When Shao Xun arrived at Ningshou Palace, she was greeted unanimously. Wu Clan hurriedly greeted her and helped her: "Can you pay back your peace?"

Shao Xun replied with a smile: "Everything is fine with me, mother, don't worry."

Wu sighed: "What happened again? We only know that you are safe, and the other two eyes are blackened. The Empress Dowager is afraid to go out to inquire and cause you trouble instead, so we are not allowed to go out."

"Is the empress okay?"

"How could it be good," Wu said, shook his head: "For a few days, I was worried about the little prince's serious illness. Later, when I heard the news, I was worried about the safety of you and the little prince. I couldn't eat a few mouthfuls of food. Then you spread the word. Xin said that everything was okay. It didn't take long for her to let go of her heart. When she heard that the matter was related to Princess Kejing, she was really frightened and panicked, and she had to stop asking about it…"

Shao Xun nodded, "I know, I'll make it clear to Niangniang."

She entered the hall, and she saw the Empress Dowager sitting on the couch, her face was sad, and she was a lot haggard.

As soon as Shao Xun came in, the Empress Dowager suddenly raised her spirit. Before she could salute, she recruited herself. After looking up and down for a long time, she breathed a sigh of relief: "It seems that there is no injury, people are also energetic…"

Shao Xun carefully sat next to her: "This time there is no danger. Don't worry about it. Also, the matter has been found out…"

Before she could finish her words, she saw the empress dowager's relaxed expression suddenly stiffened, and she took Shao Xun's hand tightly and blurted out: "Is it Zhen'er?"


The Empress Dowager was almost anxious to tears, she squeezed it down, closed her eyes and said: "You can say it straight, don't worry about anything, I, I can hold it-did Zhen'er do this? thing?"

Shao Xun was really bewildered by the question, thinking in his heart is it possible for the Empress Dowager to discuss with the emperor? One came up to guess the Empress, and the same was true for the other. He didn't know what was inside, so he subconsciously thought it was Princess Kejing.

Should I say that I am a mother and child?

After Shao Xun had no choice but to talk about the causes and consequences of the incident in earnest, the empress dowager's breath disappeared and she almost fell on the couch: "It's Shu fei…"

Shao Xun was actually very puzzled. The emperor hated the Empress and just thought about her whenever something bad happened. But the Empress Dowager clearly preferred Princess Kejing so much, why would she think badly about her?

The Empress Dowager shook her head and said: "The emperor will probably not take a break easily. I am afraid that Zhen'er will have to take a lesson this time."

She let go of her worries, and started scolding Shu fei again, asking Shao Xun what to do with her.

"Leave this to your Majesty," Shao Xun said: "Is she a first-class concubine after all, if I deal with it, I'm afraid someone will not accept it."

Shao Xun sat with the Empress Dowager for a while. Before she could say anything, she heard that many concubines were coming to Ningshou Palace outside.

Today is not the fifteenth day of the new year. It is not the day to please the Empress Dowager. Besides, if you want to please, it will not come soon until noon.

Shao Xun knew that he was chasing after him.

She lived in Liangyi Hall for the past two days, and even if they wanted to ask anything, they couldn't get in. Therefore, it is estimated that Shao Xun had been in Ningshou Palace for a long time, and then he was inquired about where she was going. Running.

Shao Xundeng felt that his head was going to be big at the time, so he immediately bid farewell to the Empress Dowager, and quickly left amidst her dumbfounding eyes.

As a result, she ran into De fei on the road.

De fei concubine saw Shao Xun for a moment. Shao Xun was a little embarrassed, but did not show it. She nodded to her with a calm expression: "Is De fei Concubine also come to visit the Empress Dowager?"

De fei hesitated for a moment and nodded.

Shao Xun breathed a sigh of relief: "Then I won't delay you, I'll go back to the palace…"

The two passed by, and De fei took a deep breath and suddenly turned to stop her: "Noble concubine!"

Shao Xun was holding a heavy belly and looked back at her puzzled.

In the meantime, De fei's face was stiff, and her expression was very complicated. After stretching for a long time, she whispered: "Qi-shi has told me about Ayu, thanks to your help."

Shao Xun thought she was going to say something. Hearing this, he said, "Ah, this is nothing."

De fei is one or two years older than the emperor. She didn't feel much about Shao Xun's yin and yang in the past. Now she has to say thank you. Only when she feels embarrassed facing this girl who is younger than her son, she swallowed. , "In short, thank you for helping me regardless of the predecessors."

Once she said her words, it would be better. De fei continued: "There is also the person next to Qi's family. Although we don't know it, it is indeed being used and almost hurt you. This… also should apologize."

Shao Xun doesn't really like to interact with the emperor's concubines too much. Generally speaking, she can live a good life. She only needs Zhao Ruotong as a real friend. But De fei concubine thanks and apologizes for the first time. She is not too cold. Face, can only say one sentence: "In the future, I will teach Qishi more, she is a bit too reckless."

De fei nodded, and the atmosphere between the two was very silent. Just when Shao Xun was a little impatient, De fei finally spoke: "I have never convinced anyone since I was born, but this time I sincerely thank you. I couldn't tell you good to you before, but you can help regardless of the predecessors. You are a good person, better than others…and tolerant…"

When Shao Xun heard this, he suddenly smiled: "Manny, I am not generous at all."

De fei was startled.

"You will know from now on. I am neither magnanimous nor tolerant." Shao Xun said: "I don't mean to help you at all, and I don't have the habit of being hot and cold. It's just that Ayu is still a child, he is ignorant and ignorant. No grievances with anyone have anything to do with him, not to mention that there is no deep hatred between us. The main thing is-he is your majesty's grandson, and I will never do anything to make your majesty sad for a little bit of argument. thing."

How can she be magnanimous, if she announces her thoughts to the public, she is afraid that the whole world will call herself a jealous woman.

A jealous woman a hundred times more greedy than Princess Wu.

——She wanted to monopolize the complete love of Ninety-Five Supreme, and she never wanted to share it with other women.

The emperor asked her before if she wanted to be a Empress, and he thought about giving her the most noble throne among women in the world.

But in fact, what she wants is far more rare than the position of Empress, even if she gets it for a while, it doesn't mean she can have a lifetime.

Shao Xun holding this love is like holding the rarest treasure, willing to water it and maintain it with all his heart and soul, in order to fully possess it and refuse to share it with anyone.

De fei looked at her for a long time, and instead of being irritated by the words, she laughed—not the kind of sarcasm: "You are such a strange child."

Shao Xun couldn't help looking at her.

"I originally thought that your Majesty was like all men in the world. He was stunned by his youth and beauty, and he was quite unconvinced," De fei said: "Now I can understand his thoughts-you are so strange, but also Interesting enough, I think, even without this face, it might be as attractive."

This was the maximum she could praise, and then shook her head, squatted down and bowed, finally looked at Shao Xun and turned her head towards Ningshou Palace.

Liu Xin supported Shao Xun and looked at the back of De fei away, hesitatingly said: "What does she mean? Turn the enemy into a friend?"

Shao Xun couldn't help but laughed: "What? It was invincible before, but now it's not a friend."

At most, it's just a nodding acquaintance. If you don't take the initiative to look for things, it's already thank God.

When Shao Xun returned to the Hall of Liangyi, the emperor had not yet woken up.

She thought for a while, there was nothing else to do anyway, she simply changed her clothes, opened the quilt in her bedclothes and got into the emperor's arms.

The emperor woke up immediately, tightened the arm around her waist, circled her in front of him, and said with a light smile: "Why, throw yourself into the net?"

"What?" Shao Xun drilled into his arms, found a more comfortable position, and then put his other hand on his stomach: "Look at your child, are you willing to toss me?"

The emperor was naturally reluctant, just teasing her with his mouth, and covering her eyes with his hands after he said: "If you feel tired, go to sleep."

Shao Xun blinked his eyelashes under his palm and closed his eyes obediently.

Once Shao Xun fell asleep, it was not easy to wake up. When she woke up, the emperor was no longer in the sleeping hall.

She rubbed her eyes and summoned Lizhu to come in and lift herself up: "Where is your majesty?"

As soon as she opened her eyes, she went to the emperor. These girls are very used to it. Hearing this, she said, "It's in the front hall."

The two halls are divided into front and back. The front is the place where official duties are handled and the ministers and workers are received. The apse is naturally the bedroom.

Shao Xun thought he was dealing with the affairs of the previous dynasty and didn't want to bother, but he listened to Lizhu's words: "Your Majesty seems to have sent someone to interrogate Shu fei. Now he is listening to Admiral Fan's report."

After hearing this, Shao Xun went to the front hall.

He Jinrong heard that Shao Xun was here, and he hurried to greet him in person, but did not inform the inside, and directly led Shao Xun into the main hall.

The emperor was sitting behind the imperial case, frowned and listened to Fan Ke's interrogation. He looked at Shao Xun when he saw Shao Xun, and he stretched out his hand to her and said, "Come here."

Shao Xun stepped forward obediently. He Jinrong, who was very eye-catching, moved a chair over, and Shao Xun sat down: "Is it talking about Shu fei? What's wrong?"

Fan Ke carefully glanced at the emperor's face before saying: "If Hui Niangniang, everyone else has already confessed it. Yang Zhaoyuan was the first to recognize it. She was recruited without much punishment. She admitted that she knew that the Ganlu Temple was on fire, so she started on impulse. Bad thoughts.

As for Jiang Jieyu, she refused to confess to death at first, and did not recruit her tortured until we found her detained parents outside the palace and brought the token to her. Then we relaxed and she confessed that she was Shu fei. The people who forced her to come forward and bought the Temple of Ganlu, so that the arson forced the imperial concubine to leave, and the drowned servant was also contacted by her relationship…"

The emperor snorted coldly: "Persecution? If everyone uses this reason to get rid of sin, there will be no sinners that day."

Fan Ke said: "Your Majesty is right. Although Jiang Jieyu only admits that she was forced to be helpless, according to our investigation, she should have been the only Shu fei and the head of her husband. The reason why her parents were imprisoned was just Shu fei just in case. "

Shu fei is now a sinner. According to Fan Ke's previous habit, she should be unceremoniously called "Sinner Shao" at this time, but since she has the same surname as the concubine, such a call seemed a bit ambiguous, so he continued to use it. The previous title.

Shao Xun couldn't help but shook his head.

"As for Shu fei herself…" Fan Ke was a little embarrassed: "Although the evidence is conclusive, whether it is the confession of Jinfang Palace or Jiang Jieyu, it is clear that the white confession was at her instigation, and even her personal palace personnel were also I have confessed, when and where to decide, how much silver taels were used to buy the nectar palace, how much silver taels were used to buy the servants, and I tried to listen to the imperial concubine's pulse not long ago… Everything is plain and clear, absolutely indisputable. but……"

"She doesn't recognize it all the time?" Shao Xun didn't have any surprises.

"…Yes," Fan Ke paused: "Not only did he deny it, he kept crying out injustice, saying that she was framed and asked to see your majesty. She has a special status and the ministers didn't dare to give her too severe punishment. Weeping to see your majesty, then called the third prince…"

In fact, her original words threatened them with the third prince, asking them to be careful. But these are all in the confession, so there is no need to repeat it in front of the imperial concubine.

This is what the emperor was angry about, knowing that Shu fei was being pressed, and the purpose was not to persecute Fan Ke with the third prince, but to persecute the emperor himself with the love of father and son.

He seemed to have a critical gaze on Fan Ke, staring straight at him fighting with his legs, and then faintly opened his mouth: "I don't know what special identity she has, how can I make Admiral Fan so jealous," Why don't you speak up and let me and the concubine listen to it together?"

Fan Ke was originally white and needless, and he was considered very handsome. At this moment, the sideburns were covered with sweat and he did not dare to wipe them. He knelt on the ground and pleaded guilty: "The minister is guilty."

The emperor said: "Even if you dare to half what I said, are you really afraid of anyone?"

Fan Ke closed his eyes: "The minister never dared to perfuse the saint's will-the minister is willing to lose the merits and will do the errands well."

The emperor let him kneel for a long time before he was flat, and told him to retreat.

Fan Ke stumbled at the door when he left, and he didn't even stand firmly. His knees slammed heavily on the hard floor tiles in front of the hall, but he didn't dare to shout with pain.

Shao Xun also guessed: "Admiral Fan is afraid that the third prince will get revenge if they know about it?"

The emperor slowed down his expression: "This is also on the one hand, and the other is that he wants to hear what I personally tell him to do, so that he can let go of his hands and feet to interrogate."

Shao Xun said: "This seems to be human nature."

"Indeed," the emperor smiled, "but these people can't take it lightly. They are like sharp swords in their hands. If they are not held tightly, they will hurt themselves after hurting others."

He stretched out his hand to sit Shao Xunla on his lap, and lightly nodded her nose: "It is natural to be a little careful and thinking, but you have to beat them from time to time to make them afraid, and try to restrain this'normality', otherwise If this selfishness grows arbitrarily, it will become bigger and bigger, and it will eventually become uncontrollable, do you understand?"

Shao Xun nodded first, and then amused: "If you want me to understand what to do, you want to use them, are you worried that they will bully me?"

The emperor shook his head: "Don't press your body when you think about it. If I teach you, you just listen."

Shao Xun could only agree, and then he said: "What he is worried about is the Three Highness…"

The emperor held her hand, his eyes drooped, and said lightly: "Don't worry, that's my son."

Fan Ke got serious, afraid that even a dead person could pry his mouth open. Shu fei was pampered for so many years, but she was no stronger than Jiang Jieyu and Yang Zhaoyuan and others. It didn't take long to recruit everything.

She let go of her mouth, and over there deliberately indulged in the superintendent of ceremonies. The people in the harem all know the good things that Shu fei has done. There are those who are frightened, those who despise, and those who are afraid of them. In short, all beings have various forms and people. People have their own ideas.

But the common point is that everyone is waiting to see how these people will be dealt with and what will happen to them.

On the day when the imperial decree came down, De fei was visiting her grandson who had just recovered from the serious illness in Jinfangdian, and taught her daughter-in-law.

Although Qi was scolded severely, she almost harmed her son. She consciously suffered a loss, so she listened silently, not dare to say anything.

At this moment, there was news from the palace, and he tremblingly reported: "Your Majesty has made his will. This time, all those involved will be put to death."

De fei held a rattle to tease her grandson, and said casually: "It should be so, this screwdriver is not dead, isn't the palace rule just for you to watch…"

Jiang Jieyu and Concubine Yang Zhaoyan didn't bother to ask, and said directly: "Where is Shu fei? How is she, how did your Majesty deal with it?"

The visitor was silent for a while, until De fei showed a puzzled and dissatisfied expression, she moved her mouth, and repeated the words just now very slowly: "…Your Majesty has a purpose, all those involved will be put to death."

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