Several people did not reach an agreement in the end. Axiang only said he needed to think about it and left.

Aze sent the other party to the outside of the courtyard. Aze stretched out his hand and pushed open the fence door. Just as he was about to take a step, he stopped, hesitated, looked at Aze standing beside him, and said nothing.

"Don't worry, we won't talk about your partner." Aze said flatly.

Axiang secretly breathed a sigh of relief. He had never told anyone about his partner's secret for so many years. Naturally, he did not want his partner to be hurt a little.

"Your partner is indeed an interesting person." Axiang with a chuckle, then stepped out.

Aze looked at each other's figure in the darkness, his eyes darkened and he stood at the door for a while before turning back to the house.

Before going to bed at night, Chen Qi was sorting out the information that needed to be sent to the Lion Wolf Tribe. The world was too backward. Chen Qi would not mind giving all these things to the Beastmen if they could be saved.

"It's too late. Go to bed today and do the rest tomorrow." Aze opened a warning.

The windows in the house were very wide open. A small handful of ghost needle flowers inserted in bamboo tubes were placed on the windowsill. It was only about a week into summer, and the ghost needle flowers in the tribe had already been opened one after another. As long as there was no tribe, there would not be any mosquitoes or other insects running in Qi Ze City. Even if there were one or two fish that escaped through the net, they would be driven away by the flower bouquets on the windowsill. Therefore, in hot summer, in order to ventilate, not only the windows but also the door would not be closed as long as it was not under special circumstances.

The slate bed was too hard. Aze spread two pieces of soft skins on it, and then spread some bamboo mats on the skins. Even in the house, it was cool to lie on it in summer.

Chen Qi put down his pen, blew out several candles used for lighting on the table, took off his shoes and climbed onto the bed.

The moonlight dropped a bright light on the floor through the window. Through this faint light, Chen Qi could barely distinguish the outline of the objects in the room.

"What's the matter?" Aze's eyes can see at night as long as there is a little light. Perhaps because of this, his eyes are especially bright at night.

When Chen Qi was lying down, Aze covered Chen Qi's abdomen with his thin quilt. His two long legs were exposed in the air. The cold bamboo mat felt very comfortable in summer. Chen Qi could not help rubbing on it.

"If Axiang's partner really comes here, do you want to help take care of him?" Aze looked at the people around him with burning eyes.

Chen Qi thought for a moment, "If Axiang is really willing to send his partner to us, we can do it. but I don't think he will trust to send his partner." The man is full of exclusive desire when talking about his partner. It is already very good that he did not tie himself and his pups to the Lion Wolf Tribe.

However, the two tribes are still in a cooperative relationship. As the chief of the clan, Ayan will not do anything to undermine tribal unity at this time. Chen Qi sighed. He has lived here for a long time. He also knows that the animals in this world think things are too simple and there are not too many curved things at all. The only thing that seems to have deep thoughts among the people he meets is this item. However, the other party has something to say directly to himself. He refused and did not do too much entanglement. This is also why Chen Qi is willing to help the other party.

It is not easy to live in this world, but Chen Qi hopes these animals can keep their innocence all the time.

"But I didn't expect that there would really be animals forming people here."

"Giant Wolf gods are different." Aze hesitated for a moment. "When I was a child, I heard my father say that the Giant Wolf God was blessed by the Beast God. They are the spokesmen of the Beast God in this world."

"oh?" This is the first time Chen Qi has heard such a saying, "Is there really a beast god here?"

Aze shook his head. "I don't know, nor have I seen it, but father said that long ago, the giant wolf god was the leader of the beasts. they were revered by the beasts. in exchange, they also guarded the order among the beasts."

"Order? What is that?"

"I heard at that time the boundary between the plain and the forest was not as clear as it is now. The order was to make the fighting between the herds less serious."

"It seems that your father knows a lot."

Aze's ear tip became red. Because of the dim night, the people around him did not find it. He took Chen Qi's hand and said, "It's our father."

Chen Qi stun, with a chuckle, "yes, it is our father. Did our father say anything else?"

Hearing Chen Qi's slightly teasing tone, Aze felt a little itchy in his ears. "No, maybe I was too young at that time. Dad didn't give me any details, just mentioned it a little."

"I'm afraid there is not only one Afghan partner who can form a human being, but also the two giant wolf gods Azhang met in the forest before. They can spit out human words. "Speaking of which, Chen Qi suddenly sat up and said, "Can you say something about our wolf?"

Aze flashed in his mind the foolish appearance of young wolf cub. he looked at Chen Qi's expectant expression and said vaguely: "the wolf is still young, even if it can be shaped into human form, it is only a little bigger than Ayao. it is estimated that he is not old enough to speak."

"too." Chen Qi is a bit frustrated. Although the pup looks higher than the average animal's intelligence quotient, it has no Beastmen characteristics. Even if it can be transformed, it should not be a simple thing. It is still incomplete to listen to Axiang's statement that his partner's transformation. If the pup turns into an animal without human beings, it is better to be a giant wolf forever.

"Well, don't think much, there are still many things to do tomorrow." Aze touched Chen Qi's soft roots and pulled him down.

Chen Qi was already tired after a long day's ordeal. He soon fell asleep after lying down.

Early the next morning, Chen Qi looked at the construction of the new houses. The houses were built one by one, with the same appearance, two rooms, one hall, one guard and a small courtyard.

The project has already been completed in half, and several buildings have been roofed. We will be able to move in when the fire pit beds in the house are ready.

Chen Qi originally wanted to try to make floor heating in these newly-built houses. Unfortunately, Qi Ze City is short of manpower and needs to do a lot of things. The idea of floor heating can only be changed to a greenhouse for raising animals.

Chen Qi went to the wasteland to look at the newly planted crops after giving some advice to the beast people responsible for building the house. It has been almost a month since summer, the Red fruits trees on both sides of the road have begun to shed their leaves one after another, and pink buds are emerging from the branches. It seems that within a few days, Qi Ze City will sink into a sea of flowers.

Chen Qi walked happily on the fallen leaves on the ground. Today Aze needed to guard the city wall. Since there were more small Beastmen in the tribe, Chen Qi adjusted the school's curriculum. He basically had classes all day long. When he passed the school, the childlike sound of reading came out, giving people an illusion of returning to the civilized world across time and space.

Chen Qi stood at the gate of the crude school for a while before leaving. Crops on the wasteland were planted early and have grown up now. Most of the crops in the first season are staple foods. However, the new Luoshui tribe has not yet planted vegetables in its own small yard, so some of them are grown with vegetables of short growing period.

"Are these things edible?" Axiang walked among the fields, eyeing the green place around him.

"Most of the plants you ate yesterday are planted here." See Azhang is walking on the wasteland with Axiang, Chen Qi came and heard each other's doubts, not phonate answered.

The only visitor today was Ayan. Beastmen from several Lion Wolf Tribes who followed him were sent to help Qi Ze City. When they saw Chen Qi, Ayan nodded slightly to each other as a greeting.

The three men made a circle along the wasteland. The crops planted here are growing well. The animals on the plain have returned this year. They no longer need artificial pollination. I believe this year's harvest will be much better than last year's.

A few old females came to treat with compost. when they smelled the smell, item couldn't help picking his eyebrows. Chen Qi explained the principle to him and the three left the wasteland and went out of the city.

A large wasteland across the moat has also been cleared up. Several Beastmen are planting it. One of them is still a Beastmen from the Lion Wolf Tribe. The Beastmen is not very old and has been busy with several old females. Several of them approached and did not find it.

"Don't you plan to hunt after planting so many?" Axiang stood aside and watched for a while, doubtfully asking the two people around him.

Azhang smiled and shook his head. "How can it be that they don't hunt? These crops are only used as supplementary food. There is no food in this plain in winter. Now the forest is not going to go in any more, and there is more food in winter if you plant more."

"Did you find all these edible things?" Axiang turned to ask Chen Qi.

"It was all the people in the tribe who helped find it. I can't find so many things by myself."

Axiang nodded noncommittally. In fact, he did not need to ask and knew that even if the male did not find these things, the male must have made the difference.

The potholes outside this field have not been treated yet. The accumulated water in the potholes has volatilized a lot after nearly a month of sunshine. It needs to stretch its arms to touch the water surface.

Axiang had heard a little about the battle between Qi Ze City and the hyenas yesterday. I didn't expect that only with these things did Qi Ze City have no casualties. If the hyenas attacked the Lion Wolf Tribe at that time, Axiang would have thought it was a victory.

He stood at the edge of the pit for a long time, and the two people behind him did not urge him. Chen Qi was painting with a notebook. The trap arrangement in this area was not perfect enough, and he still needed to adjust.

"I will go back to the tribe tomorrow."

This thoughtless remark of Axiang made both of them raised their heads when they were talking together in a low voice.

"Don't you wait for people from your tribe to come before you go?" Azhang asked doubtfully that when they discussed it before, they obviously left with the information after the Lion Wolf Tribe came.

"I am the only one to go back first." Axiang wanted to think, looked at Chen Qi first, and finally turned his eyes to a Zhang, with a somewhat solemn tone, "there is one thing I want to ask the patriarch to help."

"What is it?"

Axiang took a deep breath and then slowly spoke out about his partner.

Azhang listened more and looked more dignified. when archer finished speaking, he patted each other on the shoulder. "if you want to send your partner, send it. when Ali and I go to your tribe, my house will be idle and you can let your partner live in my house first. Don't tell anyone else about this matter. Qi Ze City has just been established and many people in it are not familiar with it. It is better to hide it first." Azhang has seen Aze's situation in the tribe. Even though the tribe did not drive Aze out at the beginning, Aze did not have a good life.

Axiang didn't expect a Zhang to say yes without asking. his eyes were a bit puckered and he moved his lips and jaw twice with half a ring. "thank you."

"Don't worry, when your partner comes, I will also let the wolf accompany him more."Chen Qi didn't expect that Axiang would really be willing to send his partner over. He said with a sigh of relief.

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