De fei's hand loosened, and the rattle slipped away, and fell into the shaker, almost hitting Zhao Yu, scaring the child to cry "Wow".

But his grandmother and mother ignored him for a while.

Qi-shi shivered heavily, waved his hand to tell the nurse to take the child away, and couldn't help but leaned against De fei.

De fei's throat moved, calling the palace man to come in: "You, tell me carefully, what did that mean just now?"

The palace people had no choice but to speak bluntly: "The superintendent of the priests has already passed on the will of your majesty. This time, all the people involved in the matter have given a hundred sticks. Yang Zhaoyuan and Jiang Jieyu intend to murder the emperor's heirs and deprive him of honor. , Abolish it as a common man, and give another…a glass of poisoned wine."

Although one of these two people is self-initiated, the other is said to be instigated by others, and the degree of involvement is different, but the emperor obviously does not have the patience to distinguish one by one who is lighter and who is heavier. Anyway, it is a capital crime, so we can just get together. .

As for the principal Shu fei

"The mastermind Shu fei murdered the emperor's heirs and grandsons, which was a heinous crime, but he was very kind when he thought that he had given birth to third prince…"

De fei's body unconsciously leaned forward: "How is it."

Gong Rendao: "Allow him to be buried in Zhaoyi's ceremony."

De fei said: "…Is this Kai En?"

"Niangniang, the other two don't have such courtesy. Once the mat is wrapped, they don't know where they are going."

De fei thought to himself, "I'm all dead, who cares where the body goes? This Concubine Grace didn't know how disgusting after hearing it.

When the palace staff retired, Qi's face turned pale: "Mother concubine, you, would you say that your majesty will deal with me together? After all, if the imperial concubine hadn't been smart, I'm afraid…"

De fei said: "Now I know I'm afraid? Tell you, if you really knocked the concubine into something good or bad at that time, no one would think about whether it was intentional or unintentional. Your Majesty will definitely believe that you deliberately ran into her. More serious, maybe in the end I will be hated because of jealousy, instructing you to murder the concubine."

"I do not have……"

"Who cares if you have it! Don't even think that your majesty will look at A Yu's face to show favor. This is just his grandson. Look at his own son. The face is only enough to leave a whole body for his mother and enjoy the coffin. That's it, this mere child, still counting on him to save your life?"

More seriously, because of her carelessness, Zhao Yu was already in high fever and was in danger at the time. If the imperial concubine had something to do, whoever went to open the palace gate to save the emperor's grandson might not even be able to keep the child.

Thinking of this, De fei was not so scared anymore: "Oh! Your Majesty has handled it well, that poisonous woman can even kill a child under one year old, and deserves to die!"

She was just a little surprised at the emperor's decisiveness. She thought that she would leave Shu fei alive for the sake of the third prince, who knows…

De fei's thoughts are almost the same as those of other people in the harem, and most people's feelings are even more intense than hers.

Many people were unbelievable when they heard that the emperor was going to give death to Shu fei.

Shu fei has been sitting on the first grade for more than ten years, and because she is in charge of official duties, the influence and pressure on them is actually greater than that of the emperor.

This time the evidence was conclusive, and Shu fei did have a reason for the death penalty, but… how to say, the concubine was fine after all.

She did not die, nor did she have a miscarriage. Even the grandson of Jinfang Palace has recovered to health. Almost everyone thinks that Shu fei was demoted or thrown into the cold palace, because although the concubine was favored, but the belly After all, the son of Nakano was not born yet, and the weight was not so heavy, but the third prince were already grown-ups and were about to become princes.

Comparing the two, the bigger one is always more important… right?

But obviously the emperor didn't think so. The confession of Shu fei and his decrees were almost within a few hours, indicating that the emperor didn't even bother to entangle whether Shu fei or Concubine was important, and whether the third prince or the unborn child weighed in, he couldn't hesitate. Choosing to dispose of according to the palace rules did not let people have any fluke expectations.

The emperor was a bit irritable in his early years. In recent years, he has cultivated his self-cultivation for a long time, and his methods of handling matters are no longer so radical. There is more meaning of gentleness, especially when it comes to major events involving life and death. You must always be extra cautious.

Therefore, most of the imperial concubines thought that their majesty was gentle, gentle, not easy to get angry, and more humane.

…… It seems that I think too much.

The emperor did not show much anger this time. He asked the Empress dowager to hold hands with the concubine in Ann. He was also very gentle when talking and laughing. The tone of mentioning Shu fei was very light, not the appearance of thunder. This made everyone feel angry. It looks like he will be more generous than the law and be gentle.

But the emperor just used such an understatement and gave Shu fei to death without any entanglement or hesitation.

This makes people know, and it's not the kind of monstrous anger that makes people fearful.

The next day the emperor had an early dynasty. When Shao Xun was dressing up, he saw that Qin's complexion was not good and couldn't help asking her why.

Qin shook his head and said: "There is news from behind that Shu fei is struggling so badly that she will die if she refuses, but her majesty bestows Bai Ling again… Isn't it not good to keep a little dignity? I know it can't be useful."

"Look at what you said," Shao Xun said with a smile: "An ant is still alive, let alone her."

"That's it," Qin frowned. "The cleric of the priest quietly told the slave and maidservant that Shu fei was quite disrespectful to you in prison. She didn't say insults, and even yelled that you were ungrateful, completely. Regardless of family affection, bah, she didn't even think about caring for family affection when she devised a drug plan."

Shao Xun was combing her hair. After thinking about the incident in her dream, Shu fei hugged her when she bemoaned, "This is your life". The compassion and distress are not fake. The trap that ruined Shao Xun's life was not seen, but the patient and comforting cousin in front of her was planning everything for her heartbroken cousin.

Did she have a relationship with herself?

Then why didn't you hesitate when you started?

Shao Xun thought of this and suddenly asked, "Your Majesty can't end it for a while, right?"

Qin said: "It looks like there are many things."

Shao Xun nodded, put the comb down and stood up: "Tell Liu Xin to come and go to the execution room with me."

Qin was taken aback, and quickly tried to persuade him, but Shao Xun raised his hand to stop it.

She had made up her mind, it was useless even if the emperor came to persuade her.

When Shao Xunda walked from the front yard, he saw a young man in plain clothes kneeling by the side door at a distance.

"That's… the third prince?"

Qin sighed, "Isn't it? I knelt outside the hall before it was light. Your majesty didn't pay attention to him when he passed by. The palace people cleaned the courtyard. He moved to the side door and knelt on his own for fear of getting in the way. ."

The side door is also the only way for Shao Xun to avoid, and she never thought of avoiding this cousin.

Zhao Yanbin knelt for several hours. Even though he tried his best to restrain himself, he could not straighten his body completely, kneeling crookedly and hanging his head.

Suddenly a pair of embroidered shoes in lilac color appeared in his eyes.

Zhao Yanbin was taken aback, and when he raised his head, he saw Shao Xun's delicate, bright and calm face.

He blurted out: "Cousin…"

Then in the eyes of Qin's disapproval, he changed his words in a low voice: "Gui, imperial concubine."

Shao Xun's expression loosened, "Your Royal Highness, what are you doing here?"

Zhao Yanbin's mouth moved and did not speak for a while.

Shao Xun said: "Are you trying to plead for your mother?"

Zhao Yanbin pursed his mouth, and nodded after a moment of silence.

"Do you think…" Shao Xun said: "I was framed by Shu fei, or even though it was her evil deed, your majesty still sentenced him to excessive punishment?"

"No!" The originally silent young prince retorted immediately: "I know who is right and who is wrong…"

He took a deep breath: "I know that your Majesty is not the kind of person who wrongs people at will. He even allowed me to look through the files. Yesterday I went through the evidence and confessions no less than a hundred times."

Shao Xun asked, "Then I feel that everything is to be blamed on me. It was I who made your mother make mistakes once and for all, so that she ended up in such a field."

After hearing this, Zhao Yanbin looked at her for a long while before he smiled bitterly: "Cousin, who am I in your eyes? I can be so shameless to be so shameless."

Shao Xun sighed: "That's how it is."

No wonder the emperor said that he did not have to worry about revenge from the third prince and that he was "my son". Even if he was not close, the emperor still knew his children.

"But are you still kneeling here to plead for her?"

The eyes of the third prince were dim: "Manny, I know it's rude to say this, but… after all, she has raised the prince for the father, and has held the sixth house for so many years. Fortunately, you and Ayu are both safe and sound. Let me despicable this time— —I ask you to ask your Majesty to take it lightly, to be degraded, or to be in the cold, whatever you can do, at least, at least let her make a living…"

Shao Xun sighed and looked at this teenager whose temperament was nothing like his parents.

"Your Royal Highness, look at me." Shao Xun said: "Look at the son in my womb. He is also the emperor's heir. He is your younger brother and sister. If you want to protect your mother, I also want to protect my children. Let's put it this way-if I really plead for Shu fei to avoid her death. Can you guarantee that she will sincerely obey her, keep herself safe, and never want to have trouble again?"

Zhao Yanbin's pupils squeezed tightly, unable to speak for a while.

Shao Xun shook his head and said, "You can't, because you know your mother and know who she is. Even if you have a breath, you won't let it go. We can lock her and restrict her, but there is nothing absolute, who knows that it will happen again. What'accident'?"

Zhao Yanbin moved his lips, as if he wanted to explain something, but in the end he was speechless.

Shao Xun didn't say anything, but let him kneel here alone, and turned away with him.

Liu Xin supported Shao Xun, and said softly, "Your Royal Highness still looks like a good person."

Ironically, this is actually the credit of Shu fei.

She controlled her son and asked him to do what she had to do. She covered his eyes with everything that was not clean and shouldn't be seen, so that she developed such a temperament.

Things in the world really have pros and cons.

When they arrived in the torture room, the servants inside saw that the imperial concubine was coming, and they were all panicked. While they were trying to clean up the rules inside and out, they were anxious to explain that it was not that they were indifferent, but that Shu fei was too stubborn and died on the verge of death. He still refused to admit his fate, clamoring to see the emperor to see the third prince, and to see… the imperial concubine.

Shao Xun nodded to indicate that he knew, and then asked him to take himself to see Shu fei.

The room is unexpectedly not crude. It may be because the prisoner is not afraid of committing suicide. It has everything that should be there. There is even a set of things for women to dress up. It is a pity that Shu fei just simply combed her hair and wanted to unintentionally dress up. .

There was an iron fence at the door of the room. Shao Xun was standing outside the fence. Shu fei saw her but still sat on the chair without moving: "Look at who is here, isn't it my good niece? How did you harm me? If you don't talk about it like this, you still want to see a joke?"

Someone moved a chair, and Shao Xun also sat down and told everyone to back down, leaving only a few confidants by his side.

Seeing that she was not in a hurry, Shu fei was quite calm, and immediately snorted: "You really have the style of an imperial concubine, but I don't know if you thought of this day when you flattered me under my knees."

"Why do you say that?"

"I did a good job, but what good thing are you?" Shu fei sneered: "Until I found out that your majesty actually gave you something capable of maneuvering troops, I didn't know what kind of stuff you are—serving the Empress Dowager. Was called into the palace? I'm afraid that you are not fooling me as a fool? If it weren't for you to have a tail outside the palace, just a few months, your majesty will be confused? Rape… harlot!"

Shao Xun tilted his head: "I'm very curious, even if what you said is true, but the soldier talisman thing is after the burning of the nectar hall, why, you don't know the prophet?"

Shu fei choked and didn't answer, she just shook her head and sarcastically said, "Ah Xun, I am your aunt. I asked myself if I took you from a young age. When you were young, you were afraid that you would be treated harshly by your stepmother. If you are free, you will be invited to live in the palace. God, I personally choose food, clothing, housing, and transportation, almost like my own son…"

Yes, when Shao Xun was a child, Shu fei really didn't have to tell her that she lost her mother when she was young and her stepmother could not get close. Shu fei was gentle and caring, and liked little girls. For a long time, Xiao Shao Xun had been there. It's a pity why Shu fei is not her mother, so she secretly envied the third prince.

Until she grows up, the unexpected beauty can make all women who are not too old be vigilant. In addition, Shu fei is promoted again, and her ambition gradually arises, and Yingguo Duke is still unwilling to fully support the third prince. Gradually alienated Shao Xun, although he is still kind on the face, but he is all superficial skills.

But Shao Xun grew up under the "kindness" of his stepmother, how can he not know the difference between true intentions and false intentions?

When she noticed it, she was very sad for a while, but at that time she had become accustomed to the hypocrisy of others. Even if her parents and dearest relatives were like this, she would not try to force Shu fei's sincerity, and she gradually lost her mind. .

When Shu fei mentioned her childhood, Shao Xun was moved for a moment, but then she continued: "I even want you to be my daughter-in-law, so that you and Bin'er can be paired with each other. Staying with me for a long time… That's how you thanked me, seduce your aunt's husband, your cousin's father?"

Shao Xun's expression became calmer and calmer, the emotion that had not been too much in the first place.

——There are such people in the world. As long as the things they do are not dismantled, as long as the parties don't reason with them, they can really be regarded as nothing happened. No one knows the malicious methods that they used. I really think I haven't used it.


Shu fei's words even implied humiliation, but Shao Xun did not show panic or shame as she wished.

Shao Xun didn't even answer her words, but mentioned something else: "Do you know how Ai Rong was saved after your death?"

The concubine who was bestowed to death showed that he had made a big mistake and was extremely disgusting to the emperor. Generally speaking, a thin coffin is considered good with the specifications of beautiful people and people, but Shu fei retains the name of the third class Zhaoyi. And Ai Rong.

Shu fei haha ​​smiled: "You didn't mention it, did you? It's disgusting to be hypocritical, I'm good for you, so I changed to a more gorgeous coffin?"

Shao Xun smiled lightly: "It's your business that you don't appreciate your feelings, but what I meant by doing this is to express my gratitude-of course not for your kindness, but thank you for matching. Your Majesty and Madam, this is the best gift in the world, and I am really grateful."

Of course, this is a lie. In fact, she left her with a little dignity, mainly because of the third prince, so that he would not be reduced to the son of a waste, and his appearance would be slightly better.

But this does not prevent Shao Xun from getting angry with Shu fei.

Shu fei's expression gradually sank: "What do you mean?"

"My Majesty and I were really involved," Shao Xun confessed, and before Shu fei cursed, he continued: "But it was by no means that I took the initiative to seduce. In the end, I have to thank your God for a stroke. My Majesty and I got acquainted with On the second day of June last year-Niangniang, say this, do you always know what's going on?"

Shu fei's expression suddenly changed, like a bolt from the blue-the second day of June, it was her own birthday!