Confrontation with the huge hyenas is not an easy thing. It has always maintained a high level of tension. Even if the beast people take turns to rest, they still feel tired.

Chen Qi helped to cover up the cellar exit before the sun went down, and went back to the wall of Ice City with Aze. The appearance of the hyenas did not change much, and they still did not seem to have any intention of attacking.

Today's weather is a bit dark. The visibility around sunset is almost the same as that of a moonless day. It looks like a snowstorm is coming.

Several fire pans were set on fire in the watchtower. The surrounding walls were made of wooden boards, which could only block the wind, but did not keep warm. The females were able to turn out warm fur. They did not care about the cold. Many females sat nearby in the watchtower to sleep. Chen Qi had rested for a period of time in the cellar during the day. At the moment, he took out some materials from his backpack and gave the females some cold-dispelling soup to drink.

Until the beast people after dinner and changed a group of defensive female, Chen Qi thought tonight's hyenas group will be as few actions as a few days ago, the results didn't take long at night, alert signal rang, was still sleeping beast people wake up in an instant, have picked up their weapons and went out of the watchtower.

Outside, it is opaque, and there is no wind tonight, which makes it very quiet. But if you listen carefully, you can find a faint rustle of heavy objects breaking through the snow in the darkness outside the city.

Azhang has already started to arrange in an orderly way. The females quickly returned to their positions. Chen Qi walked to the edge of the nearest battlements and looked outside. As a result, only a thick layer of darkness could be seen.

"It's Ankylosaurus." Aze stood by his side to reassure him.

Seeing the two men coming out, Azhang hurriedly said, "Aze, you protect Chen Qi. Dragons are going to attack."

Aze actually didn't see the figure of Ankylosaurus, he was listening to the sound of footsteps stepping on the snow to distinguish, Chen Qi diffuse up a bad feeling in my heart, the beast's vision is better than the Beastmen, maybe hyenas choose to attack in such a night is not a simple thing.

"Azhang, let people light up all the fire pans on the city wall." Before, in order to save firewood, the fire in the fire pan was kept at the lowest illuminable size. The Abatis outside the ice wall was lit before, and no other illuminable things could be found in this backward environment.

Azhang also asked Chen Qi why, smell speech quickly let a person will be on the wall of the fire plate all lit up, rows of flames lit up quickly, the ice wall as bright. Aze drew out a special arrow, bent the bow to build the arrow, and lit the fire plate. After the arrow was fully burnt, it was shot out toward the outside of the city wall.

The faint light cut through the darkness like a firefly, and the eyes of all looked in the direction of the arrows flying away. Even though the light was weak, with the eyesight of the females, they still saw countless ankylosaurus and hyenas close to the ice wall with such a little light.

Chen Qi drew a gasp. Azhang's face was not very good either. Under such circumstances, bows and arrows could not be aimed at all, but even if arrows were wasted, there was no other way except to attack for the time being.

The objects used for throwing on the catapult were replaced by a special flammable fireball, which was thrown toward the outside after being ignited. Most of the fireballs fell onto the cold snow and went out before long. However, some of them were still burning tenaciously. Thanks to these fireballs, the hit rate of arrows also increased a lot. Even if they could not be killed with one blow, they could at least leave many wounds on the hyenas.

Only when the siege crossbow returned a wave of attacks did Chen Qi feel that the entire ice wall was shaken and felt as if he had been heavily hit by some heavy object. Throwing a torch lit in his hand under the wall, he saw that Ankylosaurus had rushed to the foot of the wall and launched an attack.

Because there are not many iron products, the spikes buried on the wall of the ice city are all made of wood or sharpened bamboo. Ankylosaur, relying on its thick skin and thick flesh, doesn't look at these spikes in its eyes at all. After only two impacts, many spikes break off one after another. Hyenas protected by Ankylosaur are familiar with destroying the wall of the ice city wall.

"Pour grease."

With Azhang's orders, the plates have been boiling oil from the sky repeatedly since a few days ago. At the foot of the city wall, the ankylosaurus was so hot that it cried out repeatedly. A fire arrow shot one of the ankylosaurus covered with oil. The back of the ankylosaurus soon burst into flames. It shouted out of the first echelon and the dragon group behind gave it a place.

After leaving the wall, the flaming armored dragon rolled on the spot, pressing its burning back onto the snow. The cold snow reduced the heat on its back. As it moved, the fire also slowly decreased until it was crushed out.

Other dragon species ignited by grease also crushed the fire as quickly as the head of Ankylosaurus. Of course, there were also others who were shocked by the fire and collapsed to the ground with their whole backs burnt to death. Then they were killed by sharp arrows.

Oil was frozen hard, except for those who have been boiling, other oil at that time also can't solve the cold, with armored dragon to protect, the lethality of arrows is not enough to see, hyenas soon made a hole in the wall, Azhang look wrong, hurriedly let some people will temporarily useless weapons shipped back to the second wall.

"Chen Qi, this place is almost untenable. Please go back to the wall behind you and Aze first." Azhang shot an arrow at a hyena that had no time to hide under the ankylosaurus. He turned to Chen Qi and said.

Chen Qi looked at the chaotic dragon group under the wall, put away his crossbow/arrow, but did not insist. He climbed to Aze's back, and the two returned to the second wall along the nearest rope ladder.

Because dragons started attacking from all sides at the same time, as the gap under the ice wall became bigger and bigger, the wall of the whole ice wall began to shake up. to be on the safe side, after pouring all the melting grease down, Azhang ordered everyone to retreat. many hyenas had already got into the hollowed-out wall holes. the ice wall could not be kept, and it was only a matter of time before the whole wall was opened.

During the construction of the ice wall, it widened a lot, almost twice as wide as last year's ice wall. Even though many hyenas had penetrated into the wall to destroy it, it was not a simple matter to break through the entire ice wall. This also bought Azhang a lot of time to withdraw all the resources on the wall of the ice city.

Chen Qi helped to light the fire plate on the second wall, and when all the Beastmen withdrew, he helped to free the rope ladder connecting the two walls. When the last rope ladder fell into the opaque underground, a loud rumbling sound was heard. With the torches lit on the wall of the original ice city and the firelight of some discarded fire pans, it can be seen that the huge ice city wall actually collapsed completely, while many hyenas who took the lead in the destruction of the wall were buried under the huge white ice and had no movement.

And there are several Abatis in the ice wall. Although many of them were destroyed by the collapsed ice wall, countless rockets fell from the sky and lit the scattered Abatis. Finally, the dark plain was illuminated by the fire. The dragon figures standing outside the ice wall also appeared in the sight of the beast people.

It is dense, just like Chen Qi saw the hyenas swarming around the tribe.

The leading ankylosaurus stepped on the crumbling ice and came up to Qi Ze City step by step. The hyenas following behind uttered hoarse low shouts from their throats. They also did not know whether they were cheering that they had broken the wall of the Beastmen or were greeting their companions behind them to keep up.

Just then, there was a howl of wolves in the tribe. It was not the sound that animals used to warn against danger at ordinary times, but the cry of young wolves, with a little milk sound that had not yet fully grown up.

"There are hyenas." As the wolf howled, there was also a cry on the inner wall. It was a shout from a distance from several female guards who were clinging to the inner wall.

Chen Qi's heart suddenly burst. Why did hyenas appear in the inner wall? Did the hyenas find another way to make holes and touch them? But in addition to the huge hole trap on the ground, there is also a moat more than ten meters deep. The river side of the moat is dotted with stone lamps. Chen Qi has not seen any sign of the river becoming less.

Of course, Chen Qi soon knew where the hyenas came from.

Under the hood of a huge black shadow pocket, Aze rolled away holding Chen Qi on the spot, while the fire pan beside him was knocked down by the black shadow. Chen Qi looked intently, it was a strong adult hyena.

The sudden wind on his head hasn't disappeared yet. Chen Qi raised his head and found a huge pterosaur bent over to rush toward the two men, and there was another pterosaur beside it. Under the sharp claws of that pterosaur, he was holding a hyena and dropping it down.

Chen Qi's pupil shrank slightly, and these pterosaurs actually took advantage of the attention of the beast people just now when they were attracted by the stormy armored dragons, and transported the hyenas to the tribe through the night.

"The crossbows are all aimed at the pterosaurs in the sky." Chen Qi shouted at the surrounding animals who had not yet responded to the emergency.

Pterosaurs did not dare to drop hyenas from too high a place. When they lowered their height, they appeared in the range. Pterosaurs' fur defense was not as high as that of Ankylosaurus. Their fur defense was not as good as that of hyenas. Even wooden bows were enough to pierce their fur.

Aze was the first to react. Before the pterosaur jumped to the front of the two men, he had already pulled out an arrow from behind him, bent his bow and built an arrow. He almost didn't need to aim at the arrow and flew away towards the pterosaur. Aze's archery is very good. The arrow shot straight into the pterosaur's eyebrows. Unfortunately, he did not have time to exert his power when he was too close. The arrow only got stuck in a small inch of skin and did not kill the pterosaur directly.

However, the shooting between the eyebrows still made pterosaurs lose their senses in pain. Blood slipped down and burnt their eyes. Pterosaurs reflexively wanted to stay away from danger. Their wings fell down, their bodies rapidly retreated and shot up a lot of distance.

Aze wanted to take the chance to take it again and shoot down the pterosaurs directly. However, the hyenas that knocked down the fire plate just now have already stood up and rushed at Aze with a loud roar.

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