Azhang decided to arrange several Beastmen of his tribe in a hurry and returned to the Lion Wolf Tribe before dawn the next day.

Chen Qi checked the current construction progress and then concentrated on sorting out the data. Ali also put down his work and came to help.

There is no photocopier here, everything needs to be made manually. For convenience, Chen Qi mostly made drafts at the beginning of many design drawings. Before, he only made one copy for preservation. Now he needs to bring it to other tribes. Chen Qi can only draw it again overnight. Fortunately, Aze's practical ability is good. Many simple small parts can be restored to 7788 by comparison. Chen Qi handed some simple things to Aze to get them.

Young Wolf probably knew that there would be a person who might be from the same clan. After sending Ajing to school every day, he would no longer stick to each other's side. Instead, he followed Ah Ze to the wall. A pair of big round eyes looked at the direction of the Lion Wolf Tribe, just like waiting for the arrival of his kin.

The Lion Wolf Tribe's distance from Qi Ze City will take about a week even if it travels day and night. Chen Qi mentioned it several times to the little Wolf cub, but he didn't know whether the other party understood it or not. Anyway, the second day early in the morning, they still kept guard on the wall of the city. Only when they ate could they go home obediently. Chen Qi saw that the other party was so persistent and went with it.

"Chen Qi, Chen Qi, the shell is broken." In the big wooden box covered with soft skins and hay in the hall, a snow-white eggshell broke open a small hole. Ka Luo, who had been watching the situation here, jumped up, jumped into the yard in three or two steps and waved to Chen Qi, who was cultivating feelings with the foal.

"so fast." Chen Qi put a small handful of weeds in his hand into the foal's special feeding trough. He did not have time to clean up the juice on his hands and hurried back to the house with Ka Luo.

The snow geese that were still alive after being caught did not know whether they were frightened or not. They became very grumpy. They jumped up and down in wooden cages every day. Chen Qi was worried that they would break the eggs. Therefore, he did not dare to let the snow geese continue to incubate the eggs. He just kept the temperature around the eggs. Anyway, the eggs were already hatching, and they should hatch as long as the temperature was enough.

Just to Chen Qi's slight surprise, the first snow goose was already out of the shell two days after it was caught.

Ali was also studying how to raise animals in Chen Qi's house these two days. At the moment he heard Ka Luo's call, he picked up his notebook, which was specially used to make records, and followed him in.

In order not to press the eggs of birds, there are four or five such wooden boxes. The box closest to the fire hatched first. Ayao has been lying on the edge of the wooden box, big eyes looked at it curiously, when he wanted to stretch out his hand to touch the broken piece of bird shell was Chen Qi just came in to hold the little finger.

"Don't touch. Small snow geese have to come out on their own to live."

Ayao looked at Chen Qi vaguely, turned his head and began to look at it carefully.

The snow goose did not break its shell fast. It took several minutes to finally see a fluffy little head. Its eyes could not be opened yet. It let out a weak low cry to show its existence.

With the chirping of the little snow goose, other birds' eggs in the box also began to move. In one afternoon, a dozen eggs hatched.

Chen Qi transferred the first batch of hatched small snow geese to a new wooden box. Before, Chen Qi raised several fish and shrimps in the moat for this batch of bird eggs. At the moment, he asked Ka Luo to go directly to catch a fish and come back, mashed up a bowl of fish, took a clean wooden stick and fed the small snow geese bit by bit patiently.

"Can we feed them?" The newborn snow goose was very weak. Ka Luo felt that he could kill each other with one little finger, so he waited on his carefully.

"I don't know. I'll take care of it first." Chen Qi put down the earthen bowl that had been fed with light. Although he had raised a few small animals while studying, snow geese had never been raised, so he was not sure at all. When he was a child, he had seen others raising chicks in the countryside. I don't know if there was any difference with that.

Ali stood by and recorded Chen Qi's feeding amount. Since he learned the numbers, he must write down everything he does now before he forgets, "What if he dies?"

Chen Qi pointed to the birds' eggs in the wooden boxes. "There are still many eggs there. If they are dead, they can be exchanged for another batch. That's enough." Otherwise he wouldn't have come back with so many eggs.

". . . . . . is so reasonable that he was speechless.

The next day, a dozen small snow geese broke through the shell. Chen Qi did not mix the broken shells in the past two days. Ka Luo took the initiative to take care of the first batch of small snow geese. Ali was mainly responsible for keeping records and helping them. He would follow Azhang to the Lion Wolf Tribe in a few days and had no time to learn how to raise animals.

In addition to the small snow geese that broke through the shell in the first day or two, the speed of breaking through the shell at the back was much slower. By the time the animals of the Lion Wolf Tribe entered Qi Ze City again, one third of the birds' eggs were still motionless. Chen Qi knew that these birds' eggs were dead.

Red fruits trees on both sides of the road have grown more than two meters high, and their leaves have completely fallen off in the past two days. At the moment, the branches are full of pink flowers, which are a bit like peach blossoms, but smaller than peach blossoms. Clusters of trees are full of branches. If they grow for another year or two, and when these Red fruits trees grow taller, the scenery will be more beautiful.

Axiang didn't pay too much attention to these trees when he first came here. At the moment he just stepped into the door, his eyes were filled with patches of pink, and he couldn't help but be stunned. Behind him was a pale young man. When the young man saw this large pink patch in his eyes, which had no mood swings, he couldn't help feeling a little surprised.

"It's beautiful." The young man's voice is very light, but the archer who has been watching each other's movements can still hear it.

"When I get back, I'll plant you a large area of these trees, okay?"

The young man buried his head in the shoulder socket of Axiang and smiled, "good."

Knowing that the Lion Wolf Tribe had arrived, Azhang and Achu had already been welcomed out of the gate. Azhang and Azhang spoke in a low voice, then let Ayan take the crowd and listen to Azhang's arrangement. he went to Chen Qi's house with the youth behind his back.

When Axiang arrived, Chen Qi was feeding a large group of small snow geese. Fresh fish meat was wrapped with some mashed wild vegetables. The first group of small snow geese to break their shells were already able to feed themselves. The last group needed to be fed slowly.

A few dull knock on the door rang, Chen Qi walked out of the room and saw a thin young man standing outside the yard carrying Axiang, the young man saw Chen Qi pull up a slightly weak smile, but before Chen Qi could react, a white figure jumped out from behind Chen Qi, through a fence door, the young wolf and the young man looked straight at each other.

Little Wolf cub is almost as high as the fence gate now, but the young man is carrying on his back. He needs to raise his head slightly to see each other.

The young man couldn't help trembling when he saw the young wolf. he grabbed the clothes on the shoulder of Axiang and his eyes were slightly red. only when his mood became stable did he signal Axiang to put himself down.

Axiang pushed open the fence door and said to Chen Qi who had already come: "this is my companion, Lang Yan."

Chen Qi smiled gently at Lang Yan. "Hello, my name is Chen Qi." Then he pointed to the little wolf cub, "this is our little wolf."

"hello." Lang Yan first said hello to the little Wolf, this just to Chen Qi politely back to the ceremony, motioned for Axiang again to put himself down.

"Can your feet stand?" Axiang is a little worried.


Seeing that his partner insisted on coming down, Axiang was not too opposed to him and could only put him down carefully.

Lang Yan before wearing item from Qi Ze City back fan color pants, wearing a pair of small cloth shoes on his feet, looks very thin, if it weren't for heard item said before each other's legs still keep the beast legs, only from this appearance, don't see each other was not a Beastmen.

Young Wolf has been standing quietly on one side since coming out. Its golden eyes, with a layer of streamer, are clearly staring at the Lang Yan.

Perhaps it was too long since he had stood up. The wolf staggered when he landed. Fortunately, Ayan held him so that he wouldn't fall down. When he got back on his feet, he gently pushed Ayan's holding hand and patted the back of the other's hand soothingly. Only then did he walk towards the young wolf.

Chen Qi took a look at the item, he already knew that this is called Lang Yan may be young Wolf kin, so did not make any noise to disturb.

Only a few steps away, Lang Yan took several minutes to stand in front of the young Wolf, his forehead has come up to cold sweat, see item heart unceasingly.

Lang Yan slightly bent down, his height is not high, it is easy to gather together to the neck of the young Wolf, gently sniffed, then a smile. He straightened up, stepped back, and slowly sank down in the astonished eyes of the crowd. He made an act of obedience and cried softly, "Ajing."

The two people who were still standing by were startled by the sudden action of Lang Yan. Axiang hurriedly stepped forward to pick up Lang Yan and left a message to Chen Qi, "let's talk about it in the house." Then holding the Lang Yan rushed into the house.

Chen Qi nodded and touched the head of the little wolf cub who had not responded much. He said softly, "Little wolf, let's go back to the house first."

Young Wolf raised his head, eyes of time has disappeared, in the eyes is Chen Qi familiar thoughts, it stretched out pink tongue licked Chen Qi palm, followed Chen Qi back to the house.


In a remote place, called the end of the plain, the white-haired and white-eyebrow old man was leaning on a wooden crutch. He stood high on a step and looked down at the giant wolf god below. "You are not the Ajing of Sanchen River, why are you here?"

The giant wolf god raised his head and smiled softly at his lips. "if I were still Ajing, do you think I would still stand in front of you?"

The old man let out a light sigh and said in a mild tone, "Go ahead, why are you here?"

"I want you to help me drive the hyenas."

"The forest is no longer our business."

"The giant wolf gods on the plain died out hundreds of years ago, and now there are no San Chen River clans. You are the only giant wolf gods alive in the whole continent. Do you want the Beastmen to follow in our footsteps?"

The old man didn't speak again, looked at him quietly, for a long time only let out a sigh gently.

Standing around a few Beastmen eyes looked at the giant Wolf god badly, since they came to this place is no longer a giant Wolf god, now even let them go to the plain and forest?

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