Shao Xun did not become plump because of his pregnancy, except for his bulging abdomen, he was still nestled in the emperor's arms, which easily aroused all his love and pity.

"Then we're done," Shao Xun said boredly: "Where to take it wherever you go."

With all the feelings in the emperor's heart, he raised her head and looked at those beautiful eyes: "Tell me, what are you thinking?"

Shao Xun was startled, then his eyes were slightly bent, and a smile appeared: "I'm thinking, I will follow you wherever you go, so you can't get rid of it even if you want to."

"Who is willing to throw you off?" The emperor relaxed and squeezed her delicate cheeks: "Our girl is a lovely girl in the world."

"Hmm…" Shao Xun's eyes rolled: "Your Majesty is also the cutest man in the world."

The two looked at each other and laughed, Xiaobie wins the newlyweds, and hugged each other for a long time.

Shao Xun leaned sideways on the emperor's lap, and let him touch his belly obediently. The emperor's hands were under the gentle and energetic rhythm of the fetus. He watched Shao Xun's long and thick eyelashes stir up and down with a smile, and his mind turned. After several times, after hesitating for a long time, he still asked: "Do you…remember the first time we met?"

The smile on Shao Xun's face stopped, and after a while, he hugged his belly and whispered, "Remember…"

"You said at the time that you had S*x after drinking…"

Shao Xun's eyes fell down and listened to the emperor's continued words: "I didn't really believe it at the time."

Shao Xun didn't explain, but just said "um".

"I was very B*stard at that time." The emperor held Shao Xun's hand and kissed the back of his hand apologetically. I went to check it, but I can't find it anymore."

Shao Xun said in a low voice: "Check what this is doing."

The emperor said: "I haven't asked you all the time, because I thought you were a little kid, maybe you were confused, maybe you didn't know anything, but… I can't take it for granted-I ask, do you… do you know? The inside story?"

The mention of this made Shao Xun feel embarrassed, especially when he thought that the emperor knew that she should have been… He lied, so Shao Xun was silent for a while, curled up and nodded.

The emperor let out a long breath: "You actually know…"

He could detect something wrong with the child's state at the time, but he was only a little bit skeptical, and the past has passed. It is also related to the girl's fame. It's better to open your eyes and close your eyes to let it pass.

Later, Shao Xun really got drunk once. At that time, the emperor already liked her very much, and naturally became more attentive. He immediately realized that she would indeed lose her attitude when she was really drunk, but it was still very different from actively asking for love.

Only then did I seriously want to be checked.

But it has been a month or so, and I want to know that all the clues have been smoothed out, and only one incident is reported below, that is, that the same day the prince lost his virtue after drinking and had a tail with the palace in Shufei Palace.

He had a little speculation in his mind at the time, but there was no evidence.

If the guess is true, there are several possibilities.

Zhao Yanyi acted misbehavior by himself-according to his style, this possibility is not small; De fei deliberately destroys innocence to attack Shu fei, but instead traps her son; or Shu fei uses her niece's name Framed Zhao Yanyi; then the Empress and princess Kejing shot.

In short, everyone is possible.

He did not deliberately doubt Shu fei. The reason was that Shu fei had a genuine affection for Shao Xun at the time. When talking about this excellent niece, he couldn't help but bring her with you. At that time, there was also a vague message that she wanted to. To marry the eldest daughter of a Yingguo Duke for his son.

In the end, the emperor was a man. When there was no evidence and directivity, he could not help but underestimate the complexity of Neiwei's struggle and women's minds.

For example, Shu fei likes Shao Xun and appreciates her, but it does not hinder her determination to clear the obstacles for her son even if she destroys this niece.

Later, this incident did not cause waves again, and almost made the emperor think that there was no conspiracy at all, it was his own conspiracy.

After Shao Xun entered the palace, the relationship between Shu fei and her deteriorated. This is normal. After all, Shu fei is dissatisfied. Once she shows hostility, there is no reason for Shao Xun to post. Go up.

However, Shao Xun's reaction after Shu fei started this time was a little unusual, which reminded him of his earlier suspicions.

Even if the relationship between the two is no longer what it used to be, Shu fei still has a relationship with Shao Xun.

The emperor knew Shao Xun and knew that she was a warm-hearted girl. She couldn't be so calm after being stabbed in the back by her relatives. Even if she wasn't sad, at least there would be some melancholy.

But no, Shao Xun's attitude made the emperor somewhat familiar-it was when he discovered that the enemy who had been forced to put aside it had made a big mistake, with a little excitement in his calmness.

What kind of things can make her show such an attitude when she is particularly concerned about her relatives.

Unless there are old grievances that are hard to tell.

The emperor vaguely inferred two things that were not so sure

The original matter was the mastermind of Shu fei.

Shao Xun himself actually knew it.

He knew that Shao Xun was able to hide things in his heart, and even if he was close, he wouldn't necessarily confide in him, but he didn't think that this girl could hold back such things in his heart.

The emperor was dumb, and after a while he held her arm with one hand, and lifted her up with the other. The two sat face to face. They did not ask how she learned the truth, but said, "You should tell me." That's it."

Shao Xun lowered his head and said nothing.

The emperor paused and touched her head: "It's not that you can't have your own thoughts, but that this is too dangerous. You should tell me earlier that I have preparedness and can deal with the danger in advance."

Shao Xun pursed his mouth tightly, an expression of resisting something from the bottom of his heart.

The emperor took her hand and tentatively said, "Is it because your family dare not say, or do you think there is no evidence?"

He warmly persuaded: "If the former is the case, you don't have to worry about it. Your father is now afraid that there is something wrong with Shu fei. As for the latter, you know it. I will believe you whether there is evidence or not."

Shao Xun couldn't hold it anymore, she flattened the corners of her mouth, leaning forward and leaning against the emperor's arms: "Neither, I, I…"

She was just too resistant to mention anything related to that dream to the emperor.

She didn't know whether to tell the truth about Shu fei's frame, and she also vaguely felt that it might not be possible to keep it from the emperor for a lifetime.

But I kept dragging it back, as long as I thought of another direction of the incident, I was rolling on a bed with the emperor's eldest son…

Thinking of this, Shao Xun subconsciously closed his eyes tightly, as if he wanted to shut out the picture that emerged in his mind.

When the emperor saw her, he couldn't ask anything more. He thought for a moment, hugged her and shook her, and said softly, "If you don't want to mention it, don't mention it. The evidence for her this time is conclusive. One end."

Shao Xun whispered: "You… don't mention this to others…"

"Of course I know." The emperor touched her face with a finger, didn't feel any dampness, he was somewhat relieved, and smiled: "I thought I made you cry again, and I can't afford the golden beans. Up?"

Shao Xun really wanted to cry, but after hearing this, he felt that he couldn't cry anymore. He couldn't stand his tears and laughed: "Who always loses golden beans? I never cry at home, it's you. Make me sad."

This is to deliberately wrong the emperor.

She never cried at home, because no one felt distressed when she cried, and it was not without sadness.

On the contrary, when I was with the emperor, I became inexplicably squeamish. I wanted to cry when I was sad, and I could shed a few tears inexplicably when I was happy. It was really inexplicable.

The emperor smiled softly: "Do I have to apologize? In fact, sometimes it is more interesting to bring a few tears…"

Shao Xun thought about it for a long time before figuring out the meaning of this sentence, his face suddenly became flushed, he was ashamed, annoyed, and puzzled. I don't know why this person could come up with such a horrible remark just now when it was so touching. .

The emperor was hammered twice and didn't feel the pain. He hugged his noble concubine and smiled and said: "That's fine, be happy, there is something in this world that makes you sad."

The emperor was still full of energy after riding the horse all night, and he did not look exhausted at all, but Shao Xun was still a little distressed, and the people on his left and right could not escape with their wings. They were not in a hurry to deal with, so he forced the emperor to sleep well. If you have enough energy, do anything else.

After clearing the knot, Shao Xun also felt relaxed in his heart. He personally helped the emperor bathe and change clothes, and then covered him with a quilt: "You have to sleep a little longer."

In the past, the emperor always coaxed her to sleep, but now, in turn, Shao Xun still imitated it in a certain way, just like that.

The emperor couldn't help but laugh, and said: "Are you here to accompany me?"

Although his expression has not changed, Shao Xun knows him well in this respect. He always feels that his "accompaniment" may not be pure sleep, and he immediately vigilantly said: "I'm going to Ningshou Palace. You'd better sleep well. ."

It is rare for the emperor to lie on a bed like this. When he looked up at Shao Xun from the bottom, he felt very fresh. At this time, he raised his eyebrows and smiled: "Where are you thinking about it again? What can I do if you are pregnant?"

It's okay that he didn't say this, but Shao Xun was sure that he was really thinking about it.

"Bah," Shao Xun said, "Which one believes you!"

He could do a lot more clearly, and she didn't pass by.

Then the emperor closed his eyes amid Shao Xun's urging sound. Although he didn't feel too tired, he didn't sleep all night. After being held in bed by Shao Xun for a short time, he actually felt sleepy. Then he felt sleepy after a while. Fell asleep.

Shao Xun carefully took out his hand, paying special attention not to wake him up, and then softly ordered the maids to dress and make up her.

She is going to Ningshou Palace.

So many people in the daytime walked past as if walking as usual, and sifted through a sieve countless times. Of course, nothing went wrong. Only the Qin family had a psychological shadow on this road and kept going all the time. Looking at my feet, I feel that something that I shouldn't have suddenly appears at any time.

When Shao Xun went to see the Empress Dowager, he mainly wanted to explain to her what happened in the past two days. Even if Kang Li had been there once, the truth was still uncertain at that time, and the news that the Empress Dowager knew was fragmentary, making it difficult for the old lady. Endure without asking too much, only said that Shao Xun let him go and investigate. But if you don't make it clear today, the Empress Dowager is afraid that she will be in a hurry.

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