All right, I'll give you all the money from the sale except the cost.

At the end of the garden party at 3 o'clock, Miss Anne came to their booth and watched the small cabin with a smile on her mouth.

"It's really beautiful."

"Thank you, Miss Anne!" Lin Yifei immediately showed the appearance of a good student.

Miss Anne reached out and opened the cabin door. Unexpectedly, Schubert's Winter Journey was playing in the cabin, which surprised everyone. Lin Yifei also froze. When did Chris convert this into a music box?

"This is really too exquisite! I really want to put it in my bedroom. My husband will feel great when he sees it." Miss Anne was newly married.

"Ah…is it?" Lin Yifei looked at Chris's increasingly cold appearance and suddenly felt that he should not sell it like this.

"I'll give you $50, can I take it, Lin?" Miss Anne asked, which also made KK completely give up.

Lin Yifei was overjoyed and looked at Chris, "How about it? I want to sell."

"Whatever you want." Chris got up and left.

Miss Anne's $50 had completely caught Lin Yifei's attention. He politely wrapped up the cabin and sent it to Miss An, fearing that she would change her mind.

He went to the candy store outside the school to exchange the $50 bill and planned to give the money to Chris the next day. After all, if it hadn't been for his secret modification of the cabin, he wouldn't have been able to get such a good price.

Only when Lin Yifei stopped Chris in the corridor after school the next day, the other turned to look at him with cold expression. Lin Yifei wondered if the other party thought that he had taken all of the $50 and hurriedly handed over $45. "Hey, this is the money we made. I didn't do much, so I'll feel embarrassed to take more…"

"Do you think it is only worth $50?" Chris spoke coldly, then turned to leave, ignoring Lin Yifei.

"Ah…" You think I sold it too cheaply? Then why didn't you say so earlier?

Chris's attitude made Lin Yifei's heart feel like a block of stone. He couldn't move it up or down. He was miserable.

After a few days, the two of them never went to practice fencing together again. After school every day, Chris also turned around, threw his bag over his shoulder and rode off on his bicycle. Every morning before five o'clock, Lin Yifei quietly got up and went downstairs to wait for Chris and his newspapers to pass by. Only Chris rode fast as soon as he passed by his door, while Lin Yifei could only run and chase after him.

It wasn't easy to finally catch up. Lin Yifei reached for Chris's rear frame. As a result, both of them fell down and the bicycle wheel was spinning in the air. Lin Yifei got up in a panic and wanted to pull Chris who fell beside him.

"What's the matter with you!" Lin Yifei's hand was thrown off Chris's shoulder before he touched it.

"Don't touch me!"

Chris's attitude made Lin Yifei's anger soar up, "What the hell is going on with you! If you feel uncomfortable, just say so! Aren't we friends?"

Who knew that the other party would get up, stuff the newspapers scattered on the ground back into the bags on the rear frame, then say very harshly, "We are not friends."

Looking at the figure of the other riding his bicycle far away, Lin Yifei's heart ached.  

We are not friends.

Lin Yifei pressed his lips and walked home.

Mother Lin was making breakfast when she saw her son coming back through the door. She was surprised, "Xiao Fei! Where did you go so early in the morning?"

Lin Yifei didn't speak, but went to brush his teeth, washed his face and sat at the table.

Sh*t, I can't even handle a 12-year-old child as an adult! He was depressed!

"Xiao Fei, what's wrong with you?" Mother Lin brought a bowl of egg noodles to him.

Lin Yifei was so depressed. He found the chance and spoke out. He told the whole story of himself and Chris at the garden party.

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"Do I have to give him all $50?" Lin Yifei looked so miserable that his nose almost drooped into the egg noodles.

Mother Lin burst into laughter.

"My stupid son, do you think everyone is like you and want a little pocket money! Your classmate may just want to share the cabin with you. How would he think when the cabin that he made with you was sold like that?"

"Ah?" Lin Yifei froze, "He actually didn't want me to sell? Did he think that I would give him less money?"

Mother Lin shook her head. "No matter how long we live here, we are foreigners. Your father and I can only be Chinese. But you are different, Xiao Fei…you are still young and have the ability to integrate into this society, so you must cherish those who accept you as a friend."

"I know Mom. I'll find a way to make up with him." Lin Yifei's heart was even sadder. Didn't he know Chris? To make up with him was almost as impossible as ascending to heaven.

In the following days, the two boys continued to maintain the cold war.

Even KK and Michael were speechless. Looking at Lin Yifei's listless appearance, KK contributed her lunch milk. Michael knew that Lin Yifei liked meat and gave Lin Yifei all the beef in his curry rice. (T/N: they're so cute! Especially KK)

The weekend finally arrived. Lin Yifei took a long train and came to an old sporting goods store in Bronx.

Looking after the shop was an old man in his fifties wearing reading glasses. "Oh, Chinese child, here you are!"

"Hello, Mr. Parker. I'm here to buy what I told you last time." Lin Yifei spent half a day to take out $70 from his pocket.

Mr. Parker nodded before saying, "This money is only enough for one person."

"That's the only way ah, who made fencing protectors and sabre so expensive…even if used ones are also very expensive…" Lin Yifei grabbed his head. In fact, Mr. Parker's price was already very cheap. Last month, Lin Yifei and his family were guests at another Chinese home. When he passed by this sporting goods store, he was very excited and ran in. He saw that there were old fencing protectors and sabres sold here.

It turned out that Mr. Parker's grandchildren were fond of fencing, but when they grew up, the size of the protective gears no longer fit them. It would be a pity to throw them away, so they were placed in the store to see if anyone else would like to buy them.

At that time, Lin Yifei was really overjoyed that there were two sets. Both sets were second-handed. Since Mr. Parker saw that Lin Yifei liked them a lot, he gave a price of $150 to Lin Yifei.

At that time, Lin Yifei really felt that he had made a profit. You should know that a set of protective gear and sabre costed at least $600 to $700. Even if it was used, it's very difficult to have such a cheap price. Mr. Parker seemed to like Lin Yifei very much. He also said that the two sets of fencing gear would be kept for him, for when he could save enough money to get them.

"What's the matter?" Mr. Parker asked him with a smile while wrapping up the fencing gears, "I was still thinking that if you don't buy them earlier, they would no longer fit you once you grow taller."

"Ha ha……" Lin Yifei smiled shyly. "I quarreled with my good friend and wanted to buy two sets to surprise him, but now I can only buy one set to see if we can save our friendship."

Mr. Parker smiled enigmatically. "Do you know that all competitions need opponents. Only those who are equally matched will present wonderful competitions."

"Yes." Lin Yifei looked down and suddenly remembered Kevin Phil's lonely expression after the funeral, "It's lonely to stand alone at the top."

Mr. Parker put the wrapped things in front of Lin Yifei. In addition to the two packages, there were also two sabres.

"Huh, Mr. Parker? You seem to have given me two sabre barrels?"

"Yes, these two sets of protective equipment and two sabres also need someone to use them to reflect their value. Remember that if one day one of you become the world champion, you must come to see me." Mr. Parker smiled kindly.

"Thank you! Thank you very much!" Lin Yifei was about to fly off the roof in happiness.

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He hurried back to Queens with excitement and came to Chris's door. But when he rang the doorbell, he got nervous again. He was still hesitating whether to leave the things at the door then ran away, when the door opened. It was Mrs. Lynn.

"Huh? Is that you, Lin?" Mrs. Lynn laughed. Lin Yifei was the only child who had been inside their house. He also saved herself and Chris, so she liked him very much.

"This…this…help me give them to Chris…I'm leaving!" With that, Lin Yifei ran away as fast as he could, leaving Mrs. Lynn staring blankly at what was in her hands.

A few seconds later, Mrs. Lynn brought the things back to the room.

"Chris, Lin came just now. He gave these things to me and ran away. Did you quarrel? I think Lin hasn't come to see you for a long time." Mrs. Lynn sincerely hoped that Lin Yifei could be friends with Chris all the time. She knew Chris's temper very well and how difficult it was for someone to be friends with him.

Chris didn't speak. He just sat at his desk and leafed through the textbooks, completely ignoring what Mrs. Lynn had put on the bed.

Mrs. Lynn sighed, then she looked at the long barrel of sabre with some curiosity. She opened it, "Eh…this seems to be for fencing? It should be very expensive…"

Chris jerked back and reached out to open another package, which turned out to be a fencing gear and a small piece of paper.

I know it was wrong of me to sell the cabin we made together. I just want to scrape together enough money to buy fencing gear for us.

I want to practice fencing with you.

Holding the note tightly, Chris quickly ran out of the house.

Mrs. Lynn smiled, "Remember to make up with Lin!"

When Lin Yifei returned to his house, it was already past 4 p.m. Mother Lin would be working very late in the restaurant today. There was originally a Chinese student serving as a waitress. As a result, she had to take an exam and asked mother Lin to work for her for two nights. The salary would also be paid to mother Lin. Of course, mother Lin had no reason not to agree.

The table was covered with two plates, which mother Lin had already prepared. There was also a small note telling Lin Yifei that there was rice in the refrigerator. When hungry, it was enough to steam it in a pan.

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