Shu fei's head buzzed, and could hardly hear any sound.

Shao Xun was also very considerate. She did not rush to speak, but gave Shu fei enough time to digest the implications of these words.

The more Shu fei thought about it, the worse her complexion became. In the end, even her red lips lost her blood. She turned pale and murmured: "Impossible, you are talking nonsense!"

Shao Xun gently twitched the corners of his lips: "Are I talking nonsense, you might know it well, so why bother to deceive yourself, but just make others laugh."

Shu fei's lips trembled: "Did you meet your Majesty that day? What did you do…really shameless!"

"This is amazing," Shao Xun said in a puzzled way: "People who use dirty methods to frame others don't feel shameless, so what can we do?"

Shu fei had been holding on to the shelf before, and refused to show her weakness in front of her. At this time, she was really unable to hold it. She couldn't help but hate and regret. Shao Xunding would vomit and bleed: "You, you… …"

Shao Xun said: "I met your Majesty because of your credit. It is so easy to put the most precious things in my arms. That's why I said, I am very, very grateful to you. If the world is true Someone is bad-hearted but does a good thing, that must be the case."

Shao Xun's speech rate was very slow, until the last word, he tried to make every word clear to Shu fei.

The picture of Shao Xun and the eldest prince came to mind when Shu fei had originally imagined it. It was just that when the man was replaced by the emperor, her mood was completely reversed, and she couldn't accept it for a while, making her head seem to be pierced by a giant axe, and the pain almost cracked.

She squeezed the flesh of her forehead without restraint, and finally showed strong regret on her face. "Stop talking… I told you to stop talking!"

This kind of remorse is not confession, but the regret that hurts others and opposes oneself, which makes Shao Xun feel completely boring.

The deliberate smile on her face disappeared, and she said calmly and indifferently: "Don't live up to the good coffin I specially left for you. Anyway, you won't be able to escape this death sooner or later."

Shu fei suddenly raised her head and stared at her fiercely.

Shao Xun said: "Thank you, and persuaded you. Everything is up to you," she stood up: "I'm leaving."

At the moment she turned around, Shu fei suddenly muttered: "When did you know–know that I did it?"

Shao Xun tilted his head slightly: "When? It seems that on the same day, I found out who my aunt was."

"On the day…" Shu fei did not ask how she learned the truth. It is meaningless to control these things. She was thinking about another thing: "Shao Xun, but a dog that can really bite and bark, I remember After that day, you have been with me several times, every time you showed nothing about it, still that gentle and obedient niece, you can really endure it… I am very curious about your hard-hearted heart at the time. Inside, what do you think."

It is ridiculous to say that others are hard-hearted if they are truly hard-hearted.

Shao Xun paused and said honestly, "I thought again at the time, why did you stop it so easily? If you insist on it a few times, I might not need to endure nausea and people like you, let's burn the jade and stone. Happy."

Shu fei gritted her teeth.

Before she could think of any nasty words, Shao Xun remembered something like: "Your Royal Highness is a filial son. He is now outside the Hall of Liangyi. He has been kneeling for several hours. It seems that he is still ready to kneel."

Shu fei was taken aback, and the sneer words swallowed into her stomach, flashing water in her eyes, and then closed her eyes tightly.

"You have a good son who is filial," Shao Xun said: "I just don't know if you deserve to be his mother."

After that, she turned and left, and Shu fei behind her screamed:

"What do you know?! You don't know anything-I did everything for him!"

Shao Xun was unmoved and didn't even turn his head back.

Liu Xin greeted Shao Xun by the door, and followed her away with the others.

On the way, Liu Xinban said with hesitation: "The lady shouldn't have come to this muddy water. The prison is full of blood and blood. How good would it be if you collided with the prince in your abdomen? If your majesty knows, she must be worried."

Only a few people were standing by the door. Except for the few words that Shu fei said loudly, they probably didn't hear clearly. Only Liu Xin was so powerful that he heard a few words intermittently.

She said this not to persuade, but to ask vaguely, if the emperor asked, whether she wanted to tell the truth.

Shao Xun patted her hand and replied, "It's okay, I know."

Liu Xin understood what she meant.

Sure enough, the emperor returned to the apse not long after he left the court.

Shao Xun was leaning on the Kang table to trace patterns, and smiled at him when he saw him coming.

The emperor sat next to her, took out the silk paper she was writing, and asked, "What is this painting?"

Shao Xun said: "It's a pattern of curling moire patterns. I can't move my needle and thread right now. This is for Ruotong. She embroiders them in a pattern and style. They can embroider pictures that are not difficult, but they are pretty good. The painting is not good."

"What is the embroidery used for?"

Shao Xun smiled and pointed to his stomach: "For the embroidered bellyband of this child, Ruotong specifically told no one else to do it. She wants to cover it all by herself."

The emperor looked at the exquisite painting with fine brushwork in his hand, then quietly raised his head to look at Shao Xun's profile, hesitating a little: "You…"

Shao Xun tilted his head and asked, "What do you want to say?"

The emperor considered the words used, and specifically ignored the part of the elder prince: "When I first met me…were you scared?"

He still remembered that he randomly picked a room in Fenglin Pavilion that day, and not long after sitting down, he heard a slight noise in the cabinet.

At that time, he was going wherever he went to hide quietly, and he was sent out with only He Jinrong by his side.

The emperor had been fighting for a long time and was not afraid of any danger. He simply opened the cabinet door without calling anyone.

After that, Shao Xun fell directly into his arms.

He now thinks about how fright Shao Xun felt at the time.

Hearing this question, Shao Xun thought about it and shook his head: "Probably he was afraid, but now that I know that I met you, and when I think about it, I can't repeat the original feeling."

"I just told Shu fei that I am grateful to her. Although I am arrogant to her, it makes sense when I think about it. If she can't afford this bad thought, I won't have anything to do with you."

Now I'm not sure I'm married to Zheng Yunqiao-she thought about this sentence and swallowed it back.

The emperor put down the silk paper and turned to shook her hand: "That's hard to say, you are so different, because you don't have such a coincidental communication, I will pay attention to you as well."

Shao Xun rolled his eyes: "That won't work. If Shu fei is not framed in front, I will definitely not pay attention to you."

There is a relationship with Shu fei, in her eyes the emperor is an elder, how can it be related to it, once it is really related, she will avoid it.

The emperor chuckled and shook his head: "How can there be such a certain thing in the world, girl, no matter what, you will always be in my hands."

His tone is gentle, but the meaning is very offensive. He loves Shao Xun, and he is sure that she must belong to him anyway, and does not need to use coercive means at all.

But the emperor's words reminded Shao Xun of what happened in the dream, and immediately felt that the softest part of his heart was poked with a small pointed needle.

It doesn't hurt to say that it hurts, but it makes her a little unbearable.

Shao Xun didn't show such pain. She just assumed that she didn't feel it, and just followed the emperor's words with a chuckle and said, "If I take care of Shu fei and insist on not, what will you do? Take it?"

"Why?" The emperor couldn't help but smile. He lightly tapped Shao Xun's forehead: "You will care about Shu fei, but it is because you must look at her more heavily than me at the beginning, but I will treat you as well. Well, it will be a hundred times better than Shu fei, or even your parents and family combined. Sooner or later you will see me more importantly than them."

"I don't lack patience, you will have plenty of time to like me."

Shao Xun said: "What if I want to marry? If you stop, it's not my volition."

The emperor raised his eyebrows and said, "I didn't say to stop, you can just get married."

Shao Xun was surprised at first, and then he understood the key point after he pondered it for a while. The emperor said that if she marries someone, she can really find someone to marry without the slightest burden. The emperor must know her if she loves her, and know that she is absolutely indispensable. I won't and dare not do this.

Shao Xun's chills were stunned by such imagination, and couldn't help twisting his arm, groaning: "Your Majesty, you are so terrible."

He said that he didn't force it, but his love and pursuit of existence were already a kind of persecution.

He is making sure that he must be him.

Although it is true for the current Shao Xun to see it, if it is true as the emperor assumed, Shao Xun in this story might have experienced much more entanglement than her.

But this is just a joke. In fact, since God arranged such a coincidence, then there is no need to entangle "if not" what to do.

After the emperor finished this paragraph with her, he remembered Shu fei who still didn't repent, and had no patience at the moment.

He originally, like Shao Xun, didn't send someone to kill her, he also gave Zhao Yanbin a little face, but since Shu fei was unwilling to cooperate, there was nothing to consider.

But before the emperor gave the order, news came from the torture room, saying that the sinner had already died.

Even Shao Xun was taken aback, and asked, "She volunteered?"

The visitor respectfully said: "Hui Niangniang, soon after you left, she was motionless. After a long time, she asked someone to get hot water. After cleaning her face and dressing, she killed herself with that white silk."

Shao Xun recalled the conversation he had with her, and he didn't know if it was the shock caused by telling her the truth, or the third prince let her breathe out because of her kneeling, and finally decided to give up.

On the contrary, the emperor didn't think it was so complicated. After listening to it, he immediately called on Kang Li: "Yan Bin is still kneeling at the side door, go tell him about this, and ask him to go and take care of his mother."

Shao Xun was startled, and took the emperor's hand, but he turned it over and squeezed it. He comforted: "Don't worry, he knows in his heart, so he won't be able to stand it anymore. I don't know how long to kneel, but in the end I will blame me for concealing."

Shao Xun hesitated and said nothing.

When the third prince got the news, he didn't get too excited. He just stood there for a while, and then he staggered to his feet. During the period, he was very low and silent, without saying a word.

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