Since the disappearance of the head of the hyenas, the Dora Plain has rarely recovered its calm. Although every winter there are still hyenas roaming the plain, ready to hunt and kill Beastmen at any time, the phenomenon like before, when thousands of black people poured in to besiege the city, never happened again.

In recent years, Qi Ze City has expanded a lot. Chen Qi and the orchards have opened a canal to Chishui River to irrigate the newly opened farmland in the tribe. They have discovered various seeds such as rice and wheat in recent years. Now a large area of fertile land has been reclaimed outside Qi Ze City.

The population of Qi Ze City has also increased a lot. Now, an outer wall has been built over dozens of miles outside the inner wall. Because the surrounding area is too large, it took several years to completely build the outer wall. In addition to the areas divided for planting, there are also some commercial areas used for residential areas and transactions between tribes. Each area is carefully divided, just like the layout of a large city with a clear division of labor.

The only thing that bothers Chen Qi is that animal husbandry cannot develop. Winter is too cold. The animals on the plain have no way to spend the whole winter here. The fuel consumption in the conservatory is too huge, and the dragons are too bulky and consume a lot of feed. It is not cost-effective to directly enter the forest for hunting. Finally, except for the conservatory that has just been built, no other conservatory for raising animals has been built in the tribe.

This day, Chen Qi rode on a white marooned horse and with several people to check the road leading to the Lion Wolf Tribe. There was no material suitable for building the road. He could only clean up the surrounding weeds and tamp the soil to make the most primitive dirt road. This was a big project. It was too late to finish it by relying on the manpower of Qi Ze City alone. The Lion Wolf Tribe sent more than half of its manpower to come over. The two tribes worked together and it took more than half of the summer to finally complete the construction.

With this road, it is much more convenient to transport goods between the two tribes. Chen Qi also got out of the carriage, reducing the situation that the females have to carry a lot of things on their way each time. In summer when the animals on the plain are absent, the males can also ride the horse between the two tribes. Now riding has become a skill that every male wants to learn most.

Only every time the animals migrate back, they do more or less damage to the road and have to spend manpower to repair it every year, but this also really reduces the time spent back and forth between the two tribes.

When Chen Qi returned to Qi Ze City, he saw Aze come back from the outside with a small Beastmen in his face. The clothes of the small Beastmen were messy and stained with a lot of soil. A fluffy head of hair covered most of the face of the small Beastmen. Even if he could not see the expression of the small Beastmen, Chen Qi could feel the frustration of the other party.

Chen Qi couldn't help supporting his forehead when he saw this. He rolled down from his horse and walked towards the two. "What's wrong with this?"

The little Beastmen heard Chen Qi's voice and his body froze. He turned around and revealed a little face somewhat similar to Aze, but unlike Aze's face, which had no change of expression, this little face is now filled with ingratiating smiles.

"Father." Chen Nian, the little Beastmen, stopped his struggle. When he was weak, you gave Chen Qi a cry.

A little Beastmen about the same size as Chen Nian appeared behind Aze and complained, "Uncle Qi, Chen Nian wanted to go hunting warthog, but was toppled by warthog."

"Shut up, Ye Yu." Chen Nian struggled hastily, trying to jump over and cover Ye Yu's mouth, but his little strength had no effect on Aze. No matter how hard he struggled, he could not move.

"Hunting warthog? What are you doing to hunt warthog?" Chen Nian is only over seven years old this year. Although females of this age have begun to learn to hunt with their father, Chen Nian is, after all, a male. Even if he is occasionally allowed to leave the tribe, he can only watch from the sidelines. At most, he is trying to hunt some small animals with a small wooden bow. Even females of this age are forbidden to hunt prey such as warthog, and they are afraid that they will not hunt prey but become prey hunting Beastmen.

"He said he would raise a wife." Aze said with a straight face.


Chen Qi has been busy with the road to the Lion Wolf Tribe for several days. He has not been back to Qi Ze City for several days. Only after he left for a few days did his son find his wife? "Who does he see?"

"Not from our tribe." Ye Yu chimed in loudly.

"I'll fight you one-on-one Ye Yu." Chen Nian's chubby little face flushed bright red and shook his fist at Ye Yu with his tongue sticking out.

Ye Yu will not beat Chen Nian. Although Chen Nian is only a male, he is different from other males. Even a female about his age may not be able to beat Chen Nian.

"Lion Wolf Tribe?" Chen Qi asked doubtfully, now only the Lion Wolf Tribe has dealings with Qi Ze City. The Lion Wolf Tribe has also sent a group of small Beastmen to Qi Ze City to go to school.

Aze shook his head. "I heard the wolf say that it is a giant wolf god who can be transformed."


Chen Qi patted Chen Nian on the shoulder and told him, "Even if you want to raise a wife, you must do what you can. If you hurt yourself or lose your life, it will do more harm than good. Maybe someone else will take your wife."

Chen Nian nodded vaguely. "Do you agree with my wife then, Father?"

"……" Chen Qi is a little upset. Are the Beastmen here mature so early? Under Chen Nian bright big eyes, Chen Qi could only nod helplessly.

Chen Nian gave a shout of joy, and Aze patted the other's little head. "If you want to be a partner, you can only become an adult. Now hurry back and deal with the wound."

Aze came forward to help Chen Qi lead the horse and took Chen Nian home.

Red fruit trees in the inner city is in the mature season, clusters of brilliant red fruits are almost bending the branches. Chen Qi's family has not changed much over the past few years, but the furniture in the house has increased a lot, all of which are made by Aze himself. Only some small objects that need no effort are made by Chen Qi.

Although Chen Nian is forbidden to hunt large animals, he will be allowed to go out as long as a female follows Chen Qi around him. After all, the world is different from his original world, and the children here are not suitable for being trapped in a tribe to coddle and grow up.

The next morning, Chen Nian got dressed and took his small wooden bow and went out of the tribe with Ajing. When he arrived, Ajing placed Chen Nian on a tree and told the other party that there were lions out. He was not allowed to leave the tree when they were not around and gathered together with several young females towards today's goal.

Chen Nian curled his mouth and sat idly on the trunk swinging his little feet.

Ajing, they are hunting a herd of bison today. This herd of bison is very large. They need to disperse the herd of bison before they can begin, so they have to lie down quietly in the tall grass and wait for the opportunity. This is also the first dangerous hunting activity of these half-sized females before they reach adulthood. When they reach adulthood, it will not be just buffalo herds that will be hunted, but the bully in the forest, stegosaurus.

"What are you looking at?" A sudden low male voice sounded in Chen Nian's ear. Chen Nian almost fell off the tree in fright.

Looking back at Chen's beautiful face, Chen Nian's eyes lit up, "Why are you here?"

Chen lifted a military green cloth strip in his hand and said with a little depression: "my hair is loose, I won't tie it."

"Let me help you tie it." Chen Nian skillfully took out the small wooden comb from his small backpack. The wooden comb was made on the spot when he tied Chen's hair last time. After returning home, he handled it under Aze's guidance. Now he carries it with him everyday, waiting for when he will comb his hair for his wife, whom he has identified. I didn't expect it to come true so soon.

Chen obediently sat with his back to Chen Nian. Chen's hair feels very good, and it is so long and has no knots. "Do you want to cut off your hair if you are afraid of the heat?"

Chen tilted his head for a moment and refused: "No, this hair can keep warm in winter."

"……" feelings he is not only afraid of hot but also cold oh, Chen Nian thought, the next time the first snow, do you want to let his father take himself back to hunt a fur snow bear, fur snow bear can keep warm.

The hair was tied up soon, still a neat and beautiful ponytail, feeling the coolness of the back of the neck, Chen expressed his thanks with satisfaction, then jumped off the acacia tree, several jumps disappeared in the tall grass, and he had no intention of staying and talking to Chen Nian.

Chen Nian looked glumly at Chen's departure. At that time, Ajing's hunting also started. Chen Nian's eyes were attracted by the spectacular hunting scenes and he had no time to think about Chen's things.

Later Chen would come to Chen Nian as soon as his hair spread out, sometimes in the wild, sometimes in Qi Ze city, also don't know how the other party could find him accurately, and he would leave every time he finished combing his hair.

I'm sorry for the number of times I've been here. Slowly, when he comes, he will bring something to Chen Nian, either wild fruit or prey, or beautiful animal skins, or beautiful stones not found in the plain. Each time I bring something different. The number of times I bring is many. Chen Qi occasionally meets each other several times. Chen just lightly nods to Chen Qi as a greeting. He still combs his head and leaves without staying.

The days are busy and quiet. People in Qi Ze City no longer need to work hard for food and clothing all day long. They have built schools to teach various skills. They have also built a huge business district. In summer, people from various tribes can come to Qi Ze City at any time to trade. In just a few years, Qi Ze City has become the most prosperous city on the whole plain.

Chen Qi and Aze have come to the city wall for a long time. Here, they can see not only the nearby forest but also the endless plain. With their heads bowed, they can overlook the bustling scene in the city. This is a scene Aze could not even dream of before meeting Chen Qi.

"thank you." Aze took Chen Qi's hand and looked at Chen Qi carefully and whispered.

Chen Qi smiled, "Thank me for what?"

"Thank you for coming here."

Chen Qi leaned over and kissed the lips of the other party. "Well, thank you for being here."


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