On the vast wilderness plain, as the first snow approached, many plants began to bear fruit one after another, and the leaves gradually changed from green to yellow. A white wolf stood in the boundless grassland and looked around for a moment, then ran to the original direction of departure.

There were many bodies of hyenas and wolves lying on the ground. Several blood-stained wolves wailed around. Not far from this area, the male cheetah, who had been hiding downwind, suddenly jumped out and bit the throat of the hyenas who wanted to escape.

The male cheetah is much smaller than the hyenas and weighs less than the hyenas. It is hung in mid-air and dragged out by the hyenas for a certain distance. At this time, two cheetahs appeared in the other direction. One left and one right pounced on the hyenas' hind legs and threw the hyenas to the ground with its own weight.

Hyenas have long been covered in bruises. Although they struggled hard after being tackled by three cheetahs, their throat was broken and their strength gradually lost. They tried to pull down the male cheetah with their front paws and then slowly lost their expression.

The male cheetah only let go and stood up after the hyenas swallowed at the last breath, spitting out several scales that had been bitten into his mouth. The blood of the hyenas was still stained on his lip corner. The two cheetahs came up behind and stuck out their tongues to help the male cheetah clean up.

The male cheetah squinted slightly at the direction of the wolf pack with its beautiful golden eyes. There were several wolves looking at the movement here. After the last escaped hyenas were disposed of by the cheetah, several wolves howled upwards. The male cheetah dumped its tail, arched its companions around the arch with its head, and turned to leave.

A female wolf walked to the front of the white wolf, and the white wolf looked at it. the young wolf was bitten and killed by the passing hyenas when they were out hunting. after several days of tracking, they finally found the trail of the hyenas. although the number of wolves was several times that of the hyenas, the war still cost them nearly half of their companions.

The mother wolf looked a little sad. It lowered its head slightly. The white wolf rubbed each other's neck and shoulder comfortingly. Wolves protect their faults, and even if the first world war will destroy their group in this way, the white wolves will still take the wolves to revenge.

A loud howl sounded, and all the wolves that were still around the battlefield looked up in the direction of the white wolves. The white wolves stepped forward, looked around at their scarred companions, bit up a dead wolf body at their feet, and left the area with a greeting.

When other wolves saw the leader leave, they bit up the body of a dead companion and followed the leader. Soon there were only ten blood-soaked hyenas left in this bloody land, and no traces of wolves could be seen.

Vultures that had long hovered in mid-air poured down after the wolves left. They tore up the flesh of the hyenas and devoured them, cleaning up the battlefield that had just experienced killing.

This situation has been playing out on the plains during this period of time. Apart from the constant changes of lions and wolves, the other side of the battle has always been hyenas.

The male cheetah took his two companions of the new team to replenish water in a puddle, looked up and saw a group of hyenas and a small group of hyenas against each other. The companions looked at the male cheetah, the male cheetah's ears moved, and took the two companions around for a while, looking at the situation in a high bush against the wind.

Cheetahs cherish their lives, and injuries are almost equivalent to death, so even male cheetahs don't like hyenas very much, but unless they are sure they can win, they will only lurk quietly.

A nearby acacia tree, dense canopy, a leopard swinging its tail, leisurely watching the fierce fighting under the tree, on another branch there is another leopard hidden in the shadows, see hyenas in weak will jump down to harass the hyenas, when the other return to absolute being will quickly ran back to acacia tree. Angry hyenas ran into the acacia tree several times, but they were helpless to the cunning leopard and wanted to stay away from the acacia tree, but they would be forced back alive by hyenas.

It was absolutely impossible for the leopard to help hyenas hunt, but now it appears eerily in this corner, coupled with the three adult cheetahs quietly staring at the hyenas in the tall grass. It seems that for an instant, the hyenas have become the common targets of all predators on the plain.

In a remote section of the Dorsal River, dense groups of hyenas were scattered and could not see the end.

A completely dark pterosaur fluttered its wings and landed beside the hyenas leader. it first dipped half of its body into the cold water to disperse the heat all over it. then it staggered to the front of the hyenas leader with its infrequent legs. a shrill voice, which was very different from its size, sounded, "it seems that several teams recently sent out have been hunted down by the lowly predators on the plain."

There was no expression on the face of the man dressed in silver and bright skins, and he listened quietly to the latest situation of the black winged dragon. They have been here for a period of time. Except for the destruction of several Beastmen tribes with only a hundred people during the period when they just left the forest, they have not found any traces of Beastmen until now. They have stayed in this section of the river for more than a month, but none of the hyenas teams that went out to explore have returned.

"Do we want to rid the plains of all predators?" Has been lying on the soft grass catnap ankylosaurus leader raised his head, voice hoarse and dark to ask.

"Do you know how many animals there are on the plain?" Black-winged dragon hissed, even his eyes did not give a glance to this imperfectly enlightened armored dragon.

The head of the Ankylosaurus had little chance to speak at ordinary times, but now he was choked by the black winged dragon. He turned away and stopped talking. The male Ankylosaurus, who had been standing beside it, bowed his head and touched the head of the Ankylosaurus calmly.

"The first snow is coming." There has been no voice hyenas leader said in a low voice, red eyes no focal length to look at the pentium river.

"Do you want to wait here until winter comes?" Black-winged dragon asked reluctantly. The temperature in the plain is higher than that in the forest. The most important thing is that there is no shade. Long-term exposure to the sun is not an ordinary hardship for pterosaurs. If they stay in one place and do not move, they might as well go back to the forest and hide for a few days.

However, when they left the forest, they offended many other dragons in the forest. If they go back now, they may not be able to live in peace. The black-winged dragon frowned inconspicuously, and its wings fanned subconsciously. The wind it brought mixed with the moisture it had just touched. It was cool, making the head of the armored dragon not far from it squint comfortably.

The head of the hyenas looked back at each other. Because of its human form, the expression on his face was much more obvious than when he was a hyenas. The beautiful lip shape also evoked a beautiful radian. "If you like it, you can take part of the team and do it according to your own ideas."

"With a part of the team? Do you want to give me some hyenas?" Black-winged dragon stopped the unconscious action of fanning its wings, cocked its head slightly and asked doubtfully.

The head of the hyenas nodded, and his beautiful finger gently touched a male hyenas standing next to it. The male hyenas stood up and walked back and forth meekly. The rest of the hyenas soon stood up one after another behind him. Some of the hyenas quickly stepped out of the team and soon stood on a nearby clearing.

When the team was divided again, the male hyenas walked back to the head of the hyenas and looked down at the black winged dragon.

The black winged dragon saw this and saw a surprise in his eyes. His wings fanned uncontrollably again. This time, the spread of the wings was larger, and almost one wing fanned the face of the head of Ankylosaurus.

"You will be so many kin all give me? I can do anything. When shall I come to join you?" Black winged dragon asked excitedly.

The head of the hyenas rubbed his palms and said in a faint voice, "You can take them and play around. You can return to the forest before the next summer. You don't need to join me."

"I didn't expect you to be so generous." The voice of the black winged dragon was full of joy, "then I will leave half of my kin for you, and when I meet in the forest next time, I will be able to become like you."

The head of the hyenas nodded casually, motioning with his hand that the black winged dragon could take the hyenas away.

The black wing dragon turned around and its eyes had turned into a beautiful radian. "ankylosaurus, do you want to exchange with me? your kin is thick and thick, and it must be very useful to lead."

The head of the Ankylosaurus looked at the black-winged dragon and two puffs of air erupted from his nose. He turned his head and replied grumpily, "No change."

Black winged dragon didn't want each other to really exchange with oneself, see ankylosaurus leader refused, helplessly shrugged his wings, and hyenas leader called, leaving half of the pterosaurs, and then with assigned to his hand almost a third of the number of hyenas group left vastly.

Looking at the black-winged dragon slowly disappearing on the horizon, the head of the hyenas turned his attention again to the rushing river water. His red eyes reflected the light of the sun, which went out clearly and could not see his emotion.


Ka Luo is packing for Lang Yan. Since this summer, he has had the most contact with Lang Yan. Knowing that the other party will leave early the next morning, he is full of worries.

However, it is summer now. Apart from food, there is no special need for the exchange between the two tribes. Ka Luo can only prepare some snacks that the other side can eat on the road.

Lang Yan holding Chen small steamed stuffed bun gently pat coaxed each other to sleep, small steamed stuffed bun probably can also feel the atmosphere of parting, no matter how the Lang Yan coax, black eyes staring at the Lang Yan without blinking, small Wolf zai son lying beside Lang Yan, occasionally arch Lang Yan arm with his head, so quietly with each other.

That night, Chen Qi knew the reason why Azhang and his family were returning to the tribe early. Apart from finding traces of hyenas in places several days away, the most important thing was that the day before they decided to withdraw, a patrol team found the bodies of several hyenas in a relatively remote place.

At that time, the inspection results showed that the hyenas appeared to have been bitten by some wild animals. As to whether the hyenas were bitten while alive or whether some wild animals wanted to devour them after death, they could not see clearly.

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