Chen Qi's guess is not groundless. Although it is still uncertain whether it is true or false, it still attracts the attention of the Beastmen. Achu also sent someone to convey the news to the Lion Wolf Tribe. Even though it is still in summer, it is not a bad thing for them to be more vigilant.

Only after Azhang went to the Lion Wolf Tribe, the communication between Qi Ze City and the Lion Wolf Tribe became intensive. the two sides exchanged information every few days. within a few months, the Lion Wolf Tribe had built an inner wall and the foundation of the outer wall was excavated early.

Ali also took a group of Beastmen to open up a large area on the wasteland for planting. They missed the best planting time. This year, they can only harvest a group of crops with relatively long growth period. However, Chen Qi made Ali record the growth of crops and compiled a growth cycle of different species. Now, apart from corn, potatoes and sweet potatoes as staple foods, other crops planted can be harvested and eaten in a month or two. In combination with the indispensable prey on the plains, it saves Lion Wolf Tribes a lot of hunting time.

Even though summer seems to be two or three times longer than Chen Qi's original world, it still passes very fast in his busy life. the greenhouse has been built under Chen Qi's constant attention, which is similar to the principle of a heated kang, except that the inside structure is more complicated, and the corresponding fuel needs to be used every day. although Chen Qi also classifies some charcoal into the category of reuse, it is not easy to maintain the temperature of such a small greenhouse throughout the winter.

After the conservatory was built, Achu organized a large-scale logging operation into the forest. Qi Ze City was not far from the forest, and the females were strong enough to carry back seven or eight tall trees at a time. Each household was soon filled with firewood, and even the playground had specially arranged a place for storing firewood for the winter.

Looking at the trees being moved back to Qi Ze City, Chen Qi was worried that the orchards would cut down the forest. He could not help but remind Achu not to crowd the orchards into one place and try not to cut down all the trees in one area at a time.

Aze was forced by Chen Qi to stay at home for more than a month before he could not help going out hunting and guarding. The steamed stuffed bun was handed over to Chen Qi, who was often at home. But most of the time, Ajing and little wolf pup watched. Lang Yan also came to help every day, which relieved Chen Qi of a lot of work.

Aze's narcolepsy disappeared after the little steamed stuffed bun was born. Chen Qi carefully raised him for several months and his body was better than before. every time he went out to hunt and hunt, he would help Chen Qi collect all kinds of wild fruits along the road. Chen Qi would mostly make these wild fruits into preserved fruits or dried fruits. later, he also churned out all kinds of jam and spread it on the barbecue. it tasted good. originally, when the construction came to an end, the beast people who had enough wild fruits due to the harvest of another batch of Red fruits in the tribe began to take advantage of this.

The pony of Chen Qi's family has grown up a lot in recent months. Although it is not as big as the adult mustang next door, it should not be a problem to bear the weight of an adult.

I don't know if it is because the Lang Yan was once a giant wolf god. the foal is very intimate with the Lang Yan. even if Chen Qi insists on feeding the foal with comb hair every day, he feels that the attention of the foal is less than that of the Lang Yan that he occasionally helps to take care of.

Lang Yan's leg has been much better. Now he can walk from Azhang's home to Chen Qi's without a wheelchair.

Chen Qi coaxed the buns to sleep. After the outer wall was built, the newly-built siege crossbow was mounted on the wall. Behind the battlements were also filled with special arrows, ready to enter the battle at any time. The last batch of harvested ironclad has been used up. If most of the peaks were not in the forest, Chen Qi would like to look for mines.

"Chen Nian is asleep?" Aze pushed open the gate wet and saw Chen Qi sitting in the courtyard, writing something while gently pushing the cradle beside him with his hand.

Before the pit trap because there is still a lot of water, digging up is not a simple thing, to participate in the construction of the beast people every day to soak in the water, Aze as long as it's not out hunting time will basically go to help, Chen Qi has become accustomed to each other these days a muddy home.

Chen Qi stopped writing and handed the dry towel that had been prepared early in the morning to the other party. Aze wiped the dripping hair first, then leaned over to the cradle and looked at the buns. The buns grew a little longer for several months, and were fed well by the milk fruits that the pups did not know where to pick. They were white, tender and very popular. Chen Qi named him Chen Nian.

Nian, as in read and thinking often.

"Go back to your room and wash up first. Don't be careless even if it's hot now. It's easy to catch a cold in wet clothes." Chen Qi collected the things on the table, picked up the buns and went back and forth to the room. He needed to start preparing dinner while Aze was washing.

After washing off the mud stained on the skin, Aze came out of the bathroom with a fresh air. Today all the holes outside the city have been opened. Because of the expansion of a lot of areas, only half of the people in the holes are high. Starting tomorrow, the water inside the holes will be cleaned into the moat, which will deepen the depth of the holes. After the water in the bottom of the holes is almost suntanned, traps can be laid inside.

Now the road for the beast people to enter and leave has become a rope ladder in mid-air between the two city walls. Before winter comes, there is no place reserved underground for them to pass through, and all will be made into various traps.

Aze, who had just washed up, smelled of figs. Chen Qi put some food on the table. today, akim and young wolf followed the hunting team led by Ake out of the house. they were going to hunt across the Chishui river. plus, it happened to be the 1st of the month, and they would come back later, so only Chen Qi and Aze were at home tonight.

"Just now I heard Achu say that the news just came from the Lion Wolf Tribe has found traces of the Shining Eagle near the Dorsal River, but there are no signs of hyenas yet." Aze helped Chen Qi arrange the dishes and talked about the information he heard today.

"Is there anything unusual about the dragons in the forest?" Chen Qi sat down and handed Aze a bowl of bone soup that had been boiled all day. The bone was made of warty pig bones that had been hunted back yesterday. He added some newly harvested black beans, some wild ginseng, and some wild dates like red dates. After adding a little salt, it was very sweet.

"No, everyone who patrolled the forest today said everything was normal in the forest." Aze is very helpless about Chen Qi's changing ways to cook soup for him every day now. Fortunately, the other party has given up using all kinds of birds to stew soup. Otherwise, according to the method of killing one bird every day at the beginning, the newly grown small snow geese in their family will suffer.

"Mmm." Chen Qi nodded. "It is estimated that the hyenas have not yet come to this area, but now that the Lion Wolf Tribe has discovered the Xinying Eagle, it will be more on guard."

"The second wall of the Lion Wolf Tribe has also been built. It is said that the moat is being excavated now, and several cellars for storage and hiding have been dug in the inner city. Now they have begun to store food. It will be the first snow in one month. I heard from Achu that this year's meeting will not be held either. Uncle Azhang and his family will come back after the first snow."

"Red fruits has blossomed for the third time, and there are still a lot of Red fruits harvested last time. the Red fruits of this batch can actually be taken back by the Lion Wolf Tribe, and it is also thanks to their help during this period of time."

"This Achu mentioned before, because you planted all these Red fruits. He also asked me to ask your opinion. Since you also agreed to give the Lion Wolf Tribe, let them collect the Red fruits and leave when they are mature." Aze took a sip of soup and paused, with a little worry between his brow and eyes. "You said earlier that you wanted to improve the fire/medicine. How is it going? Is there any danger?"

Chen Qi had simply configured the fire/medicine before. Although it has been put into use, the actual damage is not very great except for making some noises to scare dragons. He was painting just now with a new method of use. However, the danger of using the fire/medicine is too great for laymen. Chen Qi also does not know if he can make something with enough damage, so he has been hesitating. At present, it has not been put into practice except to simulate various schemes on paper.

Chen Qi shook his head. He told Aze something about fire/medicine before, so he wouldn't do it secretly without telling the other party.

Put down the pottery bowl after drinking the bone soup. Aze looked at the little steamed stuffed bun sleeping on one side. The mouth of the little steamed stuffed bun moved unconsciously, and he did not know whether he dreamed of any delicious food.

"Otherwise, don't improve any fire/medicine. Relying on the present things should also stop the hyenas. If not, I will protect you." Aze didn't want Chen Qi to be a little dangerous. Chen Qi was accidentally burned when he first made the fire/medicine, but the amount used at that time was not very large, so it was not very serious.

Chen Qi put a chopstick in the bowl and did not answer.

The second day early in the morning when Aze went out to work, Chen Qi and Lang Yan took the steamed stuffed bun and the pony to the school playground for horse training.

Saddle was made with the help of an old female who was good at sewing in the tribe. When the saddle was first fitted to the foal, the other side was not used to it. It was also very irritable. It had been used to it for several days. Now the foal has completely rejected it.

The saddle-mounted pony was all white and very handsome. Chen Qi led the pony to the playground and attracted the eyes of many Beastmen who were still in the tribe. When he heard that the other side was going to practice horses, he was surprised and followed the past to see it.

Lang Yan put the cradle of the buns on his wheelchair and pushed the wheelchair behind Chen Qi. the buns were excited to see the tall horse in front of them. they kept waving their small hands in mid-air. they babbled and babbled without knowing what they were talking about.

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