This incident ended with the death of Shu fei, but the impact was far more than that.

The son is noble as the mother, and Shu fei was given to death for sin. The third prince' momentum in the previous dynasty plummeted. Except for the few people who really had a good relationship, very few came to the door, and it is not an exaggeration to call them Men Keluoque.

The supporters of the eldest prince have relatively increased, but they are not completely one-sided.

First of all, the second prince was knighted before the third prince and was able to enter the court and participate in politics. The newly-appointed King Wei is conservative in his work, but he is also stable. The courteous corporal is willing to discuss with his subordinates when things happen, which is more arrogant than the prince's arrogance. To be likable, and he and Wei Wangfei Xiao Clan seem to be very respectful, and they have a good relationship. There are not many messy people in the backyard like the big prince, and they are better in terms of personal morality.

But it doesn't stop there.

In this incident, everyone has discovered that the emperor's love for Shao Guifei was unusual, and he was even able to give him a military talisman to protect their mother and child when he was out of the palace. This love and trust can be said to be quite rare, but it is not true. I'm sorry for the overwhelming order.

And if the emperor is not born as a protagonist, or his aptitude is far superior to all brothers, then his mother's position and weight in the heart of the emperor will have a decisive influence on his status.

Unfortunately, the advantages of Shao Fei's son in this area are almost unmatched.

The mother is the head of the concubines and takes up almost all of the holy family. The only disadvantage is that she is too young and hard to grasp the aptitude and temperament.

But this is not a problem. The emperor seems to be in good health. He has time to wait for his beloved son to grow up. Regardless of whether the birth of the imperial concubine is a male or a female, and her aptitude, it depends on the speed of her pregnancy. There must not be only this one.

At that time, as long as one of the boys is talented, it will be enough to make everyone rush.

Therefore, unlike the fierce battle between the eldest prince and the third prince a while ago, many people have tightened their stakes and are ready to wait a few years before placing bets.

For a while, the controversy in the court regarding the position of the prince almost disappeared. Only a few corrupt veterans insisted on begging the emperor as soon as possible to establish a reserve as soon as possible to consolidate the country's capital, but everyone who was clever remained silent on the matter.

On the other hand, the impact of this incident in the harem is no less than that in the court.

Shu fei was convicted and lost her life altogether. Her already cultivated son who was about to be crowned king was of no use. This really made everyone in the harem scared.

Even because the princess Kejing did not act properly this time, she almost hurt the emperor's grandson, so the emperor specially reprimanded him, and even brought the Empress to the charge of lax goddess.

But to be honest, the princess was raised by the Empress Dowager, even if the teaching is not good, it has nothing to do with the Empress who has been imprisoned by the emperor for more than ten or twenty years.

Everyone knows this well, this represents the emperor's further dissatisfaction with the Empress, even if the other party honestly shrinks in the Xianning Palace, he must pick out the fault.

In the past, I envied Shao Xun for winning the holy favorite. Although I didn't dare to say anything in person, the people who always muttered a few words behind were also completely silent. I really did not dare to say that she was not bad in my sleep.

For a while, the faint undercurrent in the harem suddenly calmed down, and everyone looked like a tortoise with their heads shrunk, honestly too much.

Except for the few people who had secretly moved to think carefully before, the most feared was Yibi, the biological mother of the sixth prince.

The reason is simple. She just counted with her fingers. There were six people in this palace who had given birth to princes. Except for her and De fei, who were still alive, one of them died of dystocia, and the two died after being guilty. The birth mother of the second prince. After giving birth, she died in depression.

In short, six are dead and four. Looking around, besides De fei, there is only Yi Bi who has the prince under her knees. This situation makes her easily have all kinds of terrifying associations.

Suddenly it was a frightened bird, and even his son dared not get close. Mou tried to please the concubine until he found that Shao Xun had no other intentions, and then he gradually returned to normal.

Since Pingxi returned to the palace, the emperor still lived with Shao Xun.

Shao Xun had all kinds of discomfort in the third trimester of pregnancy. It coincided with the busy affairs of the previous dynasty. She always used the excuse to go to sleep first and let the emperor go to the Liangyi Hall to live alone, but then she occupied the dragon bed of the Liangyi Hall. In a hurry, he discovered that Shao Xun had cramps due to swelling of his legs and feet. He had to resolve several times a night and had not slept for a long time.

This is really Long Yan furious. Even Madam Zhang was fined for concealing and failing to report. Everyone who served in the Ganlu Hall bedroom was punished, although Shao Xun held his stomach and pretended to be pitiful and begged for a long time. In the end, everyone was rewarded twice for a small punishment and a big punishment.

Although it is not heavy, she was shocked by the emperor's seizures when she went down to the glass beads and Shao Xun himself. Shao Xun was trained by the emperor in a rare and severe tone for half an hour. She was sluggish and her whole person The emperor who was stubborn would still dare to hide after being pinched by the unrelenting emperor's chin.

Shao Xun nodded hurriedly, and carefully looked at the emperor's anger a little, so he tentatively went to the stairs and kissed his face again, "I don't dare anymore, Your Majesty, you Look at me…"

The emperor had a straight face, and made up his mind to teach her a lesson. Who knows that being hugged and kissed by the gentle fragrance of nephrite jade, he wouldn't let it go.

Who can get angry with this?

The breath couldn't hold back, the emperor finally calmed down, pinched the girl's cheek and said: "Next time you commit the crime, you see who the people in this palace can get around."

Shao Xun quickly promised that any discomfort in the future would be honest with him, and never dared to hide it. This allowed the emperor to let go and pull her into his arms to lean against.

From then on, once Shao Xun felt uncomfortable, no one dared to be her accomplice again to help conceal it.

In the unprecedented peace of the harem, Shao Xun gradually ushered in the day of labor.

The imperial physician calculated that she should give birth in mid-July.

It was not a good day. It was in the end. Although the hottest days of the year were staggered, the heat was still there and it was not comfortable.

In addition, the location of the delivery room also sparked a controversy.

According to the emperor's thoughts, Shao Xundu was already living in the Hall of Liangyi anyway, and he had just given birth here. The side hall was turned into a delivery room, which was also convenient for the emperor to visit from time to time.

However, several imperial physicians had different ideas, and they suggested that they should give birth in Ganlu Temple.

They had many reasons, but only one really let the emperor let go.

That is, no matter how close the Liangyi Hall is to the harem, it is the front dynasty. There are often people discussing in the front hall, and it is easy to quarrel when excited.

At that time, the children were raised in the apse. Shao Xun needed to be kept in confinement, and the newborns were not frightened. The noise from the front comes from time to time, which is really not conducive to self-cultivation.

So when Shao Xun was nearing production, he moved back to the Ganlu Temple which had been repaired.

As the delivery period approached, the emperor gradually became anxious, and he showed far less tolerance and patience in the court, not to mention being blamed at every turn, it always made people feel very difficult to talk.

The ministers also know that it is a special time now, and they dare not slap the tiger's beard at this time. They are very clever. The princes who usually like to pick and advise are also very aware of the current affairs. They chose to shut up temporarily, so as not to irritate the emperor. Now an extremely sensitive temper.

Entering the middle of July, not only the emperor, but the entire palace became nervous. Everyone stared at Shao Xun's stomach, waiting for her birth day.

The emperor had to open his eyes every night when he fell asleep. Shao Xun would wake up if he moved a little bit, thinking that he was about to give birth. As a result, after several days, there is still no movement. It is said that most pregnant women start in the middle of the night, but Shao Xun is not the case.

In the past month, Shao Xun has not dared to go too far. He stopped his days of greeting the Empress Dowager. If he took a walk, he would walk around the hall or go to the front to accompany the emperor.

She couldn't go to Ningshou Palace, the Empress Dowager was very concerned, and took a sedan chair to see her at Ganlu Hall every few days.

Shao Xun had no relatives, and the only grandmother who was still close was dizzy because the marriage of Zheng Yunqiao and Shao Qiong was approaching, and she couldn't find time to live in the palace to take care of Shao Xun.

The elders who have no women around her are actually very unreliable. Having the Empress Dowager who has given birth to two children often visits her, which can make her feel more at ease.

The Empress Dowager arrived at the Temple of Ganlu that day, and seeing that Shao Xun seemed a little uneasy because there was still no news after the delivery period, she comforted: "The emperor said that it was only a rough date, and I didn't say it was accurate. I was born when the emperor was born. It was ten days late, and I was not born alive and kicking."

Shao Xun's expression loosened a little, and he stroked his stomach and whispered: "I'm fine, but I can't sleep well because of the burden of your majesty… I just think, otherwise I will move to the delivery room to sleep now. Others are serving, and your Majesty, who is also provincial, is always awakened at night…"

"Don't," the Empress Dowager refused: "He has grown so old and has finally learned how to hurt people, so let him go, so I know how difficult it is to be a mother to have a child."

Shao Xun smiled bitterly. Before saying anything, he suddenly dared to tighten his abdomen and couldn't help but cried out, "Oh."

Her abdomen suddenly hurts, and it feels not very serious, but the Empress Dowager looks serious, put her hand on her belly for a while, and immediately said: "Come here, help your mother to lie down in the delivery room-she looks like It's about to give birth!"

There was a moment of silence in the whole shop, and everyone was startled. The one who should be called Wen Po was called Wen Po, and the one called the imperial doctor was the imperial doctor. Qin helped Shao Xun to walk to the delivery room, but Shao Xun held the Empress Dowager's hand and did not spread it. Panicked and said: "Niangniang!"

She was scared.

The Empress Dowager held her hand and led Shao Xun with Qin to the delivery room: "I won't go, you are still a while before the actual delivery."

As he spoke, he went to ask the jade pot: "Hurry up and ask someone to go to Yingguo Gongfu to say something, let them make all the offerings at home, and together bless your mothers to give birth smoothly."

At this time, the big and small masters of Yingguo Gongfu had just finished discussing the regulations of Shao Qiong's wedding, and they sat together for lunch.

Among them, the wife of the elder son, Shen, had a big belly, and Zheng did not ask her to make rules, and the family finished a meal in silence.

After the end, Zheng wiped his mouth and said, "As soon as Ah Qiong's matter is over, I am afraid that I will worry about Ahui's life. Aunt Chen, do you have any regulations?"

To say that getting married pays attention to orderly growth, but this refers to brothers and brothers, sisters and sisters. Therefore, because Zheng Yunqiao's age can no longer wait, the day of Shao Qiong's marriage is close at hand, and it is even older than Shao Xun. Shao Hui of the United States does not even have a shadow.

Aunt Chen respectfully said: "The second young master is the son of the old lady. You are free to call the shots."

Zheng nodded and looked up, only to see Shao Zhenyu holding the tea cup, but his eyes were blank, and he didn't know what to think about.


Shao Zhenyu came back to his senses: "Um… you just have to call the shots."

He obviously didn't hear the words of his wife and concubine, and said to himself: "It's all July 20…Why is it still not there yet?"

Zheng's face stiffened—she knew what she meant when she said this. In the past few days, Shao Zhenyu's soul has not kept the house, and all he thinks about is his daughter and grandson who don't know whether he is a boy or a girl, even Shao Qiong's marriage. I heard it hastily and didn't take it to heart.

At this moment, someone suddenly came in panting to report, and said with joy: "Master, there is news from the palace, saying that our maiden has started it!"

The tea cup in Shao Zhenyu's hand was tilted, and the hot tea fell on his front, but he could not notice it as if it was hot: "Really?"

"It's true, the empress dowager also reminded me not to miss anyone when making offerings to the gods, she must be more appropriate."

Shao Zhenyu's eyes glowed, and his beard curled up in excitement.

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