To Chen Qi's surprise, one of the males sent by the Lion Wolf Tribe this time was a man he knew, Ai Li, who was ridiculed by the other when he first went to the Lion Wolf Tribe.

"Why is he here?" Ka Luo, who was assigned to teach the males, collapsed at the sight of Ai Li's whole face.

Chen Qi did not have much contact with Ai Li, but he did not have any resentment. He just assigned them tasks as planned.

Ai Li was stunned to see Ka Luo, but there was no other emotion on his face. He and several males were assigned to help take care of the crops and to help the beast people cooking in the kitchen. The first time he saw so many kinds of food, the in the mind a little shocked, but also learn very seriously, in addition to a hated his Ka Luo, other Beastmen attitude towards him is very natural, of course, also because most of those people don't know him, only know that he is the lion Wolf clan male, don't know what he was in the Yanshan tribe.

Ayan did not follow Ayan back to the Lion Wolf Tribe, but led several Beastmen in Qi Ze City to collect materials from the original Flame Hill Tribe. Axu also took a group of people to the Luoshui Tribe. They needed to collect salt stones in addition to materials for making fire/medicine, because the sudden increase in the number of people brought back from the Luoshui Tribe last year was not enough to last until the next summer.

The Luoshui tribe and the Flame Hill tribe are very far away from here. It will take almost two months for one time. In order not to affect the construction process, the two groups, except for a few of the team leaders, are all the new female members of the original Luoshui tribe, while the Beastmen of the original Qi Ze City are all assigned to bring the new members.

Axiang left all the Beastmen who had come with him in Qi Ze City. He returned to the Lion Wolf Tribe alone and with a small group of Beastmen brought by Azhang.

Apart from the pile of design drawings given by Chen Qi, each Beastmen was carrying a large bag of luggage behind him, with iron tools and some finished weapons. Axiang is not hypocritical either. He will accept all the gifts from A Zhang one by one. He will repay the kindness when Qi Ze City needs their help in the future.

With the addition of new labor force, new city wall construction has also been added to the schedule. Because the construction of the new house is only half finished, there is not much room for living. Except the new male moved into the dormitory, the other females built a simple temporary residence on the playground.

These constructions don't need Chen Qi to keep an eye on them all the time, but due to the increase of manpower, the greenhouse that Chen Qi is obsessed with has finally started construction.

The conservatory was built in a corner of the wasteland where crops were originally planted near the city gate. There was a row of Red fruits planted there. Several plots where vegetables were originally planted were just collected. Chen Qi knocked down the sorted plots and began construction.

The person in charge of supervision is Ye Huo. Ye Huo seems to be very interested in the principle of the greenhouse. It has been discussed with Chen Qi for a long time and learned a lot from Chen Qi.

"How did you carry this little guy here? How long has it been since he was born, and how can the little fellow stand the sun outside?" Chen Qi frowned and looked disapprovingly at the little Beastmen behind Ye Huo.

"It's okay. He's fine." Ye Huo pendulum motioning with his hand, don't care about tunnel.

The little fellow is only a little more than a month now. He was carried behind by Ye Huo with a harness. An umbrella was tied behind Ye Huo to shade the little fellow. Perhaps it was due to the birth in summer that the little fellow was really in good health. He was just eating and sleeping behind Ye Huo.

"Has he got a good name?" Chen Qi looked at the little guy's round fleshy face and couldn't help reaching out and poking. The little guy moved, vomited a bubble and didn't wake up.

"It's Ye Yu." Speaking of his son, Ye Huo couldn't help but bring a smile on his face.

"Ye Yu?"

"Because he was born on a thunderstorm day, Ale wanted to call him Lei Yu directly, but I didn't agree. Last time I heard you say something about the family name, thinking that my family should have a family name or something, so I called him Night Rain."

"It's quite good." Chen Qi touched a handful of little guys still sparse hair.

"The last time you brought back the batch of bird eggs hatch successfully? How to raise those snow geese when they grow up? Have you been locked in a cage?"

"Don't keep it closed, just cut off your wings."

"Then you can give me some snow geese to raise. I'll learn first, and then I'll be a good helper to move them to the conservatory."

Chen Qi smiled, "Good."

While the two were chatting, Ai Li, who came to pick vegetables, just saw Chen Qi. He remembered the male who had been protecting Aze at the beginning, but he didn't expect the other side to be so fierce. So many strange and very useful things were actually invented by the male named Chen Qi.

He wanted to think, and his companions whispered a few words, and then came along.

"Looking for you?" Ye Huo pointed to Ai Li standing behind Chen Qi and asked softly.

Chen Qi looked back and saw the unfamiliar face Pang, which was more familiar than familiar. He was slightly stunned, but he quickly hung up a polite smile. "Is there anything I can do for you?"

Ai Li hesitated for a moment, looked at Ye Huo, inside story to take the greenhouse design to leave. After Ye Huo had gone away, Ai Li said, "I heard that you are Aze's partner. I am very sorry about the Lion Wolf Tribe. I've come to apologize to you this time. I'm sorry."

"You don't think what you said is wrong, why do you want to apologize to me?" Chen Qi narrowed his eyes. He didn't see any regret in Ai Li's eyes.

"after all, you have helped the Lion Wolf Tribe a lot. although I don't think what I said is wrong, my behavior was really too offensive to you at the beginning, so I'm very sorry. if you need any help from me, you can also find me directly. as long as I can do anything, I will help you." Ai Li's tone was somewhat sincere. He bowed slightly to Chen Qi and went back to collect the vegetables needed today with his companions.

Several kinds of vegetables have a very short growth period and can be picked and eaten after about a month from seed planting, so several plots are specially planted for the Beastmen in the tribe to eat at ordinary times.

Looking at Ai Li's busy figure, Chen Qi sighed secretly in his heart and turned to go home to continue his busy work. Although he and the man did not have much contradiction, he was also extremely unhappy with each other's disparaging remarks about Aze. For those who do not like him, Chen Qi has always been too lazy to communicate with each other.

After half a month, the little snow goose has completely changed. Half of the bags of bird eggs brought back before have not hatched, but Rao is so that Chen Qi has also harvested about 50 or 60 snow goose cubs. However, the bird is growing fast, almost the same every day. In just half a month, it has grown as big as a fist and chirps together every day. Before Chen Qi arrived in the yard, he was deeply hurt by the noise.

Should we find another place to resettle them? Chen Qi pushed open the fence gate of the courtyard as he thought.

There is a stone table under the fig tree and a few newly-made long wooden benches beside the stone table, which are specially built for enjoying the cool air and chatting at night. The benches are wide enough to accommodate an adult to lie down on his side, but only those who lie down can know if the sleeping posture is comfortable.

When Chen Qi entered the room, he saw the person lying on a long wooden stool. The other person was wearing a short-sleeved shirt with several buttons undone, revealing a small piece of skin with tight brows and eyes. I don't know if he was in a dream.

Today Aze should go to guard the city wall. Why would he sleep late at home at this time?

Chen Qi walked over and tried the temperature on the other side's forehead with his hand. He was relieved when he found everything was normal. He gently pushed the other side's shoulder. "Aze, Aze, why are you asleep here?"

Aze seems to be disturbed sleep mood is very bad, already tight knit the brows knit deeper, also impatiently waved, like to drive away things that hinder his sleep, see drive not to drop, is going to turn over to avoid, but the bench is not spacious, Aze a turn almost fell off the bench, frighten Chen Qi hurriedly catch each other.

"Don't make any noise." Aze muttered discontentedly.

Looking at each other's rare childish side, Chen Qi was somewhat helpless, but after all, he felt uncomfortable sleeping on a long wooden stool, and beside him there were a group of snow geese chirping noisily. Under such circumstances, Aze could still fall asleep. This is not normal.

Even called several times to see all have no reaction, Chen Qi helpless, can only bend over to ze up. Aze moved in Chen Qi's arms, opened his eyes slightly, looked a little dazed, and then quickly went to sleep.

Can't it be narcolepsy again? Chen Qi carried Aze back to his room and went out to move the noisy geese to the other side of the yard. He could not hear the noise in the room when he was away from the fig tree.

Aze slept until sunset. Chen Qi went out halfway to look at the excavation of the foundation of the city wall. The rest of the time he stayed in the room to revise the design and take care of the sleeping Aze.

"Am I . . . . . . asleep again?" Aze, who was just awake, was still a little confused. He clearly remembered that he was going to the city wall. As a result, he felt a sense of drowsiness hit upon him as soon as he went out. He wanted to sit on a long wooden stool and wait for the drowsiness to pass before going out. However, he went to sleep directly. However, he could not remember how he got back to the room.

"Aze, is there anything wrong with you?" Chen Qi poured each other a cup of warm boiled water and asked anxiously. This kind of long-term lethargy is really abnormal, but Chen Qi also don't know what's wrong with each other's body.

"No." Aze handed back the water in the cup to Chen Qi, a little dazed and said, "I feel very well, just . . ."

"Just what?" See Aze said half stopped again, Chen Qi anxiously asked, his most afraid is Aze was ill but not willing to tell him.

Aze stretched out his hand and touched his abdomen. He seemed a little distracted. He came to his senses after hearing Chen Qi's inquiry. His lips slightly evoked a smile. "It's just that I woke up feeling very hungry, and I feel that I can eat several times as much as usual."

After repeatedly confirming that Aze was really fine, Chen Qi reluctantly stood up. He took his arm in his sleeve. "Then you have a good rest here and I'll cook for you."


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