"Ah…it's chili! I can't stand your Chinese chili…"

"You can't stand such delicious food?" Lin Yifei deliberately stimulated the other children, "Don't you want to try? It's not as spicy as Mexican chili sauce!"

Where could the children stand such goading. One by one, they took action.

Looking at the way half of the classroom were chugging down milk, Lin Yifei proudly carried his lunch box to Chris. The indifferent young boy looked at Lin Yifei with his eyes on his lunch box.

"You're also in this class. Why don't you give it a try?" Lin Yifei assumed a goading expression that said 'you are a wimp if you don't eat'.

"Hello…hello…" KK kept winking in hope that Lin Yifei would come back, "Don't provoke him!"

"How about it? You dare not?" Lin Yifei was unmoved. In fact, after yesterday's and today's observation, he noticed that Chris's lunch was very simple. It was just a sandwich without even milk. Lin Yifei knew that the life of Chris and his mother were very difficult. It must be very hard to study. How could an 11-or-12-year-old eat just one sandwich for lunch every day?

As Lin Yifei expected, Chris gave him a disdainful look.

"Forget it, I think you dare not eat." Lin Yifei knew that Chris still had one childish place, that was his unwillingness to lose. This could be seen by his challenge of the former world champion Kevin Phil.

"Who said I dare not?" Chris grabbed the chopsticks in the lunch box with great force. He forked a meatball, then put it into his mouth and chewed very slowly. He then put those chopsticks on the tofu, "How about that? Do you dare to eat? Beware of AIDS and syphilis."

"Do you think I'm a fool? The route of transmission for AIDS and syphilis is not saliva!" Lin Yifei proudly poked the tofu into his mouth. He even opened his mouth after eating to show Chris and prove that he really swallowed the piece.

It's clearly childish and ridiculous, but if this could let Chris eat more, Lin Yifei was very happy.

KK and they all opened their eyes wide. It took a long time for a child named Michael to speak: "Lin…are you going to die…"

Lin Yifei indifferently shrugged his shoulders. "You are too stupid. I asked the doctor. The doctor said that AIDS and syphilis will only be infectious if people have relationship together! Do you know about relationship?"

Lin Yifei remembered that children in the United States were precocious. In fact, he didn't have to be so taboo about s*x.

"But…" KK didn't know what else to say.

"Why? Are you afraid that I'm infected with AIDS or syphilis?" Lin Yifei funnily asked and brought the lunch box back to his desk where he continued to dig in for rice. His mother had gone on about the fear of having no rice to eat in the United States. But which rice couldn't be bought in Chinatown after coming here? Even ordinary supermarkets sold rice.

KK saw Lin Yifei's confidence and seemed to believe a little. "I also think. If it's so easy to infect, it would be all over the street…" In fact, KK's nature was not bad, but her family instilled some bad ideas about Chris's mother because of their prejudice against her.

"Oh, by the way, the school will take us to the Metropolitan Museum of Art for free tomorrow!" KK looked excited. She liked painting very much.

"How can it be free? Our school is so stingy…"

"Government-funded. All elementary schools in New York can go." Michael added.

"Then it's good to have no money!" Lin Yifei ha ha smiled. Otherwise, even if he wanted to immerse in some artistic flavor, his mother would surely say that even if he looked at those paintings, he would not become a painter, so there's no point in wasting money.

"Remember to prepare lunch. After visiting the Museum of Art, we can eat together on the grass in the park!" KK kindly reminded.

Lin Yifei glanced at Chris sleeping on the table and wondered if he would go tomorrow.

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During the afternoon class, the teacher informed every one of the news in advance. For children of this age, as long as they didn't have to go to class, they would be very happy even to see things they didn't understand.

In the morning, Lin Yifei was woken up as usual by his mother. He picked up the prepared lunch box and hurried out of the house. There were several buses parked at the school gate. Lin Yifei was a little late, so he couldn't tell which bus his class was on. Fortunately, KK knocked on the window to remind him to get on the bus.

He entered the bus only to find that there were two classes inside. KK had an empty seat nearby. The little girl excitedly waved him to come over, but a big boy shoved aside Lin Yifei and sat beside KK with a thud. The little girl was so angry that her nostrils were burning with fire. Lin Yifei was not angry but amused.

The teacher beckoned him to find a seat quickly. Lin Yifei's eyes swept around and found Chris being left alone in the entire bus. Lin Yifei felt a bit funny. Chris usually looked like he refused to be near people. He was obviously a handsome young boy, but he was unexpectedly so unpopular.

Chris propped up his head and looked out of the window indifferently. Shallow sunlight and tree shadows crisscrossed the side of his face, showing incomparable beauty.

Lin Yifei sat down beside him and didn't forget to gesture at KK. Don't worry about me!

The bus shook twice and drove out. Chris's posture remained unchanged. He was so aloof as if he didn't belong to this world.

"You have beautiful fingers, long and elegant." Lin Yifei smiled. He knew that Chris had actually started fencing a long time ago, but he didn't have any orthodox training. He just followed the TV. It was not until Mr. Osborne brought him home that he hired first-class coaches and teaching assistants for him. It was also from that time on that Chris took his first step towards becoming a professional athlete.

Chris still didn't respond, as if Lin Yifei was praising others.

"It's too bad if you just play piano or something. They're really suitable for fencing." Lin Yifei smiled and saw Chris's shoulder slightly moved. "Foil only cares about thrusting, épée's attack is too monotonous, only sabre is suitable for you."

Chris slowly turned his head and looked at Lin Yifei. "Can you fence?"

"I can a little." Lin Yifei shrugged his shoulders. He didn't know how much muscle memory remained in this body from his seventh ranking in the world.

Chris once again turned away. Lin Yifei remembered this guy would even ignore those masters Originally, this kind of character had been around since childhood.

The bus drove into the downtown area and was caught in the rush hour. It was stuck in the middle of traffics.

KK, who was sitting diagonally in front, seemed to have some motion sickness. It looked like she was going to vomit. Lin Yifei hurriedly pulled out a sour plum from the bag prepared by his mother and handed it KK. He didn't realize that KK wasn't the only one who got carsick on the bus. His bag of sour plums was soon emptied out. When the empty bag was handed back to Lin Yifei, he felt really awkward. However, when he glanced up again, he saw many people staring at him gratefully.

In fact, Lin Yifei wanted to say something to Chris very much, but unfortunately, Chris was silent all the way. This was also something that couldn't be helped. Even when he had a good relationship with Chris in college, Lin Yifei mostly talked to himself while Chris just listened quietly.

By the time they got off the bus, it was already over ten o'clock in the morning. The previously energetic children got off the bus with wooden faces. Fortunately, the guide arranged by the exhibition hall was young and full of vigor, which amused everyone after two words. Standing in the queue, Lin Yifei, KK and Michael listened to the guide's explanation like good children. From the corner of his eyes, Lin Yifei saw Chris looking up at a modern painting.

Lin Yifei sighed. Chris, why are you always so out of touch with everyone?

Even if the guide was full of amusing words, Chris would still stay away from others.

Finally, it was lunch time. KK was looking forward to it. When everyone left the museum, Chris was still looking up at the painting.

Lin Yifei gestured toward KK and quickly walked behind Chris.

"Do you like this < EYES > very much?" Lin Yifei smiled, but Chris ignored him.

"The lines float in the sky with gorgeous colors and no vulgarity. However, beautiful things are also meant to be kept in memory. If you don't leave now, you will have to take the subway to go back to school. The price is four times more expensive than taking the bus!" Lin Yifei said the fare on purpose, because he knew Chris's family was poor. He was very concerned about money.

Before Chris turned around, Lin Yifei trotted back to KK's group.

On the bus, KK finally found the opportunity to bring Lin Yifei to sit with her. Meanwhile, Chris sat next to the big boy who stayed next to KK before.

The bus drove all the way to the park. The children got off excitedly. The sun was just right. They shrouded the greens and made them look vibrant. KK took out the prepared table linen and spread it on the grass under the shade of a tree. Everyone took out prepared lunches to share. When Lin Yifei opened his lunch box, everyone shuddered. Everything was covered with thick red oil, which made people feel the burn at a glance.

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"Ha ha, do you want to try it? This is my mother's special, the upgraded version of chili pepper chicken and boiled beef slices!" Lin Yifei's mother was very good at cooking Sichuan cuisine. When they came to the United States in the beginning, they depended solely on the wages of his father, but his mother soon found a job in a restaurant. It was thanked to her good craft.

"Hmm…" Everyone suddenly became tongue-tied, "You can enjoy it yourself…"

Lin Yifei, with a wry smile, came to Chris, who was sitting by himself. He deliberately said with a triumphant expression, "The last time wasn't hot enough for you! It's because I didn't give you real Chinese Sichuan cuisine! This time I promise that you can't swallow it!"

Chris frowned and looked at Lin Yifei like seeing annoying flies. "What do you want?"

"How about I dare you? Do you want to have a try?" Lin Yifei took out a dollar from his pocket. "I bet one dollar that you can't eat it all!"

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