The news that Aze gave birth to a male son spread to the whole tribe in less than half a day, and the Chen Qi family was packed with Beastmen from inside to outside.

Although most of the newly-added Beastmen do not know about Aze's past, neither the Luoshui tribe nor Qi Ze City has ever had a male son in the past two years, and the birth of the male son can be regarded as a great event no matter in which tribe, so everyone is very curious and wants to take a look at their work.

Chen Qi, who has just been promoted to the position of father, worried that so many people would affect Aze's rest and carried him back to the back of the house. He took a small steamed stuffed bun and started chatting with all the people in the hall. Ka Luo could not look straight at the silly appearance.

However, the crowd did not watch how long ago Achu was rushed back to work. Recently, the first batch of crops have been harvested. In addition, work in the tribe is getting busier and busier as land preparation and planting of crops in the second season continue. As winter approaches, Achu already wishes to break one day into two days.

Even after Chen Qi took care of the steamed buns for a few days, when Aze's body recovered a little, he continued to be busy. After the baby buns were just born, Aze's guard work was suspended. He could only stay at home to amuse the children and then help Chen Qi take care of the crops in the yard and the small animals raised.

Ajing and little wolf ran out to hunt every day after class, but they did not walk far. they strolled around the small bamboo forest. they mainly caught all kinds of birds and animals, and then took them home to let Chen Qi cook soup to replenish Aze.

After drinking bird soup for a week in a row, Aze finally could not help but say, "Chen Qi, I am completely well now. Don't you need to drink these soups any more?" The meat of birds that have survived the soup is too bad to eat. It is really a waste. It is better to cook normally.

"No, we must drink enough for a month." Chen Qi, who was feeding the steamed stuffed bun, refused without even thinking. Aze slept for several days after giving birth. Although he knew that the female could use sleep to supplement his strength, giving birth was very harmful to his body. What can be found here to supplement nutrition is too simple. Chen Qi can only boil some soup for the other party every day.

"You are not to raise animals as winter food? Do you want to keep all the birds caught now?" Aze advised that drinking this soup three times a day would be boring even if it was delicious. Aze was accustomed to eating barbecue, but although Chen Qi changed his ways to make food for himself this week, he did not even think about barbecue.

"Don't worry, the hatched geese are still alive and should be able to lay eggs in another two months at this rate."

Chen Qi, a small snow goose, kept only about a dozen of them here. All the others were thrown to Ye Huo for treatment. However, Chen Qi slaughtered several of them for soup during this period of time. With the buns, the two wild horses Chen Qi did not have time to continue to tame. The mother wild horse was handed over to Ake, while the young wild horse continued to run under the fig tree. Chen Qi could only cultivate feelings with each other while feeding. He only liked the pony to be able to run on horseback twice when it grew up.

However, Ake later returned with a group of people to catch some wild horses. He also specially drew a place in the yard to build a manger according to Chen Qi's suggestion. The horses he caught behind were stuffed into his house and kept together.

After lunch, Chen Qi handed the steamed stuffed bun to Aze, while he looked at the construction of the new city wall.

After all the efforts made during this period of time, the new city wall has been built nearly three meters high. Like the inner wall, the outer wall is covered with sharpened wooden stakes and iron bars. Thanks to the armor of the last harvest of armored dragon, one third of the spikes on the outer wall are made of iron. These things are not easy to be broken by dragons. It is impossible for dragons to get close to the city wall as easily as before.

Chen Qi went out to the gate, and two dirty figures just fell from the outer wall. This time the outer wall did not build the gate again. The entrance and exit could only rely on wooden ladders. Although it was inconvenient, it was safer when dragons attacked.

"What have you been doing?" Chen Qi looked intently and found it was young Wolf and Ajing. The mud covered in mud had been parched by the sun and Chen Qi's head was black.

Ajing smiled, revealing a small white tooth, probably pulled to the face has cracked mud a little itchy, stretched out his hand to tear down directly, before he could answer, another figure covered in mud jumped from the wall, see is Chen Qi also smiled wryly.

"We went to catch birds." Ashu took out two dirty animals from behind. Chen Qi could barely identify them as wild ducks from the outside. The wild ducks were a little weak and weak. Ashu shook them for a few times and struggled unconsciously for a while. Obviously, they were not dead yet.

Wild ducks do not live in this area. Most of them live along the Chishui River and can fly for short distances. It is not easy to catch them.

Chen Qi lowered his face and said, "You didn't follow the hunting party alone and ran to such a far place?"

Ajing bowed his head and took a look at Ashu with his eyes. Ashu hurriedly explained: "We didn't run to Chishui River. We saw it over the small bamboo forest, but . . ."

"Just what?"

"It's just that they ran too fast and we ran a little distance." Said behind the tree a little not bottom spirit, there is no hunting team to follow them can only be in the vicinity of the tribe activities, as far as no more than small bamboo forest, after all, it is not safe outside now, the tree heard that Ajing  and young wolf out every day to catch birds, o ze took advantage of today's half a day rest time also want to help, who knows on the first day with Ajing  ran away, although nothing happened, the in the mind is also a little regret.

Although Chen Qi knew that they were also kind-hearted, he beat them a few times and then pointed to several water tunnels next to them, which were once again full of water because of the previous thunderstorm. "Wash your mud and go back."

It's summer now, bathing in these puddles is much more comfortable than at home. Beastmen from the tribe will also wash here at ordinary times. Some Beastmen swim in moat middle schools. Luckily, the moat is dug wider and the rain is clean and clear after it settles down. Otherwise, Chen Qi will not let them wash here.

Ashu smiled and threw the two immobile ducks aside, dressed directly and jumped into the nearest puddle. The cold water drove away the hot and dry heat. Ashu sighed comfortably.

Ajing and his pup entered a nearby puddle. In order not to let the pup sink to the bottom of the puddle, Ajing also found a piece of wood at the edge of the wall and laid it on the surface of the water for the other party to lie prone. He waited until all the hair on the pup that had dried into strands was wet with water before he began to help the other party scrub.

Open the animal skin backpack that Ajing put aside and put some fresh milk fruits in it. Chen Qi felt a little soft in his heart. Since the birth of the steamed stuffed bun, the young wolf cub must go out to collect fresh milk fruits every day. If it is allowed to see that the steamed stuffed bun is fed with milk fruits that have been put aside for several days, the other party will be angry and yell at Chen Qi. His whole body hair will explode. He must watch Chen Qi change the freshest milk fruits before giving up, and he does not know where the other party is so persistent.

The construction of the city wall is proceeding in an orderly way. This time the outer wall will be built at a height of about five meters. According to the time calculation, it will be completed in another month or so.

A new siege crossbow has also been put into production, and all arrows have been replaced with iron ones. The previous catapult has been improved to a usable level after this period of tests. Unfortunately, there are not many hard objects that can be thrown in this place.

The only difficulty now is the construction of the conservatory. There are not many animals in the tribe, so the area of the first conservatory is not very large. However, it is not easy to ensure that the indoor temperature of the whole house is kept at a comfortable temperature in winter. Fortunately, Ye Huo is very smart. Chen Qi himself does not quite understand the operation principle of some things, but the other party can always understand some things after making a few games with the drawings.

When Chen Qi came down from the wall, several people in Ajing had already washed up and returned, leaving a wet trail on the ground, apparently just walking soon.

Chen Qi wanted to go to the studio to have a look, but he was called to the conference room by Achu. Several people in charge were in the conference room. As soon as Chen Qi arrived, Achu told the other party what the patrol found today.

The main fuel used for burning in Qi Ze City is firewood. Although Azhang has not allowed his people to go deep into the forest since last summer, he still needs to cut down trees at the edge of the forest to store the fuel for winter. The patrol team's final task after patrolling nearby every day is to cut down trees at the edge of the forest.

As in the past, the females of the patrol went to the edge of the forest after patrolling other places in the morning. However, unlike in the past, today's forest is too hot and noisy. It seems that all the dragons appeared in an instant. They ran to the edge of the forest without scruple. If it weren't for the females of the patrol who hid quickly, they almost ran into several rabbit dragons running at a high speed.

Of course, they will not let go of the prey that rushed directly in front of them, and will cleanly dispose of these rabbits and dragons.

Today, the leader of the team was Asu. When he saw the unusual situation in the forest, the other party had no bottom in his heart. After discussing with others, he did not cut down trees either. He took him directly back to the tribe to discuss countermeasures.

"Rabbit dragon, dolphin dragon, locust dragon, antelope dragon . . ." Chen Qi hesitated after listening and asked: "Are you all seeing herbivorous dragons? Are there no carnivorous dragons on the edge of the forest?"

Several Beastmen who just took part in today's patrol looked at each other after hearing Chen Qi's questions. now, when I think about it, I find that only herbivorous dragons appeared near the forest.

"What do you mean?" See a few patrol female shook his head, Achu hesitated to ask.

"I have a bold guess." Chen Qi looked around at the crowd and said slowly, "When we found dolphin and antelope near the tribe last winter, the hyenas were besieging the Lion Wolf Tribe, but when they arrived near Qi Ze City, all the herbivorous dragons disappeared. And this time these herbivorous dragons have reappeared, will the hyenas have left the forest and come to the plain?"

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