Chris wanted to quickly get rid of this annoying guy Lin Yifei. He took Lin Yifei's lunch box in one hand and ate it all in less than five minutes. He also turned the lunch box upside down and motioned for Lin Yifei to hand over the dollar.  

Lin Yifei's face was red with anger, "You wait! Next time I'll beat you!"

"Whatever you want." Chris covered his eyes with a sun hat and laid down on the side, showing a posture of 'don't disturb me sleeping'.

KK beckoned Lin Yifei back and patted him on the head, "You idiot! He ate all of your lunch!"

"Yes…also lost a dollar…" Lin Yifei deliberately showed a silly expression. In fact, he was very happy. Chris ate up all of his lunch. He had long known that Chris's mother worked in a Chinese restaurant in Chinatown during the day and brought back a lot of Sichuan cuisine for Chris at night. Although Chris was a born American, he grew up eating Sichuan cuisine. The chili in his mother's lunch box didn't matter to him at all.

Regardless of what method was used, he just wanted to make Chris eat better without hurting his self-esteem.

The day was very pleasant for everyone and Lin Yifei. He was happy because he sat under the same shade with a 12-year-old Chris. He never thought that today was possible before he returned ten years to the past.

The midday sun was a bit dazzling. No matter how dazzling it was, it couldn't compare with Chris's deadly sabre against Kevin in the Olympic stadium.

The wind was very gentle, just like a person's breathing. It's clearly separated by a long distance but seemed to still be around.

As the weather became hotter, Lin Yifei felt that he couldn't sleep at all in that small room. There was no air conditioner, because installing an air conditioner required money. Electricity also required money. Still, his mother loved him very much. She bought a second-hand fan but was afraid that he would catch a cold when blowing it. She always turned off the fan after Lin Yifei fell asleep. Lin Yifei woke up twice and climbed over to turn on the electric fan. The air began to circulate, which made it less humid.

Dawn came with the sound of bicycle bells tinkling outside the window. Lin Yifei subconsciously moved to the windowsill to see. He never thought that the cyclist was Chris. He was delivering newspapers along the street. Lin Yifei finally understood why Chris was always sleeping in class, because he didn't get enough sleep since he had to get up so early in the morning. Lin Yifei had been lying on the windowsill watching. Chris's back was thin but stubborn. One could imagine his heroic bearing as an adult.  

Suddenly, Chris turned around and rode back. He stopped downstairs of Lin Yifei. He lifted up his head and looked straight at Lin Yifei.

Shocked by the other's gaze, Lin Yifei touched his hair unnaturally.

The other side coldly made a gesture to ask him to go down.

Lin Yifei didn't expect Chris to take the initiative to talk to himself. He took the key and quietly went down.

"Hello, what is it?" Lin Yifei was clearly looking forward to it, but he still stood in front of Chris pretending to look impatient.  

"I know that every time you deliberately give me your lunch box, you sympathize with me for only eating a sandwich at noon every day, not because you really want to hurt me." Chris's tone was cold and there was no gratitude in it.

Lin Yifei felt a quiver in his heart. After his plot was debunked, he realized that he looked down upon Chris's IQ too much.

"I don't need other people's sympathy, so please don't do such a thing in the future. You are not the Virgin Mary, and I do not intend to accept your charity." With that, Chris left on his bicycle.

Looking after his back in the humid summer, Lin Yifei had an illusion of it withering away.

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In the next few days, Lin Yifei didn't talk to Chris again. KK and they breathed a sigh of relief. It's good that Lin Yifei didn't go mess with that Chris.

The days passed by one by one. The elementary school schoolwork in the United States was not strict. Children who finished classes were more likely to play and had more activities, such as science and technology exhibition, speech, etc. In August, their elementary school would hold a small auction on the playground. That was to say, everyone would take out their handmade things for auction. They would work in groups of two. Students who had morning auctions could rest and shop in the afternoon, and vice versa. Although it was a childish activity, it's very beneficial to children's creativity.

Miss Anne has prepared a small box with many numbers in it. She would put it into the classroom and let everyone picked one by one. The people who picked the same number would form a group. Even number groups would sell things in the morning and odd number groups in the afternoon.

The way the students looked forward to this was somewhat funny. Lin Yifei touched his nose and didn't know with whom he would form a group. When it's KK's turn, the little girl took a deep breath like she was about to choose a groom, put her hand into the box and pulled out a number to look at. Lin Yifei felt funny. In fact, the main nervousness shouldn't be in picking number, but when the teacher finally called out the number and the corresponding people raised their hands.

When all of the numbers were chosen, Miss Anne stood on the stage and read them out one by one. KK's luck was very good. She had drawn a group with Michael. They were already friends. They should have a tacit understanding on how to finish the task together.

"Number 17." Hearing Miss Anne calling his number, Lin Yifei raised his hand and looked around the classroom only to find that no one else raised their hand. What was going on here?

Lin Yifei looked at Chris, who was sitting by the window looking at the clouds. Suddenly, he wondered if his partner would be him.

Sure enough, Miss Anne asked, "Chris, what's your number?"

Chris glanced at the small note in his hand and replied lightly, "17."

"Well, then you are in a team with Lin. I hope you two can cooperate well."

Lin Yifei sighed in his heart. With his current relationship with Chris, it's really a wistful thinking to cooperate well.

When school was over, Lin Yifei followed Chris and wanted to say something. While thinking with his head down, the boy in front of him suddenly stopped. Lin Yifei's nose hit the other person's back directly.


"What do you want with me?" Chris turned around with indifferent eyes.

"That……aren't we in a group? Mustn't we discuss what to do?"

"That's your business." Chris was going to turn around again. Lin Yifei subconsciously grabbed his wrist.

"I say you this person can't be so irresponsible! If you really don't want to partner with someone, you can take the initiative to talk to Miss Anne to arrange another classmate for me." Lin Yifei was a little angry. He knew Chris's temper. He should bear with it. He should bear with it well, even if it burst his blood vessels. He remembered when he first met this guy in the university fencing hall, he would fume with anger after speaking two or three sentences with him.

However, right after he finished saying these words, Lin Yifei really regretted it. He knew Chris's stubborn temper.

Sure enough…

"Don't worry, I'll talk to Miss Anne." Chris left viciously. Lin Yifei stretched out his hand and clasped his forehead.

Chris, Chris, what do you want me to do?

After dinner in the evening, mother Lin was packing lunch box for father Lin, who was working overtime in the factory.

"Mom-why don't you ask Dad to stop working so hard and come back early to rest?"

"Fool, during overtime, Boss give three times the salary! What tiredness? Universities here in the United States are very expensive. You are sure to go to a university in the future. Don't we need to save up now?"

Hearing this, Lin Yifei felt distressed, "There's no need to save so much. I won't spend my family's money when I go to college."

"Why? Aren't you going to college?"

"Don't worry, I will have a scholarship." Lin Yifei knew that because of his outstanding fencing ability, he was admitted to the same university as Chris and received a large scholarship.

Although mother Lin didn't take Lin Yifei's words seriously, she was still touched by her son.

"Mom, I'll go to the factory to deliver food to Dad."

"Why are you going?" mother Lin shook her head quickly. "Your father has always said that the public security here isn't good. He said that after saving a little more money, he would move to another district…Listening to the overseas student downstairs, two days ago, a child was tortured to death four or five blocks away…"

When mother Lin turned around, she realized that the lunch box and Lin Yifei were gone. She hurried to the windowsill. Lin Yifei stood downstairs and shouted with a smile: "Mom, don't worry! that's something that happens in the middle of the night! I will be back before the sun goes down!"

Lin Yifei went to the factory to deliver the meal and then walked back to the subway. Passing by a super large M sign, he realized that it was a motel. Outside the motel, there are already some service providers in special industries looking for customers.

Looking up, the sun had set. The moon dimly hung in the sky. It's time to go back, otherwise his mother would be anxious.

Only there came a cry at the entrance of the motel. A young woman was pushed out and fell on the steps with a child. She was very humiliated.

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Two white men came up, looking upset, and kicked the woman on the back: "Don't bring children when you come out to it! What an appetite!"

The young child was angry. Regardless of the pull from the woman behind him, he lifted a foot to kick, but the other person was tall and big. He was immediately pressed to the ground and had his face twisted. "Huh? I didn't look closely just now. This kid is really beautiful!"

The other showed a wretched smile and rubbed his thumb on the young boy's face. "Yes, if you want to follow your mother so much, then we'll let you join!"

Lin Yifei just looked at the scene in front of him, what was going on…

The young boy kept kicking. The woman tried to drag him back, but the second man pulled her hair and threw her aside.

Everyone looked at the scene numbly. Some were smoking and some were continuing to solicit guests. If anyone helped them now, they couldn't do business here in the future.

The boy was none other than Chris.


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