"Do you really want to run on a pony? Is there any danger?" Although Chen Qi told Lang Yan in advance, Lang Yan is still a little worried. he has also seen the appearance of a hunting, jumping on the beast's back when all was thrown by the other side desperately to throw the person on his back to the ground. he has never seen a Beastmen who wanted the beast to walk instead of walking, and he is also a male.

Chen Qi gently stroked the side of the pony's neck. He had never ridden a horse before. Although he practiced it countless times in his mind, he was still a little nervous in practice.

"well. You take Chen Nian away and don't be kicked by the pony." Chen Qi swallowed saliva unconsciously, confessed to Lang Yan, and then pulled the horse's bridle to the front of the highest-growing milky fruit tree beside the playground, tying the rope firmly to the tree and fixing it.

Although the playground area is not small, it is still not enough for horse racing. The females are busy outside the gate. Chen Qi also doesn't want to be led by the foal to run around the tribe for the first time. If the foal suddenly loses control without the presence of the females, Chen Qi also doesn't know if he can control the other side not to be hurt.

Gently stroked the pony's beautiful back line twice and took a deep breath. Chen Qi stepped on the wooden stirrup and climbed onto the horse's back a little stiffly. The sudden weight on his back upset the pony's body. He looked a little grumpy and walked in situ. He seemed very unaccustomed to someone sitting on his back.

However, several months of continuous feeding and emotional cultivation in person still have some effect. Although the foal is not used to it, at least it did not react violently and threw Chen Qi off its back. Under Chen Qi's constant reassurance, the mood gradually calmed down.

A few bolder males looked at the pony after it quieted down, but they did not dare to get too close. They stood outside the farthest limit where the bridle could be tightened and looked at the beautiful tall pony curiously up close.

The bridle of the horse is about two meters long. After the pony has adapted for a period of time, Chen Qi sat up straight and motioned the pony to walk slowly around the fruit tree.

At first, the foal could not control the direction well and walked crooked. after several rounds, it was much better. seeing the foal did not mean to throw Chen Qi down, Lang Yan breathed a sigh of relief and pushed the wooden wheelchair with the cradle of steamed buns closer.

"whoa." Chen Qi stopped the pony.

"Chen Qi, can you run on this wild horse on the playground?" Some bold males came forward and asked curiously. They had seen wild horses running occasionally when they went out to collect wild fruits in summer. The speed was the same as that of females, but it was also the first time to see Beastmen climbing onto the back of wild horses.

"Will a Mustang be thrown off if it runs so fast?" Some people are worried.

"Chen Qi on horseback for most of the opposition is not all right? The wild horse also looks very docile."

Chen Qi's attempt to raise animals in the tribe is known to all in Qi Ze City. They occasionally go to watch when they are free. However, there are a lot of things to be done in the tribe throughout the summer, and the rare and unusual things that Chen Qi has worked out are not just raising animals. Therefore, although everyone is curious, they are not sure what use Chen Qi is doing with these things.

All the people gathered together talked in a low voice, and even their work was temporarily forgotten. Chen Qi became familiar with the pony's back for a while, then motioned for a Beastmen nearest him to help untie the bridle tied to the tree.

Lang Yan pushed the buns away a little bit. although his legs had been cultivated for several months, they were still not very agile. if the pony suddenly collided, it would be absolutely unavoidable.

Other onlookers also backed away and gave Chen Qi the entire playground.

Chen Qi touched the beautiful hair of the pony, pulled the reins of the horse puller and adjusted the direction. His legs were lightly clipped. The pony lifted its hoof and headed for the middle of the playground.

Chen Qi, who was riding for the first time, did not sit smoothly on his horse, but he controlled it well and the pony was not fast. After walking around the playground for two rounds, he slowly found some rules.

The Beastmen did not dare to follow too close, but stayed far behind to avoid scaring wild horses. After watching for a while and seeing Chen Qi still sitting on his horse, they scattered in twos and threes. They still had a lot of work to do and couldn't watch it all the time.

After a dozen rounds of riding on a horse on the playground, Chen Qi wanted to say hello to Lang Yan and then directed the pony to leave the playground and walk into the road.

At this time, Red fruits on both sides of the road just blossomed for the third time, and his eyes were full of pink as he entered the end of the blooming period. Many flowers had gradually withered and dropped, and the ground was covered with a thin layer of pink carpet. Being dazzled by the beautiful scenery in front of him, Chen Qi was startled by a sudden figure. Fortunately, he stopped his horse ahead of time and didn't bump into it.

"Ai Li?" After a pause, Chen Qiding commanding to see the bearer.

Ai Li was carrying a huge bamboo basket with fresh wild vegetables on it. It looked as if he had just collected them from the wasteland, but he was in a hurry and did not look at the road. This almost frightened the wild horse that suddenly came along.

"Sorry, I didn't see the way." Ai Li bowed their heads and apologized, and before Chen Qi could reply, he turned and entered the school gate.

Although both of them now live in the small city of Qi Ze, in fact Chen Qi has seldom seen Ai Li in recent months. Ai Li is mainly responsible for planting things and occasionally helps to make arrows. However, he is very eager to learn, cooking, sewing, making paper and even making mud bricks. He will help whenever he is free or when there is a shortage of staff. He even asked two small snow geese from Ye Huo to go back and learn to feed. Although he is not good at every skill, he knows something about everything. Now I am afraid he has been studying with Chen Qi all the time.

Chen Qi, who wanted to dismount to see if the other party had been injured by himself, was stunned when he saw Ai Li disappear in a hurry. However, he didn't care too much about the estranged attitude of the other party. Seeing that the other party had left him, he went on riding the pony.

Water mixed with mud and sand, which is not very clear, is packed in a half-height barrel and transported by barrel to the moat next door for dumping. Several small fishes are scared to the bottom, and the water in the moat is soon level with the ground.

Aze watered the crops planted along the river by the way, leaving muddy water deep in the pit. It is still some time before winter. As long as it doesn't rain in the middle, we can wait for the sun to dry directly before laying traps. Axu is taking people to tamp the soil on the pit wall. Beasts are scattered in the huge pit and are doing their work enthusiastically in the sun.

The last water in the barrel was poured onto a corn stalk that was already one person high. Aze wiped sweat from the tip of his nose and raised his head. He saw a huge shadow slowly coming towards himself at the gate of the inner wall.

Perhaps the sunshine outside was too dazzling, and the shadow inside the city wall was especially dark. Aze could not see the appearance of the shadow at once. Until the shadow appeared slowly in the sunshine, the whole body was white and not half mottled, and the familiar figure sitting high on the steed smiled at himself. Aze got a fright, returned the ladle to the barrel, and ran across the wooden bridge three or two steps.

The foal was startled by the sudden figure. Chen Qi hurriedly calmed the foal's mood. When the foal finally stood, Chen Qi was carried down by Aze from his horse.

"How did you run to the horse? What if I hurt myself?" Aze complained with fear. Although Chen Qi said before that he wanted to domesticate the foal as a means of transportation, seeing it with his own eyes still had to make people worry. No one has ever fallen off the back of a wild animal while hunting the female. The light one also hurts for a while, and the heavy one is not just bleeding from the bone.

"Don't worry, I'm measured." Chen Qi smiled and patted the pony. "Do you want to try it?"

Aze just came up from the pit, his clothes were covered with mud, and his clothes were still dripping down. Looking at the clean pony, how could he be willing to ride it now?

"No, I'm dirty. Next time." Aze refused, but still couldn't help reaching for the pony's head.

Chen Qi was slightly disappointed, but he also knew Aze was working and did not force him. The two men said a few words, and Aze told Chen Qi to go back to work after a few words. Chen Qi Ze took the pony back to the tribe.

Because the conservatory has been completed, all the animals Chen Qi kept in the yard have been transferred to the conservatory.

The conservatory was divided into several areas. A large wooden cage was built in the place where smaller animals were raised. The snow geese had been cut off their wings by Chen Qi and could not fly. Although they were still kept in the cage, they were not at least as narrow in space as before. Now they were free to walk a few steps. Chen Qi also built several nests of hay and animal skins inside to allow the snow geese to lay eggs.

Hares are kept beside snow geese. The rabbits just a few months ago have already grown up and have given birth to two litters of rabbits, each about seven or eight. Now even the bunnies have grown up and the number of bunnies has doubled several times.

The foal is still not liked by other mustangs, but because the manger is made into a space, the other side of the manger cannot be seen at all, there is no need to worry about the foal being bullied by other mustangs.

The foal was pulled into the innermost manger, and Chen Qi went to the larger manger nearby to look at the situation. The female mustang that was caught for the first time and the male mustang that came later became pregnant shortly after they were locked up together. At the moment, a young mustang was just born. The color of the young mustang was also mixed with purplish red. The young mustang was very attached to its mother. See Chen Qi come slightly raised his head, and soon hide back to his mother's arms.

Chen Qi turned around and found that the animals in the conservatory were in normal condition and left. Achu arranged an old female to take care of the things in the conservatory. Now the work here does not need Chen Qi to spend much time, just to tame wild horses, Chen Qi still needs to come and help feed and cultivate feelings every day.

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