See companion suddenly disappeared in front of his, in front of the armored dragon have stopped, Chen Qi let people put away the huge net on the hole, soon a huge hole appeared between the two walls, and the hole bottom is standing just fell in a few head of armored dragon.

The ankylosaurus at the bottom of the pit turned around for a few times and tried to move forward only when it was found that there was no danger.

The hole is very deep, it is impossible to climb up just by ankylosaurus and hyenas. The wall of the hole has been tamped and its hardness is almost comparable to that of the city wall. However, because the width of the hole is wide enough, the bottom of the hole is not covered with traps like the places they passed before except for some scattered snow and some dead branches and leaves. Moreover, after the upper layer of net used to block snow is removed, there is no danger at the entrance.

The dragons who were still watching at the edge of the pit hesitated repeatedly. One of them tentatively tried to pass through the pit bottom, but it could not control its landing place and fell straight down. Before that, the armored dragons had already gone halfway through the pit.

A hyena poked out from behind and found that the fallen ankylosaurus quickly got up without any injuries. It considered it at the edge of the cave and tried to move forward. This hyena is smarter than the previous ankylosaurus. It slowly slides down the cave wall. The cave wall has been frozen hard for a long time. However, the hyena landed firmly at the bottom of the cave and did not fall like its former companions.

With the attempt of the first hyenas, the following dragons also started to act, and soon the holes were full of dense dragons.

The Beastmen on the wall were not in a hurry to attack either. Apart from the occasional arrows aimed at the pterosaurs trying to continue to break in, Chen Qi also let the Beastmen who had been fighting all night take advantage of this gap to have a good rest and relax.

As the dragon group slowly approached the inner wall, the beast people also gradually saw the situation behind the dragon group.

"Are those Beastmen?" Ake sat cross-legged on the battlements, tearing at a piece of dried meat in his hand, staring at the dragon group for a moment without blinking. His tone seemed a bit casual, asking people around him like ordinary small talk.

Azhang sat on the other side. His fur had been torn in several battles. His tan fur was exposed to the air. The black stripes on it were frozen into wisps of blood. His face was tight. His face was slightly tired from the overnight battle, but his eyes were still bright. He did not show any sign of retreat because of the collapse of two successive city walls.

"Beastmen." After hearing Ake's question, Aze replied lightly. Aze and Chen Qi leaned against each other. Next to them was a burning fire pan. Aze was leaning against Chen Qi's wind. In his hand was a bamboo tube containing ginger soup that had just been heated by the fire in the fire pan.

Only a few people know about the Beastmen. They have been in contact with Lang Yan for several months and have a little understanding of the Beastmen. Now they see the white figures suddenly appearing behind the hyenas and have a little speculation in their hearts.

Don't know when the young wolf also ran to the wall, it nimbly jumped onto an empty battlements, golden eyes flow with a few silk light, it gently sipped his lips, quietly looking at the hyenas behind the battle.

The rear of the hyenas is still in chaos. Beastmen are obviously more powerful than ordinary Beastmen. Although the number is small, they can fight one hyenas or several hyenas at a time. Because of the outermost reason, the hyenas could not completely outflank them. When they saw the hyenas begin to gather around, they would quickly retreat to a certain distance, always keeping their retreat from being cut off.

Although Chen Qi wanted to attack the dragon group before and after the Beastmen disturbed the enemy's rear, it's a pity that the number of beast people in Qi Ze City is too small, and it won't do any good to directly fight with the dragon group at close range, so he can only sit through and watch the sudden reinforcements fighting hard, even if he is anxious in his heart, he can only wait.

Waiting for all the dragons to enter the hole and fill the huge hole.

This process is a torment for the beast people.

Behind the hyenas, a tall white giant wolf god threw aside the expired hyenas. he seemed to feel something and looked up at the direction of the inner wall of Qi Ze City with little emotion. when he saw a white figure, he suddenly let out a loud roar. many bodies of hyenas had fallen down beside him. the hyenas around him were a little scared of the threat from giant wolf god. they could not help but stepped back and hesitated for a while before jumping up again.

Young Wolf heard the roar of the giant Wolf god, all the hair can't help but fry up, it looked back at Chen Qi standing nearby, this just like responding to the giant Wolf god, followed by a roar, two loud howl through the dense dragon group echo each other.

Aze looked at the young wolf, pinched Chen Qi's palm and shook his head gently. Obviously, the Beastmen who are still standing on the wall can guess more or less that the sudden reinforcements should have something to do with the young wolf.

Perhaps received the order to attack, into the pit of armored dragons and hyenas more and more, crowded in the bottom of the pit, tens of thousands of, can't determine the specific number.

Those who had entered the pit had already reached the end of the pit and were trying to climb up. Several hyenas with relatively small body sizes also stood directly on the back of the stegosaurus. Unfortunately, even if they were stacked together, they were still a short distance from the top of the pit. One hyenas fell to the ground due to instability and almost got trampled by the nearby stegosaurus.

Hyenas are smart, and Chen Qi is not going to let them test out the way to climb to the top of the pit. Seeing that the number of dragons entering the pit is about the same, he nodded to Azhang on one side.

Azhang jumped down from the battlements and sent a counterattack order to the surrounding females.

All the materials thrown by the catapult on the city wall were changed into fireballs, while the beasts who did not control the catapult picked up their wooden bows, and all the arrows lit up. At Azhang's command, all the fireball rockets flew toward the pit.

Seeing the arrows flying, the dragon groups that had been ready for a long time fled in succession, and the arrows sank to the ground that was trampled by the dragons.

Strangely enough, with the shooting rate of the Beastmen, even if they can't kill these dragons with one arrow directly, it is still easy to leave some scars on the dragons. However, this wave of attacks is like deliberately missing the dragons. Most of the rockets and fireballs are all empty.

The first wave of attacks fell and the second soon followed. The hyenas who tried to climb to the top of the pit had to give up temporarily and carefully avoided the falling arrows.

Many arrows fell to the ground without being extinguished by the cold and scattered snow on the ground. Even if only a little flame was left, it was still burning stubbornly. At first, the dragons thought that they would be fine as long as they were not shot by arrows. However, after burning for a while, these flames slowly seeped into the ground. It was not obvious at first, and soon a cluster of larger flames appeared around the arrows.

The flames are getting bigger and bigger, and the flames of several arrows burning closer together have merged into a small fire. If you listen carefully, you can still hear the crackle of the wood as it burns.

The dead branches and leaves in the pit were also quickly ignited. The fire was getting bigger and bigger. The ground that was frozen hard at first was thawed by the flame. Although the wet ground limited the speed of some flames, a large amount of specially treated wood under the ground was quickly burned.

Clusters of black smoke rose from the pit. Beasts standing on the wall took out masks that had been prepared for a long time and put them on. The smoke was not smoke from burning ordinary firewood, but smoke from burning tobacco with a little anesthetic effect. The bottom of the pit was covered with thick layers of tobacco. The amount was enough to lay down the dragons in the pit.

Hyenas are the fastest responders. They plan to run away as soon as the smoke rises. Unfortunately, mammals are not as smart as humans. They never consider the issue of retreat when they step down the pit. Even though they are running around in a rash, many hyenas have started to claw at the wall of the pit, which is extremely hard and strong. However, it is impossible to climb to the top of the pit for a while.

When the flames melted some thin ice at the top of the pit bottom and burned to the fuel below, the flame spread faster and faster, and the flame grew bigger and bigger until all the firewood and hay in the lower layer were ignited, and after the mixed grease in the next layer was melted by the flame, the whole pit almost turned into a sea of fire.

The smell of burning flesh spread in the air, and the shrieks of dragons resounded through the sky. The head of the hyenas, who had been fighting with the dragon, looked fiercely in the direction of the pit. When he saw the raging fire, he could not help but sink, but also because of its sudden absence, the dragon caught the flaw. The huge tail of the dragon was thrown off, and the head of the hyenas was smashed straight into the ground. Several cracks appeared in the hard scales and the lip angle overflowed with blood.

The dragon's tail followed closely and directly wrapped the hyenas leader who had not had time to get up tightly. As soon as it bent, its sharp teeth bit the hyenas leader's hind legs and directly cut off its hamstrings. The hyenas leader was pale and ugly with pain, but there was no painful exhalation except for the initial grunt.

Those dragons who were still standing on the edge of the pit could not help showing some horror in the eyes of their companions who were burning in the fire. Most beasts were afraid of fire, even dragons were no exception.

The pterosaurs circling in the sky originally wanted to rescue their companions from the flames, but except for a few hyenas that were caught out by some pterosaurs that responded faster at the beginning, they were pushed back by the heat wave all over the sky and could not get close to the pit. Those dragons that were standing on the edge of the pit could not help but retreat, and were afraid to trade rashly again.

The Beastmen who fought with the hyenas all felt slightly surprised. They thought the Beastmen tribe could not be saved. They only wanted to delay a period of time and took advantage of the chaos to take away the pups when the dragons attacked the tribe. Unexpectedly, the tribe did not look big, but it was not weak in resistance.

"You lost."

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