"It's hyenas." Don't know who gave a low shout, originally there were some rest on the spot beast people also stood up, a loud howl sounded, still stay in Qi Ze City female also quickly came to the wall of the ice city, they are holding a wooden bow, back carrying an arrow bag full of arrows, some are arranged to operate catapult and siege crossbows female also quickly in place, ready to fight at any time.

Chen Qi looked at the movement of the hyenas with a dignified expression. The hyenas did not approach Qi Ze City forward, but as the animal roars, the hyenas behind slowly stepped forward and began to spread around, with a faint tendency to surround the whole Qi Ze City.

Traps are set along the wall. Hyenas have been keeping a certain distance from the wall. This distance is beyond the range of the siege crossbow. Beasts on the wall can only watch the movements of the hyenas silently and cannot move.

"Why are there so many hyenas?" Achu frowned, but no one could answer his question.

The number of hyenas this time is twice or more than three times that of the last time. I feel that all the hyenas in the forest ran out at this moment.

Hyenas did not move fast, and it was nearly noon when they were about to surround Qi Ze City.

"Is there anyone in the hyenas?" Axu, who has been squatting on the battlements and constantly watching the movements of hyenas, suddenly turned back and asked.

Chen Qi said, looking in the direction of Axu's fingers, his eyesight was not as good as that of the female. The fur color of the hyenas was also close to that of the snow. In addition, the number of hyenas was too large to see whether Beastmen were mixed in.

"There was a man there, and the hyenas who had just given orders returned to him." Aze rubbed his bowstring and replied.

"Who is that man? Could it be a metamorphosed hyena?" Chen Qi speculated.

Other people smell speech all turned their eyes to Chen Qi, face in addition to dignified mixed with some complex emotions, but now no matter the man is an ordinary Beastmen or hyenas, in the hyenas, there is only the enemy this possibility.

"Seeing so many hyenas makes my scalp tingle." Ale took out a small cake stuffed with chilies from his pocket and put it into the import. The hot taste of the cake made the chill from inside to outside disperse a lot.

"now what? Are you waiting?"

"We don't have enough range of weapons. Let's wait and see what the hyenas do." Ale has been silent Azhang ordered.

After waiting for more than an hour, Chen Qi had only eaten a little dry food to cushion his stomach at noon. The wind was rising again and he could only gather together to warm himself at the side of the fire pan. Aze was heartbroken and went to his side to help him fend off the wind.

"Do you want to go back and warm yourself first?"

"No, you don't worry." Seeing Aze's worries, Chen Qi calmed the other party.

"Bang." Just then there was another explosion. This was the mine left yesterday that had no time to trigger. Chen Qi looked out of the city and saw a hyena coming towards the ice wall. Its hair was broken several times by the explosion. Several bright red blood oozed from the wound, which was especially conspicuous in the vast expanse of white.

Chen Qi's eyes narrowed. Indeed, these mines were too crude to do much harm to hyenas.

Perhaps the hyenas also found that these loud noises had no effect except to make a little louder. They also got bolder. A small group of hyenas came out of the procession and approached the city wall tentatively.

Because there are too many hyenas, this test is no longer only conducted at the main entrance as last time. This time, besides the main entrance facing Chishui River, hyenas are also heading for the city wall on the other three sides.

The number of such crude mines was not very large. At the moment, they calmed down after several explosions. After the mines, there were several rows of trip ropes. The trip ropes were covered by snow. The hyenas didn't find them at all. The first few hyenas fell to the ground. At that time, they were within the range of the siege crossbow. At Azhang's command, the siege crossbows with arrows were already ready on all sides of the city wall and shot at the nearby hyenas.

On the plain, which was still very quiet, with the surprises of arrows falling, there was the shrieks of hyenas.

Tripping rope is only to contain the footsteps of hyenas, which is more harmless than those crude mines. Some hyenas are flexible to avoid when tripped. Tripping rope is exposed to the ground after being triggered, and several hyenas avoiding arrows flexibly bypass the tripping rope to move on.

The hyenas' attack officially began, and the Beastmen' defensive battle also began.

Also don't know whether the hyenas rely on their large number, don't mind playing forward hyenas anyway, after the first wave of tentative attack hyenas were all buried under arrows, the thick skin and thick flesh of ankylosaurus was formally introduced leisurely manner, now in addition to a few rows of Abatis near the ice wall and resisting horses, other traps are hyenas to trample broken.

"Do you think these hyenas Long Bian are smart?" Chen Qi, who has been observing the movements of the hyenas, shot an arrow and went to Azhang to ask. He used a crossbow/arrow. He didn't need much effort, but the range was not as far as the female used a wooden bow. However, the lethality at close range was not bad and could be used to disturb the pace of the hyenas.

Azhang nodded. "They seem to know better than last time how to avoid bows and arrows and traps."

"How do I feel these hyenas are learning?" Chen Qi frowned and pondered what word to use to express his guess. "They are not so much detecting danger in advance as learning the experience of dealing with traps and then transmitting it to the hyenas later on."

Azhang shot the arrow that had already drawn the full bow. The arrow drew a mark on the back of a hyena and then fell to the ground. The hyena shot by the arrow seemed to feel no pain at all and continued to walk down. After hearing what Chen Qi said, Azhang's action paused.

"Then don't they become more difficult to deal with?" Next to the siege crossbow is operating Ale smell speech, twist a head to ask.

"They are really more difficult to deal with." Aze turned around and filled his empty quiver with arrows, motioning them to pay attention to the situation of the armored dragons that had rushed over. "Have you noticed that this is the second batch of armored dragons that have rushed over, and they will rush under the wall in half the time as compared with the last time."

It was only then that several Beastmen who were busy fighting discovered this problem.

As the Tigers approached, the first row of Abatis was soon lit. Under the action of the suddenly lit fire wall, the actions of Tigers and Hyenas all stopped. They even retreated out of range. They did not wait until the burning fire on Abatis completely extinguished before continuing to attack.

There was no pit-digging trap outside the ice wall. Abatis also arranged only three rows. When the three rows of Abatis were burned out, the sun would soon set. The anti-horses buried in the snow were also hit by armored dragons, and the snow was turned up with reddish-brown soil. Tiejialong was not in a hurry to attack the city, but only knocked the rows of resisting horses out of several huge gaps.

When the afterglow of the sunset sprinkled on the plain, the dragon attack finally stopped. Except for the scattered anti-horses outside the ice wall, there was no trap that could stop the hyenas.

"Why did they stop?" Achu, who had just gone to the other side to direct the battle, returned to the front door. Taking advantage of the pause, Azhang was letting people take turns to rest and eat something to fill their stomachs.

Chen Qi cooked a little soup for the crowd with a crude fire pan and added a large handful of ginger slices to dispel the cold, but the taste was not very good, but no one cared about this at the moment.

Azhang sat down on the spot, resting his back against the cold battlements and closing his eyes. He had not closed his eyes since last night and was a little tired from day to night. Fortunately, his fur was thick and he was not afraid of the cold of the ice wall. He heard Achu's voice and opened his eyes slightly. "While the hyenas did not move, please let them rest for a while. I am worried that the hyenas will attack."

"Can the grease be boiled first?" Chen Qi handed a bowl of steaming soup to Azhang to ask.

There are still several pieces of very thick cut meat in the bowl. Azhang took them over without using chopsticks. He held his wooden bow in one hand and the pottery bowl in the other. He started drinking along the edge of the bowl. After drinking the soup, he directly twisted the pieces with his hand and stuffed them into the mouth. "Get up."

One by one, pots and pans were lifted from the watchtower and mounted on the fire pan. The prepared flammable oil inside began to slowly melt. Everyone was watching the fire pan.

Chen Qi took advantage of the temporary pause in the war to hide from the wind in the watchtower nearby. Although his exercise has not fallen down and his physique is getting stronger day by day, he is not as good as the Beastmen after all and can't stand being outdoors in such cold conditions.

The hyenas did not seem to be in a hurry, and there was no next move until it was dark.

The night of the 1st of the month was very bright, and Chen Qi could see the hyenas in the moonlight.

The first night passed in the fear of the beast people. The night was calm, but the hyenas that were far around did not move, and seemed to have turned into ice sculptures. If it weren't for the ferocity of their attacks, they would have been fooled by their harmless appearance.

During this period, snowflakes kept falling, but it was not big, but it was enough to hide most of the bodies of hyenas and ankylosaurs that fell to the ground. The dried blood had long been out of sight, and the plain was restored to its original calm. Apart from the crackle of wood burning in the fire pan and the breathing of people around it, no sound was heard.

Chen Qi thought that the hyenas would continue to attack the next day as they did yesterday. However, to his surprise, the hyenas still stood quietly outside the range. This stop lasted for four days.

During this period, Chen Qi and Aze went back to the cellar and looked at the situation of the buns. Because the tribe was surrounded by hyenas, even though the hyenas did not attack, the Beastmen still hid in the cellar.

There were not many fires lit in the cellar. Naturally, the temperature in the home was not comfortable. Fortunately, the body of the steamed stuffed bun was not weak. After several days in the cellar, the spirit was not bad.

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