After the first snow, the animals on the plain will begin their vigorous migration, and the siege of hyenas by various predators on the plain will slowly begin to disappear.

The huge potholes between the two walls of Qi Ze City were also laid after the first snow. During this period, the Beastmen from the Lion Wolf Tribe who were responsible for transmitting information came twice. One brought news of the war between wolves and a small group of hyenas, and the other was the discovery of pterosaurs on the plain.

Pterosaurs are actually similar to vultures. They like to pick up white food and can also eat rotten meat. It is basically impossible to actively hunt. Moreover, pterosaurs are afraid of heat and can't fly in the sun for a long time. The sunshine is long in summer and there are no trees that can shade the plains. It is really an abnormal thing for pterosaurs to appear here.

Compared with the information conveyed by the Lion Wolf Tribe, the situation on this side of the forest is still normal. all kinds of herbivorous dragons still linger on the edge of the forest, and even many dolphin dragons emerge again to look for food on the edge of the forest. everything seems to be not much different from before.

While the animals on the plain began to migrate and gather together, the animals in Qi Ze City also organized a large-scale hunting activity, during which they also caught several alive animals and put them into the conservatory. In addition to these animals, Azhang also took people to Chishui River to catch a lot of fish and threw them into the moat. The moat was repaired once in summer, and the river was much wider. Raising a few fish was not in the way.

In addition to the storage of meat, as the second batch of crops planted in the neighboring tribes began to mature one after another in winter, the planting area was very wide, and it took several days to complete the harvest.

Before the patrol entered the edge of the forest to inspect, it got some willow seeds back. Chen Qi had them planted directly on both sides of the moat. At the moment, only buds appeared, and I don't know if I can survive the severe winter. However, Chen Qi left some seeds for summer use, but he was not worried about the survival of the willows.

As the army of migrants slowly began to gather on the plain, the black-winged dragon slowed down its pace. After leaving the head of the hyenas, the black-winged dragon easily hunted several groups of predators on the plain with its newly acquired subordinates. However, with the end of the first snow, the black-winged dragon also had to avoid its sharpness in the face of the number of plain animals far more than 10 times and 100 times of its own. They found a small abandoned rock mountain to repair, black wing dragon standing on the top of the high mountain, coldly looking at the nearby black passing army of animals.

A few pterosaurs fell from mid-air. They fluttered their wings and walked meekly to the leader. They reported the results of their exploration one by one. After hearing this, the black pterosaurs' eyes lit up, leaving the hyenas standing by. It followed several pathfinding pterosaurs soaring high, crossing the vast plains and heading for its destination.

Because the migration army has almost cut off the road across the plain, the black-winged dragon has become a bit nervous recently because it has nothing to do. even if it has been walking at night and day for several days in a row, its good mood has not changed a bit. when it flies to several high rocky mountains to see the strange Beastmen tribe underneath, its eyes will shine even more brightly.

This tribe is completely different from the tribes that Black Wings have seen before. The number of Beastmen is very large. They keep busy going and going on the reddish-brown wall. Black Wings did not come to the plain last winter, but they also heard the chief hyenas say something about the tribes with the reddish-brown wall.

The red-brown high wall completely encircles the whole Beastmen tribe in the middle. The black-winged dragon standing on high can clearly see the situation under it. If these walls are blocking in front, the hyenas alone can hardly capture it.

The black-winged dragon half squinted and flapped its wings, intending to take another look nearby.

"Whew." A clear and crisp surprises, sharp arrows rubbed black wing dragon forehead, black wing dragon got a fright, can be stopped forward movement, wings flapping down twice, raised a distance, looked intently, I saw the Beastmen on the reddish brown wall is fiddling with a strange thing.

Seeing that the arrows had fallen through, the Beastmen in charge of aiming gave a light tut. Ayan looked at some pterosaurs parked in mid-air, and ordered the Beastmen who had been aiming well to "continue."

"Whew, whew, whew." A dozen siege crossbows facing pterosaurs on the front of the city wall released arrows at the pterosaurs one after another. This time, the black winged dragon was prepared. Coupled with the distance, the power of the arrows was reduced a lot. The black winged dragon deftly stirred up and down and escaped.

However, the pterosaur closest to the city wall was unfortunately shot with an arrow, which just hit one side of the wing. The pterosaur suffered from pain and fell to the ground when its body was unstable.

The huge noise hit the ground and crushed a piece of grass. The black-winged dragon looked at it lightly. Since it followed the leader of the hyenas to the plain, perhaps it was because there were too many hyenas. Several Beastmen tribes it met were easily destroyed by them. Because it was too simple, the black-winged dragon still felt a little boring. I didn't expect to find such an interesting Beastmen tribe now.

Looking at the dark head on the wall, the black winged dragon, which had not eaten for some time, suddenly felt empty in its stomach and forced down the idea of rushing down to eat. With the rest of the pterosaurs, it raised some distance again, convinced that the strange arrows would not harm itself, and then began to circle around the Lion Wolf Tribe.

The distance is too high. In fact, the black winged dragon did not really see it, but it enjoyed gazing at its spare food. It gave an order to one of the winged dragons to tell the hyenas leader what he found. After all, the other brought himself out. How could he tell the other when he met so many Beastmen?

"What now?" Ayan looked up at the pterosaur that had been hovering high in the sky. His eyes were a little worried. The pterosaur could fly. If it suddenly took advantage of people's inattention to fly down and catch a person and run, they had no choice.

"Send several siege crossbows on the city wall into the tribe, and shoot the pterosaurs once they have the intention to enter the tribe."

Ayan led the order to retire. Fortunately, these pterosaurs didn't mean to attack the Lion Wolf Tribe immediately. they just walked around in the sky for most of the day and left. however, Axiang did not dare to relax. after sending the news to Qi Ze City, he speeded up the defense arrangement of the tribe.

Compared with the situation where the Lion Wolf Tribe either found hyenas nearby or were peeped by pterosaurs, Qi Ze City can be said to be very stable and peaceful. Apart from groups of migrating troops passing by the gate of the home, Qi Ze City did not find any signs of danger approaching.

With about half a month to go before winter, Qi Ze City has finished all the food stored and the traps for defending against hyenas. the rest of the animals in Qi Ze City have no other work to do in a hurry except for making consumables such as arrows.

Little Wolf cub this period of time in addition to still go out every day to collect milk for small steamed stuffed bun fruit, other basic stay on the wall, Chen Qi also don't know what the other party is looking at, every day can only see little Wolf cub staring at the direction of the Chishui river trance. However, Chen Qi did not have time to take care of the little wolf cubs. Since Azhang came back, they built a shabby little house in a corner of the tribe far away from the place of residence, hiding in it every day and working on the fire/medicine with several old females.

Calm days always pass very fast. When Chen Qi finds out that Chen Xiaobaozi can actually stand up, the first snow in winter has already fallen, and the whole plain has become quiet without any trace of living things. Qi Ze City is like a single leaf boat in this vast snowy plain, looking extremely lonely.

Looking at Azhang carefully burying the newly prepared fire/medicine in the outermost withered grass, Chen Qi tightened his tight fur coat. Although the temperature dropped sharply in the beginning of winter, it was not the coldest yet. Chen Qi patted his cub's fluffy hair and motioned him to go home with him. Now he has done almost everything he should do. The rest depends on when the hyenas come.

Busy for several months in a row, suddenly relaxed Chen Qi mood became eerily calm, young Wolf walked in front of each other, cleanly stepped on a wooden ladder jumped off the wall, four claws left deep traces in the snow, such as another snow, the snow on the ground thicker, ice wall can be built again.

However, to Chen Qi's surprise, until after the middle of winter, when Chen Xiaobaozi was able to cry out to Dad with milk and milk, there was no sign of hyenas coming near Qi Ze City, but there were several herbivorous dragons hanging around Qi Ze City to become food on the table of the beast people.

Compared with Qi Ze City, the Lion Wolf Tribe met the hyenas even earlier than they did, but it was a black-winged dragon that led the hyenas.

Since the last time I came to spy on the Lion Wolf Tribe, the black wing dragon has been keen on this strange Beastmen tribe. unfortunately, the hyenas leader seems to have no interest in this tribe. as soon as the migrating army on the plain leaves, the black wing dragon will rush to the Lion Wolf Tribe with his men. it can't wait to enjoy its own food.

"Are you leaving?" The head of Ankylosaurus saw that the man finally had an action and stood up hastily. The thick snowflakes falling on him last night fell to the ground. The head of Ankylosaurus waved his body and cleaned up the snowflakes.

"well. I'll show you a very interesting tribe." Think of last winter when the sudden withdrawal, the man's lip Angle slightly bent up, that stupid giant Wolf god thought with his own life can deceive himself, the man was suddenly curious, what the other party want to hide yourself.

"Then hurry up and go." Ankylosaurus leaders can't wait to urge, they have been here for several months, before they can go out to play with animals on the Dora Plain. Since the beginning of winter, all ankylosaurus leaders here have long been bored, except for the constant sprinkling of water in front of them. In particular, some time ago the black wing dragon found a funny Beastmen tribe, and the ankylosaurus leader has long been itching.

Even if the leader of Ankylosaurus worried again, it still waited patiently for the leader of Hyenas to leave before following him. Hyenas and Ankylosaurus, which had been lying quietly around and almost turned into ice sculptures, also stood up. When the two leaders left, they all followed in order. A few birds chirped from the sky, and a group of pterosaurs flew in front, watching the surrounding situation for the mighty army on the ground.

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