching the Lion Wolf tribe should be able to get started faster."

See the reaction of all, Azhang heart quietly breathed a sigh of relief, originally Qi Ze City oneself also busy construction, oneself the heads of the fathers to leave at this time is a kind of very irresponsible behavior, didn't expect others to understand.

"thank you." Azhang bowed sincerely to the Beastmen sitting in this conference room.

Now that the decision has been made, Azhang will let people go to the Lion Wolf Tribe and a line of people shouted back, finally the two sides finalized before winter comes, Lion Wolf Tribe sent 300 strong female and 50 single male exchange Qi Ze City 15 skilled in making all kinds of equipment of Beastmen, here the Beastmen are almost half gray-haired old female. Chen Qi also prepared some new design drawings overnight, adding some things suitable for Lion Wolf Tribes to the defense of Qi Ze City.

Although Ayan was slightly surprised by the number of old Beastmen sent to help, he did not have any opinions. That night, Ayan took two people back to the Lion Wolf Tribe to organize people to come to Qi Ze City, while Ayan himself would stay in Qi Ze City for a few more days. When the people to be exchanged by the Lion Wolf Tribe arrived, he would take the people back to Qi Ze City.

When Chen Qi and Aze returned home from their busy work, it was already dark and they knew that they were not free. Ka Luo came to help prepare dinner early in the morning. Ake was teasing Ayao in the yard. The two wild horses were tied under the fig tree. They probably came to a strange place. The two wild horses were a little anxious. A few small rabbits in the cage next door were scared to hide in the corner by these two guys who seemed to them like giants. They lowered their ears and even refused to eat the fresh weeds that Ajing stuffed in front of them.

As soon as Ayao saw Chen Qi enter the door, he struggled out of Ake's arms and rushed at Chen Qi. Chen Qi was afraid that the little one might fall, so he hurriedly bent down and hugged each other's smaller and rounder body. Ayao's hand was still holding a red wild fruit that had been bitten by half. after being picked up by Chen Qi, he threw up half of the wild fruit to Chen Qi's lips. "dad gave it to me, sweet, and Qi Qi also ate it."

Looking at the saliva smeared on the wild fruit, Chen Qi's face was black. He hurriedly removed the other's little paws and coaxed, "Qi Qi is not hungry, Ayao, eat."

Ake, who was still playing with his son, saw that his son ran to stick Chen Qi, hurriedly stepped forward to carry the other party down from Chen Qi's arms, and also took out a wild fruit from his pocket and stuffed it into the hands of Obsidian, intending to snatch his son's attention back to himself.

Ayao looked at the new wild fruit in his hand, then at the half-eaten wild fruit, cocked his head and thought for a moment, then turned around and stuffed the finished fruit into Chen Qi's arms, "give it to Qi Qi."

Ake ground the ground molar tooth, looked up and tapped Ayao's little head, "your father is still on the side, why don't you give it to your father?"

Ake's hand was not heavy, except that Ayao felt no pain after he was touched on the head. he glanced at his father with a straight face, and his little face hung with a serious look. "dad gave it to me, I'll give it to you."

"ha ha, Ayao is really good." Chen Qi was amused by the other party and could not help pinching Ayao's little face.

Aze stood aside sipping his lips and looked at Ake, who was beaten.

Ake was depressed about his son sticking to Chen Qi more than he did, and then he directly picked up the little fellow and went back to the house to continue to exchange feelings. He must take back the little fellow's first place in his heart from Chen Qi.

With Ka Luo's help in preparing dinner, Chen Qi first looked at the two wild horses. because the female wild horses did not like the foal, Chen Qi transferred the female wild horses to the flat ground behind the house, and the foal continued to run under the fig tree. he also found two small wooden buckets and put half a bucket of water beside them. then he piled up a small handful of fresh weeds picked when he came back and left them alone.

The bags of snow goose eggs brought back by Ake have been transferred to the big wooden box. The box is covered with dry hay and fur. According to Chen Qi's request, a small fire is lit around the box to keep the surrounding temperature. Chen Qi once broke a snow goose egg and saw the formed small snow geese inside. I believe these small snow geese will hatch in a few days.

However, the few snow geese that were still alive were put in a wooden cage. The other dead geese had been pickled for a long time because of the hot weather, and now they have been put out in the air.

Chen Qi added a little water and a handful of barnyard grass mixed with mashed weeds to the geese. He was preparing to go back to the house to wash his hands and enjoy dinner. A somewhat dull knock sounded. Chen Qi looked down at the sound and saw that Axiang was knocking on the fence door. He saw Chen Qi coming and politely said hello.

"Are these the animals you are going to raise?" Through the fence gate, Axiang's eyes turned from the hare, snow goose and pony under the fig tree to Chen Qi.

"Yes." Chen Qi stood up doubtfully, wondering how the lion and wolf clan chief would come here at night.

"Can I come in and have a look?"

Chen Qi was stunned. He immediately opened the fence door. "Of course."

"Chen Qi, have dinner." At this time, Ajing and his young wolf were just standing at the door shouting Chen Qi. his hair was still a little wet and looked as if he had just washed up.

"I didn't think you really have a giant wolf god," said a surprised look in his eyes when he saw the young wolf.

The look in the eyes made Ajing look uncomfortable. He leaned over to block the sight of Ah Xiang and went back to the house with his pup before Chen Qi spoke.

"The patriarch is not just here for a visit, is he?"

"Of course, I would also like to have dinner." Axiang answer is taken for granted.

Chen Qi choked, don't understand what the lion Wolf tribal chiefs are playing idea, but since the other party said so, Chen Qi nature also won't mean a meal, can only politely invite each other into the room.

Chen Qi house's furniture is the most and best in the whole tribe. Apart from the somewhat crude style, the furnishings in this room are no different from modern ones.

Big wooden table has been put on the delicious dishes, Aze several people have also sat down at the table, Ake in helping to put the bowl chopsticks, Ka Luo is the last dish of dishes on the table, see Chen Qi with a strange tall female came in, haven't seen a few people are puzzled expression.

Chen Qi gave them a brief introduction. Axiang took a seat unceremoniously. Ajing saw the other side sitting next to the young wolf cub. He hurriedly changed his position with the young wolf cub. Subconsciously, he didn't like the man getting too close to the young wolf cub.

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