The back door of Liangyi Hall and the front door of Ganlu Hall, except for the open space in the middle, are actually separated by a door and a wall.

Shao Xun ordered the people to open the Ganlu Gate, and then a few steps away was the back door of the heavily guarded Liangyi Hall.

As she walked over, other people could not help but squeeze a sweat, wishing to hold her, and told her directly that it had nothing to do with being unloved. No matter how powerful the concubine was, it would be impossible to open the Palace of Liangyi. Door.

Sure enough, the guard at the gate was taken aback when he saw the imperial concubine leading so many people here, and then reacted, raising the weapon in his hand to show deterrence: "The imperial concubine stays on foot, the emperor lives in the house, and is not allowed to enter."

The Qin family subconsciously stretched out his hand to protect Shao Xun, fearing that she would be injured by the sword.

But Shao Xun shook his head, asked Qin to step back, took out something from his cuff and handed it over, and said softly, "Open the door."

Even if the guards had to stop the most popular concubine out of the door due to their duties, they did not dare to offend them, and the leader did not dare to delay. They handed the spear to the people around them, raising their hands. Take this brocade bag and examine it carefully.

There were two things inside, which were connected by a silk rope thick with an index finger in the middle. One of them was a bit shocked when he glanced at it.

It was a brass-colored token, not as big as a palm, and looked inconspicuous, but it was engraved with "Yu Yu Liang Yi" on the front and "Tai Chi Army Guard" on the reverse (1).

This is an order to dispatch troops to the entire imperial city and even the capital!

The head guard suppressed the shock in his heart and knew that this token alone was not enough, so he went to check another thing tied to it.

On the hard surface of the bright yellow flying dragon coiled by brocade, it opens into a small booklet folded on both sides. It is only a little bigger than the token just now, and it can be easily concealed in the sleeves of women.

One of the two thin origami papers is the emperor's handwritten document, with concise words that allow the imperial concubine Shao to act cheaply and mobilize the authority of all the Tai Chi Palace and no more than one-third of the guards in Beijing. The other page is stamped. With the treasure seal of the emperor's control of the armies, the entire paper is covered.

Although it may be for the convenience of the imperial concubine to carry around, this album is made a little smaller, but once it is printed, it is a nailed imperial decree, a handwritten edict of your majesty.

The guards guarding the Liangyi Hall now naturally belong to the guards of the imperial palace.

The guards who guarded the head carefully checked it, and passed it to the surrounding colleagues to see it. They looked at each other, and they all nodded one after another.

The guards solemnly loaded the two tokens back, and again held the brocade bag in both hands and returned it to Shao Xun. In the confused and shocked sight of the people in the Ganlu Temple, everyone knelt on one knee: "I will follow your majesty's will."

Shao Xun said: "Get up."

After getting up, the guards did not delay, and immediately exchanged a few keys to unlock several major locks, and opened the backyard door of the Hall of Two Instruments.

After Shao Xun took the people in, he didn't rush into the hall, but turned his head and ordered: "Go and find Superintendent Fan Ke, tell him what happened, he naturally knows what to do."

The door of the Liangyi Hall was originally closed tightly, but it opened when he heard the movement. Kang Li, the guarding eunuch chief, looked at Shao Xun dumbfounded: "The imperial concubine? How are you…"

The foreman of the guard rushed forward and whispered to him the cause and effect of the matter: "…Anyway, you should take care of your mother, or you might not be able to eat it."

Not only was Kang Li not calm, but he was even more shocked. He knew who the emperor was. It would be unexpected to leave all the tokens for the transfer of troops to the imperial concubine in this way.

With his shrewdness and cunning, he was stunned for a long time before realizing that he had actually put the golden and jade noble concubine in the courtyard. At the moment, a jealous spirit pulled out an extremely flattering smile while hurriedly down. He stepped up the steps and squeezed the Qin clan away diligently, and helped Shao Xun walk into the hall, while saying: "I knew that the maid was coming, the slave and maid would surely sweep the couch to greet each other… It's really rude now, and when the maid comes in Was bumped by those rough men?"

"They are loyal to their duties, and there is nothing rude," Shao Xun said slowly: "It's just that I still have something to ask for. I don't know if it is inconvenient for Kangnei's official?"

"Convenient! Why is it inconvenient?!" Kang Li said hurriedly: "As long as you speak up, Niangniang, it will be convenient even if it is inconvenient!"

Shao Xun was supported and sat down on the couch: "It's not a difficult thing – although there are a lot of people here, but they are all inseparable, I would like to ask the official Kang to borrow a few people to do my errands…"

"Is this kind of trivial matter still used by the empress?" Kang Li categorically said: "You can do as much as you want, and all the people in the Palace of Liangyi are for you to send."

Shao Xun looked at him and curiously asked, "What's the matter if you don't ask?"

Kang Li smiled even more exaggeratedly: "Look at what you said, your business is your majesty's business, and your majesty's business is more important than our fate. You have to go there too."

Shao Xun couldn't help but pause—Kang Li's way of speaking was really not something ordinary people could bear. She very much doubted that the emperor had made Kang Li special because there were too few people who could talk. The servant stayed with him.

Yuhu served Shao Xun a bowl of hot tea: "Manny, you'd better rest early, and it won't be too late to cook the rest tomorrow."

Shao Xun lowered his eyes: "Strike while the iron is hot, it's only useful now, and it will be too late if you delay it for a while."

She turned her head and said to Kang Li: "…you go pick some people, divide them into several groups, and go to the Ganlu Temple on the road leading to several idle palaces nearby. The first time the movement is lighter and the people are sifted first. I gave an order last night that people in all palaces should not go out after night. If someone is peeping nearby, you don't need to ask the reason. You can bring it here with your lock and shut your mouth shut."

"The second time is to check everything on the road carefully… If there is anything suspicious, write it down and report it…"

Kang Li hesitated: "What is suspicious……?"

Shao Xun glanced at him: "Is there anything that shouldn't be there on the road, there may be some missing beads, grease that doesn't know how to run from the kitchen, cats, dogs, birds… etc. etc. Let me talk more?"

Kang Li's expression condensed: "…this slave maid is really…clear, just rest assured."

As soon as Kang Li left, Shao Xun immediately said to the Qin family who appeared to be very energetic: "Mother, you personally take our people to Ningshou Palace."

The Qin family nodded heavily: "Needless to say, the maidservant understands everything in her heart."

The people in the Liangyi Hall were very courteous. They didn't have the permission of the emperor. They would not dare to kill people to put people on the dragon bed, but Shao Xun was by no means ordinary people.

No one dared to say that the imperial concubine was wronged all night in the partial hall. Several people in charge of the palace quietly discussed a few words, risking death and warming the bed where the emperor slept, and cautiously waited for her to sleep here.

The lights were not completely extinguished, and two lamps were left burning quietly not far from the bed.

This is the place where the emperor lived for more than ten or twenty years. When Shao Xun came in, he was somewhat novel and emotional.

She opened her eyes as before, and the child in her abdomen made a noise when she was awakened, but immediately after she calmed down, the child was also behaved. She moved gently from time to time, which did not make Shao Xun feel uncomfortable. .

She touched her belly gently across her bedclothes, as if greeted the child, to comfort him the bumps he had just received. After a while, a small hand pushed up hard, pushing a small bag out of her belly.

Shao Xun clicked on this small bag with his finger and watched it fade away.

The child may feel tired, and slowly quieted down.

But Shao Xun didn't feel tired. She was forced by the fire in the middle of the night, and she couldn't even return to her palace, but she was surprisingly energetic.

Shao Xun couldn't sleep and didn't want to sleep. When he looked up, he saw a few sachets hanging in the air beside the bed net.

Since Shao Xun was pregnant, I don't know that it was because the nectar hall no longer incenses. The emperor feared that the scent on his body would make her uncomfortable. So he didn't even stop incense at the Liangyi Hall, and he also took the precious spices in the sachet. It's only used for decoration.

Shao Xun looked at the sachet, straightened his arm and patted it.

One ran into the other, and a string of sachets swayed around, which looked quite interesting.

Shao Xun squinted her eyes, but what she thought was the panic at the moment she woke up from a nightmare nearly a year ago.

She thought quietly, is it you?

If it's you, then I can…

–So happy.

At this moment, the door of the sleeping hall was quietly pushed open, and it was the jade pot that came to give Shao Xun the vigil.

Seeing Shao Xun's eyes still open, she hurriedly walked over and said with concern: "Manny, why are you still not sleeping?"

Shao Xun struggled to turn around and face her: "I can't sleep anymore."

Yuhusheng had a soft heart. He immediately sat on the side of the bed distressedly, and touched her face to comfort her like Shao Xun did when she was a child: "Don't be afraid, it's all over. There is no one in the Liangyi Hall. Dare to hurt you."

Her hands were warm and slippery, and Shao Xun couldn't help but half-closed his eyes, and opened them again after hearing these words: "I'm not afraid."

Yuhu only thought that her own lady was afraid that she was worried, so she pretended to be calm, but he listened to Shao Xun to continue: "Sister Yuhu, I am excited."

When she was outside the palace, because Yuhu was a lot older and she was a maid given by the old lady, Shao Xun always called her sister, but the rules of keeping the palace after entering the palace would not prevent others from criticizing Yuhu, Shao. Xunbian changed her name, but at this time she called her "elder sister" again, and Yuhu was in a daze.

Shao Xun repeated softly: "I was so excited that I couldn't sleep at all, and I was not afraid at all."

Her tone was soft, but the strange light seemed to be suppressed in her eyes, which made Yuhu feel panic subconsciously: "…Why, why?"

Shao Xun shook his head. As soon as he was about to say something, the door of the palace was lightly patted.

She knew that it was important to dare to interrupt her rest at this time, and to report in the news must be important, so she leaned on Yuhu and sat up: "What's the matter?"

Qin's voice came in a little hurriedly: "Manny, Princess Wu is now at the gate of the courtyard. She is in a hurry to see you-something happened to the emperor's grandson!"

Qin was clearly sent by Shao Xun to investigate the road to Ningshou Palace, but at this time he returned with Princess Wu.

In other words, not long after she went out, she ran into Qi-shi who was bound to be anxious at this time.

For some reason, Shao Xun felt a little unexpected. She put on her clothes unhurriedly, closed her neckline, and said: "Let the people she leads stay honestly and are not allowed to enter the hall. , You find someone from us to accompany her to come to me."

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