Aze's narcolepsy doesn't happen every day, but the time of onset is irregular. Sometimes he suddenly falls asleep in the morning. Sometimes he falls asleep on the ground while on patrol. Although Chen Qi is worried, he observed for several days. The other party does not have any other physical problems except a little lethargy.

In the end, there was no way but to explain the situation to Achu. Aze was asked to help him revise the design and help him to help him. Only when Aze stayed by his side could Chen Qi feel a little relieved.

Achu also did not embarrass the other party. After listening to what Chen Qi said, he resolutely avoided Aze's usual guard work. That night, he also sent Chen Qi a lamb newly hunted by Ashu and asked him to make a delicious meal to replenish Aze.

"Thanks to you, I have a good luck to eat today." Chen Qi, while cooking miscellaneous sheep soup, brushed seasoning on the roasted sheep and smiled at Aze.

Aze was installing the last part of a wheelchair invented by Chen Qi. he heard Chen Qi's words and said, "if you want to eat fresh prey, I can actually go hunting."

"No." Chen Qi put down the brush covered with spices and hurriedly refused: "Your main task during this period of time is to have a good rest. The prey has enough food distributed by the tribe every day. Besides, Xiao Lang and Ajing will go hunting with them every few days. If you want to eat, you can also tell me. I'll talk to the hunters and let them come back."

"There is still a lot of pickled meat in the house. It is not good to keep those things for too long. You can cook more of those meat at ordinary times." Since his narcolepsy was committed again, he has not even allowed Chen Qi to cook himself. Aze can only suggest.

"There is no good fresh pickled food, and your health is not good. Now there is no shortage of fresh meat. Even if your appetite increases several times, I can still afford it." Big deal when the time comes he followed the hunting team out hunting, crossbows/arrows were improved by himself, now the lethality and accuracy are much higher than before, as long as it's not a big beast with thick skin and thick flesh, Chen Qi is not worried about hunting prey.

Chen started to use the sword blade and handed over the next small piece of tender meat that had been roasted golden yellow. "Do you like it?"

"Delicious." Aze made an evaluation before he reached it. He bit the small piece of meat into his mouth with a sword and corner knife. It was really sweet, tender and smooth.

Chen Qi gave each other a look. "You started boasting before you even tasted it. What if you vomited like last time?"

"Last time it was Ale that cooked it too badly. The mutton was not handled properly. It smelled like sheep. Don't you think it was too bad?" Aze smiled and retorted.

"The wheelchair is ready. Do you want to try it?" Aze finished eating and stood up. He pushed the wheelchair around the empty space nearby. The lubrication and polishing of the wheels were slightly rough. When contacting with the ground, there would be a sound of cracking. However, there was no big problem with the operation of the wheelchair.

However, even if it is simple and crude, Chen Qi is very satisfied that it can achieve this level. He put down his brush and walked around the fire, pushing the wheelchair for a few steps, praising: "Aze, you are too good to do it so quickly."

You know, it took him only three days to get the design drawings out, and Aze slept for one day. It took him two days from the time he actually started work to the time he finished the production. In such a short period of time, there was such a high degree of completion that nothing could be better than Aze's ability to start work.

"This thing to Lang Yan after he need not stuffy in the house every day. Let's send it to him now."

Chen Qi said he would do as he said, moving the roasted sheep out of the fire and pulling Aze to push the wheelchair out of the door.

Lang Yan lived alone in Azhang's house during this period of time. Their house was close to the wasteland and there were no other houses nearby. No one would move around in this area when everyone was busy with construction. Ake and Ayan went to the tribe of Flame Hill. Ka Luo was also alone with Ayan at home. When he was free, Ka Luo would go directly to help Lang Yan prepare food. Occasionally, he would eat directly at Lang Yan. The two were soon acquainted.

When Chen Qi arrived, Ajing and the young wolf were also there. The young wolf stood beside the wolf. The young wolf was sitting on a chair. The young wolf was whispering about what happened when he was a giant wolf god. The young wolf listened quietly and did not open his mouth. He did not know whether he understood or not. The young wolf did not care.

Feather pens scratched and rustled on the paper. Ajing was carefully recording Lang Yan's words with notes. sometimes Ajing would retell the words he had recorded to the other party. Lang Yan was very interested in this strange symbol, but he did not ask Ajing to teach him. although he knew that the other party had the task of teaching small Beastmen in school, a was not there, and no one went to school behind his back every day, so Lang Yan only acquiesced in Ajing's story and wrote it down one by one.

"Lang Yan, you try this chair." Chen Qi excitedly waved to the Lang Yan as soon as he entered the door.

After several days of recuperation, Lang Yan's body is much better now than when he came to Qi Ze City on the first day. Chen Qi made him two crutches, supporting him to walk a few steps. I was a little surprised to see the strange chair, but I stood up with a crutch and sat down in the wheelchair.

Young Wolf stepped back to Ajing and gave up his position.

"Are you seated?" Chen Qi asked softly.

Although unknown so, Lang Yan or nodded his head.

Chen Qi smiled and pushed the wheelchair and started walking towards the door. The wheelchair creaked and creaked and walked slowly and steadily. The sudden movement scared Lang Yan to hold the handrail tightly.

There was a step at the door. Chen Qi and Aze jointly carried the wheelchair out. The fence door in the courtyard was smooth. Chen Qi pushed the other side forward.

"After you sit in this chair, let people push you wherever you want to go. After you improve it later, you can walk around in a wheelchair." Chen Qi explained to each other as he walked.

Lang Yan can't move for several years, he as a male, usually in addition to his partner also won't someone carrying himself everywhere, and item as heads of the fathers, originally there are many things, but also taking care of hunting and take care of yourself, can go out of the opportunity is less, didn't expect to come here only a few days, unexpectedly received a chair can move.

After rubbing the handle of the wheelchair lightly, Lang Yan thanked him and said, "thank you."

After the wheelchair was sent out, the days began to calm down again. The foundation of the city wall had just been laid. The weather was not beautiful and another rainstorm occurred. The remaining one-third of the water in the potholes outside the tribe was almost full again.

The newly-built house has also been completed during this period of time. Achu has assigned people to move in one by one. The females of the Lion Wolf Tribe have also torn down the temporary residence on the playground and moved into the vacant dormitory.

Red fruits on both sides of the road began to bear fruit. The branches were covered with brilliant red and looked very spectacular. Chen Qi organized the orchards to pick Red fruits fruit from the whole tribe before the rainstorm was over.

Chen Qi taught them to dry out the surplus Red fruitsguo production results after leaving the usual amount of food.

When the first crops were ripe, the Beastmen who went to Flame Hill and Luoshui tribes to collect materials also came back one after another. The Beastmen of Luoshui tribe came back a few days late. In addition to the necessary materials, they also brought back a lot of food only available in Luoshui Lake. Unfortunately, there are too many people in Qi Ze City now, and only a little of them have been distributed.

Chen Qi waved the small bag of dried mussels and several dried octopuses, wondering if he could go to pick them again next year.

At that time, Chen Qi did not know that what happened a few days later had left him too late to wonder whether he should go to Luoshui Lake to pick mussels next year.

It was a very ordinary morning as usual. Chen Qi woke up and touched the people next door habitually. As a result, he closed his eyes. The position next to him was already cold, and he did not know when Aze got up.

This period of time because Aze had no work, Chen Qi also insisted on giving him more rest, so Aze generally got up later than Chen Qi. At the moment, he found that the people who should have slept beside him were gone, and Chen Qi's sleep, which had not been awake, had been completely dispersed.

Chen Qi rushed out of the room as he scrambled to get up without even changing his pajamas.


As Chen Qi called, Aze, who was sleeping on the fire bed in the hall, raised his head and saw that Chen Qi hurriedly motioned for the other party to keep his voice down. Ajing was cooking porridge in the small kitchen beside him. when he saw Chen Qi coming out, he could not help smiling on his little face.

"What's the matter with you? Why did you come out to sleep early in the morning?" Chen Qi has been using newly collected materials to prepare fire/medicine these days. He is afraid to give such dangerous things to others to do. He can only work hard and happily on his own every day. Fortunately, there is not much demand for these things for the time being, only a few spare ones need to be allocated.

Aze's expression is a little tangled, he looked at Chen Qi, a little awkward.

Chen Qi looked at each other strangely, walked to the bed and sat down. Aze was covered with a thin sheet. The temperature on his forehead was hotter than usual.

"Are you ill?" Chen Qi got a fright and raised his voice by a few minutes. After Aze's narcolepsy returned some time ago, Chen Qi's daily worry was that Aze would fall ill. For this reason, he also searched his memory over and over again for all kinds of information related to medical skill. Unfortunately, he paid too little attention to this aspect before. He could not find anything useful at all and could only keep an eye on Aze's situation at any time.

"No, I'm not sick." Aze hurriedly tried to explain, but before he had finished speaking, there was a loud baby crying.

Chen Qi wait for a while looked down the direction of the sound, a whole body crumpled wrapped in a white soft cloth, revealing only a little red face baby lying beside Aze, Chen Qi just now all thoughts on Aze, unexpectedly didn't see anyone beside him.

Seeing the little baby crying with his mouth open, Aze clapped his hands and feet in panic, and coaxed a few words unskilled. Fortunately, the little baby just cried a few times, saw someone coaxing himself, and soon stopped slowly. Hit it, hit the little mouth, and fell asleep again.

As if thinking of something, Chen Qi stayed where he was until Aze coaxed the baby out of the way before he asked with difficulty, "Whose child is this?"

Aze was silent for a moment. His ears turned red strangely. He said for a long time, "yours."

I don't know when my wife got pregnant.

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