After feeding Chen's buns with milk and fruit, Chen Qi carefully placed the buns that had fallen asleep on the bed. after winter, he moved the place where he slept at night to the heated kang bed outside the hall, where a fire was burning daily. the temperature around the hall was much higher than that in the room. there was no need to worry about freezing the buns.

Aze is making new toys, a rattle, for small steamed buns. He used to make them for small beasts in the tribe. Now he is more skilled at making them. The table was littered with chopped wood chips. Aze was holding a thin millstone to gently polish the wooden splinter on the edge of the rattle.

With his finger poking at the little steamed stuffed bun's pink and tender face, Chen Qi's expression on his face softened a lot. he helped him cover the quilt gently and put a doll that the little steamed stuffed bun liked within reach of the other party. Chen Qi just walked beside Aze to watch him busy.

"I've been busy all day today, so go to bed earlier." Seeing Chen Qi sitting opposite, Aze stopped his movements. Today, a pony fell ill. Chen Qi stayed in the conservatory for a whole day, and as the winter entered, even if he stayed in the conservatory, the animals were not in good condition. He was not very energetic all day. Chen Qi also worried that they would not survive and would take good care of them most of the time.

"I'm fine, not sleepy." Chen Qi picked up a small cup of milk fruit that had been warm nearby, then poured another cup of scented tea, mixed the milk fruit into the scented tea, and mixed the faint milk fragrance into the tea. This is the milk fruit left by the steamed stuffed bun just now. Thanks to the young wolf, the number of milk fruits stored in the cellar is the largest of all fruits. If you eat three times a day according to the amount of steamed stuffed bun, you will have no problem in the coming winter.

Aze took over the mixed version of milk tea. The tea was freshly brewed with hot air. The temperature passed to his heart with the pottery cup. Aze took a sip of it gently. Since he found that there were too many milk fruits in his home, Chen Qi worked out all kinds of eating methods. Aze always felt that even the air in his home now smelled of milk.

"I hear there are many fewer animals on the edge of the forest?"

"Well, there are no dragons around the edge today." Aze put down the cup, picked up the unfinished rattle and went on working. By the way, he told Chen Qi what the patrol found today.

"I'm afraid hyenas are coming soon." Chen Qi sighed and brought worries to his brow.

Aze looked up at each other. "Don't worry, we've done everything we have to do, and the rest is just as it should be." Anyway, living in this plain, no matter how to also want to and hyenas, oneself also will protect Chen Qi.

"too." Chen Qi rubbed his eyebrows. He has been busy all summer and most of the winter. Even if he can't fight with the hyenas, there should be no problem holding the tribe, right?

Just then, the deafening explosion in the distance and the howl of the wolf warning of danger suddenly sounded. The sleeping buns were awakened by the sound and began to cry. Ajing and the pups also came out of the room. When they saw the two in the hall, they were still not fully awake with some confusion on their little faces.

Chen Qi went over and picked up the steamed stuffed bun and coaxed it gently. Aze had already opened the door and ran out. The door that was too late to close was filled with snow and cold wind.

"Go get dressed and tidy up." Chen Qi coaxed the steamed stuffed bun and hurriedly told Ajing, who was still standing by the door.

Ajing returned to absolute being and went into the room to dig out his small backpack and put away some common things. Chen Qi helped the little steamed stuffed bun to get dressed, but his mind was churning with the worst plans.

In the late summer, Chen Qi once again tinkered with the fire/medicine and made several pressed mines with stones, ceramics, etc. Because they were simple versions, their lethality was not high, but they could make a huge explosion sound.

Once it snows in winter, the snow on the ground will accumulate very thick, which is very inconvenient to clean up. Therefore, this kind of mine is only planted in the direction facing Chishui River, so that even if the dragons in the forest accidentally run to the edge of the tribe, it will not be easily triggered. But now it is obvious that these mines have been broken, and Chen Qi has a faint feeling of uneasiness in his heart.

Chen Qi wrapped the buns tightly with his cloak. Aze came back. His expression was not very good. "Maybe the hyenas are coming. Prepare for it. I'll take you to the cellar first."

"Can't you see clearly?"

Aze shook his head. Today is a moonless day, and the plain is almost engulfed by darkness. In order to better prevent the hyenas from attacking, the mine was buried a little far from the tribe. Rao is that the females can only see a vague shadow with good eyesight, and can't distinguish the common dragons or hyenas entering by mistake.

Chen Qi packed the snacks made today and stuffed them into his backpack. Then he took the usual things of small steamed buns, put on a thick fur cloak and followed Aze out of the door.

The Beastmen in Qi Ze City have already woken up. Walking on the road, hurried pedestrians. Ka Luo next door also happened to be holding the obsidian. The obsidian was probably too sleepy to lie on Ka Luo's shoulder. The noise was so big that he did not wake up. Ake was carrying a big backpack behind them. Seeing Chen Qi and his party, he walked to the cellar of the school together.

The cellar in Qi Ze City is only the specially reinforced cellar under the school. When Chen Qi and his party arrived, there were already many males and females in it. Ali was busy allocating places for everyone, and Ashu was helping to register.

Chen Qi carried the buns into the deepest corner of the cellar, which was farthest from the ground and had a better sound insulation effect. Even if the buns could not control any noise, they could not be found outside.

Aze neatly lit a small fire, Chen Qi spread some skins on the ground, then handed Ajing the steamed stuffed bun and told him to take good care of it.

After quickly arranging the things in the cellar, Chen Qi wanted to follow Aze to the outside to see the situation. The wolf cub who had been quietly following him grabbed Chen Qi's skirt.

"Do you want to go out too?" See young Wolf eagerly looked at himself, Chen Qi tentatively asked.

Little Wolf cub nodded, but before Chen Qi refused, Aze took up Chen Qi's wrist and said to little Wolf cub, "Go out, but you must protect yourself when you are in danger."

Hearing that he was allowed to go out, the little wolf whelp let out a whoop of joy, shook his big tail, turned back to appease the worried Ajing, then crossed Chen Qi and headed for the cellar exit.

"Is it okay to let it out?" Chen Qi asked anxiously.

"don't worry, it's a giant wolf god."

Seeing that Aze's words were full of trust in the young Wolf, Chen Qi could only suppress his worries.

I don't know when the sky was snowing again, and the explosion had stopped for a long time. The whole Qi Ze City was eerily quiet except for the footsteps rushing into the cellar.

The two men crossed the two reddish-brown walls to the outermost wall of the ice city. many fires were lit on the wall of the ice city, and the whole wall was lit up. Azhang was looking at the situation outside with a dignified look. of course, he could see nothing but darkness.

"Is the hyena here?" Chen Qi stepped down from Aze's back. The wind on the wall was stronger than that in the tribe. Chen Qi couldn't help tightening his cloak. Through his thick mask, he spoke in a somewhat muffled voice.

Seeing that it was Chen Qi, Azhang gave up some of the battlements. Chen Qi followed the other side's position and looked outside. There was nothing but darkness.

"I don't know if it's hyenas. Just now the guards said something seemed to move outside when the blast sounded, but they didn't hear the sound of hyenas, so they are not sure yet." Azhang gave a brief account of the situation.

At this time, Achu came up from the other side of the wall and saw Chen Qi nod and say hello. "No abnormalities have been found in the other three directions for the time being."

Azhang looked up at the sky. "Wait and see, wait until morning to see the situation before making any plans."

Now it's just early morning, there is still a long time before dawn, Chen Qi stayed on the wall for a while and was sent back to rest by Azhang. when he saw that there was nothing he needed for the time being, Chen Qi also felt a little tired of the cold at night and went back to the cellar with Aze first.

Young Wolf did not follow to the outermost ice wall, but stayed on the inner wall.

When the two men returned to the cellar, the males and females of the tribe who had no fighting capacity had all gone into hiding. Ajing was sitting by the fire in the corner with the buns in his arms. Other small beasts of the tribe also followed and surrounded Ajing. Ka Luo dug out some small toys to play with the energetic little beasts. The whole cellar was quiet and no one made too much noise.

Chen Qi simply told the crowd about the situation outside. At that time, several more females came in. Their families were all in the cellar. At the moment, while there was no need to fight, they were sitting next to their families for a rest.

The second day early in the morning, Chen Qi grabbed some food with Aze before dawn and then went to the ice wall. Ye Huo gave his son to Ka Luo to take care of, and the two of them went to the conservatory to add food to the animals inside and add new charcoal to keep the temperature in the conservatory.

The guards on the wall of the ice city changed a lot. Many Beastmen took advantage of this moment of peace to rest. Azhang did not sleep a wink all night. He just stood by the wall quietly and did not know what he was thinking.

Axu, dressed in a white fur cloak, squatted on the battlements with Achu on the left and right, his eyes staring at the situation outside for an instant, as if to see something through the darkness.

The morning of the 1st of the month is always so sudden. when the darkness is lifted like a curtain, Chen Qi can't help but draw a gasp. only not far from the place where they buried the mines, were the hyenas standing in the dark. even the branches of the bare acacia trees around them were full of pterosaurs. the number stretched to the place where they disappeared, and seemed to have no end in sight.

With the disappearance of the darkness, the motionless hyenas raised their heads one after another. Snowflakes falling all night fell from their backs. A male hyenas bigger than the average adult hyenas slowly walked out of the hyenas. It stood at the front and suddenly let out a loud howl.

The roar of the beast sounded, the darkness finally disappeared completely, and a new day came.

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