When Qi was brought in, his whole body was shaking.

Shao Xun sat on the bed, still leaning against the jade pot, watching Qi-shi being brought in by a group of palace people.

Her cheeks were flushed, she was panting heavily, her temples were gone, and there were still tears on her face that hadn't dried up, and she would rush over when she came in and saw Shao Xun.

Her original intention was to fall at Shao Xun's feet, kneeling down and begging for something, but now the people around Shao Xun are simply frightened, so sensitive that anyone who looks at Shao Xun must be vigilant at the first glance, let alone Qi-shi. People who are extremely emotionally unstable.

Immediately someone stopped ahead and unceremoniously knocked Qi Shi to the ground.

Shao Xun did not speak, but watched the scene in silence.

However, Qi Shi was sore by this fall, but he regained his sense of sanity, realizing that his previous actions could easily cause misunderstanding and resentment of others. Immediately fearful and regretful, he knelt on the ground and shook his head vigorously: "The concubine body was not intentional, the concubine empress, I did not intend to collide…"

When she said this, she was incoherent, and she might also know that she was emotional, crossed her arms and grabbed the clothes around her waist, trying her best to contain her movements so as not to cause Shao Xun's misunderstanding.

Without further delay, Shao Xun asked directly: "What happened, what happened to Emperor Sun?"

Mentioning this, Qi's tears flowed down: "Ayu has had a fever since last night. The fever gets worse and worse. It can't go down anyhow. Now he has the symptoms of convulsions…please Empress save him…"

A child's fever is actually better than an adult's, but if he is allowed to keep the fever overnight and the fever does not go away, it may be serious.

Shao Xun frowned: "You go to find a doctor, what can you do to find me?"

Qi's tone was anxious and panic, and quickly said: "I have already asked an imperial doctor, but the three people on duty tonight are not good at pediatrics. Prescribing drugs and injections has never been effective…"

Before Shao Xun could ask, Qi gritted his teeth and added: "… Yesterday, Lin Bo at the princess's house was also a bit bad. At the end of the day, all the doctors who specialize in pediatrics in the hospital were summoned… including the one who should be on duty tonight. Money is a doctor!"

Shao Xun said: "It's impossible. Four people on duty every night, inside, outside, women, and children are indispensable. Even the princess can't be forced to conquer. He left his job without permission. Isn't he going to die?"

Qi Shi shook his head desperately: "He was called over at noon yesterday. I thought he would be able to come back before he got to the palace gate, but he was blocked outside the palace gate for some unknown reason. Now he can only speak through a letter. , Can't enter the palace at all!"

People are not allowed to enter or leave after the palace gate is released. Although it is not as strict as this time, it still takes a lot of effort to pass. Although Qi-shi is urgent, it is still illegal to open the palace gate with this.

Otherwise, if you are ill today, tomorrow I will be anxious to be accommodating, and the palace gate might not be as open as usual.

"I know the mother and concubine's side. I can help before, but it hasn't been done since your majesty reorganized the sixth house last year. She can't, and Shu fei must be the same," Qi choked and said, "Niang! Niangniang! You are the only one who can save Ayu! I beg you for help! I will repay you for your great kindness by forming a grass ring!"

Usually you can't detect any inconvenience. At this moment of life and death, you can tell whether the power in your hand is big enough to open the ghost door and close it.

De fei and Shu fei shared the sixth palace before, and her face and uterus door would still be sold, and 80% of them went to talk about it and opened the door. But since Shao Xun entered the palace, the emperor has exerted great efforts to restrict them, the second concubine. The rights of this aspect are not as good as before. The servants and even the guards of the palace, who usually keep only their eyes closed to save face, now have to abide by the rules of the palace and no longer dare to be accommodating. As for the Empress Dowager…because the matter involves the princess, Qi It also makes sense that his daring not to gamble.

In fact, what she said just now is just a one-sided remark, and has not been verified, but Shao Xun also knows that it is too late to cross-examine.

Moreover, Qi Shi has been firmly held in her hand now, and there is nowhere to hide her every move. Shao Xun sits firmly on the high platform, but is not afraid that she will have any bad thoughts.

She summoned a servant at hand, and when she saw that she was a stranger, she knew that this was a person from the Hall of Two Instruments.

But it didn't make a difference. The emperor's people were more comfortable with them. Shao Xun called as usual: "Go to Mother Qin to get the sign of the Ganlu Temple, go to the palace gate and put the Emperor Qian in, and then go… and then go to the Emperor Zhang's Mansion. The superior invited him to Jinfang's place, with a more polite tone, and talked about a hundred thousand urgent matters. This time I trouble him."

Naturally, there are doctors who are proficient in general practice in the Taiyuan Hospital, but these people are not young and can't stand the hard work of the night watch. Generally, they will not stay behind at night. If the emperor or Empress Dowager really feels unwell in the middle of the night, please go there again. Generally speaking The imperial doctor who left the specialist department is enough.

Shao Xun wondered that he should be more familiar with Doctor Zhang, so he simply asked him to come and sit down. If the emperor's grandson is really in case, he might have a remedy.

When the waiter took the order, Qi finally cried, tears as if she couldn't stop, kowtowing, and sobbing with gratitude: "The maid is very kind, the next life of the concubine… No, she is a cow in this life. You will be rewarded for being a horse!"

Shao Xun had a headache and ordered people to forcibly pick up Qi and press him on a chair. Thinking of something, she asked, "The emperor's grandson has always been strong, so how can he get sick?" So amazing? Do you remember anyone who has been in contact with children?"

Qi Shi said in a panic: "Who…no, no, too many people came yesterday…"

Shao Xun was a little unbelievable: "The people who come are more concerned about the emperor's grandson? Wait…you won't take the emperor's grandson out and show them one by one, right?"

Qi's trembling: "I, I didn't expect…"

Shao Xun understood that Qi-shi has been in good weather recently, and the emperor's grandson has been born again, and he is particularly proud of him.

"Absurd!" Shao Xun frowned: "I have repeatedly told you to be careful. I am afraid De fei has said it more than once, but you not only refused to listen, but became more frivolous, taking what I said to your mother and concubine. Are you talking about it?!"

Qi's regretful intestines are all green now, but it is too late. At first, she remembered Shao Xun's words of persuading her, but then she heard someone talking about her as a jealous woman. She was a little angry at first, and she was turned around and borrowed. The child flattered a few words, and was dizzy for a while, and took the child as a show off for others to show. Many of them have stretched out their hands to tease, and now it is a fantasy to find out what went wrong.

She regrets and hurts, and she vomits and bleeds when she is uncomfortable. Shao Xun can no longer blame her when she looks embarrassed, and can only ask: "Where is King Wu?"

The eldest prince is the heir of the emperor, and he has been in the barracks for a period of time, and his body is also particularly burly. If he insists on going forward, he can still make face and tears of Qi's face, but immediately He showed a gritted expression: "What is he good for?! Naturally, he went out of the palace with the group of fox friends!"

Shao Xun paused, "Don't talk about this, I'm going to talk ugly, and the doctor will send it to you, but what about…"

Qi-shi hurriedly said: "No, no, no, my mother and I have the grace to recreate, how dare you ask you to be involved again…"

Shao Xun felt speechless: "It would be nice if you can think about it this way."

The grievance in Qi's heart is really unspeakable. She closed her eyes, two lines of tears were left in the corners of her eyes, and when she opened her eyes, she choked with one word and said: "I don't care anymore. I like whichever I like. I love it. Say whatever you want, I just guard my son…"

Shao Xun felt complicated again, but in the end he didn't say anything. The two of them hadn't said anything about it, so she said: "Okay, you go back to guard the emperor's grandson. If something like this happens, she said. Send a safe person to come here and ask for a doctor in person. You also thought of it."

Qi Shi hesitated to speak but stopped.

After all, whether the imperial concubine would help her or say two things, she was worried that the subordinates were not enough to be blocked back, just thinking that only she came in person, maybe she could still impress her.

She thought about it. In order to make the imperial concubine promise to help, she could kneel to death in front of the palace gate.

Shao Xun didn't want to tell her more, and waved his hand to indicate that she could leave.

Qi Shi wiped his eyes and bowed in front of Shao Xun, and then retired.

She walked on the front foot, and Shao Xun summoned the Qin family on the back foot: "What was the situation when you met Princess Wu, please tell me in detail."

Qin waited for this question, and her face was ugly and said: "Not long after we walked into the Yuhuan, someone was thrown off by the uncleaned lard on the ground and hit the rockery without paying attention. , She knocked her head on the spot, leaving her face full of blood, so she had to leave a person to take him to bandage; after walking a few steps, she ran into Princess Wu and the others. She was walking hurriedly and quickly. , Almost panicked, and almost knocked the slave maid over. After seeing the slave maid, I was extremely excited and wanted to jump over to grab the slave maid's hand…"

Shao Xun's expression remained the same, but calmly asked, "If I was there, would it be possible to be hit?"

Qin was afraid, "If all of our people are around, it will only be 20-30%, but before we had to fight the fire, and some people were injured, if a few were divided before leaving, these people could be left. It's not safe."

Shao Xun tapped his finger on the tabletop, and it was just a few steps…If you really went to Ningshou Palace, it would really be described as "thrilling step by step".

"The slave servants have already asked them to continue the investigation. I will rush over in a while." Qin persuaded: "You should go to bed first. There can never be anything more urgent than Huang Sun's illness waiting for you, even if you If you are not tired, you have to take care of the prince in your belly."

Shao Xun touched his stomach and finally nodded.

Qin and Yuhu served her together and lay down again. Before closing her eyes, she did not forget to exhort: "If you really hold someone, you should lock it up and let Fan Ke take the people to interrogate them one by one. It's an expert, don't intervene if you hear anything."

"There is also no time to wait for dawn to speak to the sixth house, let everyone stay in their own palace for the time being, and wait for the review of this group of people to talk about other things, and let Kang Li personally explain it to the Empress Dowager."

Qin said: "Never mind the others, what if there is someone in Shu fei and De fei who refuses to do?"

Shao Xun thought for a while, then asked: "In the past, I met such a stupid man who wanted to be a bird in the palace, what would he do?"

The Qin clan was startled, and then bowed his head deeply: "It's the old slave and maid who is confused…this is already understood."

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