The whole meal was extremely quiet. When eating the first bite of the meal, Axiang did not have much to say but his eyes lit up. It looked like he was really just rubbing on a meal.

Ajing hurried back to his room with his pups after eating. Ake saw that Ake seemed to want to talk to Chen Qi. After eating, Ake also took Ka Luo and Ayao home.

Aze tidied up the dishes and chopsticks that had been swept away from the table and took them to the bathroom for cleaning. Chen Qi also went in to help after making a cup of scented tea for Aze.

Heat emerged from the maroon pottery cup, with several bamboo leaves painted on the cup. Axiang lazily looked at everything in the house while drinking tea. Although some Beastmen from his tribe also learned some crafts before, it is not rare in Lion Wolf Tribe now, but I have to say that the things in this house are more exquisite.

After moving the cleaned bowl and chopsticks back to the place where the kitchenware was installed, Chen Qi dumped the water drops on his hands and walked up to him. he asked directly and directly, "does the patriarch have anything to say to me?"

Axiang back looked around eyes, face again hung polite and slightly alienated smile, stretched out his hand and poured a cup of tea from the teapot on the table to push to Chen Qi in front, motioned for each other to sit down.

Aze also came out of the bathroom at this moment. He took a dry towel in his hand and sat between Aze and Chen Qi. Then he took Chen Qi's hand and carefully helped him wipe the water mark on it.

"The patriarch may as well say what he wants." Chen Qi allowed Aze to wipe his fingers and said smilingly to the sitting opposite.

"Axiang." Axiang looked at their intimate action. "Just call me Axiang."

"if you have something to say directly, don't beat around the bush." Aze frowned and said, he doesn't believe that the head of the lion wolf clan just came to their house for a meal. Aze doesn't mind throwing the other party out of the clan now if the other party hits Chen Qi on the head.

Axiang straightened up and took a look of seriousness on his face. "Then I'll be straight." Axiang also you're welcome, gently cough a cry and then announced his purpose.

"I heard that your family has a giant wolf god. this exchange, I hope you can let this giant wolf god go back to lion wolf tribe with me?"

Chen Qi stun, obviously didn't expect each other to put forward such a request, "why? The giant wolf god can't help you with the defense in the tribe." Moreover, hyenas will only come out in winter. Do you want to leave the pups in the Lion Wolf Tribe for winter so that they can help fight?

"It has nothing to do with the Lion Wolf Tribe. It is only my personal request."

"Private request?"

Axiang nodded, looked at the closed door of Ajing, hesitated, and lowered his voice a little. "I hope you don't tell me what I want to say, even the people of your tribe hope you can keep a secret for me."

"Why did you tell us since it was a secret?" Aze put the towel away, obviously very reluctant to listen to each other's secret.

"of course, it is because you have a giant wolf god." A light with a sigh.

What can you tell them but not others? Chen Qi did not understand that it would not be a secret if it were just those defensive tools. Does Axiang still not give up and want to persuade himself to go to the Lion Wolf Tribe again?

"We can promise you not to tell others what you want to say, but I also want to tell you in advance that neither I nor the wolf will go to the Lion Wolf Tribe."

Axiang obviously disagreed with Chen Qi's tough attitude. after receiving the assurance from the other party, he shook his fist and vomited a mouthful of foul air deeply. this was like making up his mind to look at the two men and said: "in this area, not only do you have a giant wolf god, but I also have a giant wolf god. however, the giant wolf god that I have has kept has been weakening because of being away from the ethnic group for a long time. I want your family to accompany him."

"Impossible. I have never heard anyone say that the Lion Wolf Tribe has traces of the giant wolf gods." Aze refuted incredulously that raising the giant wolf god is not a trivial matter. if the head of the lion wolf tribe raised a giant wolf god, it would be impossible for others not to know. it didn't take long for them to raise the small wolf to spread to other tribes. why can archer hide it?

There was a soft light in the eyes of Ayan. "Indeed, there was no sign of the giant wolf god in the Lion Wolf Tribe, because the giant wolf god I raised was my companion, a giant wolf god capable of transforming into a shape."

"what?" Chen Qi just picked up the pottery cup filled with tea and shook his hand when he heard the news. A few drops of tea spilled on the table. Aze also looked at the item in surprise, apparently unable to believe the truth of the other party's words.

"Although you may not believe this story, it is true. It is just that my partner is unstable. Half of his legs can't be deformed and he still has animal legs. Therefore, he usually appears in front of others as if his legs are sick and he can't walk." Axiang gave a wry smile. "I've probably been trapped in the house for too long. Slowly, he really can't walk. Now he's getting worse and worse. I heard that you have a very powerful male here, and that the male also has a giant wolf god. So at first, I planned to let you take your giant wolf god to help me see my partner."

"The giant Wolf god will shape? Does anyone else know about this?"

Axiang shook his head, "no one has ever seen the giant wolf god can transform into a shape, just like a female without pregnant stripes, these are not recognized by the beast god, once known by others, will inevitably be excluded. My partner was expelled from the forest at the beginning, and I brought him back to the tribe in the hope that he would have a better life. However, after all these years, I found that I had done nothing but this."

Chen Qi looked at the tall man with a complicated mood and suddenly gathered his brow. He was wearing a hint of dejection all over his body. This matter was beyond his cognitive scope. Now he did not know how to comfort each other.

Aze touched his wrist. "Do you mean it is possible for our little wolf to change shape?"

"I don't know, I only met my partner is deformed. I've looked into the forest before, but I haven't found any traces of deified giant wolves, and in recent years, there has been no trace of ordinary giant wolf gods in the forest." Axiang paused. "Didn't you meet the talking hyenas when you entered the forest last year? I am worried that it is not only the giant wolf god that can transform itself."

"Your partner also don't know? Didn't you ask him these questions? How did he transform himself?" Aze continued.

Axiang looked up at him. "He didn't know that he had no memory of living in the forest and had already changed shape when he appeared on the plain. If it weren't for his feet still maintaining the beast shape, I wouldn't believe that he was changed by the giant wolf god."

"You mean he has no memory, but still knows he is a giant wolf god?" Chen Qi.

Axiang thought for a moment and replied affirmatively: "It is."

Chen Qi hesitated a moment. "Do you really just let our little wolf go to accompany your partner? Why don't you bring your partner here?"

"His body is not suitable for traveling. With your patriarch Azhang in, I won't do anything to your giant wolf god." In fact, the more important reason is that Axiang does not want his partner to leave his protection scope. only by his side can he protect him in the first place.

Chen Qi did not immediately agree with Axiang, "Whether to go to the Lion Wolf Tribe or not requires asking little wolf's opinion." Chen Qi turned to the closed door and shouted, "Come out when you hear it."

The thick wooden door made several creaking noises. Ajing and the young wolf appeared at the door. The young wolf looked at Ajing. Then, golden eyes looked at Ah Item several times. White hair was sticking up, apparently in a defensive state.

"I have always thought that our giant wolf god is too clever, just like he can understand everything we say. after listening to what you say, I think maybe their race can really become human beings." Chen Qi waved to the young Wolf recruit.

"I have always regarded the wolf as my family, whether it can be shaped well or always in the form of a wild animal, it is my family. To be honest, the number of people in your tribe is so large now that it is neither suitable for patients to recuperate from illness nor for minor giant wolf gods to live for a long time. once the people exchanged between the two tribes have passed, you, as head of the clan, are afraid to be busy and have little time to take care of your partner. If you send your partner to Qi Ze City, I believe the wolf will not mind accompanying his shapeable companion."

Little wolf pup should and rub the ceng Chen Qi, Ajing also walked beside the young wolf, blocking Axiang's line of sight to the young wolf, he did not like the Beastmen, unexpectedly want to take away his little wolf.

A looked at Chen Qi, he thought he would be interested in going to the Lion Wolf Tribe after telling the secret. Even if he didn't go, the Giant Wolf God should have let it go, but now the other side obviously didn't intend to let the Giant Wolf God leave with him.

Do you really want your partner to come to this strange tribe? Axiang hesitated.

Only after meeting his mate, the mate has been sticking to himself and repelling the approach of other Beastmen. In order for his mate to live a more comfortable life, Ayan has been working hard to develop the Lion Wolf Tribe better, and he has indeed done so. The Lion Wolf Tribe has become the largest and safest tribe in the neighborhood. Without the hyenas he met in winter, he believes the Lion Wolf Tribe can exist on this plain all the time.

But after seeing the hyenas, archer knew that he could not keep up with the Lion Wolf Tribe.

If he can't keep it, what about his partner?

He came to Qi Ze City to ask for help this time, not only for the tribe, but also for his increasingly silent partner. He once saw the shadow of the giant wolf god in the hyenas. If the hyenas would not harm the giant wolf god, then after the Lion Wolf Tribe could not keep it, he must let his partner live. Even if he could no longer be a Beastmen, he could only use the identity of the giant wolf god, and Ayan also hoped that the other party could live.

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