However, Lang Yan did not wait long. On the third day after receiving the news, A 'an and his party came to Qi Ze City. Together with Azhang, they exchanged a dozen Beastmen from Lion Wolf Tribe.

Seeing the huge pothole between the two city walls that has been connected into one piece, Axiang still felt a little surprised. a Zhang had already told him the usage of the pothole, but the bottom of the pothole is still wet now, and the props that need to be laid have not been put in yet. Axiang cannot imagine the effect after using this simple framework alone.

Along the mid-air rope ladder into Qi Ze City, Achu already took people waiting in the wall, the two sides simply exchanged a few commonplaces and a line of people went to the conference room.

Chen Qi did not attend the meeting, but Aze did.

Taking advantage of the fact that there is no way to lay props in the pit, Chen Qi took people to reinforce the cellar used for hiding. He reorganized the structure inside the cellar and made it more secretive, such as ventilation. There was enough water and food for hundreds of people to eat for two or three months, special spices made of figs were placed around it, and ghost needle flowers were planted around the school. Now it was the time when the flowering season was strong, and the hyena nose was more sensitive. Once the Beastmen hid in the ground a few meters deep, they would never smell any Beastmen again.

The meeting didn't last long. It was mostly about the transition between the two tribes. Within an hour, they exchanged the latest news and dispersed.

Azhang has been away for several months, but there are many things that need to be contacted again. Ayan handed over the matter of returning to the tribe the next day to the following Ayan, who arranged to find his own partner.

Lang Yan helped irrigate several herbs planted in Chen Qi's yard. Last time, he harvested many seeds of Artemisia ordosica. Chen Qi expanded the planting area. In addition to Artemisia ordosica, wild ginseng was also planted in the yard. The growth cycle of wild ginseng was much longer than that of Artemisia ordosica, and no one was required to take care of it. Only weeding and fertilizing were needed at intervals.

Chen Nian, a small steamed stuffed bun, was placed in a bamboo fence by Lang Yan. It was a bit like the cage used to keep snow geese, except that there was no closed top. Inside, there were soft skins and bamboo mats. The bamboo strips used were carefully polished by Aze and were not afraid of hurting the steamed stuffed bun.

A few months old buns were still in the stage of eating and sleeping. after watering all the grounds in the yard, Lang Yan returned to the fence. he found that the buns were spitting milk bubbles with their eyes closed. he poked funny fingers at the white face of the buns. Lang Yan packed up his things and looked at the direction of the gate. he had not seen the item for several months. he knew that the other party was busy with important things. Lang Yan could only temporarily press down the urge to see the other party immediately.

"Lang Yan?"

A strange voice drew back Lang Yan's attention. outside the gate stood a dusty male. Lang Yan had seen each other several times on the road, but he had never spoken and did not know each other's name. "who are you?"

"My name is Ai Li and I am from the Lion Wolf Tribe." Ai Li had no expression on his face, but politely explained, making Lang Yan feel more favorable.

"Are you here to find Chen Qi? He is not at home now. If you want to find him, you may have to go to the school." There are too many Lion Wolf Tribes. Lang Yan often stays at home. he does not know most of the clansmen, but as the companion of the patriarch, the clansmen do know Lang Yan. therefore, Lang Yan is not much of an accident when the male of this self-proclaimed Lion Wolf Tribe can call out his name.

"I am not looking for Chen Qi, I am looking for you."

"Looking for me?" Lang Yan surprised to ask.

No matter people in Qi Ze City or lion wolf tribe, Beastmen often come here to find Chen Qi. Lang Yan has long been used to it. people who think that the other party is also looking for Chen Qi in peace are the same. I didn't expect anyone to find themselves here.

"Can I go in and say it?" Ai Li also knew that only Lang Yan and buns were left in Chen Qi's house at this time, so he did not worry about being embarrassed by suddenly meeting Aze or Chen Qi.

"oh, of course." Lang Yan hurriedly went up to open the fence door, he did not invite each other into the room, but motioned for each other to sit down on the table under the fig tree, conveniently picked up the teapot on the table and poured a cup of tea for each other.

There has been no temperature for a long time after the tea was put away, but now it is hot summer. The beast people do not like hot food at this time. Although it is very impolite to entertain guests with cold tea, no one cares about this for the beast people.

Gently took a sip of scented tea with a hint of sweetness. Ai Li liked the taste of these scented tea very much. It can quench thirst and is much better than pure plain boiled water. Before he took advantage of the blooming of Red fruits in Qi Ze City to collect a lot of fresh flowers and dried them to make tea for drinking. Unfortunately, it is very inconvenient to enter and leave the tribe since the outer wall was built. Ai Li has not been outside the plain for several months.

"What do you want from me?" Lang Yan also poured himself a cup, this just ask.

Ai Li took out a book from his pocket. The book was painted with patterns of various herbs. The number was not very large. There were only a dozen kinds of herbs. However, the patterns were carefully painted and colored so that people could understand what was painted on it at a glance. There are many small characters beside the pattern as labels, which introduce the main functions of some herbs. Unfortunately, Ai Li has no time to study the characters systematically and cannot understand what they mean.

Opening the booklet, Ai Li pointed to some of the herbs, including hot wormwood and wild ginseng, which are few in number and few in seed stock currently planted in Qi Ze City.

Lang Yan looked doubtfully along the direction of the other's finger. before he could ask what Ai Li meant, Ai Li said straight to the point: "I have been helping to take care of crops on the wasteland here for several months. you also know that seeds are the only way to plant these things. These kinds of crops are not easy to find. If our tribe can plant some, then there is no need to worry about people getting injured or sick."

Lang Yan raised his head, looked at Ai Li's serious expression, and asked uncertainly: "do you want Qi Ze City to give us some seeds to plant back? It's almost winter now, has it missed the planting time?"

"Have you seen the conservatory these days? In the first few days after the greenhouse was completed, they tried to keep the temperature in the room within a certain range, which is why people in Qi Ze City want to keep animals in captivity. Although we can't build a greenhouse like them now, it is still feasible to plant several species indoors. I have learned a lot about planting crops during this period of time. once we succeed, we can harvest a batch of seeds before the coming of next summer, so we also have enough time to harvest two crops in summer."

"These kinds of seeds are not much? I heard that Axiang did not bring anything to exchange this time round. what shall we exchange for these seeds?" Lang Yan is wrinkly to knit the brows gently, hesitated for a moment, now Qi Ze City is also not short of what needs to be exchanged with their tribe.

"Not an exchange." Ai Li shook his head, "these seeds are currently only available in Chen Qi in the whole city of Qi Ze. Chen Qi has prepared a copy of moxa grass to give to our tribe before, but because they have not planted many seeds themselves, the amount given to us is also relatively small. if there is another phenomenon of people in the tribe getting hot one after another like last time, it is not enough to rely on this moxa grass alone. I heard people say before that in order to avoid accidental death of the planted crops, Chen Qi would set aside some seeds specially every time just in case. I have observed this period of time that the survival rate of several newly planted herbs is very good. After the first snow, a batch of herbs should mature before winter, and then there will be no fear of no seeds. In this case, it is better to give us the seeds that Chen Qi stored before. of course, if the other party wants to exchange them, I can also bring what he needs to exchange with him next summer. this time we can just take it as if we got the exchange in advance."

Listen to Ai Li carefully said his plan, Lang Yan lost in thought, "do you mean let me ask Chen Qi to? Since you have this idea, why don't you tell him face to face?"

He said in one breath what he wanted to say in his heart. Ai Li felt his throat was a little dry. After drinking the tea in the cup, he wiped the water mark on the corner of his mouth with his hand. "I don't have a good relationship with him. You are the mate of the patriarch and have more contact with Chen Qi. It will be easier for you to say."

"I'll discuss this matter with Axiang first. There aren't many of these herbs in Qi Ze City. Even if you can't change the seeds, don't pay too much attention. When the tribal construction is finished, we can send someone out to look for them next summer." Lang Yan will each other has been empty cup to fill up, comfort.

Ai Li nodded, finished what he wanted to say and got up to leave.

The little steamed buns in the fence have woken up, the little Beastmen in the past few months have been able to crawl, the space in the fence is several times larger than the cradle, the little steamed buns turn around the edge several times on all fours, the big dark eyes curiously looked at the two talking adults outside, and saw one of them was leaving, but they still babbled and babbled at what they were saying.

Ai Li's eyes lingered on the bun for a while, then pushed open the fence door and left the place in great strides.

When he finally arrived after the meeting, Lang Yan had already started to feed the steamed buns with freshly cooked milk. seeing his partner holding a strange steamed buns in his arms, he couldn't help jumping in his heart. fortunately, Lang Yan didn't find each other's strange feeling after the long-lost reunion. however, Lang Yan didn't forget what Ai Li said. after the two people exchanged their thoughts, Lang Yan simply repeated Ai Li's words. after only a short meditation, he planned to ask the other's opinion directly after Chen Qi came back.

At last, of course, after listening to the two men's words, Chen Qi went back to the room without saying anything. He turned out several spare seeds stored before and gave them to each other. Although these seeds were scarce, they were not lost. In addition, the crops planted in the field are also growing well. Chen Qi did not care about this seed.

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