Chris was actually born a handsome man. Lin Yifei didn't know how many times he was jealous of him. Even with the delicate skin of his boyhood now, and the slightly childlike but rather heroic eyebrow, he was still Chris, who was later called the Prince of Icy Blade by the media. He would always be unsmiling and refuse people from thousands of miles away, but he still had a lot of fans.

The eyelashes that drooped down occasionally with the blinking action were also very beautiful.

Lin Yifei turned away and continued tracing.

One didn't know how long it took, the sun was starting to set. Lin Yifei's stomach gave a very loud 'gulu

"Chris, I want tea eggs."

"What tea eggs?" Chris didn't look up and was still studying whether the drawings they drew were reasonable.

"I brought them when I came to your house this morning."

"Oh, in the kitchen."

Chris's kitchen was shared with the landlord. Lin Yifei searched for half a day before finding the bag of tea eggs. He quickly peeled one and put it into my mouth. It was light and salty, and still had some tea flavor. Lin Yifei stripped another one and walked back to the room. He laid down beside Chris and pushed the tea egg to his mouth.

"Try it. My mother made it."

Chris froze. Lin Yifei thought that he was concerned about the tea egg being fed to him. He just wanted to plug it into the other's hands, when Chris suddenly lowered his head to bite.

"How does it taste?" Lin Yifei took advantage of the opportunity to peel off the rest of the eggshells. Since he couldn't see whether Chris liked it or not, he simply stuffed the other half into his own mouth.

"It's delicious." Chris's answer choked Lin Yifei. Couldn't this guy answer faster? If he knew, he wouldn't have eaten the remaining half.

"Oh, there are still two left, just enough for you and your mother." Lin Yifei got up and said, "I'm going home. If I don't go back by five o'clock, my mother will worry."

"Mmm." Chris began to pack up the things lying on the ground.

Lin Yifei certainly didn't expect Chris to send himself, but he was still in a good mood.

Summer nights were still humid. No matter how many times Lin Yifei told his Mom not to turn off the electric fan, she would still turn it off after he fell asleep. One really didn't know whether she was really afraid of him getting a cold or wanted to save electricity.

Lin Yifei, who was woken up by the heat, looked at the alarm clock. It was just past five o'clock again. As usual, he climbed over to turn on the electric fan…Ah, he finally survived. He placed his head on the windowsill. Lin Yifei was breathing the morning air when a figure riding a bicycle passed under his window. Lin Yifei called out subconsciously, "Chris!"

The young cyclist stopped. He turned his head to look in the direction of Lin Yifei, and then continued to send newspapers by bike. But Lin Yifei stopped him again. "Wait for me!"

Chris frowned slightly and just wanted to leave when he saw Lin Yifei poking his head out again with something in his hand.

"Here you are!" Lin Yifei was holding two tea eggs.

Chris was about to step on the pedal and ignore him. Who knew that Lin Yifei would throw the tea eggs firmly into the basket in front of Chris and said with great spirit, "See you at school later!"

He reached for the tea eggs in the basket and was about to throw them away then stopped his hand. Afterward, he left the two eggs to touch each other in the basket. Chris got on the bike and continued to deliver newspapers.

In class on Monday, KK was quite proud, saying that the things she and Michael had made would surely fetch a good price on the day of the garden party. When Lin Yifei asked her what she was doing, she had to act mysterious again.

"But how are you and Chris? I guess you have to finish it yourself." KK was a very warm-hearted girl, "Do you want me to help you?"

Lin Yifei smiled, "No, Chris is pretending to be a drag, but he is actually quite responsible."

"Forget it, your taste in making friends has always been strange." KK really looked like a little adult when she spoke.

He didn't know whether it's an illusion. Lin Yifei always thought that Chris was looking at them, but when Lin Yifei looked over, Chris just stared out the window as usual.

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The elementary school was over very early. The parents of the children usually picked up and dropped them off, except for Lin Yifei and Chris. As usual, the two boys walked out in tandem. When they were about to reach the school gate, Lin Yifei suddenly stepped forward and took Chris's shoulder. The other suddenly twisted his hand. The pain almost made Lin Yifei cried.


Chris frowned slightly and let go of Lin Yifei's hand.

"Why is it you?"

"Of course it's me. Who else in this school has the courage to touch you?" Lin Yifei rubbed his shoulder. He didn't expect Chris's strength to be so great. No, in fact, it wasn't strange. Lin Yifei suddenly remembered a swimming pool party at the university. He lost a bet with his classmates and wanted to find a strong man to hold him and jump into the pool. At that time, everyone laughed and said that Lin Yifei couldn't find anyone to help him. Chris picked him up without saying anything. He jumped into the water before Lin Yifei could close his mouth. No one dared to speak during the whole party while Lin Yifei choked on water.

"Why are you looking for me?"

"Didn't you say that you want to learn fencing from me? If you don't want to learn, forget it!" Lin Yifei looked angry. He was about to turn around and leave, but his wrist was grabbed by the other side.

"Good, where to learn?"

"Do you really believe that I can seriously teach you? I am also a child!" Lin Yifei's eyebrows rose as if to say 'don't regret it'.

"I believe you." Chris's words were still brief, then he actually pulled Lin Yifei's back collar and walked out of the school gate. If one didn't know, they would think this posture was used to beat people.

"Where to go? It's better to find a quiet place where there are no people, definitely not the basketball court in the block where so many people play. It's not a good place to practice fencing." Hardly had Lin Yifei finished speaking when Chris pointed to the rear seat.

"Come up."

It sounded like Chris was the teacher.

Lin Yifei was stunned. He never thought that he could sit on Chris's back frame one day. When he met Chris in college, he was already an adult and had his own car. It was even a Porsche.

Chris cycled effortlessly, as if Lin Yifei who was sitting behind him was air. Lin Yifei's hands held the frame. The wind caressed his ear. His nose caught a light shower gel scent. It was that of the cheapest shower gel, but Lin Yifei felt that the fragrance was extremely fresh.

When turning the corner, the entire bicycle slightly tilted. Lin Yifei was afraid of falling off the bike. He subconsciously stretched out his hand and hugged Chris's waist.

The bicycle suddenly stopped on a street. Lin Yifei thought that it was over. Chris didn't want to beat him, did he? According to Lin Yifei's past experience, Chris didn't like people touching him, which should be a habit formed from childhood.

Lin Yifei was about to put his hand back on the frame when the other side suddenly sped up, causing him to hold Chris tighter.

When everything was smooth, Lin Yifei slowly lowered his hand.

Fortunately, he didn't want to beat me…

"I say, don't go too far. My mother will be worried if I don't come home by six."

"Here we are."

In front of them was an artificial canal. On both sides of the canal were green grass. Above the grass fields was a concrete flat ground. There were not many pedestrians in this place, only trains passed through the bridge above the canal.

"It's quite nice here." Lin Yifei jumped off the bicycle and rubbed his feet on the concrete floor. "It's a pity that it's not a wooden floor. It may not feel right when practicing footwork. Forget it, we don't have any protectors or sabres anyway. What do you want to learn first?"

Chris found two branches of the same length. "Start where your teacher taught you."

Lin Yifei was happy. It seemed that Chris was already prepared. He just looked disgruntled.

Branches lacked the toughness of sabres, but they could only make do with them.

"Let's teach you to hold a sabre and salute first." Lin Yifei picked up a branch and performed a standard pre-match salute. "Some people say fencing is a sport for gentlemen and nobles. Of course, these two points don't apply to us. Don't forget our strength."

Chris looked at Lin Yifei quietly, as if Lin Yifei was holding a sabre instead of a branch.

In fact, when Lin Yifei was sitting in the back seat of Chris's bicycle, he thought about what to teach him first and finally decided to teach him etiquette.

Some people said that Chris's sabre-holding salute was full of grace, elegant and sharpness. He wasn't saluting his opponent but the sabre in his opponent's hand. The pre-match salute was Chris's mark, so Lin Yifei decided to teach him the pre-match salute first. He thought that Chris would be impatient, but he picked up the branch and repeated Lin Yifei's action very accurately.

The two boys stood face to face, as if across two ends of a mirror.

Lin Yifei's heart was beating wildly. At that moment, he was under the illusion that he was standing in the Olympic game, one minute before the fight with Chris.

"Remember, one day you will be the world champion." Lin Yifei felt like he was influenced by Chris's momentum to say such a thing.

"I will." Chris's voice was calm and assured, as if he also believed that this would become a reality.

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Lin Yifei suddenly laughed, "Ha ha, you have learned so well!"

Chris stood where he was and didn't speak. He just remained straight and looked at Lin Yifei.

After that, Lin Yifei began to correct Chris's gesture of holding the sabre. Since it's just a branch, it had no hilt, but fortunately the sabre was different from the foil, which was usually held horizontally. Lin Yifei stood behind Chris, holding Chris's hand with his head on his side, and said some key points about thrusting and cutting.

"You see, if you thrust out like this with good footwork, the speed and strength will be improved. The shoulder should be closed here, otherwise the thrusting will be unstable." Lin Yifei put one hand on Chris's shoulder and the other hand on the other side of his waist. It appeared almost as if he was holding Chris. When he spoke, his breath sprayed on Chris's side face.

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