"That's it. I'll let go. You thrust it out in this position." These were all relatively basic postures. Chris could actually do them, but they were not standard. In addition, because there was no special person to teach him, his pace and hand movements were not unified enough, which included his breathing and coordination. They influenced how hard all parts of his body exerted themselves. This wasn't something he could learn from watching fencing competitions.

Chris was extremely gifted and versatile. Lin Yifei remembered that when he was learning fencing, the coach took a lot of energy to correct some of his bad moves.

But within an hour, Chris corrected many of his irregular thrusting and cutting movements.

Lin Yifei sat on the grass, watching Chris repeating the moves he had taught him. Looking at the watch on his wrist, it was already 5:40 p.m.

"Oh my God, I'm going home!" Lin Yifei got up. Chris stopped to look at him.

"Oh, how can I get back…" Lin Yifei grabbed his head. Some people said that men had better sense of direction than women, but in fact Lin Yifei, as a man, had only a very general sense of direction. Usually he just needed to take buses and subways everywhere, but Chris brought him here by bicycle. He really didn't know where he was.

"Get on the bike and I'll take you back." Chris pushed up his bicycle similar to the way that he would drive the drunk Lin Yifei back to school from the pub when they were in college.

"Good, ride steadily. Don't fall on me!" Lin Yifei said half-jokingly as he followed Chris to push the bicycle to the road.

Just like when he came, Lin Yifei sat at the rear frame. When Chris sent him to the door, he could already smell the strong scent of rice.

Lin Yifei went upstairs and waved to Chris, "Bye-bye, see you at school tomorrow!"

"Mmm." Chris paused then rode away.

From this day onward, KK discovered a small change between Lin Yifei and Chris. In particular, Lin Yifei's situation of sitting behind Chris's bicycle after class and returning home stimulated the little girl even more.

"When did you get along so well with Chris?" KK used a pencil to poke Lin Yifei. Her eyes were full of "I am your friend, you can't betray me". It was really cute.

"Nothing," Lin Yifei blinked, "In fact, Chris isn't so bad. He just doesn't know how to communicate with people. We are all classmates, so we don't have to be so stiff."

"Ah…what kind of reason is this?" KK looked confused.

"This is the way of Chinese people." Lin Yifei turned around and watched the math teacher lifted his glasses and came in.

However, Lin Yifei had other things to consider. Of course, fencing should be started from young, not to mention Chris was going to be 12 years old. If he didn't study a lot of basic things well, even if he was really a genius rarely seen in decades, he wouldn't be able to do it once he lost too far from the starting line.

But he certainly couldn't practice with Chris in the canal with just branches. They needed at least sabres and protectors…where can I get them? Lin Yifei was a little upset.

Even if there were second-hand shops, with Lin Yifei's weekly allowance of $1, it was impossible to afford them.


While Lin Yifei was depressed, the math teacher came to his side. His glasses flashed cold light and he questioned him with a very difficult question. It was just that the question was a little childish for Lin Yifei. He cleared his throat and answered it. On the contrary, the math teacher felt a little awkward.

A week passed quickly, and it was the weekends again. Lin Yifei thought of their unfinished cabin and the garden party next Tuesday.

As usual, Lin Yifei went to Chris early in the morning. The two boys sat on the ground and began to glue boards. Chris was a person who did things very carefully. He was also very careful when smearing all-purpose glue on the edge of each board. No more, no less. Even the cracks needed to be carefully glued. In contrast, Lin Yifei…

"Ah…my fingers are stuck by the universal glue…"

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As soon as Lin Yifei finished speaking, Chris dragged him into the kitchen and washed his fingers with water, but it was still too late…

Looking at his thumb and forefinger glued together, Lin Yifei helplessly asked, "What shall I do…"

Chris picked up the fruit knife in the kitchen. The momentum shock Lin Yifei into stumbling backward, "You…what do you want to do…"

"Scrape the sticky place bit by bit with the tip of the knife." Chris took Lin Yifei and sat down. "You stuck your right hand. You can't scrap it yourself. Let me scrap it for you."

"Ah…what if it nicks?" Lin Yifei was worried. He didn't want to get tetanus…although he might be thinking too much about it.

"You can only scrap it yourself then." Chris snorted with his nose.

Lin Yifei thought of Chris's careful appearance when he was gluing just now. Suddenly, he felt that Chris was really more reliable than himself.

In this way, Chris sat opposite Lin Yifei with his head down, holding his hand and carefully scraping the glue that had stuck between his fingers. The fine dust fell and made a small sound.

Chris's fingertip was very round. Looking at his fingers closely, he felt that they appeared more beautiful and possessed the strength to hold everything.

(T/N: okay, Lin Yifei officially has finger fetish haha)

The point of the knife came close to the fingers, which made Lin Yifei a little nervous.

Chris said softly, "Don't be afraid."

This was the kind of sentence that made Lin Yifei's heart overflowed. He remembered that when he took part in the national qualifier for the first time, the tip of his sabre was shaking with nervousness, but Chris took his hand and said "don't be afraid" in his ear. Afterward, he went on stage without hesitation.

It turned out that I was once so loved by you, but I didn't understand until now.

All of a sudden, the fingers were loosened. Lin Yifei looked at his thumb and forefinger and laughed, "Great, otherwise if I can't hold chopsticks when I go home, my mother will certainly scold me!"

Chris just took the boards and glued them together.

That evening, their cabin was completed with two skylights, which looked very delicate.

"Ah, I feel a little reluctant to sell it on Tuesday." Lin Yifei held the cabin like a treasure.

"I glued two-thirds of it." Chris said this sentence slightly unpleasantly. Lin Yifei stared at him with one eye.

Dismissing it as nothing, Lin Yifei said to Chris, "Don't go to the canal after class tomorrow. Come to my house. "


"I want to teach you footwork, but cement and grass are not suitable. My room is made of wooden floor." Lin Yifei smiled faintly, "Remember to protect our cabin. I plan to sell it at a good price!"

Chris snorted softly.

Tuesday's garden party arrived. Clouds were floating in the sky, obscuring the sun. Today wasn't as hot as usual. Lin Yifei and Chris were team 17. They held the auction in the afternoon and could tour around during the morning.

However, as Lin Yifei thought, Chris didn't come. Forget it, as long as he came with the small cabin in the afternoon, Lin Yifei would have no opinion.

All of the stalls were made up of desks. The children excitedly decorated them.

Everyone talked and laughed. Lin Yifei suddenly felt that returning to childhood was also a happy thing. Children in the United States had a really strong creative ability, such as making small volcanoes, model airplanes and some strange things. Lin Yifei looked over them carefully since he had never seen them before. In contrast, the small cabin made by him and Chris was not novel, but it was exquisite.

Finally, he strolled to KK's stall. No wonder the little girl was so proud. It turned out that she and Michael made a car, and even the track was prepared. Although it wasn't remote controlled, the track circled from high to low, and the car could directly spin and slide down from above. It seemed that the production of this track still needed to be calculated carefully. When they demonstrated, there were a lot of people around. Even the math teacher, who had always been harsh, kept nodding with his glasses on.

Finally, KK sold their work for $20, which was the sky-high price in the entire garden party.

Looking at KK's proud expression, her nostrils were almost turning to the sky.

"Let me see what you and Chris can do this afternoon!" KK squeezed Lin Yifei's shoulder.

"Forget it, what he and I did is very common."

"There is no way out. Who lets your partner be Chris?" KK looked sympathetically at Lin Yifei. "I'll give you my support this afternoon!"

In fact, Lin Yifei was also very glad that the first friend he made after his rebirth was KK. After she and Michael closed the stall, she also left Lin Yifei with a very good position that she had snagged.

By lunch time at noon, Chris still didn't show up. KK sat beside Lin Yifei with her head propped up and asked, "Lin, Chris won't stand you up?"

"No." Lin Yifei looked at his wristwatch. "It's not too late yet. That guy doesn't like to have lunch with everyone."

Sure enough, when the garden party started again at one o'clock in the afternoon, Chris came to the booth with a cardboard box.

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"Ah, here you are. KK said just now that you abandon me!" Lin Yifei beamed and opened the paper box, then was slightly stunned.

When the cabin was taken out, KK gave a little gasp of admiration, "How beautiful!"

One didn't know when the roof of the cabin was glued with some broken glasses. They're colorful and appeared even more beautiful than crystal when exposed to sunlight.

"I don't care, you can sell me this cabin…" KK couldn't help it. "I'll give you my share of the $20 I just earned with Michael. If no one can afford to buy this cabin for $10, you can sell it to me."

"No problem! But only if no one offers more than $10." Lin Yifei laughed and glanced carelessly at Chris, only to find that the other party seemed to be very unhappy.

Although Chris always looked like he had no facial expression, Lin Yifei could always detect his emotion from his brow.

During this period, many people passed by their stall. KK was obviously nervous when someone offered $8.

Lin Yifei looked at Chris nearby and felt the air pressure continued to drop. In fact, wasn't it a good thing that people appreciate their works?

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