The first snow was not as cold as the deep winter, but the amount of snow fell was not less than that in winter. It was only two days, and knee-high snow had already accumulated on the Dora Plain.

At the source of the Dorsal River, the unfrozen water is dyed red with blood. The water here seems to be still. Even the wind blows, there is not a ripple of water lines. It is like a bright red mirror, but nothing can be reflected.

A handsome man suddenly emerged from the middle of the river. He had long hair as white as snow straight down to his waist. Red beads of water slipped from his hair, but there was no trace on it.

The man's facial expression is a bit sad. He looks at the two high-hanging moons in the sky with fixed eyes. I don't know how long it took before he withdrew his eyes. He look around with a slight loss.

There was a rustling sound in the grass, breaking the silence in this area. The man came out of the water. With the drop of water drops, his naked body turned into a white fur coat.

The man seemed to feel no cold. He walked barefoot to the withered tall grass and left a string of footprints behind him.

"Come out." The man's voice is a bit hoarse, like he has never spoken before, and his language is a bit crude.

There was a moment of silence in the tall grass, and then a little silvery-white fluffy head appeared.

"Hyena?" The man was a little surprised. He never thought there would be a young hyena in the territory of the giant wolf god.

The cub's eyes are somewhat alert. It does not spit out human speech, but men can understand animal language and only listen to the cub's milky voice and ask, "Aren't you black dragon? Why has it turned white?"

The man tilted his head and said, "Aren't you afraid of me?" He doesn't know how long this cub has been here, but the smell of blood in the river is so strong, just like the smell of his own body. With the instinct of a wild animal, even a cub should be able to detect his own danger.

"He ate the whole wolf clan." Another sound of milky voice was heard from the tall grass. The man looked down the sound and found it was actually a giant wolf cub.

The giant wolf cub looks not very good, very thin, only half the size of the Hyena cub, and still staggered when coming out.

When the hyena cub heard this, its eyes were somewhat less alert and a strange feeling emerged. It looked up at the man and said, "Did you become deformed because you ate the giant wolf god?"

The man did not answer and turned to leave. His purpose of coming here has been achieved. He does not need to stay in this place any longer.

When the hyena cub saw that the man was leaving, it threw the giant wolf cub onto its back and followed him.

The man walked slowly and felt empty when he left the territory of the giant wolf god. he stopped at the edge of the territory, then sat down cross-legged and stared at the front.

Not long after the hyena cub was born, he was already too tired to carry the giant wolf cub. now he saw the man stop, clear the snow from the withered grass nearest to the man, and put the giant wolf cub up.

"I'm hungry. I'm going to find milk nuts. will you be here?" Hyena cub went up to the man and asked with their heads up.

The man only glanced at it lightly, not saying he would stay here or leave. The hyena cub also ignored him and left after explaining to the giant wolf cub a few words.

When the hyena cub came back with several frozen milk nuts, he saw a male adult being hunted down easily. The head of the male elephant was almost completely cut off and dropped to one side. The man was still clean except for the blood on his suddenly lengthened fingernails.

Hyena cub just looked at the man's back shadow, heart pounding, three or two steps up, will be carrying the milk fruit thrown to giant Wolf cub, and then looked at the head like meat mountain male elephant body, and then looked at the man, "can you eat alone? Can you give me some meat?"

Hyena cub haven't touched meat yet. At this time, the warm food was in front of them. The strong scent of blood made them unable to eat. Seeing that the men didn't object, they dared to go up.

The male elephant's fur was thick, and the Hyena cub's claws could not be scratched at all. It worked there for most of the time, whispering. As a result, it could not tear off a bite of meat and was extremely anxious.

The giant wolf cub has skillfully opened a milk fruit to fill its stomach. unlike the energetic hyena cub, it needs to sleep when it is full. only sleep can make it grow faster. while the hyena cub is still entangled with the body of the male elephant, the giant wolf cub has collapsed its eyelids and quickly fell into a deep sleep.

The man watched the hyena cub busy for half a day, also don't know if I can't see the past, stretched out his sharp nails to scratch the male elephant's fur, cut off a large piece of tender meat from above, and threw it in front of the hyena cub.

"thank you." Hyena cub have unusually bright eyes and are not polite to men. They pounce on a piece of meat about the same size as the hyenas and gnaw it fiercely.

The man watched quietly as the young hyena finished eating. The young hyena frowned. The belly of the young hyena did not swell up a bit after eating such a large piece of meat. It looked at the man with a little doubt. "Why am I not full after eating so much?" Although I feel quite satisfied when I eat meat for the first time, the feeling of fullness is not as strong as that of a milk fruit. If I can't feed myself on meat, can I only eat milk fruit in the future?

Thought of here, Hyena cub is very sad, it is carnivorous dragon, once stained with meat, other food in front of it can no longer mention any interest.

The man did not speak again and stood up and left. Seeing the man leaving, the hyenas quickly picked up the sleeping giant wolf cub and followed him. before leaving, they also looked at the small meat mountain with a slight pity.

After the first snow, the snow on the plain soon melted away, and the weather became cooler. One person and two cub walked slowly on the vast plain. They met a huge army of migrants. The spectacular sight was something the young hyenas had never seen before. In its young mind, the shock was no less than the moment when men were transformed into human beings from black dragon.

Hyena cub don't know where the man is going. Along the way, the man occasionally kills the wild animals that he bumps into. The man will drink their blood and throw the meat to the two cub. However, no matter how much the Hyena cub eat, the hunger in their bellies doesn't decrease at all. They can only pay attention to where there are milk fruits every day. Even if they crave more meat, they will slowly lose interest in the meat that they can't eat.

When the first snow fell in winter, they came to the edge of the forest and looked at the dense trees with thick leaves. Both cub were stunned until the man killed a passing dolphin dragon.

The giant wolf cub, who had been uninterested in the plain animals hunted back by men before, could not help but stir up when he smelled the dolphin dragon. The Hyena cub had already run to the dolphin dragon's side and looked at the dolphin dragon that had lost its breath on the ground with saliva.

"black dragon, black dragon, can I eat?" The hyena cub has made several rounds around the dolphin. Although it is asking, it is already thinking about how to do it.

The man remained silent and cleanly cut off the two pieces of meat and threw them in front of the two cub. When the cub saw the pieces of meat swoop in, the three or two of them devoured the small piece of meat. It was strange to say that they could not feel full after eating meat much bigger than their own size. At the moment, they only ate meat the size of a slap and the two cub rubbed their bellies and belched.

The man took them to find a cave in the forest and lived there. He sat at the entrance of the cave except for an occasional hunting trip. His fur became black dragon's scales, covering his face to his toes. At first glance, it looked a bit horrible.

After the first snowfall in winter, the weather quickly cooled down. Even if the two cubs huddled together to keep warm, they were still shivering with cold. Men did not care much about them except to give them food. There was no way out. Hyena cub could only find some soft hay nearby during the day when the sun was shining and carry it back to the cave. They built themselves and giant wolf cub a humble and unusual nest, but enough for them to survive this severe winter.

They spent a winter here, and when the snow on the ground completely melted, the Hyena cub had grown as tall as men's calves. this summer, an adult giant wolf god came here to take away the giant wolf god cub. the Hyena cub stood in front of the giant wolf god like an old hen protecting the cub, but the men simply bent down to hold the fur on its back and lifted each other up easily. the Hyena cub could only watch the giant wolf god cub being taken out of their sight.

"the giant wolf will take good care of it." The man touched the head of the young hyena and gave a rare consolation.

Hyena cub was still very angry and hadn't spoken to men for three days.

They lived here for another three years. In the third summer, the man also left. His smell disappeared at the edge of the forest. The Hyena cub ran out of the forest to look for him, but no matter how to find him, there was no man.

The animals on the plain had no way to feed the hyena. The young hyena became more and more hungry, and his body soon lost weight. Before he fainted, they came to the source of the Dorsal River, where they met men for the first time.

At that time, it just crawled out of the belly of the dead mother. Not long after that, it followed the giant wolf cub who fed it with milk and fruit to the territory of the giant wolf, where it saw the huge black dragon shed scales little by little and became a beautiful man.

"Did you send me back to the forest when I fainted?" The head of the hyenas watched the handsome man come out of the water, with water dripping from his hair. He walked to the head of the hyenas with a fish in his hand that had lost its breath.

"Mmm." The man responded with a bland response and then began to skillfully handle the prey in his hand.

"Didn't you say you're not suitable for forests?" The hyena leader gave the man a leg kick on the back, leaving a muddy footprint on his bare back.

"I want to look at you." The man did not have any displeasure because of the hyenas leader's actions, and pushed the processed meat slices onto clean cattail leaves to the front of each other.

The hyenas chief picked up a piece and ate it, his face bulging with chewing. he said vaguely, "then you can see, it's better not to let me out of the forest for the rest of my life."

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