Aze has no pregnancy marks. This is something Chen Qi and the other party knew from the first day they met. Not only Chen Qi, but all the Beastmen of the original Yanshan tribe knew it, so Chen Qi never thought about the fact that the other party would be pregnant.

The Beastmen female bears the responsibility of hunting and supporting the family. The living environment in this world makes it impossible for them to be careful and quiet during pregnancy, as Chen Qi did in the previous world. For ease of movement, they do not even have obvious protrusions on their bellies. In addition to lying in bed for cultivation due to severe energy consumption after giving birth, outsiders can hardly find out whether the other party is pregnant from the outside before giving birth.

There is no one who knows medical skill in this world. The female with pregnant stripes will show the symptoms of pregnancy on the pregnant stripes. When Ake was pregnant, the pregnant stripes began to turn red. Aze only wanted to hunt for fur for them.

Chen Qi, a new father, looked at the buns sleeping beside Aze and did not know whether he was pleasantly surprised or frightened. Thinking of Aze's strange narcolepsy before, he thought it was related to pregnancy. As the partner of the other party, he had no idea that the other party was pregnant with his own child. Thought of here, Chen Qi heart surges deep remorse.

"Are you . . . . . . unhappy?" Aze took back the hand patting the bun and saw Chen Qi's silent expression. The glow in his ear slowly dispersed and he asked with a little uneasiness.

In fact, Aze doubted whether he was pregnant when he fell into a deep sleep frequently. However, the fact that he was not pregnant was filled with more than 20 years of his life. Although he thought about it, he also felt absurd. He did not want to say it, but the result made him happy.

Hearing Aze's voice, Chen Qi came to himself. He gently held Aze in his arms, buried his head in the other's neck socket, and asked in a muffled voice, "Does it hurt?"

Aze was stunned. Only then did he realize what Chen Qi was asking. His heart softened. "No pain, just a little tired."

"Why didn't you wake me up?" Chen Qi complained and asked. Looking at the current situation, Aze not only gave birth to their son, but also took care of himself so that Chen Qi, who had no time to help each other, felt more guilty.

"Sorry, I will call you next time." Aze coaxed softly.

The female's body is strong and childbirth is rarely dangerous. Even if no one helps them, they can finish the childbirth by themselves. Aze was afraid of Chen Qi's disappointment at first, and then he was afraid of Chen Qi's worry. However, he did not expect Chen Qi to accompany him at that time.

Ajing, who brought a bowl of hot rice paste, broke the atmosphere of the two. The rice paste was filled with milk fruits and a smell of milk. Chen Qi took it and gave a backhand tap on Ajing's little head, teaching: "You didn't even wake me up when you had time to cook porridge."

"I'm to blame for your sleeping too much." Ajing curled his lip and grunted. When Chen Qi stared back, he quickly spread his foot and ran away. He had to tell others the good news.

Chen Qi took a soft pillow from the room and gave it to Aze to lean on. Only then did he take up the pottery bowl and plan to feed the other party. Aze stopped at once, "I'll just drink it myself." Apart from a little tiredness, his body has no big problem at all, and he doesn't need Chen Qi to take care of him so carefully.

"No way." Chen Qi refused, then scooped up a spoon and put it to his mouth before feeding it.

Aze helpless, looked at Chen Qi, will gather together to the lips of rice paste to eat imports, lip Angle with a full smile.

Aze built a wooden ladder inside the city wall specially for the young wolf to go up and down, but there was nothing outside the city except the sharp wooden stakes embedded in the wall to stop the beast from attacking.

The little wolf cub's hair was wet with dew, and it stepped back to the gate of the city with the first ray of sunset, biting a bulging cloth bag in its mouth and looking upward into the watchtower on the city wall.

Ake, who had been on duty for one night, seeing that it was a young wolf, his eyes flashed with surprise. He wondered when the little wolf had run out or whether he had come down to open the gate and let the other party in.

The young wolf ran away with his tail wagging as soon as he entered the door, leaving Ake, who looked at each other's back without any reason, finally shook his head helplessly, said hello to the Beastmen coming to shift, and stretched himself slowly toward home.

Red fruits on both sides of the road started the second round of flowering again. Red fruits trees have grown a lot higher in recent months. the wind blew and several petals were fluttering in the air. many petals had been accumulated at the foot of the trees on both sides. before, Ake did not understand why Chen Qi planted Red fruits on both sides of the road. now seeing the scenery, he felt that there was no more suitable than Red fruits.

Just walked to the end of the horse road heard Chen Qi room there was a noise, listen to find is Ka Luo's voice, on the other side of the wooden wheels and the ground friction is also voice, Ake looked up and saw Ayao rubbed his eyes and pulled the hem of the Ajing's clothes, staggered, while Ajing  is pushing the Lang Yan is coming towards this side.

Ake stepped forward and picked up Ayao who had not yet woken up. Ayao pulled down his eyelids. seeing it was Ake, he cried softly, "dad."

"what's the matter? Where are you going early in the morning?" Ake asked doubtfully.

Ajing and Lang Yan both had smiles on their faces. Lang Yan's face was still somewhat anxious. Hearing Ake's question, he quickly answered, "I heard Aze gave birth to a male son. Ajing was about to show me."

"what? Aze gave birth to a male son?" Ake repeated incredulously.

"Well, the baby is very cute." Ajing said, pushing Lang Yan around stay wait for a while standing on the side of the Ake into the yard.

Young Wolf went to the bed of the heated kang and handed the sack in his mouth to Aze on the bed. Chen Qi stretched out his hand to take it and was dodged by young Wolf.

Aze smiled, touched the wolf cub's big head wet with morning dew, put the cloth bag on the bed and opened it to find it filled with fresh milk.

Young Wolf laid his big head on Aze and wanted to see the little steamed buns lying in it. Chen Qi pushed them away in disgust. "Don't wet the quilt all over you. Go dry your hair and come in again," he scolded.

Little Wolf cub looked at Chen Qi with bitterness, and ran to the yard to dry the fur obediently.

Chen Qi took the cloth bag off the bed and ran to the room to get a new sheet. He changed the sheet that was slightly wet by the young wolf. Then he took out the two largest milk nuts from the bag, found a clean pottery bowl, poured the milk nuts into the pottery bowl, and planned to make his son his first meal.

"Brother, can I hold him?" Ka Luo, who was standing on the side glancing at the buns, asked carefully. When he first got the news from Ajing, he could not believe that his brother, who had no pregnant stripes, had actually given birth to a male. Was he dreaming or was the world too mysterious?

"No way." Chen Qi, who was carefully controlling the temperature and cooking the milk, refused without raising his head.

"I didn't ask you." Ka Luo's air knot.

"He is my son." Chen Qi retorted triumphantly.

Ka Luo turned over his supercilious look. While Chen Qi was concentrating on cooking the milk fruit, he could not help but reach out his paw and touched the face of the steamed stuffed bun. The steamed stuffed bun frowned, glanced at his mouth and began to cry again whining.

Ka Luo got a fright, hurriedly quit, guiltily Ni gave Aze a look, was the other party complained to stare after hurriedly please smile.

The cry of the little steamed stuffed bun attracted everyone's attention. Lian Gang stepped into the door and Ake several people all stepped lightly.

Will just cooked milk fruit aside, Chen Qi scrambling to run in the past, Aze has picked up the steamed stuffed bun, gently coaxed, "are you hungry? Do you want some milk fruit?"


The source of Sanchen River is several towering icebergs. The water flowing out from here carries the chill of years of immersion. A man with a silver armor stands on the bank of the river, arching a handful of water with his hand to his lips and taking a sip.

The black-winged dragon flew down from the air and landed behind the other side, waiting for the water in the man's hand to flow out between his fingers before asking, "do you want to go to the top of the mountain and have a look? "I can take you up there."

The man's cold red eyes glanced at each other lightly and said lightly for a long time, "No."

The black-winged dragon flapped its wings a bit uninteresting, and waited for the man to walk around for a few rounds before following up. It is estimated that it is not used to walking on land. The black-winged dragon moves very hard and needs to spread its wings to balance its body every few steps.

Just finished eating a Beastmen, the armored dragon raised its head. its hard horns were stained with blood. it was stained when it pierced the Beastmen's abdomen just now. a tall male armored dragon tried to help the other side lick off the blood on the horns, but was stopped by the armored dragon. it looked at the man coming slowly and asked: "we only met this group of Beastmen along the way. when shall we go to the plain?" Ankylosaurus is a bit cranky. It can't wait for winter.

The man looked at him with his head down. "Since you are all in a hurry, let's go now."

Heard the man's words, the surrounding hyenas all cheered. The cheers soon became one. Some timid dragons hurriedly hid back into the cave when they heard the sound. Several antelope dragons who wanted to drink water by the river turned and ran away at the moment when the cheers sounded. The female locust dragon and its cubs bypassed far away.

The Chishui River, one of the three tributaries of the Sanchen River, is the only one that begins to flow out from its source. However, the only tribe living along the Chishui River is the original Flame Hill tribe, which is now Qi Ze City.

The man did not intend to take the team back to destroy the interesting town immediately, but took the team away from the Chishui River and planned to go to the source of the Dorsal River first. I heard that there were traces of the life of the giant wolf god. The man's eyes darkened and the cold light in his eyes became more and more intense.

"Let's go." When the man finished speaking, several tall and strong hyenas quickly followed. Black winged dragons fanned their wings and rushed up to the sky. With a loud whistling sound, a group of black winged dragons flew out of the forest.

Ankylosaurus was not anxious, let his companions help themselves clean up the blood, its size is smaller than the general ankylosaurus, don't need to bow, the tall male ankylosaurus can lick the top of each other's horns.

Hyenas are not fast, from the source of the Sanchen River to the edge of the forest, it took almost a month to walk in a straight line. Because of the large number of them, their team dragged on for a long time. The wild animals on the plain left ahead of time when they heard the noise. A few vultures were going to look for a free lunch, but they were not as fast as the black winged dragon. They just blocked the black winged dragon's path and were snapped by the black winged dragon and fell to the ground.

After all these carnivorous large dragons left the forest, the forest became empty. The dragons that had been hiding did not dare to stir up their heads for several days. Several stegosaurus tried to return to the center of the forest. The long-lost dolphin dragons left the territory they had been forbidden by the hyenas for several years. They scattered and cheered for their freedom.

A few small Quelong dragons poked their heads around, their long ears cocked up high, and passed the news of the hyenas' departure to other dragons.

As news spread among the dragons, the forests that had been silent for several years became lively again, as if even the surrounding trees were especially flourishing.

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