Loya forest.

In the middle of a mountain depression, a huge hyenas slowly walked into a cold pool, lying or lying around the cold pool, a head of hyenas, dense, has been extended to the remote place outside the mountain depression.

This is the center of the forest. In addition to these quiet hyenas, a steady stream of hyenas are approaching from other places. The movement of the hyenas made the stegosaurus, the overlord of the forest, feel a thrill. Many dragons originally living in this area also moved to other places after the stegosaurus left, completely giving up this area to the hyenas.

"You wait here." The giant hyenas said to the hyenas on the shore when their bodies sank completely in the cold pool.

Several hyenas, who often followed the leader, bowed their heads meekly and made respectful gestures.

The hyena leader withdrew his eyes and finally completely immersed himself in the cold pool.

A burst of bubbles appeared on the water surface, and then it soon calmed down.

Even if the leader is absent, the hyenas have not left. Most of them have been replenished in the previous winter. It is not so important even if they do not eat all summer. Clearly there are so many wild animals gathered together, but this mountain is extremely quiet, even birds dare not fly over here.

I don't know how long it took, the flapping of the wings of the fan edge sounded from the air. First, a group of full-bodied red letter eagles circled in the air. After seeing a piece of dark like a dark cloud coming towards this side in the distance, the letter eagles soon quieted down and then quickly fled to all sides.

A black scaly pterosaur first landed on the lake. Its feathers are very different from other pterosaurs. It has a metallic texture and can reflect a cold light in the sun.

The other pterosaurs that followed this pterosaur also fell to the ground one after another. After folding their wings, they were smaller than the hyenas. However, the ground was occupied by the hyenas, and the pterosaurs that could not find a place to stay could only jump to the nearby branch. Now this mountain depression is not only occupied by the hyenas, but even the trees are full of dark pterosaurs.

The hyenas, who had been standing at the edge of the cold pool, gave way to the black winged dragon. The black winged dragon was also not polite and stood a few steps forward. Instead of lying on the ground like the pterosaurs, it straightened its back as if it wanted to soar at any time.

It didn't take long for an ankylosaurus to come up from behind the hyenas. Its size was smaller than the average ankylosaurus, but it was also huge relative to the hyenas. It was very obvious in this group of wild animals. The hyenas also volunteered to give way to it, while another hyenas, who were lying on the edge of the cold pool, gave it a place.

Black-winged dragon just glanced at each other lightly and then ignored them. Ankylosaurus also ignored each other when they did not exist. This kind of pterosaur, which always likes to rob other people's prey, is the most disliked dragon of Ankylosaurus.

Towards evening, the calm cold pool finally had movement. At first it was just a few bubbles, then the water was like boiling. All the dragons who saw this scene around stood up and stared at the water for a moment.

A bronzed hand stretched out from the water, and the black winged dragon couldn't help flapping its wings. The wings touched the ankylosaurus standing beside it. The ankylosaurus stepped forward and the cold pool was about to touch its feet before it stopped. Ankylosaurus's nose and jaw moved a few times, spewing out two clouds of gas. We can see that it is a bit too excited at the moment.

When the air bubble on the water surface calmed down a little, a black head emerged from the water. At first, it was only a little bit. Slowly, it could see a long wet straight hair, then a bare chest. When the man stood up completely, his black hair was thrown behind him, revealing a chiseled face.

"It's really changed." He was talking about a black-winged dragon, which was different from its appearance. The sound of the black-winged dragon was somewhat sharp, a bit like a blade scratching on glass, and it sounded very harsh.

The man stood quietly in the water with his eyes closed for a moment, then slowly opened his eyes. The afterglow of the sunset fell into his red eyes, with something of a rare and unusual. He looked down at his hand, shook it gently, then opened it again soon, and his lip angle slightly hooked out a smile.

Cold eyebrow eye swept around the dragon group, the man had never felt his brain was so clear, bloodthirsty impulse in the blood has also been diluted a lot, took long slender legs toward the shore, bare skin to bizarre lines, soon a silver beast armor covered on him, when he completely out of the water, the appearance of the man and the Beastmen on the original have generally no 2.

A hyena leaned close to him, and the man held out his hand. The hyena sniffed at his palm a few times, then fell to the ground and cried respectfully, "Chief."

"Can we also be transformed?" Ankylosaurus hurried up to him. His voice was hoarse. Perhaps it was the reason why he was not used to speaking. Even if he spoke so fast, he still spoke very slowly. He didn't know what he was talking about until he listened carefully.

"of course." The man looked at it with a smile. He walked forward barefoot and said, "Come on, it's time to take back the place that belongs to us."

Around the dragon quiet for a moment, soon gave a huge cheers, cheers echoed in the mountains for a long time, until the man walked out of the mountains have not stopped.

The black winged dragon fluttered its wings and flew up. More and more pterosaurs followed behind it, forming a dark cloud, blocking much of the already darkened sunlight, just like the sudden dark night on a moonless day, stretching from the mountain to the distance.

After shaking and hovering in the air for a while, several already hidden Falcon finally couldn't help secretly following the hyenas. The feathers fell off their bodies and quickly discolored. Then a unique smell emerged, outlining the way forward for the hyenas.


"What's the matter?" The man stood still and looked back doubtfully to ask his companion.

The white giant wolf god stopped in front of a towering mountain peak. they trekked for almost a winter to reach the end of the plain, but today they heard strange sounds coming from the forest.

Hearing the doubts of his companions, the giant wolf god shook his head, "nothing, probably misheard."

"Stop, black dragon is not allowed to enter here." There was a loud and vigorous shouting from the foot of the mountain. Soon two white figures appeared in front of a man and a beast. The two figures were very different from the Beastmen. They were clearly human figures, one still had the tail of the beast, and the other still had the ears of the beast. They looked like the Beastmen who could not be completely deformed.

The two men's fingers have been completely beast, wearing crude fur clothing, saw the man standing beside the giant Wolf god rictus, at any time have the impulse to jump on a fight.

The man hurriedly raised his hands and asked for forgiveness. "No, no, no, no, I didn't mean any harm."

"black dragon, get out of our territory." The man with the tail of the beast ignored the man's weakness and gave a fierce rebuke. If the man dared to resist, the man with the tail of the beast would not mind giving the other person a paw on his neck.

The giant wolf god rolled his eyes and stepped forward to block the two men. "he is my friend and came here with me."

Hearing the giant wolf god speak, the beast tail man paused obviously. his angry face relaxed a lot. "can you talk?"

"I have come to see your elders." The giant wolf god ignored each other's question and announced his purpose.

The beast tail man stepped forward, half bent and sniffed between the neck of the giant wolf god. his face changed a few times. after stepping back a few steps, his face became more alert. "why did the Ajing of the three rivers come to us?"

"I am no longer an Ajing." The giant wolf god chuckled, "moreover, there is no Sanchen river clan now."

"What do you mean?" The animal-eared man, who had been standing on one side, stepped forward and asked, his eyes getting angry because of the giant wolf god's words.

The giant wolf god did not answer the other party, but repeated the previous words, "I have come to see your elders."

The Beast Tail Man and Beast Ear Man looked at each other. At last, Beast Tail Man stared at the man standing behind Giant Wolf God. "You can go in, but black dragon must get out of our territory."

"Yes." Giant Wolf god didn't want to also want to a promise.

"Hey, you've done too neatly to kick down the ladder." Although the man complained in his mouth, he did not insist on following, but stepped back a few steps and came out of the territory they had demarcated before he stopped.

"This is your reward." Giant Wolf god ignored him, followed the beast tail man slowly walked to the foot of the mountain.

The giant wolf god looked at the mountains getting closer and closer, and the light in his eyes went out clearly. he thought that he could not step in here in his lifetime. I didn't expect to come so soon. maybe the people inside didn't welcome his arrival.

The giant wolf god gathered his eyes, withdrew his eyes and obediently followed the beast tail man.

Behind the mountain is a place called the sea, where the water is salty and the air is salty.

Known as black dragon man sat down cross-legged, see black dragon indeed no longer step into the territory, was left to guard the other side of the beast ear man jumped back to his garrison, hidden in the wild grass, breath is hidden, if it weren't for know someone here, rao is black dragon can't find each other.

Black dragon pulled out a weed in his mouth and his rough brow was somewhat helpless. From the moment he hunted the giant wolf gods living near the headwaters of the Dorsal River, he knew that he would be hated by this ethnic group. Even if he knew that he had saved the Beastmen, they would not allow him to approach again.

Black dragon never regretted it. Even if he had another chance, he would still choose to dye the Dorsal River red. His only regret was that he still could not save his only partner.

Spit out the mouth a little astringent weeds, black dragon stood up, with a loud whistling, was standing on the wasteland of tall man turned into a huge dragon, its whole body covered with silvery scales, golden eyes without any emotion, the breeze blowing two long dragon must be blown to the back, the dragon slightly bent legs, suddenly jumped up, twisted body flew into the air.

However, the dragon still kept its promise and did not step into the Beastmen' territory in the air. It bypassed the towering mountain and came to the sea. Then it plunged into the sea that had borne it and had not returned for hundreds of years.

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