An adult male cheetah with bright fur lay quietly in the tall grass against the wind, with dark golden eyes looking at the lions nearby without trace. Its territory is not in this area, it belongs to the territory of a lion group. In order not to be discovered by the lion group as an alien invader, male cheetahs will take extra care in their usual actions. Fortunately, there is no shortage of prey on the plains now, but there is no worry of starvation.

The male cheetah initially had its own territory. When it was young, it found its own territory near the forest. Its neighbor was a Beastmen, so no other predators would come and compete with it.

Unfortunately, when it returned from its migration, the territory was occupied by a group of Beastmen. The male cheetah could not beat the large group of Beastmen. It could not beat even the Beastmen in its previous neighbor. Therefore, it simply left its territory and crossed the Chishui River, intending to take possession of its mother's territory.

His mother was divided by a group of lions during his migration. male cheetahs do not like lions and have no pressure to take over their mother's territory.

Unfortunately, when it came to its mother's territory, it was already occupied by another female cheetah. The male cheetah knew from the smell of the other party that the other party was his sister he had never met before. His sister was pregnant on the way back and was about to give birth soon. At that time, the female cheetah was irrational and looked at everything with hostility. The male cheetah was unwilling to argue with his sister. In addition, the traces of the Beastmen' activities around here became more and more obvious. It soon abandoned the area and embarked on the journey to become a wandering cheetah.

There are many predators in the plain. Most of the places have long been divided up by predators. Male cheetahs can only hunt in other people's territory. Of course, this will inevitably lead to being driven or even hunted by various predators.

Gradually, the male cheetah is getting further and further away from his birthplace until he can no longer hear the sound of water flowing from the Chishui River. He meets a wider river than the Chishui River. There are many prey here, and of course there are many predators.

The male cheetah stirred up the tip of his nose, and a weed ran across its soft nose every time it was blown by the wind. It was itchy and uncomfortable, but it did not dare to move, fearing that its movements would attract the attention of the predators that were confronting it nearby.

The owner of this territory is the largest lion herd in the neighborhood. They have five adult lions, plus the cubs born this summer. If male cheetahs can count, they will know that this is a huge lion herd with more than 100 lions.

Because of the large number of animals, all the animals around here are the food of lions, even the large elephants are not put in their eyes. For this reason, predators dare not indulge in this area, which is the best habitat for male cheetahs.

The territory of the lions is very wide, and the male cheetah is safe as long as it avoids the lions that patrol the territory every day and the place where the lions usually live. It is not short of food, and even the hated Hu wolf dare not to pick up white food behind it. The male cheetah can be said to be very satisfied.

But now I'm afraid this territory will change hands. The male cheetah's eyes darkened and he continued to observe the situation ahead.

Confronted with the lions are not the protozoa on the plains, but a small group of hyenas. Their number is not as large as that of the lions and their size is similar to that of adult lions. Confronting with this huge lion group has no advantage.

This group of hyenas are arranged to search for traces of the Beastmen tribe. The plain is very large, and no one knows where the Beastmen will live in the plain. Therefore, many hyenas are divided into small groups to appear on the plain. Once the Beastmen tribe is found, they will send the news back to the large army. Then a large group of hyenas will appear in front of the found Beastmen tribe under the leadership of the leader, crush the Beastmen tribe and eat all of them.

"Ow." A male lion stood at the head of the lions and roared at the hyenas in an attempt to get them out of their territory.

Hyenas are unmoved. As forest dragons, their power is much stronger than that of animals on the plains. They don't pay attention to the threat of lions at all.

As a bully on the plain, has the lion ever been so despised, after the threat to see each other indifferent, once again roars a jump up.

Seeing the lion move, the whole lion group also moved quickly. Apart from a few old lionesses protecting their newborn cubs and finding a safe place to hide, the other lions soon became a ball with the hyenas.

Hyenas are not as numerous as lions, but they are not weaker than lions in battle. Their fur is harder than lions, their claws are sharper than lions, they are fiercer than lions in battle, and most importantly, they are more willing to die than lions.

Hyenas seem to have been born with oppressive factors in their blood. As long as it is not a one-sided battle, it seems that they never want to escape and save their lives.

It was only about half an hour or so, and the lion group that had the dominant number was soon at a disadvantage. Several lionesses were bitten by hyenas and fell to the ground. A lion also suffered many wounds. The lion group did not seem to have the upper hand. It had planned to retreat first, but the hyenas, which were much less numerous than them, surrounded them in the middle.

Several male lions found this situation even more furious. They knew that they would not be able to do well with the hyenas today. The roar of lions rang again. The golden mane exploded with emotion. The female lion behind them jumped at the hyenas with the roar of the male lion.

The battle was extremely fierce. Several lion cubs who were protected in a safe place could not help shivering. They gathered around the old lioness, but their eyes were tightly fixed on the battlefield.

The strong scent of blood spread in the air with the wind. Because of the headwind, no one found a cheetah lying in the tall grass. Several vultures circled in the air. The big-eared fox living nearby drilled back into the cave early and a group of wildebeest foraging nearby also bypassed the area.

This battle lasted for a very long time. Fortunately, the male cheetah was accustomed to such a long time of prostration. To his surprise, the lion group won the battle.

Although the lion group won, the lion group did not win any benefits. Five adult male lions were all buried under the claws of hyenas. Several scarred female lions were tearing at the hyenas that had already fallen to the ground and died. Because of the hyenas, they may not be able to protect this rich territory. When they find new male lions to join, they may not be able to protect their newborn cubs.

The lioness gave vent to his emotions regardless of his injuries. At the end of the battle, the male cheetah stood up slowly and moved away from the area under the shelter of tall grass. Now the female lion is excited. It doesn't want to be discovered at this time. Without the shelter of the male lion, the area will also enter the melee for territory. The male cheetah doesn't want to encounter anything beyond his ability before migration.

After swinging its tail, the male cheetah walked towards the direction where the impala haunts in memory. It hasn't eaten today. Now it's time to have a good meal and then find a safe place to hide before other lions find the abnormality here. The thin arm and thin leg of the male cheetah doesn't want to confront those rude predators.


"Lion Wolf Tribe Found Hyenas?" Chen Qi asked in surprise.

"Today, the Lion Wolf Tribe is only a small group of hyenas, and it is very far away from the Lion Wolf Tribe. There is no danger for the time being." Aze told Chen Qi what he heard today.

Since I met the hyenas last time, the area patrolled by the Lion Wolf Tribe has expanded a lot, and it has covered almost all the places within a week. only a large number of Lion Wolf Tribes can do this. this time, a trace of hyenas activity was found in the outermost part of their patrolled area.

"It seems there is nothing wrong with the hyenas that were previously suspected to have entered the plain." Chen Qi sighed, faint tunnel.

"Now we have discovered the hyenas in advance. I'm afraid Uncle Azhang and his family will come back early and stay. I'm afraid they won't be able to leave when the hyenas arrive."

"Now the main large-scale defense in the tribe has been basically completed, and we will have no problem with the rest. I'm just worried about the construction of the Lion Wolf Tribe, and I don't know whether the Lion Wolf Tribe will be able to withstand the attack of hyenas if Azhang returns early."

"You don't have to worry about that." Lang Yan put down the book he was reading and said with a smile: "It's almost a summer now. I believe he has already learned what he needs to learn. He is very smart. Besides, the Lion Wolf Tribe has a large number of people. As long as the number of hyenas is not continuous, it should be no problem."

Young Wolf raised his head, to the Lang Yan "awoo", Lang Yan will hand in the past, young Wolf in each other's hand heart.

"Do you also want to go? Your leg is still not good." Ajing asked a little wistfully.

Over the past few months, Ajing has accompanied Lang Yan with young wolf cubs every day. during this period, Lang Yan also followed them to school to learn words. now some simple books Lang Yan can be understood. I also don't know whether it is the reason why the young wolf is around. Lang Yan is much more cheerful than when he first came to the tribe, and his leg recovery is much better. even if he doesn't need to sit in a wheelchair, Lang Yan can walk alone in the tribe.

"well, I will go back when archer comes to pick me up." Axiang touched the Ajing's head, for the little teacher Lang Yan or like each other very much, coupled with the dependence of young Wolf on each other, Lang Yan also surges in the heart. "I hope I can come here again next summer if there is still a chance."

"Of course, you must come, I and the wolf will miss you." Ajing nodded seriously and ran back to the room, holding some books he had copied out and handing them to Lang Yan. "take these books back and read them. when you learn, winter will be over."

The wolf was stunned and smiled. "thank you."

"Awoo." Young Wolf softly followed cried.

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