"I didn't expect that we had only left for a summer, and you had a male son." Ali sat beside the Lang Yan, looked at each other's arms simply white tender little steamed stuffed bun, sigh with emotion in a low voice.

Today, Achu wants to explain to ah Zhang what has happened in the tribe in recent months. only when several people get the black can they come back. therefore, seeing Chen Qi's steam stuff bun (baby) at the moment, the patriarch's adult who appears stable in front of outsiders can't help but feel a little moved.

Seeing that the bun didn't mean to sleep at all, Lang Yan picked up a clean towel next to it to help the other party wipe the trace of saliva dripping on the corner of his mouth from the spitting bubble just now. he smiled and asked Azhang, who was sitting not far away watching, "do you want a hug?"

When Azhang heard this, he ran to the bathroom, scrubbed his hands with figs several times and then wiped them clean with a towel before coming out. standing beside Lang Yan, he was still a little uneasy. "can I hold it?"

Ali didn't good the spirit ground white each other one eye, Lang Yan will be small steamed stuffed bun in Azhang's arms with a smile.

Grow to such an age, Azhang has never held the newly-born male son. Male is almost equivalent to the word weak in their concept. Azhang's hands were a little stiff, and little steamed stuffed bun felt a little uncomfortable when leaving Lang Yan's arms. his eyebrows knit together unconsciously. fortunately, little steamed stuffed bun didn't like to cry, so he flattened his mouth at most, turned his head and looked at Lang Yan who let go with a little grievance.

Ali was afraid that Azhang's strength was not well controlled, and he would hurt the buns if he didn't know what to do. He repeatedly said that he would make the other party be more careful, while he was worried and guarded. The posture was like guarding some treasure. Chen Qi felt a little funny.

According to the explanation given by Axiang and some brief maps of the capital brought back by Ayan, Chen Qi handed the adjusted design draft to Axiang, and gave the other party several suggestions suitable for the Lion Wolf Tribe at the present stage. He heard Axiang nodding repeatedly and asked Lang Yan to help to record these suggestions in writing so as not to forget them. Finally, he put them away gratefully.

"It's only a few days before winter. Now that your cellars are all ready, we will begin to store food for the winter." Chen Qi warned.

Axiang: "These things have already begun to be prepared. In a few days, the animals on the plain will begin to migrate after the first snowfall. At that time, we will put aside the construction and organize a large-scale hunting."

Aze brought back two jars of wine from the cellar. The two jars of wine were brewed not long after summer, which is the longest brewed wine in Chen Qi's family. Aze placed two jars of wine in front of Ayan. "This is our gift to you."

The wine is brewed from wild fruits. The alcohol level is not high. Even if one jar is drunk, Athlete may not be drunk. He has drunk a little before, but he likes the taste of the wine very much. Seeing the two dusty pottery jars lying in front of him, he took some light in his eyes and accepted it unceremoniously.

"Next time you need anything, just tell me and I will help you find it." Ayan can't help but gather together to one of the altar sniffed wine aroma, promised. Now the Lion Wolf Tribe is busy with its construction and has received many Beastmen from other tribes. The resources are not enough for itself, and Al-Jae can't come up with what Chen Qi needs. However, he still keeps this matter in his mind. In addition, he helped to take care of his partner's kindness before. He thinks that he must repay him if he has the chance in the future.

Ka Luo and Ake have packed several large wooden lunch boxes full of snacks that can be stored for several days, enough for the Ayan party to eat back to the Lion Wolf Tribe. Ayao a pair of small hands holding a piece of Red fruits flower cake, now is the time when Red fruits flowers bloom, Ka Luo made a pile of raw materials, Ayao cheeks eat bulging, corners of the mouth is full of powder crumbs.

This summer Ka Luo brought out a lot of sugar, so at ordinary times he didn't care about it and would waste it. Chen Qi was worried that Ayao was too old to eat too many snacks and sweets would damage his teeth. he also told Ka Luo not to let the other party eat too much. now he finally caught his father making so many snacks at this time. Ayao stayed at the hearth all the time, and his mouth never stopped from beginning to end.

Think of a two people have to travel early in the morning tomorrow, a few people get together to eat a dinner and then dispersed, left Azhang also loathe to give up the small steamed stuffed bun, but Azhang's arms is too hard, Chen small steamed stuffed bun sleep uncomfortable, his brow wrinkled more and more tight, if it weren't for Ali found that the situation is wrong to pick up, small steamed stuffed bun is estimated to be flat mouth cry.

"King." Lang Yan let a few people back to the house first, looked at the room began to light up the lights, he turned to have been with his side of the young Wolf cried, this is still he again call young Wolf as Ajing since the first time he saw young Wolf.

One man and one wolf came to a remote corner to avoid others. Little Wolf dribbling looked at Lang Yan, did not speak.

Lang Yan stretched out his hand and touched the smooth fur of little wolf cubs as usual. his eyes were a little restless and worried. "I don't know if we will meet again after this leave. I hope you can protect yourself well, in case . . ." Lang Yan paused. "in case Qi Ze City is broken by hyenas, you can leave. you are the only pure blood giant wolf god. hyenas won't kill you. you go back to the forest and find the source of Sanchen river. as long as you are willing to protect Sanchen river, the dragons in the forest will protect you."

Young Wolf quietly looked at him, for a long time, bowed their heads and gently rub each other's deformed feet, belongs to the familiar smell between kin will Lang Yan wrapped, feet feel are usually much lighter.

"ah." Lang Yan sighed, before he said those words when he was faint think young Wolf can't leave Chen Qi they escape alone, just like they can't leave item back to his own people, but as the only pure blood giant Wolf god, Wolf phlogistic don't want young Wolf something.

"If Qi Ze City cannot keep, please at least live well." Lang Yan asked softly, praying that the defense made by Qi Ze City would be of some use. At least it would help them survive this winter. Even if they don't know what will happen in the future, at least the winter is still hopeful.

Young Wolf stood up, it can't like has been transformed Lang Yan mouth spit people out, but as a kin, Lang Yan can also understand the meaning of young Wolf.

Young wolf flicked his tail a few times, took a deep look at Lang Yan, and then turned to leave. Lang Yan is like the first time I saw a young wolf, solemnly kneeling on the ground, a gentle salute, until the young wolf into the yard to stand up.

The departure of the Lion Wolf Tribe can be regarded as an important event in Qi Ze City during this period of time. The Beastmen of the two tribes have been cooperating together for several months. Several males stayed because they had been with the young females of the original Luoshui Tribe for a period of time and had the idea of becoming partners. There are also several single females in the Lion Wolf Tribe who have no ties with each other and have actively sought out the wishes of Ayan to stay. Ayan is also generous. As long as those who are willing to stay don't force each other to go back, shadow stone also voluntarily handed over to Azhang, and registered the information according to the requirements on this side of Qi Ze City. This is regarded as entering Qi Ze City.

All of a sudden, more than a dozen ethnic groups were added. Azhang was also very happy. He also sent several sets of newly-built iron weapons to Akan as a thank-you.

A dark-skinned female came out of the crowd. He looked a little embarrassed and stood in front of Aze and cried.

"Ajin?" Aze looked at each other doubtfully and asked.

"I wanted to find you yesterday. I didn't have time to thank you for saving me last time." Ajin took out a bag of things wrapped tightly in animal skins from his small pocket and handed it to Aze. "I also don't know what I can do to give you a thank-you gift. these stones were discovered when I went into the forest to collect them. I heard Ai Li say your partner likes some strange things. I hope you will like them."

Aze took it and opened it. A few beautiful red crystal appeared in front of him. Chen Qi just saw it. He leaned in and picked up one and looked at it. The color of crystal was very beautiful. It was a little transparent in the sun and a little like agate. Chen Qi was the first time he saw such a beautiful stone.

Seeing Chen Qi's delight, Aze handed each other all the stones in his hand, turned to Ajin with a smile and said, "Thank you, these stones are very beautiful."

"You like it." See Aze accept, Ajin relieved in my heart, now in addition to these useless stones, he also can't come up with other valuable things to repay Aze, but the in the mind always remember this matter, plus this summer Qi Ze City beast people helped his tribe a lot, Ajin heart also guilty, just want to send something to express gratitude, after I have the ability to get better things to thank each other again.

"You don't have to be so polite. Maybe I still need your help in the future."

In the distance, someone called Ajin's name. Ajin looked back and saw that he was looking for his ally in the crowd. After saying a few more words of thanks to Ah Ze, he hurried away.

When Chen Qi finished reading the stones in his hand, Ajin had already lost his figure. Although there was not a piece of meat worth more in the world's beautiful CRYSTAL, Chen Qi still felt a little guilty about taking someone else's things for nothing.

"if he gives it to you, take it. if we don't take it, maybe he will always remember the honoraria." Aze funnily packed several stones and stuffed them into the small backpack Chen Qi was carrying.

"all right." Chen Qi also knew that Aze had saved each other's life before. After sending off a line of people from the Lion Wolf Tribe, he wondered when he would be free to make some small decorations with these pieces of crystal.

Of course, now he can only put all his thoughts into the construction of the tribe, this little practical gadget can only be temporarily put aside.

Looking at a line of lions and wolves who were drifting away, young wolf was standing on the high wall. the wind made its white hair shake gently. Ajing was standing beside young wolf. one summer passed, young wolf was as tall as he was. he reached down and stroked his back gently.

Until the lion wolf tribe and a line of people were about to disappear behind the small bamboo forest, the young wolf suddenly cried with his face upwards, and his voice spread far away in the wind for a long time.

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