The head of the hyenas was tightly bound by the dragon's tail. The tendons of the two hind legs had been gnawed by the dragon, and the blood dyed red the snow on the body. At the moment, even if the dragon didn't imprison its movements, it wouldn't be able to move.

The grease buried at the bottom of the pit was completely melted by the flame. Black smoke from the burning tobacco blocked the sight of the beast people. The dragons in the pit inhaled a large amount of smoke, and the anesthetic ingredients had come into effect at the moment. Even though the body was being burned by the flame, they had little strength to struggle and could only fall into the flame and watch themselves being consumed by the flame.

Black dragon coldly looked at the flames all over the sky, rolled up the hyenas leader turned around and flew to another corner, the white giant Wolf god is fighting with several head hyenas, black dragon giant tail swept away, easily to sweep the several head hyenas to one side.

Hit head-on by the lingering wind from black dragon, the giant wolf god took a step back to survey and stood still. He looked up and gave black dragon a slight look. His eyes fell on the hyenas leader beside him.

The head of the hyena has been transformed into a human form again. His long hair has fallen down and covered half of his face. The giant wolf god cannot see each other's expression clearly.

"Do you want to take it away?" Although it is a question, the tone of the giant wolf god is very sure, hyenas leader heard this sentence body can't help but stiff, but did not look up.

"Mmm." Black dragon lightly should be a cry, eyes looked at the nearby fire, dragon shrieks are continuously coming from that direction.

"Take it to where? You know, hyenas cannot leave forests."

Black dragon paused. "I heard that there is also a saltwater lake on the edge of the forest. I don't know if there is any contact with the sea. I'll take it there."

The giant wolf god snorted softly. His eyes swept over Yi Long, then he turned to look at the Beastmen tribe cut off by the flames. His tone was a little tired and even imperceptible to himself. "Then get out."

Black dragon nodded, regardless of hyenas leader willing or not, a roll of tail threw him on his back, four claws a hard push to the ground, the whole body volley, accompanied by a loud dragons rushed into the sky.

Originally rattled by the cries of his companions struggling in the flames, the dragon group now watched the leader leave with even more panic. Many hyenas had already begun to withdraw. Pterosaurs originally wanted to fly in the air on their own and secretly approached Qi Ze City again. Unfortunately, after the road on the ground was completely cut off by the flames, all siege crossbows on the wall and in the tribe were aimed at the sky. Once Pterosaurs entered the range, they were shot down by countless arrows and rain.

Finally, while the hyenas were still struggling to decide whether to retreat or stay here and wait for the leader to return, the surviving pterosaurs had one wing and ran back to the forest.

The number of Beastmen is not large, their purpose is only to disturb the rear of the dragon group, and then take advantage of the chaos to take away their companions, see this group of dragon group has sprouted back at the moment, then take the initiative to retreat to one side, the way back to the forest to let out, after a head of hyenas can't stand turned and fled, followed by hyenas also began to retreat in 3 and 2.

The bottom of the pit was almost filled with expired grease stored in the whole summer, plus straw and firewood from some crops. The fire was completely extinguished in the middle of the night. The air was filled with unpleasant scorching smell. The whole pit was originally crowded with dragons. Except for the hard armor of the armored dragon, which was not afraid of flames at all, only some carbon black bones remained, and other flesh had long become a handful of charcoal ash.

As the sun rose the next day, the other dragons that had surrounded the pit also disappeared, leaving only one dead dragon head shot by arrows or killed by Beastmen on the ground, and the Beastmen and the sudden appearance of black dragon had long since disappeared.

"Is this . . . . . . over?" I don't know who murmured, with some uncertainty in the tone.

The others looked at each other, apparently unable to react to the result. They thought there would be a big war when all the fuel in the pit was burned out. After all, there were too many dragons this time. The pit alone did not kill a third of them. When all the fuel in the pit was burned out, they had no other traps to repel them completely except the frontal battle with dragons.

Obviously, the beast people were blocked by black smoke, and no one noticed that the hyenas leader was captured by black dragon.

I didn't sleep all night. Chen Qi's eyes were black and blue. The tense nerves couldn't help but slow down when they saw this situation. They looked at the empty plain without a trace of anger outside. Suddenly, he seemed to think of something. Looking to the side, the young wolf who had been standing beside him had long gone.

"Where's the wolf?" Because there was no good rest, Chen Qi's voice was hoarse, but his face was full of anxiety.

Aze shook his hand with some sadness in his eyes and soothed, "It's okay."

The young wolf once looked at them deeply when he left. Aze looked up as if he felt something and looked at the young wolf. He knew it was time for the young wolf to leave, so he didn't make any noise to stop it.

Chen Qi trembles and finally only nods. He doesn't say much. Instead, he holds Aze's hand but unconsciously adds some strength.

Many houses in Qi Ze City have been damaged due to airborne hyenas and pterosaurs, as well as close combat to remove the remaining hyenas. The trees planted on both sides of the road also collapsed a lot, some even uprooted, reddish brown soil was turned out, you can imagine how fierce the war was at the beginning.

After cleaning up the hidden hyenas in the tribe, Azhang sent someone to report peace to the Beastmen in the cellar. After several days of continuous fighting, the Beastmen finally took turns to sleep well. After staying in the tribe for two days and making sure that the dragons showed no sign of turning back, Azhang sent someone out to check the situation.

Not only in the tribe, but also outside the tribe is a mess. The ruins of two collapsed city walls surround Qi Ze City. There are also countless hyenas and ankylosaurs that have destroyed the wall inside. Two days is enough time for their bodies, which had no temperature for a long time, to be frozen stiff, but now no one has time to go out and clean up the battlefield.

The four watchtowers on the inner wall are also filled with various kinds of arrows and unused fireball oil and other items, because of sufficient preparation, coupled with the sudden retreat of dragons, there are still a lot of things left that have not yet been used.

After coming out of the cellar, Ajing knew that the young wolf disappeared and left the tribe several times with Ah Ze. However, there was no other discovery except the messy traces left by the dragon retreat. In addition, after a snowstorm, even the footprints on the ground were buried. If it weren't for the endless bodies and the collapsed two city walls, no one knew how fierce fighting had taken place here.

For the rest of the day, the Beastmen who were unable to fight still lived in the cellar, after all, no one knew whether there would be another pterosaur parachuting into the tribe with hyenas.

During the day, the Beastmen were busy repairing the damage in the tribe. Because of the cold weather, the repair speed of the house was much slower than usual. Fortunately, no one died in this battle except a few females who were injured in the close battle with the hyenas who broke into the tribe.

In addition to being busy repairing the tribe, Azhang also sent people to take care of the moat every day. The weather is too cold now. The river water in the moat is easy to freeze and can only be taken care of every day. The dragon bodies in the pit have no time to deal with them one by one at the moment. They can only be re-laid with new traps and fuel. However, after a snowstorm, the charred ashes at the bottom of the pit will be buried almost completely, which reduces the discomfort of seeing a huge graveyard every day when the beast opens the door.

The Lion Wolf Tribe far away from here is not as lucky as Qi Ze City. Even though they have laid many traps outside the city gate, there are many siege crossbows and wooden bows used for long-range attacks, but the appearance of flying pterosaurs has disrupted their rhythm. They do not basically stay in the inner city wall as Qi Ze City did. After the collapse of the outermost ice wall, the hyenas fell from the sky and forced them to fight head-on.

After all, the beasts of the Lion Wolf Tribe are not as skilled in the use of weapons as the beasts of Qi Ze City. naturally, they do not match up so well. many people were caught by the unprepared pterosaurs and thrown into the dragon group. they were soon divided and tasted the flesh and blood of the Beastmen. the dragon group was even more excited. they were not afraid of the arrows all over the sky rushing forward. only the delicious meat was in their eyes.

The Lion Wolf Tribe fought extremely hard in the first world war. They fought earlier than Qi Ze City and ended later than Qi Ze City. They fought for almost a month. The dragon group, which had been doggedly killed by the Beastmen for about two thirds, finally retreated unwilling and unwilling, while the defending females also lost most of their lives.

After the end of the last snowstorm, Qi Ze City finally slowly cleared the battlefield outside the inner wall. The outermost ice wall was rebuilt during this period of time, but its size and height were not comparable to the original ice wall.

The bodies of dragons were gathered together, except that the armor on the ankylosaurus was stripped to the last vestige, and other hyenas and pterosaurs were piled on the outermost edge of the ice wall to form a huge mountain of meat.

Several believed eagles circled in the sky. I don't know if they smelled the blood on this side or if they were ambushed by hyenas nearby, but the meat mountain is not far from the ice wall. this distance is enough for the females to evacuate when danger is found.

Aze placed the last bundle of firewood on the side of the meat mountain, with hard, stone-like chunks of grease and wax on it. Several female torchbearers took a few steps back after tidying up their belongings. Aze drew a torch from his backpack, lit it with the torch of the female beside him, looked at the gray sky, and threw the torch into the huge meat mountain.

The orange flame spread quickly. The females threw torches into the meat mountain and soon followed Aze back to the wall of the ice city. As the flame rose, several letter eagles that had been circling in the air slowly lost their shadows.

"Summer is coming soon."

Aze, who had just returned to the city wall, slowly walked over to hear Chen Qi's words and stood side by side with him. Outside the city was a sea of fire, and the heat wave emitted was somewhat stronger than that in the original pit.

"Well, summer is coming."

The two men looked at each other. Chen Qi took Aze's hand and clasped his fingers tightly. They smiled at each other.

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