Yesterday, everything was set up and it was actually past midnight. The few in Yuhu were worried that Shao Xun would not have enough rest, and decided to call her later, but unexpectedly, she woke up earlier than usual.

The fire in the Ganlu Hall only burned the side halls. In fact, Shao Xun's daily activities were not affected at all. So he sent a few palace people to bring back some of the clothes and jewelry she wears daily for her to dress. Dressing.

Shao Xun washed and dressed while listening to Qin's words: "All those roads have been investigated. A total of three people who behaved suspiciously were caught. Based on the reasons they found, two more people were implicated. For one night, I still don't know the result."

At this point, she shivered: "It's not a slave and maid who said that the staff of the li supervisor looked at all the people, they all said that they were the faces of the twenty-four yamen, they had good looks, and they were always ruthless in doing things. Spicy, tut."

Shao Xun refused to comment on this matter, and instead asked, "Apart from people on the road, is there anyone else on the road?"

She put on an earring and never heard Qin's answer. She couldn't help tilting her head: "Why, no?"

"Where is it?" Qin sighed: "It's clearly too much, I don't know where to start."

"The few places you selected, except for the relatively farthest Xiangqing Palace, all have unclean things…but they are not new, that is, the ones you mentioned, only the nearest one. Zhuge is a little special, because the distance is too short and there is no arrangement. On the contrary, it is an eye-opener in the sleeping hall."

Shao Xun nodded, and drew his eyebrows in the mirror: "I guess, the way to Ningshou Palace touched the most, isn't it?"

"… Niangniang is right." The Qin family has been in the palace for many years. In fact, many things have gone through. However, because the emperor's interest in the harem is so common, the princes are not too many, so they have been in the harem of the past. It's a small matter, but I didn't expect that she opened her eyes only last night. When she thought of it, she was frightened: "Before Kang Li said that they were eager to go up and down the pan for your majesty. The servants and maids were still fainted. Look at it this way. Come, it couldn't be more real."

Shao Xun could see her fear and guilt, perhaps because she almost persuaded Shao Xun to go to Ningshou Palace for the night last night.

"You don't have to think too much," Shao Xun said: "Even if we really go to Ningshou Palace, there may not be an accident. The people in the Ganlu Temple are different, and many of them are kung fu. The Liu Xin beside me is not unusual. Lady of the court, you can handle five or six things each time you encounter, and you will never fail to protect me."

That said, but if you don't get hurt, it doesn't mean you're all right. She was frightened along the way. If Shao Xun was frightened and gave birth prematurely, then she would die too hard to forgive her.

Shao Xun remembered another thing: "What happened to Emperor Sun?"

The Qin family returned to his senses and said, "I heard that the high fever has temporarily subsided. Although it is not good, at least there is no risk of life."

At last there was good news, and Shao Xun let go of his heart a little bit-he can't let the emperor leave this day, and there will be no grandson.

"Also, when the order to ban the foot was issued, something messed up…"

Shao Xun subconsciously said, "Is Shu fei over there?"

Qin froze for a moment: "…No, it's De fei, she knew that the emperor and grandson had some discomfort last night. She wanted to send someone to ask her greetings this morning, but was stopped. She lost her temper and sent someone to rush out. No."

She paused: "The slave and maid had wanted to deal with it, but…before it had time to deal with it, the person was dragged down by the person in the jail room and slapped a hundred or so… In the evening, I explained a few words about the emperor's grandson to Empress De fei, and she didn't say anything else…"

I don't know if he was frightened by the ruthless face of the torture room.

Shao Xun's reaction to this was only nodded, and then asked, "Also, is the Empress Dowager awake?"

"No, when is this."

Shao Xun squinted his eyes: "While the Empress Dowager was still awake, sent someone to the Princess Kejing's mansion to bring me the envoy into the palace… and the imperial doctor who had diagnosed the young man's pulse. Bring his pulse case by the way."

Qin hesitated: "You doubt…"

Shao Xun shook his head: "Let's ask now, let's talk about other things."

After several imperial doctors arrived, Shao Xunzai carefully turned over the pulse record and saw that the record was clear, and every tongue pulse, symptom, decoction and medicine were recorded in the book, and then he began to inquire about Lin Bo's situation.

The court judge Wang Taiyi was more proficient in pediatrics, so he replied together on behalf of his subordinates: "I'm a mother, young son Lin is not very good innately. It depends on nurture and will be overwhelmed with carelessness. This time, the evil wind enters. The body, the spleen and stomach are weak, and the righteousness is insufficient, so the condition is lingering and difficult to heal, and it gets worse from time to time."

"Then the little boy's condition was definitely worsened yesterday?"

The royal doctor said: "It is so, and it is different from ordinary children with high fever. Those who are not considered to be serious. The little boy is weak and can't stand high fever. He was so sick yesterday that he was faint and convulsed, breathing difficulties, and his heart and lungs were unsustainable. It's not that I've waited for some means, I've tried all of them, and the cost of throwing precious medicinal materials is like running water. I'm afraid it's…"

The doctor Wang shook his head, and the others were also afraid: "Master Wang was right. Yesterday the little son's life was hanging by a thread. It was indeed only by luck that he was saved. Once again, the ministers are not sure."

Shao Xun asked again, "I wonder if you all went to visit the emperor and grandson?"

Several people were a little uneasy. They also heard about what happened last night. Although they can't be blamed on them, the doctor Qian was summoned into the princess mansion with them. If they were to be investigated, they would not be able to escape the relationship.

Wang Taiyi said: "The ministers have all been to see it, and the condition of the emperor and grandson is not bad."

Shao Xun said: "Who is heavier than the child of the Lin family?"

"This… of course there is nothing comparable. If Huangsun didn't get rid of the fever in time last night, there would be no small danger, but… he is stronger than Xiao Gongzi."

Shao Xun didn't expect Princess Kejing's child to be so sick. After all, she always looks good when she enters the palace.

She thoughtfully, "Then, isn't the princess very anxious?"

"It's not just anxious…" Princess Kejing was also regarded as the first doctor Wang when she saw the older child. At this time, she inevitably moved her compassion: "The princess has been caring for the child for several days without sleep, barely leaving the bed, waiting for the child to become seriously ill. It is possible that when you can't save life, you will be shocked and painful, so that you will faint several times, and you will die of heartache…"

Other imperial doctors thought of the princess holding the child, her eyes were red, and she was a little scared. She always felt that if the child really had a shortcoming, she might be able to do it.

Shao Xun let out an "um", "however, how can a child get into the body if he is good?"

"This minister is not sure. The people under care of each other shirk each other and refuse to admit it."

Shao Xun already knew what she wanted to know, she nodded: "Thanks for your hard work, everyone."

Everyone was in awe of the imperial concubine who had lived in the Hall of Two Instruments, and they dared not say so.

Shao Xun then ordered people to seal many rewards and sent them away politely.

As for the lieutenant secretary of the Princess's Royal Palace, Shao Xun was not so patient anymore. He directly ordered the superintendent to interview, mainly to clarify that all the educated doctors were invited to pass through the house, and that this time the emperor Qian was imprisoned in the palace. Outside the door, is there a mixture of man-made factors?

In the afternoon, several interrogations were almost over.

Among them, the lieutenant had left in the morning. Although he did not torture him, the legendary place of torture still caused a psychological shock to him. When he left, his legs were soft. When he was slightly scared, he vowed that he would never be tortured. Tell me what happened this time.

The statements of several people differed.

Among the three people who were caught on the spot, one claimed that he was ordered by Concubine Hui to send things to Concubine Gong, and he also missed the prohibition order.

In order to make sure that there is nothing wrong, the concubine Hui's palace was surrounded all morning. The palace people cross-examined and politely asked Concubine Hui herself. Only then did she know that she had indeed sent the concubine on an errand, but that was the first afternoon. There are five or six people who can testify.

Later, after using punishment, I found out that this palace lady had an affair with one of the guards who visited the inner palace that night, and wanted to find a chance to secretly meet.

The guard was also tried, and the two confessions were the same, so I thought it was true for the time being.

The second person is a young eunuch who has been responsible for sweeping fallen leaves. He is only eleven or twelve years old. He is too stupid and is often teased by others. This is the case as well, and there is nothing suspicious about it.

The last one was caught on the way to Ningshou Palace. At first he refused to admit it, but after a severe sentence, he was told by an unknown servant to stay in the Imperial Garden and hide it, and write what happened that night. The note passed to him.

This is the most useful clue. The internal officials did not delay, and immediately took people to get people with portraits made based on dictated content. As expected, no one was found.

However, Fan Ke's mind was strangely different from that of ordinary people. After thinking about it, he made people block the gate of the palace and check all the items that were transported. On the other side, he personally took people to investigate every well in the palace, and he found a corpse in a well in a courtyard that was not remote but not inhabited.

It's a pity that this person is just an ordinary eunuch in the Needle Industry Bureau, and he didn't have any contact with any master.

Shao Xun was not idle while digging the ground three feet over there to find the interpersonal relationship of the eunuch. She glanced over the things that were waiting for her on the road last night, and found that the people behind the scenes were very cautious. The things are commonly used in the palace, without any special features.

Shao Xun threw the dimly colored beads into the tray, "Really be careful."

"It's this little thing." Qin said: "It was scattered several times in bits and pieces. It won't hurt people and it will scare people to death. Princess Wu stepped on it once last night, and it is said that her knees were bleeding. ."

Shao Xun said: "She was so reckless in emergencies, and ignored her…"

Having said this, Shao Xun suddenly felt a light flashing in his mind: "Did she panic last night?"

Liu Xin said in disdain, "Isn't it? I was so flustered that I couldn't find it, but when I fell, I almost couldn't tell the difference between the north and the east."

Shao Xun raised his head to look at Qin, "Then how did she rationally analyze that she should come to me?"

"Also, how can the other party guarantee that she will bump into me at the right time, even if she doesn't bump into it, she will definitely frighten me?"

According to the time last night, if Shao Xun did not go to the Palace of Liangyi, but went directly to the Ningshou Palace, the time to meet Qi-shi should happen to be in the middle of the first half of the Royal Garden. She was tired and walked again. When you are particularly frightened.

Qin's eyes widened, and she took a deep breath. She was not so stupid to think that Qin was pretending, "…by her side?"

Shao Xun nodded: "You go take a trip, don't be horrified, and tell Qi clearly that she should be willing to cooperate…"

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