Chen, as a mixed-race giant wolf god, did not fail in his transformation as other giant wolf gods did. rather, he was perfectly shaped and could not tell from his appearance that he was not a Beastmen.

However, Chen felt that the most regretful thing in his life was his transformation. After the transformation, Chen was afraid of heat in summer and cold in winter. If possible, he would rather maintain his animal form all the time.

Some time ago, I went to the edge of the forest and looked at the stupid black dragon. Chen's feelings towards black dragon were somewhat contradictory. black dragon once slaughtered a whole group of giant wolf gods for the sake of transfiguration. But without black dragon, I am afraid I cannot survive. After all, that group of giant wolf gods attaches great importance to the issue of blood lineage, and was born in a royal family but mixed with himself in that place. The final fate is either killed or discarded.

Think of the hyenas that are now kept in captivity in black dragon. In fact, Chen lived with the hyenas before he could hunt for food. Together, they witnessed the appearance of black dragon when he was standing in the brilliant red Dorsal River for the first time. The shock at that time left an indelible impression on the hearts of the two young cubs. However, Chen was later discovered and brought back by the giant wolf gods in the forest. However, the hyenas, like suddenly possessed of any obsession, were thinking about their own transformation, so that they could not be bound by the forest and wanted to, just like other dragons and didn't have to be confined to a pool of water.

A crunchy sound of broken branches interrupted Chen's meditation. He looked up slightly and saw a small group of Beastmen preparing to kill impala. Among the Beastmen, there was a familiar white figure.

Chen couldn't help grinding the tooth after grinding, he just left for a period of time, young wolf unexpectedly took advantage of his absence to secretly run back to the Beastmen tribe, at the beginning in order to solve the threat of hyenas, he managed to run to the end of the plain to fool the Beastmen back, finally and they also made a deal into shape, the Ajing's position completely to young wolf, who knows this kid actually took advantage of his absence to secretly run away.

It gives me a headache to think of the Beastmen staring at me with bitterness at the head of the source of the Sanchen River. Although several giant wolf gods have been born in recent years, the pure-blood giant wolf gods may no longer exist except for the small wolf cubs. The water of the Three Chen River has been nourished by the small wolf cubs in recent years and has basically returned to its original state. Even in winter, there will be no more hordes of dragons crossing the plain to search for water in the Dorsa River.

"Xiao Nian, you wait here and we'll be back in a minute." Ajing, who has grown into a teenager, gently touched the head of a seven-or eight-year-old child and whispered.

Young Wolf with its big head gently arch arch Chen Nian, has grown into a small fat Chen Nian abandon to light afraid of each other, hot day young Wolf this whole body hair rub to the body is not generally uncomfortable.

Several other young Beastmen have spread around in the direction of the headwind. Chen Nian squatted obediently in the grass. A small army green dress and a newly woven straw hat on his head became his best disguise.

Chen's eyes narrowed slightly, the in the mind cold hum, don't think young Wolf hide back to the Beastmen tribe he can't take each other, after the success of the transformation of Chen thinking than when the beast type death festival a lot, eyes turned, mind formed a plan.

After all the people were attracted by the impala, Chen approached the small fat pier against the wind direction, then covered the small fat pier's nose and mouth with one hand to prevent him from making any noise, leaving traces of the giant wolf god alone on one side and holding the small fat pier in his arms, he ran back to the forest.

Chen breathed a sigh of relief after completely leaving the plain area. although Chen has not been to the plain again in recent years, there are still some young wolves who know something more or less. the tribe called Qi Ze City has expanded a lot. the females who patrol around every day even appear at regular intervals. Chen just wants the young wolves to come back and finish their work. he doesn't want to get in touch with the beast people. although the force after the transformation is much stronger than before, it is accompanied by fear of cold and heat and a trouble.

Chen once again remembered the time when he was a beast, when he crossed the whole plain without complaining, not to mention fighting with the Beastmen to turn them back into the forest. Thought of here, Chen couldn't help but feel a little proud of his great achievements.

I was thinking joyfully when I suddenly felt a little pain in my scalp. I lowered my head and saw the little fat man in my arms playing with his hair quietly and happily.

Chen's hair is very long, hanging directly to the waist, is probably mixed with half of black dragon's blood, hair color to black, look in the sun and will feel a little transparent, luster is very beautiful, small fat pier had never seen such a good look, feel still cool ice hair, accidentally used force was found.

Chen abandon to lift the small puddle, by this time they have reached the edge of a small pool, after wandering around outside for a circle Chen already broke out in a sweat, afraid of hot trouble again, see the pool was covered by a few tall trees in the shadow of the small pool, flush a surprise in my heart, not hesitate to drop the small puddle into the water, he will be the beast leather jumped off.

The cold pool covered Chen's whole body. He could not help sighing comfortably. Looking back, he found that little fat was gone. He felt a sudden rush and was about to dive into the water to take him out. Suddenly, a few bubbles appeared from the nearby water surface. A fluffy little head appeared. A little face turned red. I also don't know if he was choking in the water.

The little fat man's eyes wavered and he dared not fall on Chen. he stammered, "how can you . . . take off . . . and go into the water without cloth?"

Chen inexplicably looked at the little fat, and then looked down at himself, he became a beast for decades, usually launching is nothing to cover, don't understand what is the meaning of small fat.

The little fat man coughed softly, climbed to the edge of the pool and steadied his small body. His little face turned up and said with an old face, "Don't worry, I will form a partner with you."

Chen: ". . . . . ." This is not a fool?

But no matter whether small fat is a fool or not, Chen was not going to take a bath in the pool, soak off the heat of the body only skin around his waist, naked upper body, threw the small fat into the shoulder and walked to the source of the three Chen river, calculate the time, at the moment is little wolf cubs have found that small fat was captured by himself.

Want to leave your job and run away? There is no door. After returning this time, the Beastmen must see the pups as if they were dead. They can't step out of the source until they are adults. Chen contemplated the plan in his heart, the corners of his mouth also slightly stirred up, revealing a smile, but he didn't find the appearance of stupidity when he saw the smile on the edge of his lip corner because his skin touched a little face that was red and angry.

After finding Chen's message, young wolf soothed Ajing with black lines. but Ajing worried that Chen Nian would have an accident, and sent someone to tell Chen Qi and Aze, while he and young wolf went to the forest to look for Chen Nian first.

Young Wolf has grown a lot over the past few years. Even in front of Ajing, he is still half a head taller than the other. Young Wolf motioned Ajing to sit on his back. Ajing hesitated. He took out the small sachet for tracking from his backpack and cut it a bit. Only then did he climb onto young Wolf's back.

The speed of the pups was a few minutes faster than Ajing's full run. One man and one beast soon disappeared on the plain, leaving only a faint scent in the air. The scent could be kept for a day and a night, and the females could find them as long as they followed the scent.

On the way, Ajing had already made up several versions of what happened to little fat. Even if little wolf whelp said that little fat was captured by giant wolf god and there would be no danger to his life, he could not rest assured. However, what never occurred to him was that when he found little fat, he was sitting by the river with an adult man, holding a small wooden comb and giving the man a haircut.

The cloth strip used for hair binding was torn off from the small fat man's clothes. now I can see his white and tender belly. after tying Chen's long hair, the small fat man stepped back to check his achievements and proudly straightened his belly. "look, isn't it not hot to tie up his hair?"

Chen looked at himself with the river water, shook his head again, a high horsetail swung from side to side, a few strands of hair were too short hanging in his ears, added a few minutes of heroic spirit, small fat pier had never seen so good-looking Beastmen, and turned away a bit awkwardly.

Chen obviously liked this hairstyle. After all the hair was tied up, the neck was much cooler. Looking back, he saw the little wolf cub coming with a Beastmen. He didn't say much. He simply gave the little fat cub back to the Beastmen, and then left with the little wolf cub on his shoulder.

After turning into a man, Chen's body was thin, but it was not difficult to carry a wolf cub two or three times bigger than him. fortunately, the wolf cub explained the situation to Ajing on the way here, otherwise, at the moment, maybe Ajing would jump directly into a war with men.

A big one and a small one watched the man disappear in the jungle carrying the young wolf. They could not help but look at each other and saw the pitiful appearance of being abandoned in each other's eyes. Fortunately, Aze quickly chased him up, shouldered the small fat mound, and could not help but teach Ajing how to run into the forest alone. Although there is not much danger outside the forest in recent years, the forest is still a forbidden area for a Beastmen who is not yet an adult.

However, Aze kept silent and did not ask about the young wolf. He seemed to know that the young wolf would leave again.

"Dad." Small fat will head knock to Aze's shoulder, a little weak and weary through illness cried.

"hmm?" Aze kept an eye on the situation around him and answered his precious son's words with distraction.

"I have found a partner."

Aze almost fell to the ground scared by what little chubby said. Little chubby didn't seem to know what a shocking topic he was talking about. He continued, "I will learn to hunt with you in the future. When I grow up, I will hunt a lot of food to support my partner."

Ajing, who had been following the two men, could not help but interjected: "Xiao Nian, have you forgotten that you are a male child?"

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