Chen Qi felt a little embarrassed about Lang Yan's sudden move. Fortunately, the other party calmed down after returning to the house. Chen Qi poured a cup of scented tea for the two. Lang Yan sat quietly on the stool holding the pottery cup and smelled the aroma of scented tea.

"So these flowers can still be drunk like this." Lang Yan smiled, his smile is very weak, but just right.

Young Wolf didn't stay in the house for too long, it was originally to come back for lunch, then took a nap for a while and the two of them came over, presumably because they had already met. After watching Lang Yan for a while, young Wolf went to school to find Ajing.

"I'm sorry, I was rude just now." Lang Yan's voice is very light, a bit like I don't have the strength to speak loudly, "I'm just a little too excited, I didn't expect to see my own kin."

Chen Qi placed a dish of fresh flower cakes on the table. Ka Luo made it yesterday. He picked a little of the tribe's Red fruitshua and mashed it into flour. He added sugar and it was very sweet. "Why do you call little Wolf Ajing? He has lived here since childhood and has not seen any other giant wolf gods."

"Sorry." Lang Yan, he looked up at the side of the item, item hold his hand, eyes also have concerns.

"I didn't know if I could tell you these things, but now it doesn't seem to matter." Lang Yan paused, seems to be considering the words, "your family, well, little Wolf, I'm afraid is now the only head of pure blood giant Wolf god, and only pure blood giant Wolf god can become the Ajing of the giant Wolf god. In fact, I am no longer a giant wolf god. my blood is mixed with some Beastmen blood. the blood quality is complex and the transformation fails. such a person can no longer pose as a giant wolf god. I have heard the older generation of giant wolf gods say that the giant wolf gods, as spokesmen for the beast gods to manage the mainland, have given us the ability to be transformed, but they also stipulate that once transformed, they will never become giant wolf gods again, and if they are not completely transformed into Beastmen, they will no longer be able to live in the forest or on the plains. in short, they will be abandoned by the world."

Lang Yan gave a wry smile. he touched his knee and continued, "I heard about you. thank you very much for raising the wolf, so I also believe you. Axiang should also have told you that my legs are still animal-shaped, which is a characteristic of incomplete transformation." Lang Yan slowly moved his legs out so that Chen Qi could see them. Then he bent down, untied his tight trousers little by little, and gently tied up the soft cloth.

"Giant Wolf god will maintain the beast form before adulthood, adulthood will have a choice, become a Beastmen to leave their own clan, or keep the beast form, always guard in the clan. I am the former, but I didn't expect that I would fail and become a Beastmen."

The transformation of giant wolf gods is not complete. their bloodlines have been impure for thousands of years. the probability of failure is much higher than the probability of success. gradually, there will be no giant wolf gods who want to transform themselves. after several replacements, they even forget that they still have the ability to transform themselves.

It is also an accident by coincidence that Lang Yan can transform itself. He does not belong to the giant wolf gods of the forest clan, but belongs to the Dorsal River clan on the plain that was extinct hundreds of years ago.

As the only main river on the Dora Plain, the Dora River, like the Sanchen River in the forest, once lived a small group of giant wolf gods at its source. At that time, the animals on the plain did not migrate farther and farther than they do now. They would come back in the summer of the year after they left in winter, and some hardy animals would choose to stay on the plain. They did not need to migrate, but would always live in their own territory. The giant wolf gods also sheltered them. The Dora River water could prevent them from freezing to death in winter.

But I don't know when to start, there are some early enlightened dragons who can turn into Beastmen when they hear about eating the giant wolf god, and turning into Beastmen is a sign recognized by the beast god, which indicates that they can possess the wisdom of Beastmen and still retain the ability of beasts, can plunder the ability of the giant wolf god, and become the leader of the beasts.

So the giant wolf gods on the Dorsal River were killed off guard. What killed them was a black dragon, which killed one head of the giant wolf gods and then devoured them. At that time, the water of the Dorsal River was dyed red with blood, while the Dorsal River, without the protection of the giant wolf gods, had lost its ability to protect the animals. The animals on the plain could only migrate in batches, and then came back in shorter and shorter time, finally forming the situation that it takes another year to migrate back now.

The difference between the animals in the plain and the animals in the forest is getting farther and farther, and finally they gradually differentiate into ordinary beasts and dragons with higher intelligence quotient and much stronger ability than ordinary beasts.

Lang Yan's ancestor was the only giant wolf god who escaped from the genocide. he was once the leader of the clan. after escaping, he successfully transformed himself, but instead of seeking shelter from his kin in the forest, he went to the end of the plain, built a clan belonging to the Beastmen, and brought together the Beastmen who could not completely transform themselves into success to live down.

Chen Qi looked at Lang Yan covered with gray fur thin legs, his feet still maintained the shape of claws, but the armor shrank back. "Why are you telling me this?"

"probably because the wolf is still alive." Lang Yan with a chuckle, let Axiang to help him put down his trousers, "this matter I not only said to you, also said to Axiang. This winter, no, probably don't need to wait until winter, there will be changes in the forest. The last hyenas attacked me. I heard Axiang said that he had seen a giant wolf god in the hyenas. originally I was only skeptical, but now I can be sure that the hyenas will attack all the Beastmen on the plain. they will eat all the Beastmen, then find the Beastmen at the end of the plain, seize their power and become the master of the world."

Lang Yan's eyes darkened. "Maybe you don't know, I lived in the forest for a period of time before I met Anaheim. At that time, there was such a small rumor circulating among the dragons in the forest, and the flesh and blood of the Beastmen could also give them the ability to open their minds and shape."

After hearing the wolf's words, Chen Qi's back broke out in a cold sweat. the world's secret seemed to be pulled open in front of him in an instant. originally thought it was just a simple world of the jungle, but now it was involved in the survival of the Beastmen. it is no wonder that there were so many hyenas on the plain last time. moreover, the ankylosaurus, which had no connection with the hyenas, also cooperated with the hyenas to attack the Beastmen.

If hyenas can be shaped, are they still pure beasts?

If they have wisdom, can their small city of Qi Ze survive with such a wide gap?

Will you die?

Chen Qi was not clear. He even felt that his head was in chaos and he could not understand the information he was receiving.

The sunlight coming in from the door was dark. Chen Qi raised his head. A familiar figure appeared in front of him, perhaps because of the backlighting. The figure of the man was extremely tall. For an instant, Chen Qi could not see each other's expression clearly.


Aze stepped forward, stretched out his hand and touched Chen Qi's face. He asked anxiously, "What's the matter? Why are you so pale? Are you not feeling well?"

Touching the familiar body temperature, Chen Qi's originally flustered heart slowly calmed down. He buried his head in Aze's arms and greedily breathed the smell belonging to the other party. As long as this person was present, he must take good care of their home.

There was a slight cough behind him. Azhang found a seat and sat down. He handed over the tribal affairs to Achu. He wanted to see the Beastmen companion at the moment. Who knew that Aze and Chen Qi had come into the door.

Axiang said hello to a Zhang and then introduced them. Chen Qi has returned to normal and, with the consent of Lang Yan, repeated to the public some of the information he had just heard and his own speculation.

After hearing this, Aze couldn't help holding Chen Qi's hand.

Azhang also frowned. He was already full of unease about the coming of the next winter. After hearing the news of Lang Yan, his unease was even more intense. Now it is not only the Lion Wolf Tribe, but also Qi Ze City. These defenses forged by Chen Qi may not survive the attack of hyenas.

"You don't have to worry, I'll think of some way to improve the present defense." After cooling down, Chen Qi's mind began to run fast again. His memory of the past world became clearer and clearer. Although some high-tech things could not be found out, if some ancient defense equipment could still be found out, it was just that their enemies were not human beings like them, but dragons much bigger and stronger than them.

It is not impossible to beat the strong with the weak. Chen Qi began to simulate various defense plans in his heart.

"Chen Qi, if I went to the lion wolf tribe, the Qi Ze City . . ." Azhang hesitated a bit, he as a chief of the clan, also don't know oneself at this time to leave or not appropriate.

"There is no one more familiar with defense matters than me. Now we two tribes should cooperate with each other. You should teach Ayan what you know. It is enough to have Achu on the side of Qi Ze City. I will also help to keep an eye on the progress of the construction."

"What if I stay in your tribe to study?" Axiang hesitated to ask.

Chen Qi shook his head. "Our two tribes are different. We don't have much time from winter. We don't have time for you to learn slowly. Besides, the style of construction also needs to suit local conditions. We can't apply it mechanically. Didn't your last ice wall flood the tribe just because you didn't do a good job of drainage? Having Azhang to keep an eye on the progress of the construction and give you directions can help you avoid many detours. Even if the final result may not be as good as the defense on this side of Qi Ze City, your tribe is numerous and should be able to make up for this."

"thank you."

Chen Qi went back to the house and took out the data collected over the past few days and handed it to Axiang. "This is the design draft that I revised recently. I have been to your tribe before. Although I have not surveyed the terrain, it has been revised according to my memory. After A Zhang arrives, I can make some appropriate adjustments."

After that, he turned to Azhang and said, "I have made all the remaining materials into fire/medicine. Take them to the Lion Wolf Tribe and bury them in the trap. Be careful not to be wet by water. Also, keep an eye on it while handling it. It is unstable and don't be hurt. Then arrange people to collect some raw materials again."

As for Chen Qi's suggestion, Azhang has already taken it all into consideration. Although most of Akan did not understand it very well, he has also taken it into consideration and plans to ask about it later.

When all the things that need to be done have been explained, Chen Qi asked, "When are you going back to the Lion Wolf Tribe?" The Lion Wolf Tribe has not started to make any defense equipment except for some new houses built on the plain. It will not be easy to finish a defense building of that size before winter.

Axiang looked at the Lang Yan, holding the other's hand tightly. "we will go back early tomorrow morning."

Azhang: "then you can stay in my house tonight. is there any problem with Lang Yan living alone?"? Do you want to arrange someone to take care of you?"

"thank you, no" Lang Yan smiled and refused, "I live alone in the lion wolf tribe and can take care of myself. moreover, the little wolf is next door, and my body will slowly get better with my kin."

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