Aze was temporarily unable to separate himself from the pterosaurs, but Chen Qi, who was behind him, responded quickly. the bow/crossbow was quickly loaded with arrows. before the pterosaurs escaped from the range, an arrow shot out. surprises rang out. crossbows/arrows were more powerful than Aze's arrow just now. half of the arrow sank directly into the heart of the pterosaurs. the body of the pterosaurs shook in mid-air, but it was obviously out of control. after a while, it fell straight down, just wiping the wall and fell to the dark ground.

At this time, the hyenas and Aze have also been aligned. Aze stepped forward sideways when the hyenas came forward. The wooden bow had been turned back to his back. The whole person went around behind the hyenas, clasping their thick tails in both hands, and throwing a hard blow, the hyenas were pulled back a certain distance by him, away from Chen Qi's position.

The width of the city wall is limited, surrounded by various fire pans, firewood, spare arrows, boiled oil and other tools and weapons used to deal with the dragon group. Such an environment is not good for hyenas, but it is very good for Beastmen who are much smaller than hyenas.

Chen Qi kept an eye on the situation around him and gave Aze cover.

The destination of pterosaurs in the air is not this city wall. Many pterosaurs are flying to the tribe, and there is a hyena under their claws. Chen Qi shot an arrow at the canthus of the hyenas, pushing the hyenas back a distance. Aze took advantage of the gap to come forward and, taking advantage of the attention of the hyenas attracted by Chen Qi, overturned the hyenas and quickly cut off the throat of the hyenas with sharp nails.

After solving this hyenas, the two found Azhang and did not have time to explain it when they met. Chen Qi said to Azhang hastily, "Leave some people here to guard and others to withdraw to the inner wall. There should be hyenas in the tribe. First, find a way to kill the pterosaurs."

Azhang nodded and shot an arrow at a pterosaur that wanted to land. After handing over the command of the second wall to Achu, Azhang personally led the people back to the tribe.

There are also many traps between the ice wall and the second wall. In addition to the outermost rows of burning Abatis, there are immediately anti-horses and wooden fences with gunpowder.

There are also many fires outside the second wall, which are used for lighting during raids at night. At the moment, all of them are ignited by rockets. The fires kindle a magnificent and blazing fire, which will soon make the outside of the city as bright as the day. Even the figure of pterosaurs on the sky can be distinguished somewhat.

Achu in addition to let a person pay attention to the movement of the armored dragon outside at any time and step-by-step move trap, but also pay attention to the movements of pterosaurs in the sky. Pterosaurs obviously wanted to destroy those annoying siege crossbows on the city wall, but with their fur defense, they couldn't get close to them. They were so anxious that they kept rotating in mid-air that they wanted to bend over and attack at any time.

Chen Qi and Aze also returned to the inner city wall. They can be seen with the stone lights on in the tribe and lanterns hanging on both sides of the road. Many hyenas have appeared in the tribe, especially the playground beside the school and the large wasteland used for planting crops. Because of the emptiness, they have become the best place for hyenas to land.

Due to structural reasons, many houses in the tribe have a small plane at the top. Before, the Beastmen knew that pterosaurs appeared on the plain. Therefore, Chen Qi had many weapons prepared on the roof, ranging from siege crossbows to wooden bows and crossbows/arrows.

Axu took several people back to the tribe when the pup started to speak. At the moment, he was standing at the top of a house, steering a siege crossbow and aiming at the pterosaurs in the sky.

Thanks to the collection of a lot of insect wax and animal fat in summer, the tribe is not as dark as outside the city. The candles and flames are enough for the females to recognize the figure of pterosaurs. Some of the pterosaurs that had not yet dropped the hyenas were shot by arrows, and the two dragons fell from the sky together. This height, coupled with their weight, both the hyenas and the pterosaurs were thrown into confusion. Before they recovered, some of the females felt the convenience of the terrain and directly scratched off the fallen dragons with sharp claws.

The females worked in a highly efficient way and did not panic because of the dragons that suddenly emerged from the tribe. Chen Qi said that he was also secretly relieved. He was glad to have the animals rehearse how to cope with pterosaurs in advance.

"The cellar entrance has not been damaged." Ake was covered in blood and did not know where it came from. He wiped his face casually and told Azhang about the situation.

The gate of the school was not damaged by hyenas either. A giant wolf god covered in snow stood guard at the gate and scuffled with several hyenas.

Little Wolf cub's body has added a lot of bite marks, back and several claw marks, fur were caught off a lot, blood seeped out along the wound, dyed red white hair, very not mess.

Chen Qi shot a crossbow/arrow into the eye of a hyena that was about to jump up behind the pup. The hyena was so painful that it crashed into the wall next to it. There was also an arrow in its eye. The pup took the opportunity to throw the hyena down and bit the other's neck.

Chen Qi squatted on the trunk of a red fruits tree. As a result of his actions, the snow that had hung between the branches fell one after another and hit his cloak. After Aze was placed, Chen Qihou had already dodged and rushed down to join the battlefield. When the young wolf saw Aze, he felt a shock all over and became more energetic. He solved the problem of the hyenas shot in the eye and then rushed to the other hyenas.

After all these hyenas were disposed of, Chen Qi took out the wound medicine and bandage that had been prepared for a long time from his backpack and gave the young wolf a simple and quick treatment of the wound. Seeing the young wolf looking at himself piteously, Chen Qi felt a little distressed and rubbed his opponent's head with praise. Two men and one beast joined the battlefield again.

The battle lasted for a long time, until Chen Qi's hands with crossbows/arrows were stiff with fatigue. Fortunately, crossbows/arrows were not like the wooden bows used by females, and did not require much effort. Otherwise, maybe Chen Qi would not last long.

The snowflakes don't know when to start falling down, and the surrounding temperature seems to have dropped a little. Chen Qi pulled the mask down a little and wanted to exchange air. He just exhaled a large amount of white air. As a result, Chen Qi shivered from the cold wind.

Under the attack of countless arrows, the number of hyenas in the tribe has been controlled. The hyenas mixed in during the night have also been solved by the Beastmen, leaving only a few scattered heads leaning against the cover of the house or hiding directly in the house where the curtain was smashed. Now the Beastmen also have no energy to kill all with great effort, leaving several people to guard against the pterosaurs coming again, while others have withdrawn to the inner wall.

Now the whole Qi Ze City, except for the cellar used for hiding, only a few watchtowers at the top of the city wall can give the beast a rest for a while at ease.

Chen Qi just stepped on the inner wall, and a deafening rumbling sound sounded. The second wall built by the beast people for several months actually collapsed like the previous ice wall. A man covered in silver armor raised his head slightly from the ruins. At that time, the sun just climbed out of the horizon and the soft sunlight fell on the man. Chen Qi could not see the man's expression clearly because of the backlighting.

Looking at the collapsed second wall, the animals on the inner wall looked dignified.

"Pa Pa." Two pterosaurs suddenly fell from the sky and just fell to the front of the man. Then a loud dragon roar resounded through the heavens and the earth. As the first ray of sunlight sounded, Chen Qi's eyes moved up slightly. Only in the snow was a huge white dragon like Sinosauropteryx swinging its tail. Several pterosaurs were swept across the tail and fell into the hyenas.

The appearance of the dragon caused a commotion in the hyenas. The man's eyes swept over the commotion and the commotion soon stopped. The hyenas roared at the dragon in the sky as if they wanted to let the dragon land and fight with them.

Although he came to this different world and knew that there were all kinds of dragons in the forest, Chen Qi never thought that there were exactly the same dragons in this world as those in his original world.

"It's black dragon." An older female cried out in surprise.

Black dragon, I heard that it is a kind of dragon living at the end of the plain. Beasts do not know as much about black dragon as the dragons in the forest. However, as far as the name is concerned, black dragon is mostly cyan. black dragon, like the giant wolf god with white body, has never heard of it, but in terms of appearance, it is actually black dragon.

Before the beast people return to absolute being, behind the hyenas is a loud howling sound, with the early morning sun, even Chen Qi, who has no good eyesight as the Beastmen, can see the tail end of the hyenas in the distance as the howling sound causes chaos.

The man standing at the forefront of the hyenas only looked at the black dragon in the sky quietly. His lip angle was slightly hooked up, and he waved to let the ankylosaurus and hyenas continue to attack. While he turned and walked slowly back, his body began to change as he walked. Soon his hands became animal claws. Then the figure of the man could no longer be seen and replaced by a hyenas two or three times bigger than the size of ordinary hyenas.

Hyenas have given their leader a position to get out of the way, and those pterosaurs still fluttering their wings in mid-air have also scattered, black dragon's two long dragons must move with the wind, it looked at the back of the head of the hyenas quietly for a moment, body type a twist, chasing the past in the direction of the head of the hyenas.

When they were about to reach the edge of the hyenas, black dragon leaned down, and the hyenas leader seemed to have known for a long time that black dragon would make such moves. He nimbly dodged away to the side. Then, with four claws, he sprang to his feet, and soon Yi Long and the beast were at war.

Between the second wall and the inner wall is the huge hole that has been dug through. It is covered with a huge piece of things like fishing nets to stop the snow from burying the hole. Every time it snows, it takes a lot of manpower to clean it up. There are also some dead branches and leaves as camouflage.

After receiving the leader's order to attack, the dragon group did not hesitate to move forward, and the leading armored dragon fell into the pit trap.

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