Lin Yifei's body responded faster than his head. He picked up an iron pipe from the ground and rushed straight to the steps of the motel, hitting one of the men on the back.

The man turned his head and cursed, "F***!"

Lin Yifei took a step back. Before the other side could grab his arm, he pushed the other side back by thrusting him on the shoulder.

Chris, who was held down by another man, looked surprised and seemed to have no idea how Lin Yifei would appear.

"Hey, Jack! Give this little Asian B*stard some color to see!"

The guy named Jack moved his wrist and seemed ready to beat Lin Yifei. "Boy, do you think you are Bruce Lee with the iron pipe?"

Lin Yifei waved his weapon beautifully. The humid air was cold at that moment. All of the expressions on the young boy's face disappeared. Then he raised his hand to point at the other. There was an air of silence.

Jack paused. He then suddenly rushed up to take the iron pipe in Lin Yifei's hand, but the iron pipe bypassed his wrist and slammed onto his shoulder. Staggering back two steps, Jack's expression became fiercer.

"This is called a Riposte, to fight back after a successful Parry." Lin Yifei spoke perfect American English. One didn't know whether his words were for his opponent or Chris.

The guy who was holding Chris was still shouting, "You can't even handle this little thing?"

Jack rushed up again. He tried to avoid Lin Yifei's iron pipe and punched him in the face. Unexpectedly, Lin Yifei dodged sideways and thrust him in the lower abdomen. The other side had no time to react and covered his stomach with pain. Although Lin Yifei's strength now wasn't as strong as that of his past adult life, the man was still hit with an iron pipe. It would only not hurt if he was made out of iron wall.

"This is called a Feint." Lin Yifei turned the iron pipe in his hand. He took a step forward and suddenly cut down on Jack's shoulders. Jack was totally overwhelmed.

The guy who caught Chris found the right opportunity to rush up. Lin Yifei made a lunge, almost hitting the other side at the most important part of men. The surprised attacker repeatedly retreated.

His fingertips were burning. Lin Yifei sighed with emotion that although his brain was still as sharp as before, the body's movements didn't have the same kind of trained reaction ability, speed and strength. However, it was still enough to deal with these two men who only knew brute force.

When Chris got his freedom, he kicked the man. Originally, Lin Yifei didn't want to make things big, so he didn't hit the other person's key part. However, when Chris kicked him, he was knocked straight towards the iron pipe. Fortunately, Lin Yifei reacted quickly. Otherwise, the man would have been "disabled" all his life.

Knowing that Chris was a typical vengeful person, Lin Yifei threw away his iron pipe and said, "Don't harm anyone-"

Before Chris had received orthodox fencing training, he was completely following the freelancing route. Of course, he was much better after having a coach. The lack of discipline made him extremely sharp. Even as a 12-year-old, Lin Yifei could see his achievements in this field ten years later.

Seeing that there were more and more onlookers, Lin Yifei knew that things shouldn't get any bigger. He didn't want his mother to bring him back from the police station. In case he got a record, he would really die miserably. He hurriedly ran two or three steps and pulled up the woman sitting on the ground. "Are you Chris's mother?"


"Let's run!" Then he took Chris's mother and ran away, "Stop fighting!"

Chris gritted his teeth and violently threw the iron pipe out at the chasing Jack. Not too far from them came the sound of a police car.

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When the three people finally reached the subway station, Lin Yifei's hanging heart began to drop, "I…my mother…fortunately didn't get caught…"

Chris glanced at him and said nothing. Instead, his mother spoke first, "Hello, I am Chris's mother…thank you so much just now…"

"It doesn't matter, Mrs. Lynn." At that time, Chris still followed his mother's surname.

"Why thank him? We didn't ask him for help."

At this time, a subway train arrived. Chris took Mrs. Lynn in and Lin Yifei followed. There were still a few people leaving work, so the train was not entirely empty.

Mrs. Lynn wanted to talk to Chris, but Chris grabbed her hand and seemed to not let her talk.

In fact, Lin Yifei has guessed what happened. He's afraid that Mrs. Lynn went to the motel with the two men to make some money. Although Chris loved his mother very much, he was extremely disgusted with her way of making money, so he must have followed and caused the commotion just now. But looking at those two men, they were not fuel-efficient lamps. If Mrs. Lynn really went in with them, one didn't know if she could come out alive.

"Mrs. Lynn, your fingers are really beautiful." Lin Yifei's eyebrows and eyes were all smiling and looked very honest.

"Ah, is it?" Mrs. Lynn pursed her lips and looked at her fingers with a look of loneliness. Lin Yifei heard Chris mention that his mother had no choice but to drop out of school. She played the piano well, especially Schubert's music, which was Chris's favorite.

"Humph, can you only say that other people's fingers look good?" Chris looked contemptuous, but Lin Yifei smiled. It turned out that this guy still remembered what he said to him on the school bus that day.

"Can Mrs. Lynn play any musical instrument? Such as violin or piano?"

"A little piano." Mrs. Lynn smiled so beautifully that Lin Yifei couldn't imagine such a woman being beaten by the two men just now…

"Oh, that's great!" Lin Yifei looked very happy. "There is also a Chinese couple living opposite our house. They have always wanted their daughter to learn piano, but they don't have much money…I don't know if Mrs. Lynn would like to teach. It's $5 a night…Although the money is very small, the family is very nice…"

Mrs. Lynn's eyes flashed a glimmer of light, then looked at Chris. The other party didn't speak but looked out of the window with his mouth tightened.

"Well, maybe they think I'm not professional enough." Nevertheless, Mrs. Lynn seemed to be very happy. Lin Yifei knew that this woman gave up music for Chris. Now if she could do something related to music, it would be her greatest hope in life.

"No, no, their daughter is only 5 years old, that is, a beginner. The piano is also found in the junkyard. Whether it is accurate or not is not a problem." Lin Yifei looked like there was no need to worry.

Although $5 per night was pitiful, Mrs. Lynn should be more willing to teach piano than having Chris see her making money like tonight.

Lin Yifei got off the train before Chris. Of course, he would not give up this good opportunity. "Tomorrow is the weekends. I will ask you to finish the task the teacher assigned us!"

After that, he got off the train. As the train drove away, Lin Yifei smiled and saw Chris raised his eyebrows.

The next day was the weekends. Lin Yifei found Chris's house.

When Chris opened the door, he looked very unhappy. His family lived above a cafe, opposite the Chinese restaurant where his mother worked.

The room was very small, only 11 or 12 square meters. Chris and Mrs. Lynn were crowded here. There was only a single bed. Chris's book was neatly placed on a small desk. Lin Yifei reached out and handed over the tea eggs cooked by his mother. Chris took them without looking. There was hardly any place to sit inside. The two people could only sit on the bed. Mrs. Lynn had gone to work. There were no adults in the room.

"Do you have any idea what to do?" After a long time, Lin Yifei asked.

"No." A natural answer.

"Is there anything you can do?" Lin Yifei asked again.

"No." There's no need to think. Chris's answer was the same.

"Let's do something simple then?" Lin Yifei bumped Chris with his shoulder and found that the other party didn't show the expression of aversion or avoid his touch. He was really happy in his heart.


"How about a small cabin? Just buy some wood boards and universal glue. The price is very cost-effective. "

"Mmm." Chris replied softly. One was unable to recognize sadness or joy on his face.

"Chris, do you like fencing?" Lin Yifei suddenly asked.

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The other party was silent for a while before saying quietly, "I like it."

In fact, according to Lin Yifei's observation of Chris, although this guy had both offensive and defensive skills on the surface, he often broke down his opponent's defense with sharp attacks. Sometimes, he even hit his opponent even when he was in unfavorable situations. This was more apparent in his duel against Keven Phil. Lin Yifei didn't understand why before, but now he understood. Chris had very little, so he wanted to protect what he had desperately. His instinct was to attack.

"We can practice together in the future since there are no other opponents here." Their elementary school wasn't like other private elementary schools, which had special tennis lessons, not to mention fencing with more detailed professional requirements.

Chris didn't speak for a long time. Lin Yifei was somewhat regretful. His suggestion was originally intended to close the distance, but it may have had the opposite effect.

"Can you teach me? I feel that you have studied orthodox training." Chris finally spoke, without any undulating tone, but it made Lin Yifei's heart jump for joy.


In the afternoon, Lin Yifei took Chris to buy the materials and then laid down on their floor to draw the design of the small house. At first, Lin Yifei thought that it would be mostly him doing the work, but when he saw Chris lying on the paper and tracing the lines carefully, he couldn't help lifting up the corners of his mouth and smiling.

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