As a result, there was one more person to be interrogated.

It was indeed faster for both sides to check together. In the afternoon, the material evidence from the drowned eunuch and the confession of the person from Jinfang were placed on Shao Xun's table.

Shao Xun picked it up carefully and right, to make sure that the logic inside is consistent and absolutely foolproof. Although there is still some quibble point, how can I say…

This place in the palace, as long as it has these, is already very useful.

This time Shao Xun was able to get the initiative to check here. Actually, the most important action was fast. If she didn't send someone to check it out immediately last night, let alone the next morning, I'm afraid it was less than half an hour, related. The physical evidence can disappear completely without any trace.

However, the other party was afraid that he did not expect that Shao Xun could have a military transfer order, and I was somewhat calm, did not miss a rare opportunity, and seized the place that had not had time to finish, thus involving the people behind the scenes.

Yuhu looked at the confession in Shao Xun's hand, and his always gentle temper couldn't help gritting his teeth with hatred: "This, this is still a relative, it is even more vicious than an enemy when it starts! It's really hateful!"

Qin asked: "What should I do with the mother?"

Shao Xun: "There is nothing to say about this. Ask someone to enclose the Yanjia Palace, lock up all the palace people inside, and leave two girls to serve. Be careful not to let people pass the news in private. As for the interrogation, it is still necessary. When your Majesty comes back, otherwise she is at the same level as me, even if I make a move, but the bottom name is not righteous, I am afraid that it will be controversial, and the other two people will also deal with it in the same way.

She closed the confession: "Then immediately lift the ban on the palaces. This ban has lasted for a long time, and if you don't lift the ban, you will feel resentment."

Qin was a little surprised, because she found that Shao Xun had gone too calmly. After seeing the confession and knowing the real culprit, she did not show even a shock. When she talked about the enemy who had resorted to such a vicious strategy to herself, her tone was unexpected. So dull.

In contrast, the focus of her words turned out to be to lift the ban to stabilize the harem…

Shao Xun didn't know what she thought, and if he knew it, he could give a reason.

She was naturally extremely excited when she knew that she could catch the enemy's slippery braids last night, so that most of the night she couldn't sleep, and she deduced over and over again in her head what she should do the next day so that she could not keep it. Catch the fox for the loopholes.

But this day, all the people who should be investigated have been found. This person can't run away anyway. Although he hasn't dealt with it yet, the dust has basically settled.

She has fallen into the trap and is destined to have no good prey. She didn't even want to look at it. It was not worth her excitement anymore.

How to deal with her own emperor to judge, she didn't think she would suffer.

In contrast, this time there was such a big noise, the palace was raging, and the hearts of the people were unpredictable. If you don't give more comfort, you will easily have troubles.

Shao Xun let go of this big concern that had been buried in his heart, and he was in a surprisingly good mood. He did not forget to give a lot of rewards to the palaces while he was in the circle. Even the palaces at the bottom also had a few pieces of fabric to cut. clothes.

Everyone in her palace was terrified, with huge black shadows under her eyes, thinking that she almost didn't protect the concubine, causing her wealth and life to be almost ruined, and she was restless and irritable.

On the contrary, Shao Xun was very relaxed. She solved the big problem, and she thought about the emperor and their itinerary in her heart. With her fingers, she could return to the palace tomorrow afternoon, and at the latest evening, she added another joyful thing in the evening. Sleeping is also very sweet. Except for the cramps in the legs and feet, I still have to wake up many times to wait for the reaction during pregnancy. There is no anxiety that others think.

If you go to bed early and wake up early, people are naturally energetic.

Before dawn, Shao Xun had a vague sense of consciousness. Before she came in a hurry and became fully awake, she heard rapid footsteps, and when she reached the bed, she let it down.

The visitor sat on the edge of the bed and stretched out his hand to gently stroke Shao Xun's cheeks. Seeing that her cheeks were flushed while sleeping and her face was healthy, he touched her belly again.

In the early morning, the fetus was already relatively lively. After being touched by the belly, he immediately reacted and stretched out his feet and kicked the visitor's hand.

This kick also completely awakened Shao Xun.

She opened her eyes in a daze, and saw that the emperor who was supposed to be still in Pingxi was still wearing soft armor, sitting on the edge of the bed.

Her gaze was opposite to him, almost thinking that she was in a dream, and she looked at him ignorantly for a few moments before realizing that the emperor had returned to the palace!

She was surprised and delighted immediately, and even forgot that she was still pregnant, so she immediately got up and hugged him with her waist.

As a result, there was no movement at all when the upper body was forced, and her huge abdomen was like a pot buckled on her belly, making it impossible for her to get up from lying on her back.

She acted like a little turtle with its shell facing down and couldn't turn over. It looked a bit ridiculous, but the emperor was very distressed.

He quickly helped her get up with her back.

Shao Xun sat up and immediately plunged into the emperor's arms, his arms were soft but tightly wrapped around his neck: "Your Majesty… Your Majesty!"

However, after two days of absence, Shao Xun always felt like a long time passed, and his missing heart was tightened together.

The emperor was held tightly by Shao Xun, and he stretched out his hand to wrap her waist, patted her back to comfort her: "Good girl, don't be afraid, I'm back…"

Then I immediately remembered something, and immediately pushed her away: "Wait first, I have been on a long journey, and my body is full of dust…"

"No!" Shao Xun tightly circled him: "I'm not afraid!"

The emperor's heart suddenly softened like water. The anxiety when he was on the road gradually calmed down after seeing her. He touched Shao Xun's hair, "Are you hurt?"

After hearing this, Shao Xun suddenly stopped and straightened up to look at the emperor's eyes: "Did you get the news? Why did you come back so early? Did you rush the night?"

The emperor said helplessly: "Yesterday was the birthday of Lord Yasukuni. I got news after a day and night, and I was worried that something might happen to you. Only then came back overnight."

Shao Xun couldn't help frowning: "It's dangerous to ride a horse at night… Whatever I want here, and what danger can come out, it doesn't matter if you come back one day later…"

The emperor rubbed the top of her hair: "What kind of preparation can't be foolproof, I know it in my heart," he immediately changed the subject: "What happened? The person who reported the news only said that there was a fire in your palace, and you have moved here. Liangyi Hall, I don't know anything about the rest…Can I be in a hurry?"

The emperor rode his horse all the way back. He didn't change his guard when he reached the gate of the palace. He left the guard of honor and rode all the way to the front square of the Liangyi Hall. No one paid any attention to the front square of the Hall of the Two Halls. He saw that Shao Xun was sleeping peacefully. The child was fine, so he let go of his mind all night.

Shao Xun knew that he was going to change the subject, but he also knew that it would be useless to say anything now. He could only follow his question and said, "Thanks to the dispatch order you sent this time, the people below are willing to do their best, and there is no excuse. It's… the ones that need to be checked are nearly as good as possible…"

The emperor asked as soon as he said, "Is it the Empress?"

Shao Xun was stunned and stayed for a long time before saying: "…Yes, it's Shu fei…"

She didn't even know why the emperor asked, but subconsciously guessed it was the Empress—it's obvious that the Empress was locked in Xianning Palace, and it was very difficult to even spread the word. Out of such a battle.

When Shao Xun realized that this was a situation against her, the first thing he thought of was Shu fei. Later, he discovered that the eldest grandson and the sons of Princess Kejing were also involved, and he was even more certain, and he could even conclude that it was Shu without evidence. The mastermind of the concubine-without it, she is too familiar with the trick of trying to kill two birds with one stone, using one thing to solve several enemies, but also thinking of abduction, she can smell the smell of Shu fei with her eyes closed.

I just don't know why the emperor was still sensitive to these things in the past, but this time he guessed the wrong direction completely.

The emperor's expression moved, and he couldn't tell what it meant: "…It's Shu fei."

Shao Xun always felt that the meaning in his words was unclear, and couldn't help but wonder: "Why, are you surprised?"

…Or do you trust Shu fei in his heart, and keep a lot of old feelings in his heart?

The emperor saw Shao Xun half-squinted his eyes, and his expression seemed to be going in a bad direction. He quickly explained: "I'm not surprised-Shu fei is indeed the most likely one, but…"

He pondered: "If it's a Empress…"

He looked at Shao Xun's pure and clear eyes, and couldn't say "If it were her, you don't need to take your time, you can make room for you soon".

The emperor paused for a while and swallowed the words: "She still has Ke Jing after all."

Shao Xun shook his head: "The eldest princess's child is really seriously ill. The condition has been lingering for half a month, so he can free his hands to do evil. It's too much."

Although Princess Kejing is domineering and difficult to get along with, all her likes and dislikes are on her face, but this also proves that she is not a scheming person.

Although it was a coincidence that Emperor Qian was transferred out of the palace, but compared to his son who was seriously ill and had to spare time to harm others, Shao Xun was more inclined that the princess mansion was taken advantage of this opportunity, if it weren't for Lin Bo. There are other things waiting for Qian Taiyi.

The lieutenant secretary of the princess's mansion was interrogated and did not reveal any suspiciousness.

Shao Xun described the incident to the emperor from beginning to end: "The mastermind was Shu fei. This can almost be a conclusive conclusion. As for the drowned servant through Jiang Jieyu's collusion, was she an accomplice or was forced to do so? It's better to investigate without knowing it. As for Yang Zhaoyuan, she seems to want to fish in troubled waters."

This is another newly discovered thing. The little eunuch who was teased recalled that he had seen the chief eunuch in Yang Zhaoyuan's palace peering into the Ganlu Hall. Later, several black cats on the road were put up in this way.

This guy didn't do anything in front, and didn't know anything else, but when the Temple of Ganlu was on fire, he wanted to make a move, and he almost let the fish slip through the net.

Yang Zhaoyuan once gave birth to a prince, but it was a pity that she died soon after she landed. Shao Xun didn't know what she was thinking about, and she didn't even bother to guess. Things were done by herself, and she had to bear the consequences.

"Everyone and I are in their own palace." Shao Xun said: "Wait for you to deal with it, I will not intervene in the back."

As the emperor listened, his face became more and more ugly. He already knew that this incident must be aimed at Shao Xun, but he didn't expect that Shu fei's patience and mind were all linked to each other.

Except for not counting that the emperor trusts Shao Xun so much that he can even entrust the transfer order, everything else is really good, waiting for her to step on the traps, or traps one after another, one after the other. Second, how vicious it is to make up her mind to kill her with one dead body.

Incidentally, even the Princess Wu and the eldest grandson of the emperor had calculated, wanting to get rid of two serious problems in one fell swoop.

He already had a conclusion on how to deal with Shu fei, even thinking about it was a waste of time, but he turned his head and looked at Shao Xun, but he didn't know how to pity it.

The emperor held Shao Xun's cheeks and rubbed it thinly, and said softly: "It's all my negligence…"

Shao Xun blinked, and then he was hugged in the emperor's arms, feeling his hand gently and steadily touching the back of his head: "Are you scared at the time?"

Shao Xun was taken aback, and just wanted to explain that he was only excited about it. Except at the beginning, he was not frightened at all. He listened to the emperor's words: "It's me, I shouldn't leave you alone in the palace. Don't worry, in the future. I will never leave you alone… I will take you everywhere…"

Shao Xun's throat moved, and then he buried his face on the emperor's shoulders, "I, I was really scared at the time. If you were there, I would never be afraid… You promised me, nowhere. Will leave me alone, Jun Wu joking, right?"

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